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Twilight of an Age: Dusk

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:26 pm    Post subject: Twilight of an Age: Dusk Reply with quote


OUT from the western shores of a great land is an island whose totality has been named The Mage Academy. It is an arcane place of what they call neutral knowledge and amoral wisdom, shaped by elemental sorcery for over a thousand years. These wizards rarely travel off the island but to uncover the occult and gain power. It lies between the northern Devas country of Lordain, and the southern continent of Aordaf, home of the Daemons.

Historically, the Devas were known for their physical characteristics of having beautiful feathered wings unlike any feral animal, and their natural power is to heal, some say divinely. And in contrast the Daemons wings are leathery, reminiscent of the dragons of legend. Their natural inclination is that of destruction, and they are brutally good at it.

Philosophies abound on a mystery of these beings, since they suffer the ability to unwillingly change from a Deva to Daemon or the other way in their lifetime. The physical change leads to mistrust among their own ranks. They have warred with each other more than any other creatures among furdom, for over a thousand years since their appearance, and their magic has affected the lands which they have conquered. Now, something is challenging the status quo of magic everywhere.

Three months ago, rumors then reports started coming in of an ancient prophesied dark army conquering entire nations all over the known world. The mysterious far eastern Kingdom of Chenera was reportedly the first to fall. But the most frightening news comes from Aordaf, and the Capital City of Jormungandr, ruled by the Daemon King. It is under attack from this dark army, and much of the western continent is already lost.

The latest unconfirmed information is that this dark army is attacking the Barbearian Lands near Chenera, and on the other side of the world, the northern continent of Wessera. The Mage Academy had been sending magic items to help survivors in those areas. They are also scrying and seeking to know the source of the dark army's devastating power.

What's more, they are caught in the crossfire of the ongoing War between the Devas of the north, and the Daemons from the south. Since the Daemon continent of Aordaf is hit the worst, Devas interests have increased, and they have been convincing Devas mages to leave the Island and join the fight to eradicate Daemonkind. However, even the least scholarly among the wizards of the Mage Academy knows that furdom itself is in danger of extinction.


[The Mage Academy, the Eastern Spire, Sanctum Myotis]

The mature red bat with an apron over his black and gold embroidered robes is Kevril the Cook. Though humming to himself as he prepares his signature spiced stew in his personal kitchen, the Mage Academy's favorite cook is also known as Wizard Kevril Strifetamer the Hero of San Bethesda. It was Kevril who risked acting above the law to solve the string of murders of that church. He was the wizard who defeated the foul grave worm sentient collective there, and rescued the all female clergy. Kevril received as his reward a large blessed amethyst quartz stone, which he magically affixed to his wizard's staff to increase his power. The staff is hovering in place by his balcony, where a satchel, canteen, large leather-bound book and traveling boots lie upon a wooden crate. The meal Kevril is preparing is his last at the Mage Academy.

There is a knock on his chamber door. A soft female voice calls his name from the other side.

"Enter, Madame Ka-Naga.", responded the red bat.

The lady wizard entered Kevril's sanctum, a beautiful mature black mamba in her red and gold robes. "Kevril the Cook becomes Kevril Strifetamer once more..? Surely you are not leaving for good this time? I... I would miss you dearly, my friend.", she said in a somber tone.

Kevril's black speckled bat wings shrugged, protruding from their own robe sleeves. Yet an extra layer of cloth served as a cape to cover another set of wings on his back. Kevril licked the alchemical spice from his thumb, then extended his arm towards his staff. The amethyst barely shimmered when the staff sped towards Kevril's open hand. He used it as a walking stick, as if the weight of his wings were somewhat a burden.

"Madame Ka-Naga, my friend, let's enjoy a hearty meal before I go."

The black mamba flicked her tongue, enjoying the smell of Kevril's special spiced stew. "I will undoubtedly enjoy your food, Kevril. But I am worried that you put yourself in danger by leaving the Island. That same group of Devas came earlier to recruit you again. They will bring a larger number next time to collect you and any other Devas in the Academy."

Kevril grabs the pot of stew by a long handle and sets is neatly on a prepared table for two. "Oh, I expect as much from the more civil warriors to descend into the thrall of territorial pissing. If only they knew their origin properly.", he said, waiting for Ka-Naga to sit at her stool first.

Her eyes widened. "Ah! You have uncovered the occult mystery of the Devas..?"

"No, my dear friend. And I never will dawdling here with scrolls and scrying spells. I must go into the battle fields, the villages, the ancient sites. I must get my paws dirty. Something of incredible power more destructive than the War of Daemons and Devas is overtaking the world. Perhaps if more good furs would quest for the common denominator among our kind... Well... philosophical banter would be surpassed by pure mysticism. That would be better."

Kevril and Ka-Naga ate silently. And a few leagues beyond his high balcony was an approaching army, flying to claim what is theirs as the sun sets in the horizon.

"In Excelsis Neo."
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Elsewhere, a different kind of meeting was happening. In a village roughly 200 miles north of the Aordaf kingdom border, Devas were going about their usual business. Priests were caring for the holy temples of their goddess while angelic soldiers patrolled the streets.

Amongst these winged citizens were three cloaked travelers bearing bags upon their back. One of them seemed to be taller than the other two, towering over even some of the Devas in town. The guards kept an eye on the travelers, waiting to see if they would cause trouble or not.

"Are you sure this is a good idea," whispered one of the travelers. "It seems rather suicidal to me."

"Don't be ridiculous! Of course this will work!"

"But... These are Devas we're talking about. They take their faith very seriously!"

"That's enough, Jonathan."

The two travelers looked up at their tall companion. "It is true that the Devas are devoted to their goddess Oracia. However, they constantly seek out information pertaining to their deity."

The trio turned down an alleyway, making their way up the main street. "Besides, we didn't take this information for nothing. Once the Devas realize the errors of their ways..."

The tall traveler chuckled softly as the trio arrived at a particular home, knocking upon the oaken door.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The large devas bear was walking down the street his chest was battle scarred a glowing 2 handed axe was hung on his back the sign that he was the grand berserker one of the 4 elite guard of the devas, everyone treated him with the utmost respect and awe and some still looked at him fearful. Before he was a grand he was the daemon general Nikolie, so that memory still lingered in the minds of those who had family in the devas army though with his recent victory over the revers army that pushed them out of the devas land for the moment he proved he was a loyal an powerful devas keeping the casualty rate of his allies down to the bare minimum.
He was originally was to be sent to retrieve a deva from the mage academy but the fact that the other 3 were in lunarian territory that was overruled to keep at least one grand in the capitol in these current times he noticed three hooded figures knocking on the door to his home and some guards keeping a distance from the 3 he tilted his head to the guards to tell them he would handle it as he walked to the three ď can I help you 3 you donít seem to be from around here ď he says in a calm voice
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

crunches of a single persons footsteps could be heard on broken glass and rubble as the dark clouded skys of a weak setting sun casted a long shadow of the one walking across this what was once a beautfull little village gone to hell and destruction thanks to the evil work of the one they called phil's reaver war makers

the figer looked up with a black hood covering his face and sharp white teeth could all be seen by the covred face as he snarled looking apon is now ruined and left to waste home the figer showed feeling or hatred anger rage as he decend down a now smashed to pieces building as he slipped on the roofs tiles before landing in the heart of the destroyed village

looking to his left he noticed the crumbled and battled scared fouantine witch once held a grand statue of the devas queen witch spurted pure refreshing water but now the stauche was half destroyed and only dirty poullated water was left as he snarled a sudden crack made him draw his blade and spin around................

but he snorted as all the noiseand alarm was made by a mangy little but dirty looking feral cat witched stoped and looked scared as it saw the tall sword drawn figer the mangy feline kept watching as the figer now seeing no danger withdrew his blade and stread at the mangy cat before digging into his pocket and pulling out some dried jerky and held it out as he bend his knees

the cat looked ready to scarper before seeing the offred food and with the utmost catution it creeped toward the figer before sniffing the offred dried meat with it slowy took out the strangers hand with a loud poorly sounding meow

the figer felt mercy for this poor anaimal and even with it being a stray and not well sounding he felt like it was his deuty to help it so slowly he let it eat as it finshed it meowed in it's poorly way but sond like it was saying thank you and the tall hooded figer scooped the mangy cat up with it fighting so tucking it into his cloak to keep it warm he kepped heading towards the heart of the village

after a ten min walk and the quople of times the cat moewed it had finally fallen asleep purring before the figer snarled at each wreked bulifing some more then others as he remembed them all...

the school he went to the stage where people played music he then turned right before stoping one building stood damged dirty broken but still up he walked towards it before stoping to look at the cracked wooden sign that read the five dragons head pub.......

as he stoped the cat shivred in his cloack and he thought to give it medicine quickly as he didn't want another dead body on his contion slowly walking over some more glass of smashed glass he entred the pub there was also something else he was here for something important something that would help end this war once and for all?

he approached the long pubs counter and slowly laid the weak feline on it before digging in his cloack and pulling out a bottle and lifted up the moggys head while forcing it to open it's mouth

"im sorry little thing it's bitter but will help keep you alive" the figer said in a horse unused voice as he dripped three drops into the cats mouth witch hissed but didn't attack the figer then let go thinking it would run but there the cat stayed on the bar looking as if it was gonna stay with him........

"hmmmmmm you stay then little thing I have something I need to find?" the figer said before winceing there was a prence of pure evil and darkness a stench so foul that one would fear there own death like a dark aura was pulseing in this very room threating to desteoy the very soul and decay all that lived around it bu the figer showed no emotion of any kind it was this very precance that guide him to his old home.

looking around he felt the stron gest of this evil dark aura radiating from the old paint chipped scratched piano that sttod in the conner near a broken smahed up table walking over to it he kicked the remains of the table aside while the cat behind him meowed he siged as he ran his hand over the dusty old paino before easily moveing it to the side and winceing as a strange noise could be heard only by himself it soined satnic and evil but also liked it wanted to help

all of a sudden the creaking of the fllor broads showed him where he need to go and the figer dug his claws into the floor before ripping up a borad to reveal a heavey wooden/metal box with strange pattrens and marking s on it lifting it up and out the hole he shurred as it pulsed like what was in it was alive

walking with it he placed it on the counter and snarled was this it? was this the thing that had guide him though hell though near sickness and death the very thing that tormented his nightmares since birth what ever it was it called for him with an endless hunger

the figer then placed the scarred hand of his on the box unlocking the padlock before lifting it up and suddenly retched and cpoughed as the box now opend seemd to drain his life eccness before suddenly stoping like nothing had happened but not before the figer fainted.

it must have felt an enternity or lobger before the figer woke up his hood now down reaveling his face as he sat up the ca he had helped jumped down from the coun ter glad to see the figer was awkake and the box had seemd to land next to him empty

"............... what was that? HUH?" the figer said as he had looked to his hand and what was in it.................

the figer stood up before the blade of a sword crashed to the floor causeing extreme damge finally after years of seacring and tormentione the figer had found it

laying the balde on the counter the strange link extensions of the blade moved like that had a mind of there own and a strange evil sounding voice filled the figers head

what he had found was none other then the legendary cursed sword of hell the blade feared thought the whole kingdom the blade rumoured to be able to damge and kill phil

..................... "Lucifer?" the figer said as the blades strange extsions moved to curl around the body of it's new cursed blade hero's arms and the cat he resuced earlier slowly looked up knowing this was the man legend spoke of the one to put an end to the evil that ravged this world.
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