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Maxwell Matacery

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Maxwell The Tiger
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:41 pm    Post subject: Maxwell Matacery Reply with quote

Maxwell Matacery

When Maxwell was a teenager living in his birth town of Islandeady He was a medical student. Living with 2 sisters and his mother had made him soft at an early age and he grew up secretly wanting to be a hairdresser. His only male role model was Nichols Turnstone who had introduced him to boxing under Maxwell's curious nature, soon after a few matches watched Max wanted to learn the sport and Nic reluctantly taught him. Everything was working nicely for him... But when he turned 17 Maxwell's mother had died of a heart disease that even the doctors could not cure at the time. Maxwell was in tears for about three minutes, not very long of a time to mourn his mother who had just died on his birthday. Max just caged his damaged emotions and developed a new appreciation for the World, so he quit studying medicine and hit the road to become a travelling Boxer, Because it made him feel alive.

When Max was 26 he ran into Nichols again, Nic was promoting a fight in Fermanagh. Max thought he'd enter and thrashed the other fighter through technical K.O. Nichols managed to convince Maxwell to meet with his sisters and catch up. They all met in a pub down the street and shared laughs and good times. Nichols then mentioned that his own sister Elena was to be married to a Frenchman Named François Irlandais, and that the wedding would be held in Paris where Nichols and Elena had settled down in. Nichols had only come back to Ireland to find the Matacery family to invite them. Maxwell declined for unknown reasons, But Nichols left him some deeds to property in a faraway place somewhere in Italy. Maxwell found it odd that Nichols had such property but figured that it was a long story. Max eventually accepted the deeds as Nichols had no need for them and Max would need at least some form of home to live in. Max then spent many years making it to Italy, boxing when he could for money to buy passage. And then finally he made it to Bon Bon, he was familiar with it's reputation. Much to Max's surprise, the house Nichols had given him was actually pretty good, and the other deed was to an old boxing gym. Max decided to buff up the gym with a bit of spit and polish and set it up for a living, promoting fights, training people and fighting himself.

-Occupation: Boxer
-Species: Siberian Tiger
-Birth date: September 1, 1861 (34 Yrs)
-Birth place: Ireland, Derrycooraune, Islandeady
-Height: 1.8796m (6 ft 2 in)
-Weight: 201lb
-Fighting style: Boxing, Southpaw
-Total fights: 49
-Wins: 43
-Wins by KO: 32
-Losses: 5
-Draws: 1
-No contests: 0

-Formally, he hates suits.
-Perfectly Chiselled, muscles developed specifically for unarmed brawling
-Has a short fuse with other Tigers
-A good friend to have, he's got your back
-Maxwell is quick, very quick. he has excellent footwork, lightning fast when he throws a punch and he has the force to back it up. Not many people have ever matched him in a boxing ring.


As a tiger, Maxwell has orange fur and has a white furred chest and on much of his face. He has many symmetrical black stripes and many non-symmetrical ones. His hair is blonde.

-Belt Buckle:


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Maxwell The Tiger
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Joined: 23 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Updated Fursona*
-Changed story, changed age, rebooted character
-Added pencil study

(All old connections with any other Fursona's is undone)
Apologies to anyone who I was Roleplaying with for this is a sudden change.
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