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Story: Underwater Fling

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:59 am    Post subject: Story: Underwater Fling Reply with quote

Vida placed her hands on the glass and stared out into the dark blue scenery. There was so much to see. Fish of various sizes and shapes swam by, unconcerned that they were being observed. The floor below them was littered with colours from pink to blue to yellow; corals, sponges and many other ocean life-forms, all providing a wonderful display of insight into the world beneath the waves.

The orange fox leaned forward, hypnotised by the wondrous sight before her. All around her was silence as the aquarium was deserted and she was alone; free to enjoy the peace and serenity of underwater life without the constant background noise of children tapping on the glass, asking questions and squealing with delight. Vida often came to the aquarium in the late afternoon, just before closing time; it was the only time, aside from the early morning, when the underwater museum was so empty and devoid of life. But on this particular day the fox was not as alone as she thought.

Until now Francis had ignored the fox’s presence. His mind simply not in the mood for the usual dose of high octane games and cheesy pizza, he had gone for a relaxing walk and wondered casually into the aquarium, stoping to watch the peaceful scene on the opposite side of the thick glass. It was an uncommon activity for the tiger, but not one he was unaccustomed to or disliked. Every now and then he would go for an aimless walk, simply for the sake of walking; to enjoy the peaceful and simple motion of just moving forward. But as the curvy fox leaned closer to the glass, just a handful of meters down the corridor, Francis caught a glimpse of her pink panties and the luscious roundness they concealed. As her tail rose, her light blue skirt lifting up, the full roundness of her rump went on total display, her tight pink underwear clinging to her cheeks like a wet T-shirt, sneaking between them to further accentuate and reveal the vixen’s butt. As the tiger’s eyes shifted downward, a bulge began to form at the front of his pants. Between her legs, concealed by that same pink fabric, were folds as plumps as sponges, forming a most desirable camel-toe.

His mind now in the mood for something else, Francis made his way calmly over to the girl and stood behind her and just to her left. Looking down at her almost fully exposed arse, the tiger moved his right hand and held it mere millimetres from touching that inspirational roundness, spreading out his fingers as if feeling the softness of her body.

But Francis restrained himself. His mind raced as he thought about his actions, as if planning a battle strategy. Keeping his hand poised, but ready to quickly withdraw, the tiger spoke in calm, friendly words.

“It’s such a lovely view, isn’t it,” he said.

“Simply wonderful,” Vida responded, making no show of moving. Her tail remained high, bent over her back and her skirt stayed hiked up. Either she didn’t care who saw her, she wanted someone to see her, or she was too enthralled in the scenery before her to even realise someone could see.

Francis dared to make the first move.

Gently, the tiger pressed his hand to the fox’s rump, grasping it, holding it, pressing his fingers into the softness of her cheeks, caressing them, his ring finger slipping between her cheeks and shifting downwards, pausing only a centimetre from her plump folds.

Standing up with a start, the fox turned and faced the tiger, pressing her back against the glass. But her face held not the expression of an innocent girl violated. Instead, her expression was that of one who had simply been startled, as though the tiger had just tapped her on the shoulder. The startled expression lasted for only a moment before another replaced it. This expression was a poker face designed to look innocent and naive, but deliberately betraying hints of provocation and naughtiness.

“What are you doing?” Vida demanded in a calm innocent manner.

“Simply enjoying the view,” Francis replied, his tone matching hers.

His first move had set the table, but dinner was not yet served. He knew now that she was receptive and potentially willing, but if he did not play his cards right he could still scare her away.

Vida glanced downwards, spying the tiger’s bulge. Francis’ own gaze wandered, dropping down to the exposed cleavage of the fox-girl. She wore a white tank top with a pink push-up bra beneath. Looking up at the tiger once more, the 24 year old vixen discreetly slipped her hands under the sides of her skirt and pulled on her panties. Without revealing herself, the curvy, D-cupped girl pulled her panties down her thighs and let them fall to the ground.

“How do you like the view now?” the fox asked, her tone shifting to seductive.

“It could do with a little more... pink,” the 25 year old tiger replied, his tone matching hers once more. Delicately, Francis took the left shoulder strap of Vida’s top in his fingers and slid it down her arm. Leaning against the glass, the fox lifted her feet slightly, stepping out of her panties and kicking them to the side, as she watched the tiger slip first one strap down and then the other.

Growing as aroused as the tiger, Vida stepped forward and slipped her hands beneath his black T-shirt, gliding her fingers up his athletic body. Francis leaned forward and kissed the vixen on the on the neck as he delicately placed his hands on her hips and slowly lifted her tank top higher and higher. As her arms rose to allow the tiger to lift off her top, Vida lifted his T-shirt resulting in the pair removing each others’ shirt simultaneously. After getting their tops tangled, they giggled for a moment and then discarded the clothing.

Vida wasted little time in undoing the tiger’s pants and diving her hands into the front. A pulse of excitement ran through the feline as the busty vixen’s’ nimble fingers danced around his erection. Looking down at her chest, Francis took a moment to admire the perfectly round and perky breasts resting in the pink, lacy push-up bra. Supported from the bottom and outer sides, her light pink nipples were just poking over the edge of the hot pink fabric and only served to further harden the feline’s already hard member.

Cupping them with his hands, Francis squeezed the female fox’s breasts firmly but gently, rubbing his thumbs teasingly over her nipples and drawing first a giggle and then a moan from her. Meanwhile, the vixen worked to push down Francis’ pants, spending more time teasing his senses than removing his hardness from its prison of fabric. As she finally pulled the length of pulsing muscle from his pants, Francis moved his hands round to Vida’s back and unbuckled her bra, setting her breasts free. Cupping them once more, after discarding the bra, he began to caress and massage the fox’s breasts once more as he sensually licked her chest and neck.

As their passionate meeting grew in intensity, Francis moved his hands to Vida’s waist and pulled her closer, her breasts pressing to his chest and his member rubbing up against her trim belly. Moving her hands from Francis’ erection to wrap around his waist, the vixen stepped back until she was up against the glass behind her, pulling the tiger along. Reading her thoughts, the feline moved his hands lower and slipped them under her skirt. Firmly grasping a bum cheek in each hand, Francis lifted the vixen up and pressed her against the glass. With a subtle whimper of anticipation, Vida parted her legs and wrapped her thighs around the tiger’s waist. Before wrapping her arms around his neck, the fox moved one hand down between herself and the tiger whose name she didn’t even know and guided his 7 inch length towards her plump, eager petals.

As the thick member slowly slid into the vixen’s heated body, a moan of pleasure emanated from her like air hissing from a balloon.


Vida’s back arched, pressing her breasts firmly against Francis’ chest and sending a shiver of lust through her. When the tiger was fully inside her depths, a short, high pitched moan slipped out.

Francis looked at the fox, his eyes peering deep into hers as they both seemed to read the euphoric pleasure swirling deep inside each other. Then he began to move.

Holding her rump tightly, the tips of his fingers pressing into her flesh, Francis held her in place as he slid out of her body before pushing back in. Vida whimpered and moaned with each inward thrust the tiger gave her. His body sandwiching the vixen between himself and the glass that separated the deserted corridor from tons of water, Francis growled softly as he pushed his length into the girl’s hot body again and again. With each thrust the female fox felt herself grow closer and closer to orgasmic bliss, her arms and legs wrapping tighter and tighter around the tiger’s body.

Finally, his fingers digging deep into Vida’s rear end and his tail wrapping around hers, Francis drove his hard length into the fox’s body for the last time. Pushing as deep as he could, he felt pleasure overwhelm his body as his white warmth flooded into the deepest parts hers. A glance at her eyes told Francis that the vixen was on the edge of her peak but needed just a little more to push her completely over. He could see a hint is fear in her eyes, fear that such a glorious, spontaneous moment would come to a crashing and disappointing end.

Without missing a beat, Francis started shifting his body up and down, rubbing the fur at the top of his penis against Vida’s clitoris in the hopes that she would not be left disappointed. As he rubbed his body against hers, his length slid in and out of her slightly and caused his seed to spurt out onto the glass. Knowing what he was trying to do, the vixen bounced herself on the feline’s shaft, moving against his motions to ensure she got the maximum out of the moment. With a final cry of euphoria that was barely audible, the female fox hit her peak and her muscles contracted around the tiger’s body, sucking the last of his seed into her own.

For a couple more minutes the pair remained where they were, the vixen impaled on the tiger’s cock and her arms and legs wrapped around his body, holding him against hers. Their breathing, heavy and calm, seemed to match each others’. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the tiger looked at the fox and spoke to her in a soft voice.

“Shall I put you down now?”

Vida only nodded but Francis could tell her response was reluctant.

After setting her down, the tiger picked up the fox’s bra and handed it to.

“Thanks,” Vida said, avoiding his gaze. With her bra in hand she move to retrieve her top while the tiger returned his wilting member to his pants.

As Francis picked up his own shirt and pulled it on, he noticed that Vida simply held onto her bra as she pulled on her top, rather than put it back on. A slight smirk forming on his face, the tiger took a moment to admire the form of the vixen’s bust, her nipples poking through from beneath the white fabric.

“What’s your name?” Vida asked, straightening out her clothing and adjusting her bust so it sat high, supported by her tank top.

“Francis,” the tiger replied.

“I’m Vida,” the vixen said, extending her hand. As the tiger took it with his own hand and gave it a gentle shake, Vida posed a little, pushed her hip sensually towards Francis and winking at him. “Keep the panties.”

As he glanced at the floor behind him and the pink panties still lying on the floor, Vida turned and started walking down the corridor. Stopping and looking over her shoulder, she called back to the tiger.

“I come here a lot... so should you,” she called, a hint of mischief in her voice. With another wink, the fox turned once more from him. But before she continued on her way, Vida quickly bent forward deeply, keeping her legs straight and lifted her tail high to give Francis a full and uninhibited view of her bare rump and plump labia between her round thighs. The sight lasted for only a couple of seconds before the fox once more started walking away, her giggling wafting down the corridor to Francis’ ears.

Smiling as the recent and explicit view remained fresh in the tiger’s memory, Francis turned and picked up Vida’s panties before making his way further down the corridor. As he glanced at the fish on the other side of the glass, he lifted the underwear to his nose and breathed deeply, filling his nostrils with her scent, oblivious to the sticky mess that they’d left on the glass, trailing slowly down to the floor.


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