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The Escape Of The Blue Rose (story)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:24 pm    Post subject: The Escape Of The Blue Rose (story) Reply with quote

This is a collaberation story that invloves Koga and Kyles Invlovement in miss scorpia escape from denmark. (with Miss Scorpias Permision she came up with the title Very Happy Very Happy )
All comments about what you think about the story are welcome
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 1 the meeting.
Kyle sat with his older brother koga in a small dark bar in Denmark.
Kyle “who are we awaiting for again”
Koga”my client they wanted to meat us here for secrecy.”
Then a small cloaked figure appeared through the door and made its way towards them and sat down at the table.
Figure “are you koga stingray member of Talon Company”
Koga”yes I am and this is… “
Figure “no your name will be the only one of two spook in this meeting in case one of us gets caught we can easily deny any part of what I want you to do.”
Koga” and what my I ask do you want me to do.”
The cloaked figure removed the cloak from her head revealing a blue vixen. She then rummaged through her robes and removed a drawing of a younger blue vixen.
Vixen “I want you to rescue this woman her name is Lady Astrid Mandbards and make sure she safely gets out of the country. I should have stood up for her more then I did so I want her to live a happy life though it pains me to never be able to see her again.”
Both koga and Kyle could see tears form in the woman’s eyes this Person must be very close to her.
Koga” I will make sure this woman will be out of this country within a couple weeks you have my word on that.”
Kyle watched as koga made his promise to the vixen his confidence and sense of caring they both inherited from there late father. Kyle was about to make a similar promise to the vixen when she looked at him then koga and back at Kyle before she smiled “thank you both but I want both of you to promise that you will not fail.”
Kyle could see the want and need for both of them to make the promise to reassure her. He looked at his brother who nodded at him before looking back at the vixen. “I promise”

Meanwhile in a mansion not far from Kyle, a blue vixen stood by her bedroom window she looked at the moon it glowed beautifully in the night and was one of the few joys she had anymore in life. Why did they do this to me she though to herself didn’t my Father love me. The blue vixen started to cry from the thought of her parent’s practically making her a sex slave to this cruel old man who wanted an heir.
She had become pregnant with his child a few months earlier but his constant beating caused her to miscarry, after that the beatings had gotten worse she was sure she had a cracked rib from the last one her difficulty breathing and sharp pain confirmed it. “I need to escape this horrible place and that horrible man.” She whispered to herself. It was late and her husband was usually here but some minor business drew him away for the night. A Much needed break from her husband helped her and let her pursue her hobby of drawing without interruption. She drew her hopes and dreams in the art. She planned on hiding these pictures somewhere safe before her husband returned and destroy them. She secretly wanted to escape but she had no where to go and was afraid harm would come to her family in doing so. Astrid went and lay on her bed and slowly cried herself to sleep.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 2

Kyle and Koga arrived at the Mandbard mansion the early the fallowing morning. The mansion had high walls and was nearly impossible to climb over even if Kyle stood on koga shoulders.
Koga “Damn the walls to high we can’t simply climb over and upright take the girl where going to need some Intel on the layout of the house.” Koga thought for a minute then recalled a few people talking about Mandbard looking for a new butler to help around the house.
“Hmm I’m to big to even pass off as a butler” Koga looked at Kyle who was still around 6 feet high and was well toned but not to buff. He could easily pass off as a waiter or even a landscaper.”
“Kyle, you’re gonna infiltrate the house and gather Intel on it floor plans, possible exit strategies and everything like that.”
Kyle looked at koga like he was crazy. “You want me to do what? Why?”
Koga looked his brother and wrapped him in a head lock and proceeded to give him a noogie “Because I’m big and you’re small. You can pass off as a butler or a Gardner. I’m a dead giveaway. You’re calm, polite and appear harmless. I’m short tempered and will throw a fist at any moment. You got that? Besides you made that promise to the woman to get Astrid out of the country safely.”
Koga shoved Kyle out of the noogie.
Kyle rubbed his head. “All right, I’ll do it. Jeez, you didn’t have to give me the noogie too did you?”
Koga “Just doing my job as a older brother and giving you noogies is one of the perks. Now, let’s go get you cleaned up and ready for the first interview. “

Astrid woke up. Her tears had stopped and dried up. She slowly got up and looked in the mirror on the nightstand. She had her hair and fur matted up on the one side she slept on. She needed to take a bath and get cleaned up for today her husband returned and they were going to start interviewing candidates for a new butler.
“I don’t know why he even makes me watch these things. I’m just a trophy slave here for his pleasure.” She left the room and made her way to the bathroom. She looked over the banister of the door and saw a bat standing by her door. Supposedly he was here to protect her, but in truth he was here to make sure she didn’t run away.
“Good morning axel.” She said down to him. She may be trapped in this place but her manners were the one thing she truly had control over anymore. The bat simply looked up at her and nodded. Astrid was a little scared of axel. He was one of the best fighters in Denmark, even represented Denmark during the last Olympics for wrestling and the javelin throw Earning gold in both. After that Mandbard hired him immediately as his personal bodyguard, then he practically became her warden soon after she was forced to marry the horrid fox.
She continued towards the bathroom filling the bath with hot water looking the door behind her. Astrid slowly dipped herself into the bath. After getting used to the slight sting from the hot water she relaxed as the water brought relief to her mind and body. She dozed off like she often did and day dreamed about a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue slaying Mandbard and axel. After what seemed to be an hour of daydreaming and the bath had turned Luke warm she slowly dried herself off before getting ready for her husbands return she picked out one of her red sundress from her closet she put on the dress and made her way to the kitchen. She walked down the stairs and saw her husband standing with his nephew Søren Mandbard.
Lord Mandbard looked at Astrid and smiled. Astrid suddenly felt sick and lost her appetite “Astrid, its god to lay these old eyes on my wife. You remember your nephew Søren?”
Astrid shoved down her fear and wanted to throw up. ”Of course I remember Søren but why is he here, my dear Erhardt.” The words were filled with fake emotion Astrid had taught herself to act so it would make lying easier to pull off in front of guests.
Lord Mandbard: “He’s here to help pick out new servants of course.”
Søren looked at her and smiled disturbingly. “Yes Aunt Astrid. I’m here to make sure my aunt and uncle picks only the most qualified candidate as your new servant.”
The door bell rang as Søren finished his sentence.

Erhardt “Ahh that must be the first candidate. Axel, please go and answer the door and escort the candidate to the meeting room. Søren, go and interview the first few guests while I go have a private moment with my wife.”
Astrid felt Erhardt wrap his arm her waist and pull her to the stairs in front of the main entrance. She turned her head towards the door and saw a young silver wolf or fox. She couldn’t really tell from the brief glance she stole before her husband showed his true colors.
Erhardt: “Trying to steal a peak are you? I’ll teach you to do that!”
Astrid started to shake with fear from the words as they entered their bedroom and the door closed behind them.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 3

Kyle had rang on the door bell to the Mandbard mansion and too a quick look behind him. Koga had stayed in the inn he had rented in the town.
Koga:”Kyle, it’s just going to be you in there. I can’t help you one bit after you step through those doors. Just remember to stick to the plan act like a butler or whatever they hire you for and get your target out of that house as quick as you can. Weather you manage to sneak out with her or you brings down that whole estate with you.”
The door opened and a large bat answered the door.
Kyle slowly extended his hand to the bat” good morning sir my name is Kyle stingray and I am here to see if your butler position is open, If so if you were still taking Interviews?”
The Bat just grunted and moved to the side motioning Kyle to come in. As Kyle walked through the door he saw the master of the house holding a lovely blue vixen by the waist. That must be Astrid which would make the other fox Lord Mandbard.
The bat escorted Kyle to the waiting room where another fox was waiting for him.
Søren got up and extended his hand”good morning Mr.…?”
There was something about this fox Kyle immediately didn’t like just how he presented himself made Kyle really uneasy. He quickly shoved down those feelings and shook the fox’s hand. “My name is Kyle Stingray sir and you are?”

Astrid sat at the bed looking at the floor as Erhardt started to take off his jacket. “Erhardt I have something I need to tell you.” Erhardt turned and stared at his wife with his cold eyes then turned them back to the window “what is it Astrid?”
Astrid “you know how I had become pregnant with your child. I...i...i don’t know how to say this without you getting angry at me” her voice was starting to tremble and tears started to run down her face.
Erhardt “SPIT IT OUT WOMAN OR I’LL…!!!!”
Astrid “YOU WILL WHAT? BEAT ME LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO? THAT’S WHY I MISCARRIED YOUR CHILD!!!” Astrid immediately covered her mouth after her words and stared at Erhardt horrified.
Erhardt:”You miscarried because of me???” the words echoed through his head as he got dizzy. He stepped forward to slap Astrid but stopped. He quickly turned and left the room slamming the door behind him. Astrid sat and watched as her husband dealt with the news. She could handle being slapped, but him leaving like that scared her deeply. She could only imagine what hell he would put her through when he returned.
Erhardt had walked down the stairs and towards Søren who was with an applicant “Søren. Axel. Come with me!” He turned to Kyle “I don’t know who you are but you’re hired. You can give me the details later. Your room is on the second floor, 5th door to your left. I expect you to be at my side within one minute of ringing a bell that I’ll show you later.” Erhardt turned and left a confused Kyle in the waiting room as Axel and Søren followed Erhardt.

Kyle was confused from the sudden appearance of Mandbard and was quickly hired. All he could say was” yes sir” before the man disappeared with Axel and Søren. He slowly made his way towards the second floor of the castle following Erhardt’s directions. He arrived at his room which had a full sized bed, a dresser closet and a nightstand. He left the door open and lay down. He wasn’t planning on being in this place for very long. But still he felt it was wrong not to enjoy a nice soft bed. Kyle heard footsteps that stopped in front of his door.
Astrid had gotten out of her room to try and get some air. She took the servants hallway since it was out of the way and erhardt would never take it. She saw one of the spare bedroom doors were open and went to investigate. She walked into the room and saw a silver wolf around her age. The Same wolf she saw earlier. “Excuse me sir, but may I ask who you are?”
Kyle got out of his bed and quickly stood up at the sound of Astrid’s voice. He looked at her. This being only the second time he ever saw a blue vixen was stunned by her beauty. “My Name is... Kyle… yes. Kyle Stingray I’m your new butler.”
Astrid “New butler huh, well it’s a pleasure to meet you Kyle.” she heard some creaks coming from the house. That made her peer out the door.
Kyle:”are you ok, Lady Astrid?” Kyle noticed how she peered out the door from the slight creeks. Astrid looked back at him “im actually hiding from my husband. You should have never applied here. He is a cruel man and his nephew and bodyguard are no better.”
Kyle: “well, can I tell you a secret then?”
Astrid nodded her head unsure what was about to happen. Kyle walked towards the door and closed it then turned to Astrid. “I’m actually here to rescue you from him.”
Astrid couldn’t believe what she was hearing” you were hired to rescue me but you’re my age you don’t look like a bounty hunter or mercenary?”
Kyle: “I’m not but my older brother is. He was contracted by a blue vixen like yourself to rescue you and safely get you out of the country.”
Tears formed in Astrid eyes but they were tears of joy at the thought she was actually going to be free. “A blue vixen like me hired you?” It has to be mother, it just has to be. She gave Kyle a big hug and stared at him smiling for real for the first time since she had gotten married. “When do we leave then?”
Kyle was happy to se that Astrid was actually willing to leave reassuring him that this wasn’t some kind of trick to kidnap a high profile member of society. “We leave tonight at midnight so what I need you to do is to go and get everything that you think you might need ready but pack light we need to move fast to avoid being captured.”
Astrid nodded. “I’ll go get ready right now!” She quickly ran off towards her room to prepare for her escape secretly hoping this wasn’t a cruel trick. Only time would tell and midnight couldn’t come fast enough.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 4

Erhardt got up. His words were slurred from the alcohol he had consumed. “That bitch says it’s my fault. No. It’s her fault! I’m goanna go teach her a lesson!” He stumbled to the stairs and looked at the grandfather clock. It was 11:50 pm.
Astrid was sitting staring at her watch. She decided to start her new life fresh. She had gotten some sleep and was shocked when her husband never returned.”Maybe he finally succumbed to alcohol poisoning.“ She whispered to herself. She heard loud footsteps coming to her door.
The bedroom door shot open like a cannon. And Erhardt came stumbling in. “Astrid, there you are I got something to tell you.”
Astrid looked horrified at her drunken husband. “Erhardt, what’s wrong with you?” Astrid slowly began to back away.
Erhardt glared at Astrid with hate. ”There’s nothing wrong with me but there’s something wrong with you. You’re cold Astrid! That’s why nothing can grow inside you just likes the others. Well, I’ll show you what its like to be cold when you have no PULSE!” Erhardt lunged at Astrid, wrapping his paw around her throat as the two crashed into the vanity mirror.
Astrid was scared out of her mind from the pain of being suffocated slowly. No, it can’t end like this. Not when I’m this close to being free. The dreams she had leading before now running being rescued by Kyle, leaving the country and starting over all slowly disappeared from her mind as she felt her pulse start to beat faster desperately trying to get oxygen into her blood. In a last burst of adrenaline she grabbed a shard of the broken mirror and desperately stabbed it at any part of Erhardt. He stopped moving. All of his weight was now on top of her but he wasn’t moving. She looked and saw a piece of the mirror in the back of his neck before she passed out from the lack of oxygen.
Kyle was heading outside to make sure the gate wasn’t locked when he took Astrid and escaped. Then he had heard the loud crash and the sound of a mirror breaking and bolted towards the source not knowing what caused it but fearing the worst. God I hope she is all right. Kyle had arrived at Erhardt and Astrid’s room at the same time as Axel. The both saw erhardt with a large piece of the mirror lodged in his neck with an uncouncis Astrid under him.
Kyle quickly went and shoved the large fat fox carcass off Astrid and picked her up. “Astrid. Wake up. Astrid.” He looked up at Axel who had a gun pointed at Astrid’s head. “Axel, what are you doing? We need to help her, not kill her” Kyle heard axel speak for the first time
Axel: ”She killed Lord Mandbard. She has to die.” Axel cocked back the hammer, but Kyle tackled him before he could pull the trigger. Positioned in the dominant position Kyle punched axel as hard as he could but that only made axel laugh.”Nice try boy. You think you can hurt me!?! “ Kyle quickly hit axel with a piece of wood from the broken vanity mirror before getting up and pushed the dresser on top of axel. “No, but I can do that.” Kyle verbally shot back.
He quickly turned to Astrid and picked her up and hoisted her over his shoulders, and carried her down the stairs. He could feel her breathing normally again by the time he got out the door. He dashed through the gate where Koga was waiting behind the bushes.
Koga whistled. “Dang Kyle. 12 hours you work quick.”
Kyle: “No time. We need to get out of here before that body guard gets back up and alerts everyone else that Mandbard is dead and I’ve taken Astrid.”
Koga: ”Well, why didn’t you say so? Let’s get out of here.”
Kyle and Koga took Astrid deep into the woods getting as far away as they could from the mansion and the town before they sent a patrol after them.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 5

Astrid lay asleep in her sleeping bag. She was talking in her sleep with a low mumble. She woke up gently and was staring at a tree. She started to move but she heard two voices. One of them was Kyle’s but she didn’t know who the other one was. She lay perfectly still and listened to them talk.
Kyle: “I wonder what she’s dreaming about? “
Koga:” Who knows. She’s been out for two days already and she might be out till we get to the boat.”
Kyle: “How far away are we from the boat anyway?”
Koga:”If we stay on foot and keep from being noticed, about 7 days. Then it will be a couple weeks at most before we get to Italy.”
Kyle:”Why Italy? What’s there that can keep her safe?”
Koga:”There’s a town in Italy that doesn’t allow questions about your past to be asked. A place where you can start completely over. Bon Bon I believe it’s called”
Kyle: “Will we even have enough supplies to make it to bon bon?”
Koga: “We going to have to make a few stops along the way to resupply but we have enough funds to do so. Now I’m going to run into town since they won’t be looking for me and get supplies and listen in on the Word about you two. I will be back by night fall. If she comes to, start heading South west. Ill catch up with you.”
Kyle:”All right Brother See you when you get back.”
Astrid heard the sound of one of them getting up and sounds of steps walking further away. She turned around in her sleeping bag and stared at Kyle who was building a fire.
Kyle had noticed her movement and her staring at him and smiled to her. “Well, look what we have here. Sleeping Beauty is awake so tell me how it feels to wake up free from your prison.”
Astrid sat up and looked around she was in a forest and the horrid mansion was nowhere in sight. “I’m free?” The word sounded strange on her lips but it felt good to say it. “I am! I’m free of that horrid man! I’m free of that awful castle! I’M FREE!!!!”
She had gotten up and walked around the campsite twirling around in circles. She looked at Kyle and smiled. “Thanks to you and the other one I’m free” She jumped on Kyle and gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, kyle!”
Kyle smiled back at Astrid while she was running and twirling around and was a little taken aback from the sudden hug and kiss but quickly got over it. ” No problem Astrid, but we’re not out of the bag yet. We need to get you out of the country and change your identity. It’s too dangerous to still call yourself Astrid Mandbard. Someone might recognize your name. Do you have any ideas on what your new name should be so we can start calling you that?”
Astrid thought about what possible names she should change hers to.” Well since I want a better future and I’m fortunate to have been rescued. I think my new last name will be Fortune for hopes of a better Future, as for my new first name… hmm… my star sign is the scorpion so I will make it Scorpia.” The thought of her new name raced through her mind. “From now on Lady Astrid Mandbard is dead. My name is Miss Scorpia Fortune.”
Kyle looked at Scorpia, stood up and bowed to her. ”Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Scorpia Fortune”
Scorpia smiled at Kyle. ”And it’s a pleasure to make a proper acquaintance with you Kyle Stingray. Now, tell me what the current plan is?”
Kyle:”Well, the plan for the two of us are that we’re going south east towards the pier where there will be a boat that will take us out of Denmark. I’ll tell you the rest when we get there.”
Astrid: “What about Your Brother Won’t he is joining us?”
Kyle: “Koga went into the nearest town to get some supplies. He’ll catch up with us later on tonight. Now we should get going.”
Astrid slammed her fist into the palm of her other hand” Right Lets go”
The Two of them packed up the camp and started walking and started talking with each other to help kill the time as they walked towards Scorpia New Life.

Koga had reached a town a couple miles from where Kyle and Scorpia had stayed behind and the whole town was buzzing with gossip.
Old Cat: “Did you hear? Lord Mandbard is dead.”
Old ferret: “What? Really? Who did it?”
Old Cat: “His wife, and then she ran off with the new butler they had just hired that day. A wolf at that. I always knew she was a little harlot, I always knew.”
Old Ferret: “Well, what’s going to happen to her? “
“From what I’ve heard Lord Mandbard nephew Søren has put a hit on her and the wolf she ran off with.”
Koga chuckled at the gossip but he took the hit seriously. He continued to go and buy supplies stopping by a women’s clothing store to get Astrid some cloths to change into.
After he was all finished he bought a wagon to pack the supplies in and a feral Horse from a local farmer. As Koga was setting off a bat and a fox walked towards him.
Koga:”good Afternoon gentlemen, are there anything I can help you with?”
Søren:”Yes. You are Koga Stingray, are you not?”
Koga: “Yes I am. Why do you ask? “
Søren:”My Name is Søren Mandbard. This is my good Friend Axel. We want to hire you to kill my late uncle’s wife Astrid. We will pay you greatly!”
Koga was a little shocked at the offer since he was already hired to free her. He decided to lie. There Was something About those Two Koga Just didn’t like. ”Sorry gentlemen, but I don’t accept hits on women. I’m not that kind of person unlike your late uncle. Now if you excuse me I need to get going. I have a boat to catch.” Koga got on the horse and left Søren and Axel a little aggravated.
Søren: “He turned us down!?! Nobody turns us down!” Søren Face Got Red with Anger and frustration “Ill Show Him!!!” Søren Went To Charge Koga but Axel Stopped him.
Axel: “Now Søren, I know you wanted one of the best to help avenge Erhardt but don’t even think about unleashing your pint up anger on Koga. Did you see the size of him He would Rip you in No Time. Think with your head.”
Søren: “You’re right axel. I need to focus on the task at hand. Astrid and that butler are dead furs walking. They will not make it far alive.” Søren looked at Koga's wagon disappear down the trail. “There’s something weird going on. I just can’t put my finger on it. Let’s go, Axel. We have other people to talk to.”
Axel: “Right boss.” Axel and Søren Turned and headed into town to plan the capture of Astrid.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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Chapter 6 into the Freezing Night and Curious Mind

The sun was fading fast as Kyle and Scorpia trekked through the forest.
Scorpia: “It’s getting late. Should we stop and make Camp? We have been walking for hours.”
Kyle: “You’re right Scorpia. We should do so before it gets dark so I can make a fire.” Kyle stopped and unloaded his pack and quickly gathered wood for the fire. Within 30 minutes he had the fire going, but with the arrival of night fall came a chilling cold.
Scorpia was huddled by the fire to warm her up.
”Brr, I forgot how cold it is at night.”
Kyle was still unloading his pack when he realized that he only had one sleeping bag and a thin blanket that was used for extra insulation on night like this. It can’t be helped He thought to himself. Kyle unrolled the sleeping bag right next to Scorpia close to the fire. She watched on as Kyle set up their sleeping arrangements.
“Kyle, you’re just going to use that thin blanket for tonight?”
Kyle looked at Scorpia before lying down on the thin blanket using the pack as a pillow. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. It’s just a little cold. The fire will keep me warm. You go ahead and take the sleeping bag.*Yawns* Good night Scorpia.”
Those words weakly reassured Scorpia but she wasn’t going to push it any further. Kyle had already closed his eyes so Scorpia slowly crawled into the sleeping bag before looking at Kyle who looked peaceful even in this cold. “Good Night Kyle” were her last words before drifting off to sleep.
Scorpia awoke a few hours later from a nightmare that involved being captured by her dead husband. Oh Thank Heavens it was only a dream. Scorpia rolled over and saw the fire was still going but Kyle was huddled in a fetal position
Shivering in his sleep the barely audible sounds of him shivering while he breathed stroke emotion from Scorpia he was just to shy to suggest we share the sleeping bag. Scorpia got up from her sleeping bag and opened it so it was a giant insulated blanket and walked over to Kyle and cuddled next to him draping the opened sleeping bag so that it covered both of them. The fact that this was the first man she ever laid next to besides her husband was a strange feeling to Scorpia.
She wrapped her arms and legs around him to transfer some of her body warmth into Kyle. Soon his shivering had stopped and he was breathing normally. She unwrapped her legs from him and buried her head under his chin.
Curious thoughts raced through her head. She had a sleeping male that wasn’t her late husband next to her, and her curiosity about the male’s body started to muster inside her head. She let her hands explore Kyle’s body being careful not to wake him. She slowly slid her hands up his shirt. Unlike her late husband Kyle wasn’t fat. He was Muscular and his muscles were firm but slightly soft to the touch though and she figured it was from the fur.
As Scorpia gently felt up Kyle's body her mind was slowly hinting to go further south by his waist. She slowly let her hands slid out from Kyle’s shirt but that caused him to stir and cause a slight inaudible growl from Kyle’s throat. Scorpia wanted to explore Kyle’s body further but she didn’t want to wake him. Instead she leaned her head on his arm and drifted off into sleep thinking she might work up the courage to even ask Kyle to even let her examine his body while he was awake. She drifted off into sleep and let her imagination continue where her physical self left off.

Back in Town Søren and Axel had a group of 20 men huddled around him and the bat.
Søren: “Let’s go over this again. We’re going to hunt down that murdering wench Astrid and bring her here so we can finally get our revenge for Lord Mandbard.
Thug: ”What about the wolf she’s with?”
Axel quickly piped up to that question” That wolf is mine! I have a little score to settle with him! Now enough talk. Tomorrow we go hunting!”
The Crowd cheered as they started to drink and conversations broke loose about what they were going to do with the reward they would receive if they captured the two.
Søren took a drink before the word stingray popped into his head. “THAT’S IT!! THEY’RE BROTHERS, THAT’S WHY KOGA TURNED US DOWN!”
Axel turned to Søren “What are you saying? Who’s brothers now?”
Søren: ”Koga and that butler. I remember his name was Kyle; Kyle Stingray. Koga must be his brother. That’s why he turned us down! Hell, he might even be in on it… Boat. Koga mentioned he had a boat to catch. Koga must is trying to get Astrid out of the country.
”We need to have every dock within a week travel by foot covered. They will come right to us.” Søren smiled evilly as this new plan came into effect.

Koga was setting up camp. His hoarse was asleep by the wagon. “Damn. I forgot to leave Kyle that other sleeping bag. I hope he can handle it.”
Koga had caught some fish and grilled them over the fire after eating them he set up his sleeping bag and laid on it. His thoughts had turned to the reasons Kyle was here in the first place. He drifted off to sleep with images of their parents and sisters funeral still fresh in his mind. Tornados killed them and I didn’t have any power to save them. Koga had drifted off to sleep hoping that Kyle and Astrid were doing ok.
A fact of life: After monday and tuesday even the calender says WTF...
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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Chapter 7
Kyle awoke the next morning. He felt arms wrapped around him. He looked down and saw that he was covered with the open sleeping bag. He could feel another body between him and his left arm. He turned his head and saw Scorpia sleeping next to him. She was using part of his chest and shoulder like a pillow. Kyle had tried to move but Scorpia had a tight grip on him and pulled him closer to her. She let out a sigh or moans. Kyle couldn’t really tell. Kyle was just amazed on how strong she was.
“Miss Scorpia? It’s time to wake up, miss Scorpia.” Kyle gently whispered to her. Kyle had previously learned the hard way that when you try to wake someone don’t go yelling or shaking them awake. His jaw instantly got sore from remembering the last he had done that.
After a few more whispering requests Scorpia woke up. She looked at Kyle “Good morning, Kyle. Did you sleep well?”
Kyle: “I did but if you don’t mind me asking why are you sleeping next to me?”
Scorpia sat up and looked down at Kyle “Well, I was having a nightmare and woke up and when I looked at you you were shivering in the cold. I couldn’t just let you freeze like that so I went and lay down next to you so that you would stay warm.”
Scorpia smiled at Kyle and thought she would tease him a little. Something she missed doing to her brother and sisters.
“Besides, you’re my bodyguard now. You have to protect me till the day you die. What kind of bodyguard doesn’t stay as close to the person there guarding? What if someone came and took me in the middle of the night and you would have woken up to a missing vixen and would have to come find me again.”
Kyle didn’t know what to say. She had absolutely decimated any retaliation response that leads them to not sharing the sleeping bag.
“I don’t know what to say, Scorpia. I’m sorry. I didn’t make the suggestion last night. I didn’t know if you would have taken it the wrong way.“ Kyle stared at Scorpia hoping she would forgive him while trying to figure out how she had gotten him to start apologizing in the first lace.
Scorpia could tell she had instantly taken control of the situation and she liked the feeling of dominance.” You’re forgiven, but don’t try to think about your responses, Kyle. From now on till your brother catches up with us we will share the same sleeping bag for warmth and so that you can protect me better. Now let’s go see if we can find a stream. I need to wash up and you can catch us breakfast.”
Scorpia stood up and stretched her arms in the air and stood on her tip toes letting out a very relaxed yawn.
Kyle had gotten up also and packed up their camp, hiding any traces of them being there and then he checked his map. “Now, there’s a stream to the west of us which we can follow south to the dock. Our boat is waiting near the German boarder. Follow me, Scorpia”
Kyle took off and Scorpia followed.
Scorpia: “Kyle? Why did you and your brother choose a dock so far away from where I escaped? Why not choose one that was close to it?”
Kyle:” it was my brothers idea for a back up plan if for some reason the boat wasn’t there or it was to dangerous to board it. We would take you across the boarder to Germany and try to find a different mode of travel.” Kyle finished answering Scorpia questions when they arrived at the stream.
“Well here we are. Should we catch the fish first or let you…’ Kyle couldn’t finish the sentence when he felt a rush of wind and a blue blur pass him. Scorpia had run and jumped into the stream laughing with joy. The stream was surprisingly deep as she was completely submerged when she touched the bottom and the water was cold, but Scorpia didn’t care. She liked the feeling of doing whatever she wanted when she wanted to. She was free now and no one was going to take her freedom away from her this time.
She popped up from the water flinging her hair back taking a deep breath of fresh air. She looked at Kyle smiling
“Come on in, Kyle. I know you need a bath as much as I do and the waters fine after you get used to the cold.” She got the water out of her eyes and saw that Kyle was staring at her dumbstruck. Before she even asked what was wrong she saw her red sundress floating past her. She blushed hugely when she realized she was naked and quickly grabbed the sundress, covered her breast and turned around at the same time.
“Well you got a good view. “ She said in a slightly angered but mostly embarrassed voice as she put on the wet sundress she got out of the stream. The sundress clung to her wet fur and walked towards Kyle and his backpack. Scorpia bent over looking for the thin blanket so she could dry herself off while Kyle was trying to explain himself.
Kyle: “Im sorry, Scorpia. I didn’t mean to look.” Kyle turned his head to look at Scorpia. ” I...I...I...I”
Scorpia: “You what, Kyle?” A gust of air passed buy and Scorpia instantly realized why Kyle was stuttering. Her dress was caught by her tail exposing her rear. In a motion almost as swift as her little twist in the water she instantly slapped Kyle and wrapped the blanket around her sing the slap to prevent Kyle from getting a better look as the blanket hid her embarrassment.
Kyle rubbed his cheek from the slap and tried to apologies to Scorpia.” I’m really sorry, Miss Scorpia. I didn’t mean to look. I promise. I didn’t even get a good look if that makes you feel any better.” Kyle was hoping she would forgive him. He didn’t want to finish off the trip with an awkward silence between the two of them.
Scorpia was still embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. She just sat there wrapped in the blanket only the tip of her nose was visible. They sat there in silence for a little bit before Scorpia’s and Kyle’s stomach growled with hunger.
Kyle: ”Hey. I’ll go catch some fish. I bet you’re as hungry as I am since you haven’t eaten anything in a while? “
Scorpia nodded her head slowly as she managed to whisper: “Yes, I am hungry.”
Kyle immediately got up and grabbed his hunting knife, some rope, and a stick he had grabbed earlier and made a makeshift spear. He also grabbed his Colt revolver and placed it in front of Scorpia. “If anyone shows up shoot the gun straight in the air or at their feet as a warning shot. I’ll hear it and come out. But if it’s a big black wolf about 7’ tall with a red midsection and bottom muzzle, don’t shoot him. That’s my older brother Koga.”
Kyle took of his shirt and headed towards the water diving in with his spear in hand.
While Kyle was in the water Scorpia grabbed the gun and held it close. The weapon felt awkward in her hand she could handle a sword with ease. But it brought her a sense of security. I can’t believe I actually flashed him TWICE! Accident or not that is not lady like. A little voice echoed inside her head but were you not the one who decided to try to feel him up last night. And now you can call it even, though he will probably never know it. That thought didn’t help her so she decided to focus on something else then gasped when she remembered how big he said his brother was. “7 FEET TALL!!!” her voice rung out and she hoped Kyle didn’t hear her yell. “This koga guy must be huge! Even axel only stood at 6’4.” An image of a Munster wolf towering over axel was hard to believe. She got up and removed the blanket and saw another stick Kyle had grabbed incase he lost the one he made the spear out of. She picked it up and looked towards the lake
Kyle had resurfaced for air with his back turned towards her and dove back into the cold stream. She twirled the stick in her hand. One end was wider then the other. She grabbed it like a hilt and swung it forward like she would have a sword the gun was in her other hand at her side. I haven’t practiced my swordsmanship in awhile and it might come in handy later. Scorpia continued to slash and hack at the air like there was an opponent in front of her even incorporated some possible combos involving the gun in her hand.

(At that same moment)
Koga had awoken to voices.
Thief 1: “Do you think he’s asleep?”
Thief 2: “I’m sure. I’ve been watching him for 20 minutes and he hasn’t budged. I’m sure we could take this wagon and horse and sell it off.”
Thief 1: “ Ha ha, wont that make for a nice surprise to wake up to only the cloths on your back and the sleeping bag your in.. All right, let’s go then. Come on horsy. You have a new master now.”
The Horse neighed loudly as it was forced to into a new direction.
Thief 2: “Damn feral beast! Cooperate or else...” A loud thud was heard and the horse neighed louder.” Koga could hear a new muffled sound like someone was tied up and trying to escape.
Koga had enough and quietly got up and stood behind the two thieves. And the other muffled sound he heard was actually 2 as Koga saw two youngsters. Neither was barely over the age of 10 tied up and placed on koga's wagon. They saw Koga and their eyes widened. Koga put his finger to his lips in an attempt to silence them and they cooperated.
Koga slowly walked over to the thieves. One was a cat of mixed breed. The other was a dog, a pit-bull. They pulled and tugged on the horse forcing it to move.
Koga: “Excuse me, but I believe you have my horse and wagon.”
The two thieves were startled by the sound of Koga and turned around and gasped at Koga's size.
Thief 2: “You said he couldn’t be any bigger then 6 feet. Not a monster, Vectin.”
Vectin: “Well I misjudged, Richard.”
Richard: “Hee hee. Come on big guy. We were just joking. We weren’t about to take your stuff. Honest. We were going to go water your horse. We will just take our children and go.”
Koga: “I highly disbelieve you’re these kids’ parents or they wouldn’t be tied up now, would they?”
Vectin: “You’re right. We kidnapped them. Take them. We don’t need them. They’re just extra mouths to feed. Properly not worth much either if we tried to sell them.”
Koga growled in anger. “People like you make me sick. Selling young kids like this like they were feral cattle is despicable.” Koga began to stalk the two thieves as they stood in terror.
Richard: “Come on, Vectin. Let’s get out of here!”
Vectin: “Right with you, Richard!” The two quickly turned tails and dashed deep into the forest.
Koga could still see them through the thin trees and walked over to the wagon and grabbed his Winchester. He took a few steps back and took aim. They were close to the thicker part of the woods. Koga wasn’t about to let them get that far. He aimed at the pit-bull. Loaded a shell and fired. The Shot echoed throw the forest loudly as the pit-bull dropped to the ground. The cat didn’t stop, he it just kept running. Koga fired again the shot echoed again as the cat fell to the ground just inches away from the possibility of being safe.
Koga walked back to the wagon and returned his Winchester. He started to untie the Kids. “You’re all right now. You’re safe with me.”
Koga’s voice went from the angered growled to a more soothing calming voice. He finished untieng the two and they sat on the wagon staring at there hero. They looked like twins, one a boy the other a girl.
Boy “Gee, thanks for saving us, mister.”
Girl: “Yes. Thank you. If it wasn’t for you they would have sold us as slaves for sure.”
Koga: “No problem. Now tell me, where are your parents? I bet they are worried sick about you two.”
The two looked down their faces was full of sadness
Girl: “Those two killed our parents’, sir, and stole us. Something about a debt that needed to be paid.” The girl began to cry and the boy took her into his arms
Boy: “There there sis. Please don’t cry. If you do then I’ll start to cry and I’m supposed to be the strong one! *Sniffle*” The boy began to cry a little from his own words.
Koga felt sad for the two orphaned kids and knelt down on one knee to console them. Though he didn’t know how console children so young he was going to try his best.
“Listen, what happened then is the past and you can’t change that. Believe me I’ve tried. Now is there anywhere I can take you? Maybe some other family.”
Boy: “*Sniff Sniff* We have an aunt and uncle who live on a farm three days east of here I think. I name is Anker and this is my twin sister Karin.”
Koga took out his map of the towns and cities in Denmark and found a farm village east of them. “Well, then let’s go pay a visit to your aunt and uncle.”
Anker and Karin both nodded and watched as Koga mounted his horse and headed east towards the farm town.
Koga just sat on the horse quiet, not knowing what to say to the girl who was still crying in the boys arm. Damned Slavers if I could I would destroy every one of them with my bear hands. Koga then thought of his mission. Kyle and Astrid were far away from him and it was going to be longer then he expected before he caught up. Kyle I just hope you can handle yourself. You may have to go and get Astrid out of Denmark alone. Koga began to worry about his younger brother and leaving him alone in an unfamiliar country. “Stay strong and keep her safe, brother. At least until I catch up.”
A fact of life: After monday and tuesday even the calender says WTF...
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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Chapter 8

Kyle emerged from the water with 3 fish on the tip of his makeshift spear and saw Scorpia using the stick like a sword.
Kyle: “so you can fight can you.”
Scorpia quickly dropped the stick and gun and turned to Kyle a little shocked from his sudden appearance “Yes, I can use a sword. I consider myself the best in the country.”
Kyle: “Well, after I cook these fish we will have to see how you square up to me. I’m not to shabby with a blade myself.”

Koga continued traveling as the two orphans rode on the back of the wagon. Koga checked back to see how they were doing, Karin was sleeping though she still sniffled from her crying while Anker sat and stared at Koga with curious intent.
Anker: ”Hey mister? Where are you going after you take us to our aunt and uncle?”
Koga: “Well. I’m going back west and catch up with my younger brother and a... friend and please don’t call me mister or sir. You can call me Koga”
Anker started to laugh when koga said his name. “That’s a funny name Koga. You must not be from this country.”
Koga: “That’s funny coming from a kid who’s named after a weight on a boat.”
Anker: “ Hey, I’ll let you know Anker is a very common Danish name. My mom told me that it sounds tough and I’m going to grow up big and strong some day.”
Anker smiled big and tried to flex to make him self seem buff but it was obvious the two children haven’t gotten much sleep and he quickly stopped trying to show off and fell asleep next to his sister.
Anker: “Koga. Thank you. I wish I could be a good brother like you are.” Those were his last words before drifting off into a peaceful sleep while koga mind thought on those words.

Back at the stream Kyle and Scorpia had just finished their breakfast and were sitting on the grass looking at the stream.
Scorpia: “Kyle, I’m sorry I slapped you earlier. I was just so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do.”
Kyle: “It’s ok Scorpia. It was just a reaction” Kyle rubbed his check where Scorpia slapped him “A very painful reaction but its ok. No real harm was done.”
Kyle got up and put on the pack. “Now let’s get moving. We’re wasting sunlight.”
Scorpia: “Right, let’s go. The sooner I can get out of this country the better.”
Scorpia and Kyle headed south down the stream in silence. Scorpia finally broke the silence after what seemed like hours of walking.
Scorpia: “Kyle, if you don’t mind me asking do you have any other siblings or family besides your brother? I think about mine all the time. I often wonder what my brother and sisters do or if they are thinking about me. What about you? Do you have those thoughts?”
Kyle thought on her words for a little while. “I used to have a twin sister. Her name was Isabelle.”
Scorpia: “That’s a pretty name.” She recognized the phrase ‘used to’. And immediately felt sorry for Kyle “I’m sorry, Kyle. I didn’t know. What happened to her? I mean you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”
Kyle: “It’s ok. I’m over it though I’m not sure Koga is. Isabelle and my parents died during a bad storm. There was a tornado that destroyed our home. My parents and sister were in the house when it was destroyed.”
Scorpia: “Oh my. How did you and Koga survive then?” Scorpia felt very sad hearing about the deaths but she was curious how Kyle had survived if his family didn’t. Another thought was why wasn’t Kyle getting emotional talking about his own family’s death? It’s never easy but he didn’t even shed a tear telling her.
Kyle: “My brother had run off and joined a traveling gang of bounty hunters and mercenaries calling themselves the talon company. He was in Texas when it happened. I was further up state with my friend and her parents were immigrants from Japan and they were teaching me martial arts. I found out when we came back and saw the town in rubble.” Kyle was talking like he was normally talking. No emotion or nothing was felt as he talked about such a tragic moment.
Scorpia: “Kyle, are you ok? You haven’t showed any emotion at all this whole conversation.”
Kyle: “I know. I went to therapy for a little while my brother was heading back to claim himself to be my legal guardian. The therapist told me I’m so traumatized by that moment that I really don’t know how to act. He thinks it’s a minor case of a sociopath.” Those words sounded strange and vacant in Kyle’s head. They walked in silence the remainder of the day as the sun was beginning to go down and it was close to nightfall.
Kyle: “It’s time to stop for the night, Scorpia. Let’s set up camp. Kyle sat down the pack next to a thick tree and started to collect dry firewood to make a fire. While Scorpia being true to her morning statement set up there sleeping bag and wrapped the thin blanket around inside it. She was having second thoughts about her decision with the sexual tension between them now. She noticed Kyle didn’t look at her directly ever since he saw her naked. The feeling had made her a little uncomfortable but she kind of liked it though she couldn’t figure out why.
Kyle had finished making the fire and pulled out a couple sticks of what looked liked pieces of bark from his pack.
Scorpia: “What is that, Kyle?”
Kyle: “This is beef jerky. It’s a sundried strip of meat that keeps for a real long time. It’s good for camping like this when you don’t want to hunt or in our case attract curious people to us with the sound of gun fire.” Kyle took a bite of the jerky and started to chew it. Scorpia saw Kyle eat it and decided to follow suit. She took a small bite. And chewed on it
Scorpia: “It tastes a little sweet but salty. I can taste the beef and what seem to be black pepper and other spices. Its good but defiantly not something I would eat every day.”
She finished off the small strip and started to crawl into the sleeping bag. Her legs were a little sore from all the walking and the sleeping bag was soft and warm. Scorpia turned to Kyle who was staring at the moon. He was obviously nervous about crawling into the sleeping bag with Scorpia. Scorpia found it a little cute and chuckled at the site.
Kyle was in fact very nervous. He was arguing with himself.
What are you doing? Be a man and get in that sleeping bag. It’s not like something’s going to happen… But what if something does happen? You saw her naked, remember, and now you’re going to share a sleeping bag with her…. The one sleeping bag and it was her decision. If you back out and sleep in the grass you know she will go and cuddle next to you like she did last night. It is your responsibility to keep her safe and happy, Kyle. Koga trusted you with that. Kyle finally came to a conclusion and stoked the fire with more wood, removed his shirt and walked towards the sleeping bag. He placed the shirt on top of the pack to act like a cushion and crawled in. Lying next to Scorpia in the sleeping bag was a tight fit. Kyle had to face Scorpia who was staring at him.
Scorpia: “See Kyle, everything’s fine. Why do you look so nervous? I don’t bite.”
Kyle: “sorry Scorpia, it’s just that … never mind let’s gets some sleep.”
Kyle couldn’t find the words to say. He tried to roll on his back but that caused the sleeping bag to move Scorpia on top of him. Scorpia let out a soft scream at the sudden movement. As she ended up onto of Kyle
Kyle: “I’m sorry, Scorpia. I didn’t realize that you would be moved by me rolling on my back.”
Scorpia: “It’s all right, Kyle. Accidents happen. We have already learned that today.”
Kyle immediately knew she was referring to the little incident earlier. She laid her head on Kyle chest and yawned. “Besides Kyle you make a much softer pillow then the pack”
Kyle: “thank you Scorpia, I ...” Kyle immediately grabbed his jaw. It had locked up. It had been sore ever since Scorpia slapped him but this was a first time it had locked up on him. Kyle placed his hand so that his thumb was wrapped around his chin and he’s fingers were applying pressure to his jaw, and with one strong squeezes his jaw popped back into place with a loud POP. Kyle opened and closed his mouth several times to make sure he did it right, before laughing a little bit.
Kyle: “He he, that slap must have done more damage than I thought.”
Scorpia felt extremely bad for Kyle and it was her turn to apologize “I’m sorry, Kyle. I didn’t mean to slap you that hard. Here, let me.” Scorpia leaned forward and kissed Kyle on the jaw where he had placed his fingers. She looked down at Kyle. The curiosity returned and she wonders how Kyle would react. But she couldn’t help being a little scarred that he would act like her late husband, who was cruel and brutal. Scorpia tossed her caution to the wind. She removed her sundress reveling her nude body.
Kyle’s eyes got wide as he watched Scorpia undress on top of him “Miss Scorpia? What are you doing?”
Scorpia placed her finger on his lips leaned down and kissed him on the lips before rolling him on top of her. “It’s ok, Kyle. Please just be gentle.”
Kyle was still surprised about Scorpia suddenly opening up to him. Kyle looked into Scorpia’s eyes. They sparkled under the moonlight like blue diamonds’ but he could see a slight fear in her eyes. This must have been a painful experience to her because of that basted husband of hers.
Kyle supported most of his wait on his right arm as his left hand slowly and gently cupped Scorpia’s chin, causing her to flinch slightly. Kyle pulled his hand back before slowly returning it “I’m not like him, Scorpia. I won’t hurt you like he did.” Kyle slowly let his hand rub down Scorpia’s neck down to her breasts. Stopping there to feel and rub on them. To Kyle all this was a new feeling. He had only just seen a nude female earlier for the first time but now he was touching and feeling her with his own hands.
Scorpia was having a similar sensation running through her. Kyle’s hands were strong but gentle causing a strange feeling in her stomach. Unlike Erhardt, who would claw and grope her with only lust. The feeling in her stomach made its way up to her throat and she let out a soft moan and arched her back slightly.
To Kyle this was her permission to go further and he let his hand slowly find its way to her stomach and finally down to her soft folds. Kyle could feel the heat and wetness coming from them and he could feel himself become more aroused by the aroma her folds emitted. He went and undid his pants and pulled them down before managing to take them off.
Scorpia’s body jolted by the touch of Kyle’s fingers around her special area. She leaned up, kissing him and wrapping one arm around him to maintain their kissing. This allowing her free hand to make its own journey down his body. Like last time he was firm and muscular. She reached his pole and grasped it lightly. It was much bigger than her late husband’s. She figured it might had something to do with them being two severely different body types. She could tell from the way Kyle suddenly shuddered that this was something new to him.
Scorpia broke her kiss and stared at Kyle. “Now, like I said earlier, please be gentle, Kyle.” With those words she slowly guided Kyle into her. She instantly prepared for pain but instead felt a wave of pleasure engulf her as Kyle entered further inside her. The feeling caused her to gasp for air.
Kyle almost followed suit from entering her. The feeling was incredible. The deeper he entered her the better it felt. Once he was completely inside her he slowly pulled out and entered her again. He continued to do so in a slowly gentle pace as he looked down at Scorpia who had a look of bliss on her face. And a soft moan began to emit from each thrust inside her.
Scorpia could feel the pleasure rising in her. So this is what real sex is like was the only thought that was in her brain. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head and she began to moan louder and louder with each thrust. The pleasure was building to the point it was driving her crazy and she wanted to release it but her body would not let her. So all she could do was moan louder before pulling Kyle in for a deeper kiss to stop herself from almost screaming in delight. She let her tongue dance with his.
Kyle kissed Scorpia back deeply as he felt a strange incredible feeling build up inside him. It caused him to thrust harder into Scorpia who moved her hips to meet his thrust with an equal desire to build her own pleasure to its limits. Once they couldn’t hold back the pleasure anymore and Kyle trusted into Scorpia one last time.
Scorpia felt a tidal wave of pleasure erupt inside her body as she clenched onto Kyles manhood and sharply arched her back as he filled her with his seed. Causing her to scream in pleasure. Kyle let out an audible howl that equaled the scream as he came into Scorpia with all his might.
After the pleasure had died down Kyle gently pulled out of Scorpia sending aftershocks of pleasure through both their bodies and laid down on his side staring at Scorpia who was breathing heavily. Her facial expression and the way she was breathing made her look absolutely stunning to Kyle. The only thing that bewildered him was why someone would want to ruin such a lovely blue rose as Scorpia.
Scorpia looked at Kyle in awe. He had shown her true passion and the joys of what she once considered a brutal and painful act. “Kyle. That was absolutely amazing. I’ve never in my life felt something like that before.” She started to catch her breath and cuddled next to Kyle while burying her face under his chin “I don’t think I will ever forget this.“ Scorpia drifted off to sleep in sheer bliss.
Kyle wrapped his arm around Scorpia and brought her closer to him.” I don’t think I will forget this either, Scorpia.” Kyle slowly drifted off to sleep holding Scorpia in his arms, letting his breathing sooth her into a deep sleep.
A fact of life: After monday and tuesday even the calender says WTF...
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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Chapter 9

Koga had arrived at the town late that night. The kids must have lost their sense of time when they were with those slavers. He looked back at the kids who were sleeping soundly on the back of the wagon. The horse was getting reckless and was getting stubborn.
Koga calmed the horse the best he could. “Easy girl. We will stop soon.” The horse calmed down a little and continued down the path. Koga turned back towards the kids and nudged Anker. “Anker, wake up. We’re here.”
Anker slowly woke up and rubbed his eyes.” What? Why did you wake me?” The young cat looked around and recognized the town even in the dark. ”We’re home. Karin, wake up. We’re home.” Karin woke up, looked around and also recognized the town. Then she looked at Koga. “You really brought us home, Koga.” The girl’s voice was trembling trying to hold back her tears of happiness.
Koga looked at the kids who were fully awake and were in awe of the town where they grew up. “Hold on kids. We’re not through yet. You need to lead me to your aunt and uncles house.” The kids nodded and began to lead Koga towards their aunt and uncle’s house.

Scorpia woke up suddenly and saw she was laying on top of Kyle who was still asleep. Through her eyes he looked peaceful and happy. His arms were gently wrapped around her. Scorpia still remembered what they had done only a hour or two ago and smiled and laid her head on his chest. “ Kyle. I know you probably won’t hear this but I still want to tell you in the short time I have known you I come to understand you are the most loyal friends I’ll probably ever have. Even better you are my personal Guardian now and you promise to protect me from anything, right?” Scorpia sat up on Kyle and looked down at the sleeping wolf. She wanted to feel his hands on her again. She wanted to re-experience the pleasure he had given her. She grabbed his wrists and placed his hands on her breasts. It wasn’t the same. Without Kyle being awake to control them they were just paws. She set them down and lay back on top of him. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him like a giant stuffed animal. Letting his breathing soothe her back to sleep.

Koga arrived at the kids uncle’s home. It was still very late but Koga took the children and knocked on the front door. After a few minutes of knocking he could hear a very aggravated cat walked out of the house and looked up at Koga.
Cat: “can I .. what am I saying? What the hell are you doing here at such an hour.”
Koga: “I am sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to wake you. My name is Koga Stingray. I was on my way out of the country when a couple of bandits tried to rob me. I quickly dispatched them…”
Cat: “That’s all well and good but what does that have to do with me”
Koga: “Well sir, I was getting to that. After I took care of the slavers I noticed two young kittens who’s names are Karin and Anker.”
Cat: “Karin and Anker? They’re…. they’re alive??? How??? we searched everywhere for them after their parents were killed.”
Koga: “The bandits planned to sell them as slaves .”
Cat; “That’s horrible. Where are they now? Are they safe?”
Koga:”Yes. They’re right over here.” Koga took the cat to his wagon where the twins waited until they saw their uncle.”
Karin and Anker: “UNCLE EDGER!!!” The two cats rushed to their uncle giving him a big hug.
Edger: “Thank goodness you’re safe. Please, all of you come in. Koga, you can put your horse in the barn out back with the wagon and join us.”
Koga accepted the offer and put the horse and wagon in the barn. Once the horse saw hay it neighed happily and ate it and drank the water that was in a trough. The hoarse laid down after it had her fill and went to sleep.
Koga watched as the horse got rested. “I guess I will be staying here then for the night.” Koga walked into the house where Edger was sitting at the table alone.
Edger: “ I sent the kids off to sleep. They were exhausted. Koga, thank you for returning them to me. My wife and I are all the family they have now.”
Koga: ‘I am truly sorry to hear that, sir, but don’t worry. I made sure those bandits got what they deserved.”
Edger: “Good. Now please, you can stay here for the night as a way of thanks. Tomorrow I will re-supply your wagon and make sure your horse has enough food to get you to wherever you’re going.”
Koga: “Thank you, Edger. Any help will be appreciated.”
Edger: “No problem. Now, it’s late. You need to get some rest for a big a wolf as you are going to need it.” Edger and Koga stood up. And Edger escorted Koga to a spare bedroom before going back to bed. Koga lay in the bed. His exhaustion took over and he was quickly asleep. His thought went back to Astrid and Kyle and how they were fending with the limited supplies Kyle had. “Don’t worry, you two. We will be reunited soon. Just be safe.” Koga said a prayer to keep them safe till he could get back to them. Koga drifted off to sleep.
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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Chapter 10

Morning came over the forest by the stream. Scorpia awoke to find she was alone in the sleeping bag. She looked around and saw Kyle sitting against a tree. Both immediately blushed when they made eye contact.
Scorpia: “good mourning Kyle.” She turned her head her thoughts were conflicting with each other. What am I doing I am so embarrassed right now I can barely look at him. But why do I feel so embarrassed what we did was absolutely wonderful. Get yourself together.
Kyle sat there watching scorpia act all embarrassed he was feeling the same. “Good morning scorpia did you sleep well.” those were the only words Kyle could say his mind was having its own conflict.
What I’m I going to do now I’ve seen her naked I’ve felt her soft fur rub against mine. I enjoyed it but how I’m supposed to protect her if I can only see her naked now….wait she is naked!!!
Kyle quickly noticed Scorpia sundress that she had removed the night before. “Um scorpia you’re… you’re...” he couldn’t finish the sentence he just pointed at the sundress.
Scorpia immediately saw the sundress and quickly put it on in a slight embarrassment. Why are we being so embarrassed about this we already saw each other naked. Scorpia couldn’t explain her embarrassment. She noticed Kyle had a map out and was examining it or at least trying to. “What are you looking at Kyle?” scorpia got up and walked towards him and kneeled on the opposite side of the map.
Kyle was reading the map before scorpia woke up and looked up at her he noticed she was blushing as much as he was. I hope we break this tension soon or this is going to be a very awkward trip. “I was reading the map koga had told me that the dock where the boat will be was 7 days away but I just noticed this map is written in the metric system which is different from what we used to. We are actually about another days walk away. From there we have a contact who will give us a couple rooms to stay in till the boat arrives which is only a couple days away. But if things o bad we will take you out of the country on foot to Germany where we will take you by train into France then Italy.” Saying the plan aloud made Kyle wonder how long he would spend with scorpia. He was used to koga taking off for days even weeks at a time after koga took him under his wing. Though this was the first time he was actually interacting and responsible for another life.
Scorpia noticed Kyle started to daydream. I bet has thinking about last night god I know I am. You enjoyed it scorpia the feeling of him inside you everything about it was amazing. You know you want to do it again. You heard him possibly tonight you will actually be in a nice hot bath then a nice soft bed then… Scorpia experienced flashbacks from last night. It caused scorpia to be embarrassed again about having such thoughts. Her tail wrapped around her and she hugged it.
Kyle felt the slight wind from scorpia's tail moving. “Well I think we should get moving then scorpia” Kyle got up and folded the map. Scorpia looked up at him and blushed again “yes we should get moving.” Kyle packed up the camp and they left. Both Kyle and scorpia walking in silence not knowing what to say to each other.

Koga awoke in the farm house to Karin and Anker watching him. “Good morning koga” they said in unison.
Koga:”what are you doing up so early you two need your sleep”
Anker: “we just wanted to say good bye to you before you left us”
Karin: “ya we just wanted to say buy we knew you were just going to leave while we slept.”
Koga didn’t want to admit it but they were right he was going to leave without saying goodbye to avoid getting emotionally attached to the two children. “Well now then I guess I better go thank your uncle as well” Koga got up and headed out of the room and downstairs towards edger. Karin and Anker fallowed closely.
Edger and his wife saw koga walking down the stairs.
Edge: “aw koga glad to see you’re up this is my wife Astrid”
Koga heard the word Astrid and was immediately shocked “that’s funny edger I have a friend named Astrid.”
Astrid: “well then koga you can call me Caroline it’s my middle name”
Koga: “thank you Caroline I will do that it will be easier for me to link a name to a face and Astrid is already taken so thank you again”
Edge: “not that you will be using it for long I resupplied your wagon and your hoarse is well rested you can leave whenever you are ready.”
Koga: “thank you edger I plan on leaving immediately I have to catch up with my brother so f I can get an early start it will be better.”
Edger escorted koga to the barn where his hoarse was drinking from the troth and the wagon sat prepped and repacked.
Edger: “she’s all packed for you koga good luck on your trip my friend.”
Koga: “thank you Edger it was nice meeting you to my friend” Koga got on his knees and looked at the twins. “You two take care now and are careful”
Anker: “I promise koga ill take care of everyone here. When I grow up I want to be as big, Strong, and brave just like you.” Karin just stood there crying she gave koga a hug” good bye koga “ koga smiled at the young cat and patted her on the head” I will miss you two” he stood up and shocked edger hand. Koga got on the hoarse and left waving to the cats that stood there watching the wolf that saved their Niece and Nephew.

Hours had passed since Scorpia and Kyle even said word to each other it was simply to awkward for them. Occasionally scorpia or Kyle would glace over at each other but quickly averted there gaze. After a while they arrived at a small port town there was a welcome sign on it saying welcome to point prosper.
Kyle:”well here we are scorpia Point prosper we will wait here till koga arrives”
Scorpia looked around as they walked through the town. “Wow so this will be the last town in Denmark I will be in.”
Kyle continued to lead scorpia through the town where he saw the hotel “here we are scorpia our new camp for the next couple of da…”
Stranger “hey baby how about you and me get to know each other better*smack*”
Kyle quickly turned around and saw a mouse who looked like he was fresh from the boat had come to try to pick up scorpia.
Kyle was about to go and attack the guy but scorpia beat him to it.
Scorpia felt a rage deep inside her she never felt before this rat had completely disrespected her right in front of the first male who wasn’t family she had feelings for. She quickly pulled Kyle sword from the bottom of his pack and began to strike the rat several times with the swords still sheathed.” DO YOU HAVE NO MANNERS!!! THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT A YOUNG LADY YOU STUPID IDOTIC PERVERT!!!” with one swift movement she unsheathed the sword and slashed at the rat’s belt line. The rat’s pants fell between his knees. Scorpia returned the sword to its home “AND NEXT TIME ILL CUT OFF MORE THEN JUST YOUR PANTS!!!” the rat just fell to the ground and scorpia turned towards Kyle who was in shock by her scorpia sudden burst of violence. With the sudden rush of adrenaline and her emotions scorpia mind was now yelling at herself END THIS TENSION BETWEEN YOU TWO NOW SCORPIA TAKE THE DOMINANTE ROLE AND CUT THE TENSION NOW!!!
Scorpia settled herself and took a deep breath. “Kyle can you please get us a room I have something very important to tell you.”
Kyle was still mystified by her action snapped out of It.” uh ya sure Scorpia it’s been a long day I bet your really tired?”
Kyle and scorpia entered the hotel. An old Badger recognized kyle” aww there you are here’s the key we will talk later but for now its late you and this young miss have probaly been walking all day? Is koga with you?”
Kyle looked at the badger: “hello Taylor your right it has been a long day of walking, and koga will be here within a few days at most.”
Taylor” well without koga you have to share a room with your female friend. Koga orders he wants either he or you by her at all times. So here is the key” the badger walked up to them and handed Kyle the key “it’s a suite one bed though ….”
Kyle: “let me guess koga orders”
Taylor:” no there just too expensive for anyone to afford so there the only two that are available. Your brother will receive his key to both rooms when he arrives. Yours room has two pairs of cloths for the both of you has a bathroom with working tub and hot water so little miss over there may bath.”
Scorpia ears perked up when she heard this she had been dying for a hot bath since she started this journey.
Kyle took the key and thanked Taylor before taking scorpia to the suite it was a beg room with one queen size bed in the corner it a closet and the bathroom on the opposite wall.
Scorpia as in awe but quickly remembered. She shut the door behind them and locked it.
Scorpia took a very deep breath and looked at Kyle who was fallowing her movments. She looked in his Blue eyes. Just staring at them made her feel safe and that she could trust him fully as her bodyguard”Kyle I know there is a tension between us and I don’t like it. The awkward silences and conversations are just driving me crazy. What we did last night isn’t something we should be ashamed about. The feeling of you inside of me was one of the greatest moments of my life. I was scared because I thought you were going to be like him and cause me pain, but instead you should me the true feelings and emotions that come with making love. I didn’t know such feeling and emotion existed until last night. I want to feel them again with you Kyle, But not if it will wind up being like this. So what do you say we end this tension Kyle? You are the first real person I have had feelings like this for and I don’t want to ruin it with some childish embarrassment. Kyle can things please are right between us?” Scorpia’s eyes started to water from the emotion she had put into those words.
Kyle was listning to scorpia very thought out and heartfelt speech. His heart jumped when she mentioned wanting to feel the pleasures the experienced last night. After she had finished Kyle stared back into her eyes she was right this was childish what they were doing all day over something that was so heartfelt. He walked close to her and wiped away the tears that were forming in your eyes “Scorpia we can put this behind us I feel the exact same way. I have just never found the words that are so obvious now. So please don’t cry scorpia everything will be fine from now on.”
Scorpia smiled happily as she stared into his eyes she knew he was telling the truth.”Oh Kyle thank you” she got close to him and gave him a hug. And reached up and kissed him on the lips. After what seemed like life time to them scorpia broke it. And almost like magic the tension was gone.
Kyle “it's getting late scorpia why don’t you go bath and we can get some sleep.”
Scorpia smiled at Kyle she greatly enjoyed the kiss. She nodded and started walking towards the bathroom throwing an occasional glance towards Kyle to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

A Ship arrived at point prosper. Its flag was alien to those who saw it. The dock hands awe looked in awe as the captain walked off. “So this is Denmark eeh.” A very attractive Skunkette walked onto the deck “well then Koga where are you your captain awaits….”
A fact of life: After monday and tuesday even the calender says WTF...
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Escape of The Blue Rose (Story)
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