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PBB "What if?" story (your story here)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:09 am    Post subject: PBB "What if?" story (your story here) Reply with quote

This is just a little something I thought would be kind of fun to do with you guys. Basically each of you guys can (if you want to) post your own “What if this happened?” story that takes place within the PBB universe. It can focus around either one or more characters and of course it has to be a “What If?” scenario, it can be about anything you want. I shall go first.

The nighttime breeze blows softly through the trees outside Blue Manor, while the moon casts a bright pleasant glow over the land and also through Mary’s bedroom window where we see her fast asleep in her bed. Then suddenly Mary awakes with a start but becoming calm once she realizes where she was.

“Oh what a chaotic dream, and it started off so lovely.” Said Mary with a sigh of disappointment but before she could lay back down and fall back asleep she began to feel a strange but arousing feeling in her panties, she looked down at her sheets and noticed a small bulge growing from underneath it. She noticed that the bigger the bulge grew the more aroused she became,

The mysterious arousal caused Mary’s curiosity to win over as she then pulls off the covers and beholds a sight that she had only seen in her books. It was a penis and not just a penis but a fully erected one and it was attached to her somehow Mary had grown a penis this startled her quite a bit but this also sparked her curiosity even further.

She reached out with her right hand to touch her newly grown penis but as she touched it she noticed right away that it was very sensitive but she couldn’t resist the urge that had swept over her. As she slowly grasped her sensitive she discovered that by slowly stroking her dick she felt more and more aroused with each stroke, and so she continued stroking her hard and succulent cock while experiencing a whole new kind of pleasure one that she had never felt before.

While Mary stroked her penis with her right hand, she began groping her soft breasts with the other “Mmh! Oh god this feels so good! <3” Mary continues to pleasure herself for a bit longer until she feels herself about to climax “Ahh! Ooh! I can’t hold on any longer! Ah! Ahh! AAAHHHH!!!!” Suddenly fresh warm cum erupts abundantly from Mary’s throbbing cock splattering all over herself.

Breathing heavily Mary ponders to herself what she was covered with, She wiped a dollop of sperm off of her breasts and examines the jizz on her fingers. “Hmm? What is this stuff? It’s kind of sticky.” Mary takes a sniff of it and then sticks her finger in her mouth tasting it. “Whatever this stuff is it does taste pretty good, but how do I ever explain this to father or Betty?” Just then from outside Mary’s bedroom door we hear William on the other side “Miss Mary, are you awake?” Mary wakes up to find out that it is daytime outside and after peeking underneath her sheets she discovered that the dick that she had was not there and that it was all a dream.

Once again she heard William outside her door asking “Miss Mary, are you awake? Your breakfast is getting cold.” So Mary slipped out of bed, put on her robe and then she responded “*Ahem* Y-Yes I’m awake, I’ll be down in a moment.” Mary then went over to her mirror and look at her pussy in the mirror while picturing herself with the penis that she had in her dream.

“What a very strange but sexually satisfying dream, it seemed so real like it was really there. But as pleasant as it felt in my dream I think I would prefer to have a dick inside me rather than have one myself. Perhaps I’ll tell Betty all about in in my next letter.” Later at the Delight Castle we see Betty finish reading Mary’s letter and while dumbfounded by what she has read, she then thinks to herself

“What a dream that must have been, I guess I’ll just hold off on telling her the dream I had last night. Who knows how she would react to that.”

The End.


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