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Erotic Toon AllStars and PBB

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:05 pm    Post subject: Erotic Toon AllStars and PBB Reply with quote

Hey guys you know how I have mentioned the game I have been working on? That itís called Erotic Toon All-Stars XXX? And that I said that I would tell you all what it is and how to play in a new thread? Well that is exactly what I am going to talk about in this thread, and after I have explained what E.T.A.S. is and how to play then Iím going to ask you guys a question and I would love to see your answers.

Erotic Toon All-Stars is a non profit fan made crossover porno brawler where you can play as one or four characters from a massive roster of up to 60+ sexy Cartoon, Hentai, Animated TV show, Movie, or Comic book girls and guys. The goal of the game is to seduce your way through the competition to reach the top and become the Erotic Toon Champion.

The gameplay is a meter building based system where you build up your characters seduction meter by use of Item, Effect, Action, and Position cards. These card types can either build up or slightly drain your characters Seduction and XP meter depending on what level you or your opponentís characters are at. Now on the subject of the character Seduction and XP Meter, there are 3 different SED and XP points that you can only fill up the meter by the use of any of the previously mentioned card types that you use when dueling your opponent.

When you've filled the meter to any of the 3 Seduction and XP Points, you will be able to activate your characters super move. There are 3 super moves for each character and they can only be used once a specific number has been reached on the SED and XP Meter each Super move can deal more damage to your opponent then the last.

Each allowing you to gain a specific percentage of your rival's XP and completely resetting your rival's SED and XP levels to the amount they start off with. And finally there is the character level up cards these can level up your character card to whatever number level up card you get. And there are only 5 in total and only for character cards.

Now what makes E.T.A.S. pretty cool to me is that you can play as one of 60+ sexual cartoon icons ranging from Jessica Rabbit to Lola Bunny. I have been working on E.T.A.S. for the past few years pre developing what Iím sure will be something great, now I havenít started working on the cards themselves yet because Iíve been trying to decide on how to go about creating the official roster.

I am trying to decide if I should have the roster contain one character per franchise or to include four or five characters per franchise like how the roster is for Super Smash Bros. I like to give the fans plenty of options when it comes to choosing characters but at the same time I would like to include only the true essential characters. Right now youíre probably wondering what any of this has to do with PBB right?

Well back in 2013 I messaged Vanessa on Facebook to ask her if I could include some of her characters from PBB in Erotic Toon All-Stars because I believed that these characters deserved to be in the game that they deserved to be recognized. To my surprise and excitement Vanessa gave me permission to include some of the characters from PBB to be playable characters in E.T.A.S.

Ever since then I couldnít really decide which of the PBB characters should be in E.T.A.S. if I decided to include only one characters per franchise I knew I would have to pick only one character to represent PBB. I narrowed my options down to four of the girl characters, Mary Blue, Betty Goldblum, Violet Berry, and Scarlett Blut. But even then it would prove difficult for me to decide who to include in the game all four were perfect.

Now here is my question for you lovely members of PBB, which character from PBB should be represented in Erotic Toon All-Stars?


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