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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:26 pm    Post subject: Azephila Reply with quote

Name: Azephila (I know weird name -_-) (I have to remember to learn how to spell it...

Occupation: Thief (Tomb Raiding, Nighthawking for the most part. Pickpocketing, and House Invasion when necessary) (Sorry Randy...trust me he isn't here to take your girls away...he has no real interests in matters of the flesh)

Age: 29

Species: He claims he is a Leopard, but really his stature is small compared to other leopards.

Background: If you ask him, he will probably ignore who you are, and simply walk away, with your wallet most likely...yet for some reason or other, to avoid needless questions here is his personal story, short and sweet, I will spare you the boring details and just make this like a timeline.
He was born in a Caribbean island, the exact date is unknown, he doesn't have a birth certificate to keep track of this things. Maybe his name is fake.
He was sold to slavery at the age of four, and shipped to Rhodesia. Apparently his parents either didn't loved him enough, or they needed the money badly.
For 10 years he was a slave to a South African Black Market corporation, diamond mining division, of course they make it sound as professional as possible...but not really.
At the age of 14 he was shipped to Libya as the corporation went bankrupt. Apparently diamonds are not that valuable really. Yet to his luck and the luck of those that were with him (Except the driver) the British intervene the caravan, and free the prisoners. Now if only his fortune could continue as good.
Nope! By this time he was forced to fend for himself. He was too old to be put up to adoption, no couple will want someone like him, so with no place to stay, he resorted to stealing, his first try was a total failure, he was only able to get away, for a groupie of thieves around his age took pity and saved him from the penalty of thievery that would most likely befall on him. A quick ruse...he had to fake being crazy.
For the next 10 years he began to hang with this gang. Omitting petty thievery, in many cases the younger ones were taught to beg, while the older ones pickpocket the victim, in many cases the victim was a lady in her 30's, probably had children as well, so it was always easy pickings.
It was around the age of 24 that it dawned on him, that this lifestyle was unsustainable. Everyday the guards get smarter, the people get poorer, and he gets hungrier. It was then that he heard of a group coming to investigate about a near archeological find. Artifacts valued in the tens of thousands. A decision, something that can get a roof over his head, food on his belly, or better yet a passport out of this forsaken place.
It...was not a total failure....he sneaked in passed the guards. managed to avoid some traps...the others he fell for, were not exactly deadly, but they did hurt a lot, and he managed to find something that seems of value. Not to mention some Ancient Roman coins...is just that he didn't seem to plan his escape route as good as he planned...being surrounded by British soldiers, and having a huge bag of loot to impede your movement was not a good idea.
He was ever so lucky, he escaped with his life, but with so little on hand. Yet it was something of value, and it didn't exactly was a near lost. His acts caught the eye of people. People with money, people with choice. On one hand the leader of the archeological group, offered to pay him handsomely and forget the crime, if he returns the stolen artifact back to him, but on the other, a Capo of an underground Black Market offered to pay him not as high, but just enough, as well as offer him a job stealing artifacts similar to this one, this of course would mean he will have a bounty on his head, but a steady income coming in.
If you choose to give the professor....Nahh, he sold it to the Black Market Capo. A good source of income, as well as locations to all the "excavations" around the area. For 4 years he worked as a scum of the Earth. Stealing from the dead. For 4 years he thought he had it made, saving his money, getting ready to leave all of this behind, and at the age of 28 plans had changed, new leaders ate the old, and with it an influence of new ideas, this time one so crazy it works.
So here we are, working for a new company, with a brand new passport...and a name which may or may not be his. Right into Bon Bon, where a so called Mr. Blue owner of a diamond mine needs to be put out of business permanently. His operations are costing many humble entrepreneurs they're livelihood. It was time to bring it all down.

[I guess I couldn't help myself...but what is a Background without detail...is just a Back...]

Appearance: Blue....You know what...I have a photo here...

Personality: A lifetime of poverty had made him cynical to everything. He does not believe in the mind of furre, nor does he believes in Supreme Beings. There is only life, and death. The strong will find a way to survive, the weaklings shall perish.

Hobbies: Texas Hold'Em is his favorite past time, when he is winning though. He detests Black Jack, he was never lucky on it.
Renegade for life.
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