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The Blue Sky of Bon Bon Episode 3

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:35 pm    Post subject: The Blue Sky of Bon Bon Episode 3 Reply with quote

The Blue Sky of Bon Bon Ep 3 part 1/3

The sun was slowly setting in the west, the sky turning golden as it crest the mountains. Slowly the windows of the town of Bon Bon began to fill with the soft glow of lamp lights and the air filling with the voices of inhabitants joining in passion. As the daylight waned, on the outskirts of town a sole little shop on a street corner began to glow with the light of its new inhabitant.

Inside the corner brick building, Sky Fox turned up the lamps one by one for the first time in his new residence as he lit them. Soon the top floor was aglow with their light as he flicked out the match and looked around. The once bare floor was now filled with furnishings and furniture of its new occupant. On the ground level there were brand new wood working tools, benches and jars full of nuts, bolts and screws. Two large vaults of cloth sat on a rack on the wall next to a large pile of freshly cut lumber pieces, some thin and others thick with rope and twine. Even overhead a newly installed master shaft was hanging in the iron shackles and below them were a lathe and mill, not very big but each one freshly polished and painted, just waiting to be turned on.

As Sky walked upstairs he looked around his surroundings, still unable to believe he had finally found a place to call his own. A sofa, arm chair and love seat sat in the center of the large open floor on a plush rug with a lamp on a coffee table sitting between all of them. On the wall sat the kitchen complete with stove and sink, Sky was still surprised that indoor plumbing was in the building instead of having to go to a water pump outside. In the back of the building he had furnished the small attached apartment with two beds, one for each room, a dresser in his claimed room, freshly stocked the bathroom with toiletries and bought a mirror. What made him really happy was seeing the new art desk sitting next to the large collection of shelves, drawers and drawing supplies that lined the window walls of the room that faced the street. Fresh paper, pencils and pens all sat ready to be used along with artistic stylizing drafting tools all were set out and waiting for their first use. However, Sky was more preoccupied with something else he felt he had to do as he walked over to the desk.

Sitting down in the chair he picked up a large book and set it on the center of the table, opening and spreading out its many bank pages, double checking it before he turned to the first blank sheet at the beginning. He picked up the pen and dipped it in a vial of ink as he then set to the task of entering his thoughts for the day.

Bon Bon, March 1894

Today is a great day, and not just because I'm making my first journal entry in over two weeks, or beginning a new glider. Today is the first day in what is without question a new life for me. Two weeks ago to this day I was blown into a quaint little town that I had never heard of before from the Grand European Exposition. Bon Bon has been an amazing town like something you hear of in a fairy tale... Maybe not quite but certainly something you couldn't believe! The people are all fantastic and from all corners of the earth. I know I could go to anywhere else on this world and I could never find anywhere like Bon Bon again.

Thus I have decided to put down roots for the first time in my life. My first order of business is to build a new glider that I have designed, while I setup shop here in town. A mill and lathe were delivered today and a gentleman badger installed them for me but I'm still waiting on a boiler engine to arrive, which I am informed has to be custom made. I was referred to an otter girl in town who apparently has a great deal of experience with steam driven equipment- though I'm sure I'm not going to be surprised why given what I've heard about her! The material for the glider arrived this morning as well as the vaults of silk I intend to make the wings out of this time, which should make it lighter and more sealed wings to make them more efficient.

But while all these wonderful things coming, it's hard to believe it all started with the fateful day I crash landed into now one of my dearest friend's backyard, Constance Mayflower. I have never known a lady as wonderful and as kind as she is, nor maybe as beautiful. So many times before I crashed into other people's property and they would chase me out with bats or guns but she has turned my life around. She never took a dime of mine to repair the damages to her property and sheltered me for all the time I was injured until today when I took the ownership of my building here, but it was one unique farewell and beginning to my first day as the newest resident in town...

Earlier in the morning, Sky was sleeping in his bed at Constance's house but his sleep was not peaceful. He grunted and groaned loudly from his room as the day broke. It was so intense it caught the attention of Constance as she walked past his door, freshly awoke from sleep herself and still in her white night gown. She peeped inside his door, wondering if he was in pain again and needed help but she gasped in surprise to see him lightly tossing about the bed, grunting and tossing his head in the pillow.

She stepped into his room and walked to his bedside, sitting down on his bed beside him as suddenly he arched his back and grunted loudly. "Hah...! Haha! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!!! Gyah!"

"Sky...? Sky, are you alright?" Constance called to him, lightly shaking his shoulder, afraid he was having a nightmare.

Surprisingly his eyes half opened and wide smile crossed his face as he panted, catching her off guard as he starred at. All of sudden Sky leaped up from the bed, wrapping his arms around her tightly, pressing against her bounding bust and nuzzling her long neck slowly, her eyes wide in shock and surprise in his tight grip.

"Oh Constance, another roll in the hay!?" Sky said. Constance began to turn bright red and choked at his words as he nuzzled her neck then started to crane his head up for her lips, whispering to her. "Oh my big, beautiful, mare.... you are insatiable!"

"SKYYY!!!" Constance shouted at the top of her lungs!

"YIKES!" Sky blasted, fully waking up. He released her and threw himself back on the bed, his eyes wide in surprise! "Bloody hell, I'm not dreaming this time!"

"Dreaming!? What were you dreaming about!?" she asked leaning down over him. Sky didn't say a word, just nervously frowned in embarrassment as she starred at him. Then slowly, together they began to look down the bed and their eyes bulged out at seeing the darkened wet mark that was in the blankets down on Sky's hip area. When their eyes met again Constance mischievously grinned at him, looking firm at him as his face turned bright red. She slowly leaned down over him, an inch from his face and sternly asked him with one hand reaching behind his head and clutching his pillow. "And... just.... WHO... were you dreaming of?!"

Sky's cheeks flushed red as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead while he just sheepishly grinned up at her standing over his little stature. "Um.... Ehehehehe.... eh..."

Constance suddenly yanked the pillow out from behind his head and slapped it on his face, playfully smothering him as she laughed and grinned. "You naughty, naughty little boy!"

"I can't help it!" Sky grumbled from underneath the pillow, trying to pull the pillow away from her as she began to hit him repeatedly with it, both them laughing in delight. "I can't help it! I'm cumming unscrewed, Constance!"

A little later that morning the two had settled outside in Constance's garden, sitting under her umbrella that was formerly Sky's glider for a special occassion. She took a sip of her tea, her cheeks slightly flushed as they talked about Sky's dream, her ears perked up as she listened intently to his words.

"My oh my," she said, setting her cup in her saucer. "You really dreamed all that?"

"I'm sorry, Constance," Sky blushed, biting into a muffin, giggling slightly. "Ever since I saw you the day before I've been having repeated visions."

"You cheeky little pup," she smiled, giving him a fanciful stare. "How dare you catch ME when I was so bare and vulernable."

"How was I supposed to know! I come outside when I'm feeling good for some fresh air and I find my hostess is laying naked in the grass drying off!" Sky flushed bright red again, tugging at his collar to flush some cool air in his shirt.

"Did you at least enjoy the view?" she asked, smiling contently.

"Very much so!" Sky gushed, both them giggling.

"Still, how can you not be touched and know how to do all that you dreamed of?"

"Just because I've haven't any experience doesn't mean I don't lack the knowledge." Sky put down his empty teacup and finished munching on his muffin, wiping his muzzle with his napkin and looked around the garden, sighing. "I sure am going to miss this place."

"Are you sure you have to leave so soon?" Constance asked, setting down her teacup. "You don't have to rush off so fast. you can stay some more if you like."

"Constance, I appreciate your hospitality very much," he said smiling to her. "But I can't stay here forever, even though this has been noting short of heaven to me. I've never know this kind of world before that you have here in Bon Bon and I can't wait to see more of it."

"But are you sure you can take care of yourself with your chest still wrapped like that? You aren't fully healed."

"I'll be just fine." He smiled and took her hand. "You've been so kind to me and maternal that thanks to you I've recovered faster than normal. I feel like I could take on the world for once and it's all thanks to you."

Constance smiled in return. They spent the remaining of the morning talking about casual things, how Sky had moved all of his belongings into his new building, the things he had ordered which he had remarkably won by turning his small purse from Betty at the castle into starting funds for his future business. His bags and belongings had been delivered to the building the previous day when they watched the movers move in his bought items.

Putting on his clothes and coat they walked to Constance's front door and stood on the porch for the last time. "Are you sure you don't need any help?" she asked as he finished buttoning his suit. "It's been so soon after your accident and you shouldn't be alone just yet."

"Constance, I'll be fine," Sky smiled looking up at her. "You've been more help to me in the past couple weeks than anyone has ever been in my life. You've done more than I could ever ask for or thank you enough. And I'm not going away, I'm just going to be right down the road in town. And you can come over anytime you wish, you're more than welcome."

"You're more than welcome to come back here, too. It's only been a short time but I'll miss you, that's for sure." Constance smiled happily and Sky did as well, embracing her tightly and she held him back for the longest time. She gently pat his back and even gave his twin tails a light petting, even a small tear rolling down her cheek. "It won't be the same with you here... and I'm going to miss these pretty blue tails."

"I'm going to miss these beautiful gazungas myself," Sky teased as Constance noticed him leaning against her bounding bosom. She scuffed and playfull slapped his shoulder, making him giggle as they let go of one another. "Thanks for everything Constance... You'll always be an angel to me."

She smiled and blushed a little, enjoying her bestowed title. "Thank you, Sky. Take care."

"I will. Thank you," Sky said then turned and started walking down her steps when he felt a soft but firm pat on his bum. He looked back to see Constance giving him an innocent stare at him. He smiled and turned, walking down the road and disappeared around the bend heading for Bon Bon.

A little while later, after navigating the number of love making couples in the woods, Sky came to his new home; the brick building on the street corner on the quiet edge of town. It was a such an amazing new feeling to him as he looked around, seeing the many people and realizing that he was now part of it all, that they were his neighbors and it all felt so new, making him excited. He unlocked the front door and walked inside, the doorbell ringing as he stepped into his newly furnished building, smelling and seeing the sights as he walked across the shop floor, freshly furnished with two machines, long tables, rolls of cloth and piles of fresh cut lumber, and up the stairs to the apartment. Constance had helped him pick out furniture and furnishings two days after his accident and the day before they had been on hand to watch the helpers move everything in, Sky letting Constance pick the layout of the items. He was surprised with her fashion sense in how she had picked out the table and chair set in the middle of the large room, a sofa as well surrounding it. The kitchen nook was stocked with dishes and pots, a dining table close to it and on the street side of the building there was a fabulous large table for doing large layouts, a drafting table with fresh drafting utensils, sheets of paper and shelves along the walls all filled with lots of books, some stories and mostly technical journals. Walking to the back of the floor he checked out the freshly stocked bathroom, checking the towels and linens as well as the beds, having a guest bed along with his own in the other room.

He still couldn't believe it was all real, that finally he was in a place called home. The valley was beautiful like a landscape artwork, the town was elegant and quaint, the people- though highly provocative- were still nice once you got down behind the sexual exterior. The sights, the smells, the people all made him feel welcome and comfortable for once.

Smiling he closed the guest bedroom doors and took off his coat as the day warmed, hanging it on the coat rack then collected his cap and a folder of paper and some pencils then proceeded downstairs and out into the street, locking the door behind him. Whistling a little Irish he remembered growing Sky walked across town, following the main road through the heart and past most of the fine streetwalker ladies, casually trying not to take notice of them as he headed towards the edge of the town. His stomach rumbled a little when he caught a sniff of the smell of roasted nuts in the air. Looking around he sighted Margaret Hazelnut on the corner carrying a basket of nuts like when he first met her. The fresh smell of her nuts made him lick his lips and fumbled through his pocket to find a few Florins he could spare and walked towards her.

Margaret finished her transaction with a customer then notice Sky walking towards, making her smile in delight. "Why, Mr. Fox! A pleasure seeing you again," she greeted with a smile.

"A pleasure for me, too, Miss Hazelnut," Sky replied, bowing to her as he always did.

"Are you feeling better now? I see your arm isn't in the sling now."

"Oh yes, much better, but actually worse than when you saw me." Sky rubbed his chest slightly. "I broke my rib again shortly after I first met you so I'm still healing."

"Oh my!" Margaret gushed putting her hand over his mouth. "Should you be walking around?"

"I'm perfectly fine. I have some pills for the pain and it's only a minor discomfort but I can't be too strenuous right now."

"Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Then what brings you out today?"

"Well, I'm heading up into the hills to try and find some areas in the valley that would make good gliding places to launch and land. I just moved into my own shop here in town and I will soon be building a new glider."

"Really? You're staying in town now? That's wonderful news! Where are you moved into?"

"Into an old shop on the far corner of the town, over that way," Sky pointed to the edge of town he had walked from. "It's next to a book store."

"Wonderful, Bon Bon has a new face," Margaret smiled then swooned a step closer to him, giving him a fanciful stare. "So have... you christened the place yet?"

"Oh... well, no," Sky choked, seeing her give him the same stare she had given him when she lifted her skirt. "No, I haven't yet. I only just moved in today."

"Oh, I see. Well, would you maybe like some company sometime to help you make it more like home?"

"That would be nice, but I'm afraid it will have to wait," he said, trying to rub his shoulder as it began to throb as usual, trying to make it look like his rib cage was hurting instead. "I'm off to the hills right now which is why I came by to see you. I wanted to buy a bag or two of your nuts as a snack when I hike up into the hills. Would you have some available?"

"Certainly," she smiled and reached into her basket and pulled out two little bags of nuts and handed them to him. "Here you are, two bags of my special roasted mix."

"Thank you, here you go!" he replied smiling and paid her two florins. "I'm sure these will be delicious."

"Where are you going first?"

"I think I'll go that way," Sky pointed past her, seeing a winding road on the other side of the valley. "That side of the valley looks great for this time of day, the wind blows over there just right to get a good long flight as it blows up the hillside."

"Oh, very nice! Well, I hope you have a nice walk today."

"Thank you, I will." Sky smiled and thanked her then continued on his way.

He walked to the other side of town, still looking about himself as he passed the main streetwalker areas, the market and a couple fine shopping alleys and found the road that led up into the hills. With a brisk pace like an adventurer on a mission he began walking up the side of the hills to a clearing he had an eye on a couple miles away, taking a little time before he came to a nice spot and decided to have a seat, plopping down in the grass and caught his breath.

The valley was beautiful from his vantage point, lush and vibrant with color. A gentle breeze started to blow, seeing the rustling of the long grass then closing his eyes he let the breeze brush over him. Sky felt the direction of the breeze, the ruffling through his fur, the sound of it as it whistled through his ears and the fragrances carried in it. his mind began to analyze and wonder what he could do with it as he opened his eyes and looked how the breeze blew across the valley. Taking out a piece of paper form his folder he took a pencil and began sketching his thoughts down onto it.

First thing he created was a sketch of the valley and made little notes about where he noted the wind was blowing, how the foliage waved and waft in it. Where he was felt perfect for a particular launching point, trying to envision what he'd need for the area and made notes of where he could possibly glide to from where he sat if he had his glider performing exactly how he wanted it to. With the notes made and a few sketches he took one of Margaret's nut packs and began munching on the exquisitely spiced contents while he wondered where next to go. Before he left he decided to try one more thing that he always enjoyed, folding one of his pieces of paper into a paper airplane as he always did when he found a new place. He scribbled a couple notes on it, a simple request if anyone found the paper to return it to his shop with the address on it, to tell him where it landed. This would help him again to know how well the winds were.

Once it was set and ready, Sky aimed it towards his launching direction then sent it sailing into the sky. He smiled as it instantly starting rising with the breeze, climbing up and flying away from him down towards the town. It flew a few feet away for a few moments when suddenly the sound of a thunderclap rang out through the air then the little paper airplane shredded into a puff of confetti! The shock sent Sky sprawling backwards and hugging the ground, unsure for the moment what had just happened and then realized it was a gunshot that had knocked his little plane from the air!

"Hey!" a voice called out. Sky leaned up slowly, unsure if that call was for him or for another, maybe someone had shot at him and was about to chase him off their property! He slowly raised his head then looked in the direction he thought the shot came from. Just a few yards away he noticed a white wolf emerged from the tree line, carrying a rifle. At first he didn't seam to notice Sky but then caught the look of his ears and head sticking up from the grass. "Hey! Did you see where that landed?" he called again.

"Where what landed?" shouted Sky.

"That bird I just shot," said the wolf coming closer to him then walked up right to him, not appearing to be mad. Sky looked him over, noticing he had probably been a soldier at some point having his right ear torn a bit and a scar down across his chest, concealed by rather tatted clothing. "I just shot that bird but it seamed to disappear all of a sudden, was wondering if it flew away or did I actually hit it?"

"You made that shot....? That was a paper airplane I just made and sent flying."

"A paper airplane? Are you sure?" the wolf smiled and extended him a hand to help him up. "Couldn't have been, I'm too good to have made a mistake like that."

"I'm afraid you did," said Sky, feeling at ease as he took the hand and helped him to his feet, brushing off his trousers. "I had just thrown that little airplane not ten seconds before you shot it."

"I still say you're crazy, though I've never seen a bird like that before in my life."

Sky thought for a moment then reached back into his folder and pulled out a piece of paper, starting to fold it over and over again until he had remade the little airplane in its clone's image. "Did it look like this?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact..." the wolf said starting to ponder, realizing he might have been right.

"And did it fly like this?" Sky said then threw the airplane again, watching it fly in the same direction- then another shot rang out and obliterated the paper bird. Sky jumped and then froze rigid, his eyes as wide as saucers as he slowly looked over to see the wolf had raised and fired the rifle again.

"And it was obliterated just like that.... Huh... I guess it was a paper bird," he said then turned nonchalantly back to Sky and smiled. "Sorry about that."

"I don't know if I should be shocked or impressed," replied Sky starring at the musket he had drawn up. "That fact that you obliterated my bird or that you managed to hit that thing with an old tool like that."

"What, this?" The wolf unshouldered the rifle and handed it out for Sky to see. "This is my trusty rifle I had in my unit back in Pennsylvania. Served me well."

"Oh really?" Sky took the rifle and looked it over, very surprised with its worn wood and metal parts but still looked rather good. "Hmm, you're right, not bad at all. A Springfield... good gun. I'm still just amazed you were able to hit that thing with open sights and the shots you had."

"I didn't use any shots, I used a ball."

"Say what?" asked Sky incredulously again. "you mean to tell me without adjustments you hit that bird from all the way in those trees with a ball from THIS?"

"That's exactly right," the wolf answered.

Sky looked at him, then to the rifle, back to him then back to the rifle. "Saint Patrick! That's incredible... Hitting a target like that on the fly with one single bullet."

"That is my job," he said smiling then extended his hand. "The name's Alexander Frost."

"Sky B. Fox," said Sky with a smile and handed Alexander back his musket. "I'm very impressed with your skills, that shows a lot. But what is it you do, exactly?"

"I'm a trapper, actually. I sell my skins and pelts in Bon Bon every now and then. What about you? I haven't seen you here before."

"I just moved into town about three days ago after staying here two weeks. Was out for a walk and exploring the valley for some good launching points for my glider I'm building. This spot seams appropriate."

"Glider? What's a glider?"

"It's the way I fly, like... a big giant kite in a way that I can attach myself to."

"I don't believe that," Alexander laughed.

"Well you didn't believe that target was a paper airplane until you were shown, right?" Sky hinted with a grin. "if you don't believe me then come by my shop sometime."

"Where is your place?"

"Right on the edge of town, by the tavern down by the road that leads to the far edge of this valley, you know it?"

"Yes, I know that area."

"Come on down sometime if you need any maintenance on your gun, maybe need an item made then I'm a machinist too. Can make almost anything you want."

"Hmm.... Anything?" Alexander looked rubbed his chin and though for a moment before handing Sky his musket again. "I wonder, can you do anything with this?"

Sky took the musket and looked it over, feeling the wood and metal, looking at the sights and pulled back the hammer, releasing the trigger and feeling the mechanics of it. "Hmmm, it does still work very well... but there's a little rubbing in the trigger that could be from wear... the sights are worn down too. Most of this from battle?"

"Yes, that is one thing that I can't fix, I dropped it a while ago and the sights are fixed so there's nothing I can do."

"Certainly I can remove, clean then reattach them if need be.... screws can be tightened and worked... but sure, I can do something with this. Come on by anytime after tomorrow?"

"I think I can do that," Alexander smiled. "I'll be by about noon, then?"

"Sounds great, I'll see you then." Sky took his hand and shook it again. My first customer, he thought. This is going to workout great.

"See you tomorrow, Sky. Farewell."

Sky collected his belongings then headed out once more for his second spot of choice, in the very direction he had pointed to Alexander. Walking back into down he went south, navigating the market area, stopping to buy an apple along the way then headed up the road to the next spot. It took a little longer this time to reach the next clearing that rested on a steeper part of the hill and was in a narrower section of the valley. Sky needed to catch his breath, his chest hurting a little from his broken rib and his wrappings. Sitting down under a tree he leaned up against the trunk and took one of his pills from Dr. Fuchs while he finished his apple A few moments passed, more winds blow and his feeling of it with his ears and fur, all the same to him and made another sketch of the new valley section and the new notes on the winds and drafts.

Taking the last bite of his apple he started tossing it up and down in his hand like a ball as he pondered the area, mumbling to himself. "Hmm.... Not quite the best one for a good landing area... but this will do well for a launching point." He swallowed his mouthful then bit the apple again, starting to toss it up and down again. "Maybe a larger glider... a launching ramp up here would work... if I can get permission from whoever owns this area... hmm?"

Sky suddenly realized his hand was still going up and down with nothing in it. Looking over he thought he missed it but the apple was nowhere to be seen. Kneeling he searched around for it and crawled around the stump but it was nowhere to be found.

"What in the hey..? Where could that thing have gone?" he asked himself. "Can't have just up and vanished."

"Maybe it did," a whispering voice came through the air, making Sky jump and leaned back against the tree.

"Who's there?" he called, looking around again, seeing no one. "Am I trespassing? I'll leave if I am... Are you bothered by me being here?"

"Not all...." said the voice. The wind began to pickup, the leaves rustling in the trees. "I don't want you to leave.... I want you to stay."

The voice was obviously close but the sounds of the woods and wind didn't allow him to pinpoint where it was coming from. "Do you want me to do something? Where are you?"

"I'm right here..." Sky heard the rustling of the leaves above him and looked up, seeing the branches in the very tree he was leaning against. "I am the tree of Bon Bon... And I like you..."

"What?" Sky asked, taking a step back away from the tree, still unsure of what was going on. "A tree...? Talking? This can't be real."

"Oh indeed it is..." said the tree a little louder, its branches starting to rustle more and more.

"I am hungry... I am the tree that... eats.... HANDSOME BLUE FOXES!!!" shouted a ferret girl jumping out of the tree, poking herself from the leaves!

Sky was about to run on hearing the words of the tree wanting to eat him but instead hit a rock as he stepped back, stumbling backward and legs flying in the air! "OOOF!!!"

Lidia laughed gaily at seeing Sky falling over, his arms and legs flailing until he was able to sit up right, grunting as he did. he rubbed his head as he erected himself then looked up in the tree to see the girl laughing as she poke herself from the leaves. She was very lovely, young looking with long blue hair and a little marking above her bust just below her gold and diamond necklace.

"I suppose you think that was funny?" Sky growled up at her with a sarcastic grin.

"Oh that was so funny I can't remember when I laughed so hard!" she said as she brought up the apple he was tossing. He looked up and grunted at her which only made her smile some more before she took a bite of it herself and tossed it back down to him. "I hope you're not hurt?"

'No no, I'm fine... just a little shaken... like that tree you are in," Sky said as he stood up, taking the apple and took the last bite from it then tossed the core to the side.

"That's good, I only meant it to be for some fun, I didn't want to hurt you." She slipped back into the leaves then started to make her way down the branches to a large one just before she would have to jump to the ground. "I haven't seen you before, and normally other don't come up this way alone. What brings you here?"

"I was looking for some nice places to do my gliding." he brushed his clothes clean of dirt and grass then looked up to his new occupant. "How about you?"

"I had the day of from work and I like to come up here in the woods to relax," she said smiling. "My name is Lidia, by the way. Lidia Apricot."

"A pleasure to meet you, Lidia Apricot." Sky bowed to her as he always did in greeting. "I am Sky B. Fox, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Oh my! It's you!" she said, pointing at him in surprise. "You're the one I heard about that was in the Delight Castle, you're the one who fixed that machine."

"I see word travels fast around here," Sky smiled. "Were you there when that happened?"

"No, I wasn't. But I actually had heard first that you refused the girls of the castle, that's what really was the rumor."

Sky's expression turned to flat-out embarrassing astonishment mixed with shock. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not. No one ever has turned down a time with the girls of the castle, that's quite amazing. But I did hear about how you fixed the machine at the same time, the castle was very amazed that you did that too. And then you won all that money at the roulette table and didn't spend it on any of the girls, not one in Bon Bon, I heard."

"Anything else?" he groaned.

"Well then there was also how none of the men in the town saw you that night either...."

"HEY!!!" Sky gasped in shock.

"Oh no no no, don't worry, no one in the town suspects anything of that sort," Lidia smiled back giggling. "But the though was kinda hard to not think of there for a while."

"Anything else I should know about that would be shocking I've done?" Sky asked frustrated.

"Not quite, just the twin tails are true too," she smiled at seeing them start to wag with the mentioning. "Two tails... and a blue male fox. Never seen that before."

Sky smiled back and relaxed, turning for her to see them, giving them a wag to confirm they were real. "Two true tails!"

"They look so cute and soft... I just want to pet them." Lidia sat down on the branch, leaning over to get a closer look. As she did Sky looked up to her then his eyes went wide in shock. "Huh? Mr. Fox? What's wrong?"

Sky kept starring at her as she sat there leaning over and pointed up, stammering as she did so. "Daye yae.... aye yae aaaaah.... ehehehhhh...."

Lidia couldn't understand a word of what he was saying, only that he was pointing up at something. She looked up into the tree but nothing was there behind her until she looked back down at him, his face turning bright red and yet he was starring at her. When she looked down she suddenly realized what he was looking at- her skirt was hiked up so she could lean over farther and she had her legs spread to give him a full view of it all since she wasn't wearing any panties today!

"EEEK!!!" she squealed and closed her legs, grabbing her skirt around her legs to hide herself.

Sky covered his eyes in embarrassment and started pawing at the ground, looking for his folder and utensils like a blind man. "I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean to!" he managed to grab his folder and pencil just in time to getup and started running when a tree branch landed where he was standing.

"You bad boy!" Lidia shouted as he started running- running right smack headon into another tree! "OH MY GOSH!!! Are you okay!?"

Sky didn't answer her as he recovered, shook his head then started running down the road with his things in hand, unable to hear her call for him. he ran for a few moments before having to stop and kneel on the side of the trail, catching his breath and trying not to breath too hard against his chest wrapping, already starting to creep above the pill he had taken just a short while earlier.

"Oh that was great, Sky! Just great!" he said to himself. "What a way to handle to situation..."

He clutched his chest and started to control his breathing when he suddenly felt the stabbing pain of his shoulder firing up once again, grabbing it and trying to squeeze the pain away. he panted and huffed, trying to forget about what had just happened, one of the only things that would seam to make the pain go away. It took what seamed like forever until he was able to stand and keep himself errect. Looking up he saw he wasn't more than a mile from town and thought it'd be best to cut the hiking short for the day, no way he could muster enough endurance to do something like that again and maybe the town would be more eventless than he was finding up in the hills.

Composing himself again he walked back into town and hoped down there the day would go more casual until the following day when his doors would officially open for business.


BLUEHAWK82 IS BACK IN BON BON!!! Very Happy It's been almost three years but I can't beleive how much I missed this place. I've been going through a lot over the last three years, many things happening and transitions but I'm back and in full swing! This first section has been half completed since I was last here but I had to spend some time trying to relearn where I left off. It seams a little fragmented to me but it is so far in as what I planned.

Now as usual, this is a THREE-PART epsiode, as I always have such details I put in to not clog the thread. If you wish to post comments, replied or anything like that please wait until the THIRD part of the episode is completed before you reply here, but for now you can post any comments or feedback in the following page as a dump, I'll get it all. Smile Good to see you all again, hope to see you more!

Please any comments for now in here:
The Story of Sky B. Fox
http://forums.pleasurebonbon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9527 Episode 1
http://forums.pleasurebonbon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9631 Episode 2
http://forums.pleasurebonbon.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12996 Episode 3

Casting call for Sky's Story
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The Blue Sky of Bon Bon Episode 3 Part 2/3

Here we go! We're off to a good start, I think, getting back into my writing groove as of late. I hope yo all enjoy this next installment and are ready for more, final part I will try to finish by the end of this week. As a reminder, if you like to post then please answer for now in the Casting Call page and can freely post here once last part is done. Enjoy! Very Happy

A few minutes later, Sky returned to the town of Bon Bon, walking down its main plaza, trying his best not to notice the sights and smells of the mid-day meetings and greetings of its inhabitants. Everyone around him was happy and gay, sometimes behind closed doors or out in public, amazed how it didn't matter that no one had any modesty or shame in their desires. The pain in his shoulder was slowly ebbing away, so was the pain in his chest as he breathed slowly and tried to focus on other matters at hand. Casually he walked through the streets and withdraw a paper form his pocket as he approached the central plaza, noting the address written on it then looked for the crossroad to take him there.

Finding it he then turned and walked down the road until his found the shop with the sign hanging over the door of the shop named "Sullivan's". He stepped into the main door, the little bell ringing as he entered and called for the occupant, "Hello, is anyone he-ERereREReeeEE!!!"

The shop was completely filled with objects oh the suggestible nature of Bon Bon, but also of a more mixture of a mad scientist. Phallic shaped items of all shapes, sizes and colors lined the walls, shelves and display cases. Sky's eyes bulged out as he looked all over the items, unable to believe anything like them could be imagines. Some of the items were short and some were so long they could more be confused for walking canes, even more were obviously of a mechanical nature. Saints and stars! What kind of a place is this! It's like Japetto's deviant fantasy dungeon! he thought. If this is the person who made my boiler engine I can only imagine what it'll be like...

Walking slowly into the room he didn't pay too close attention to his surroundings as he bumped up to a glass display case and inadvertently his a switching on one of the devices sitting on the counter top with one of his tails. The pinkish screw-shaped device knocked over and started twisting and spinning with its inner clock-like workings, causing it to start jumping, twisting, gyrating and tapping the countertop like a jumping bean in a frying pan! Sky leapt from the counter with a gasp when is suddenly jumped in between his tails with a powerful intensely overpowering vibration to his loins, clamoring up against one of the ceiling beams when a little otter girl jumped up from behind the counter and her eyes sparkled at the contraption, watching it dance and jingle all over the place!

"YESSSSSSS!!! It works! I knew it would! Hey! Come here! Get back here, you!" she squealed and tried to reach for it but the toy simply kept leaping and jumping all around like a scared field mouse. After a few attempts to catch it she paused then made a swat for it in midair, catching it like a frog snatched a fly form the air. With a smile she turned it off and set it back down them looked up to Sky still holding onto the pillar like someone trying to hide in a tree from a bear. "Thank you, I can't thank you enough for getting that one to work, it's been giving me problems all week and it's for a very important client. How did you fix it?"

"Well... I guess it needed just a good jerk to get it going," Sky mumbled to himself turning red and looking away in utter embarrassment that his accidental bumping had just got a contraption of unbelievable nature to work by accident.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" she asked, not sure of what she heard.

"Nothing!" Sky shot, letting himself down from the pillar and recomposing himself, straightening his coat and trousers. "I just knocked it over... and it started working. I'm sorry for jumping like that but it um... startled me."

"Awwwww! That's all? An accident?" she asked picking it up and looking it over with a small frown spreading across her lips. "I was so hoping you fixed it, this is for a very important client and I just can't figure it out."

Sky saw her disappointment in that he had only made the device work by accident rather than it could work. She tried hitting the lever to activate it again but it simply went click once then refused to start. She hit it again and again but nothing would happen that she sighed with a deep look of sadness. Sky rolled his eyes and choked his embarrassment back with a little blush still on his cheeks, unable to believe he was asking her this, "May.... uh-hum!.... May I see it for a moment?"

"Sure," Jillian answered, not noticing the look on his face but focused on the toy as he took it and started looking it over.

Sky took it in both hands, twisting the pink shaft from its brass metal base and could feel the mechanics of the device starting to click and turn within. he was still red faced at holding the device which resembled a particular genital item and made notes to himself, "Hmmm.... twist it to wind it up.... cogs and sprockets... and a lever activator.... are you using a helicoil spring to drive it?"

"No, a spiral band spring," said Jillian. "I used old precision clock parts for his one, the helicoil wouldn't last too long."

"Ah, thought so..." said Sky then looked at the base of the toy. He noted no screws it was probably a one piece case. Hitting the activation lever again the internal spring gave a single click, refusing to move until he held the case and gave the base a small twist and the toy sprang to life once more! "I knew it!"

"What!? What is it?" Jillian asked, surprised it was working again when suddenly it stopped. "Awwww! you had it-"

"No no, that's the problem with it," answered Sky. He untwisted the item once more, making it startup then hit the lever on and off, making it work each time on command before twisting the housing back to where it was. When it turned off he handed it back to Jillian. "I twisted the end cap back in. You're just slightly off in your settings. The case is compressing the drive spring enough that it won't release when you use the lever, but when I knocked it over it jolted the spring loose and worked just enough it could let itself loose. Just pull off the end cap and polish it to a better finish and it'll remove just what you need to make it work again."

"WOW!!! You're good," she smiled back at him. "I'm Jillian, Jillian Sullivan."

"Sky, Sky B Fox," he smiled and bowed to her, offering her his hand.

"Oh yes!" she said taking his in greeting. "You're the one who ordered the boiler and fixed the machine in the Delight Castle."

"I can see rumors spread fast around here.." Sky stood back up straight.

"Rumors, yes, as they always do, but truth about people, never. So rest assured, you're safe but it was quite a unique thing to hear."

"I bet it was," Sky smiled, kind of delighting in the impressiveness his story was starting to carry. "I was actually here to check on my order for the custom boiler unit?"

"Ah yes! It's ready for you to take right now."

"Already!?" Sky asked incredulously.

"Uh huh! Come on out back and you'll see," said Jillian and led him through the door at the back of shop and into her backyard working area. "There you go! It wasn't too hard as it was thought to be, but you'll get plenty of good use out of it."

Sky smiled at seeing his order; a giant boiler tank that could hold almost 200 gallons of water over a metal fire pit base to make it steam and boil. The fire pit had a small over port on it made to look just like a blacksmith's kiln for forging metal and the ducting of pipes came out to the point where it would power the drive engine back at his shop.

"Impressive!" Sky gushed excitedly inspecting the items all over.

"Are you impressed?" Jillian asked.

"Beyond description!" Sky gushed climbing on top and checking the filling port for the water. "The furnace, firepit, the kiln, the ducting and all.... You did this in only three days!?"

"What can I say, I'm good when it comes to knowing pipes and pressure," she giggled suggestively.

Sky choked at the thought, trying to giggle along with her but knowing what she meant by that. He hopped off the boiler and shook his head in astonishment. "This is unbelievable, I couldn't be happier. When can it be delivered?"

"I can have it installed and delivered by the end of the day."

"Perfect!" he said and turned to her, smiling as brightly as the sun. "Now then, shall we go ahead and finish up payment for it and... Ms. Sullivan...? Are you alright?"

"Ooooh..." was all that escaped her lips and her eyes were aglow with interest in something, a few rays of reflected light dancing on her face as she smiled and seamed to lean towards Sky without a care in her mind.

Sky raised an eyebrow, wondering what it could be she found so interesting, not looking at his eyes or anything but then looked to his chest to see the light on her face was glowing off the pin he had on his chest, freshly polished and aglow. She seamed to be fascinated with it, her eyes completely stuck on it like glue. He moved his shoulder and she seamed to follow it with perfect synchronization, moving right, then left again, wider and wider moves and then rolled his shoulder around, her following it perfectly.

"Ms. Sullivan?" he called to her again, a little louder.

"Oh my! Sorry..." she apologized, shaking her head but kept her eyes a little affixiated on the pin. "What were you saying?"

"I was just wondering if we should go and take care of final payment and arrangements for delivery?"

"Certainly, let's go take care of that right now," she answered, still looking at the pin.

Walking back inside Sky gave her the remainder for the boiler from his billfold and signed a few details for its delivery. "Now then, when it arrives it should be a simple hookup installation and I will be there this afternoon by five o'clock. Will that work for you?" When he looked up he saw Jillian's eyes still affixiated on the pin he wore.

"Yes... that'll be fine..." she answered, still looking at the pin. "I will be available to install it then...."

Sky smiled and started to move his shoulder again, making her follow it and realized she was mesmerized by it a little. he reached up and unlocked it from his coat then held it up for her to see, her eyes still following it perfectly and began to dance it around, finding she was following it everyone. It made him smile and laugh a bit until he finished the torment with pushing it right up between her eyes that finally broke her out of her trance, giggling with laughter as he took it back to his shoulder.

"I can see you like my pin," he said snapping the clasps back in place and securing it to his coat.

"I am sorry... it's just that... it's so pretty... so shiny," she smiled still noticing it. "I like shiny things."

"I am very proud of this pin." Sky smiled and finished signing the receipt and work instructions. "So then, I will see you at five?"

"Yes, I'll be there," said Jillian regaining focus. "Thank you very much for your business and help."

"No problem at all." Sky smiled and offered her his hand once more , taking it gratefully. "I will see you later this evening, good day."

"See you then, Mister Fox," she said smiling a he turned and left the room.

"Please," he said turning back to her as he opened the door with a warm smile. "Call me Sky."

With that he left and proceeded on his way to the next destination he had in mind, which surprisingly was nowhere in particular. With the boiler engine secured he had nowhere else to think of going so he decided to wander around the streets, taking in the other shops and vendors until he found himself drawn to one in particular. A book store with the name "Outback Omnibus" caught his eye and thought now would be a good time to see about some stocking up on literature he might not have seen recently. Walking across the main street he entered the store to find it rather empty, himself being the only occupant in the entire store. Looking down both sides of the store he perused the titles and papers on the shelves, wondering what all of them meant with rather suggestive and sometimes vague names as to their contents' meanings.

Unsure of what he was looking for he called to see if anyone was around. "Hello...?"

"Hello! Can I help you?" came a voice from the back shelves. "I'm over here, Mr. Day is out with Ms. Tallowood today. So I'm by myself, how can I help you?"

Sky walked over to where he heard the voice coming from and caught her as she leaned up from a box of freshly arrived books. "Hello, I'm looking for some new readings, perhaps you could help me?"

"Why yes, I can... Oh!" said the kangaroo girl as she stood up and was surprised at Sky standing there., twin tails and all "Forgive me... I... I didn't realize you were a twin-tail..."

"True and blue," he replied smiling, swaying his tails for her. "Everyone seams to like them at first sighting."

"I've never seen one before... How unique," she responded, setting out the books she brought up. "I'm Sydney, how call I help you today?"

"Nice to meet you, Sydney," he said bowing as always. "My name is Sky, Sky B. Fox. I'm new in town and was looking for possibly some nice books to expand my horizons. Could you recommend anything in partiular?"

"Oh really? How nice to meet you, Mr. Sky. Let me see... something new? Follow me." She led him along the book cases to the new section along the window side of the shop, picking up a book fresh of the display stand and held it to him to look at. "This one is freshly off the printing presses, would you like to see?"

"Certainly," Sky smiled and took the book, flipping to the first page and started reading aloud; "One day Ricky the Magic Pixie when to visit Daisy Bumble in her tumbled down cottage. He found her in the bedroom. Roughly he grabbed her heavy shoulders, pulling her down onto the bed and ripping off her- wwwwwoooooOOOOO!!!"

Sky gasped at the reading and closed the book, his eyes wide as saucers, his cheeks flushing red then recomposed himself, shaking his head for a moment.

"Oh, do you not like that one?" asked Sydney.

"Um... Uh, how about maybe something a little different than this one?" Sky asked, trying his best o grin but it was obviously sheepish. "Maybe... how about an adventure book?"

"Adventure... hmmm," pondered Sydney and looked to another book on the opposing shelf. "This one perhaps?"

Sky opened the book and started reading, hoping this time he'd find something better. "Let's see here... Old Nick the sea captain was a jolly sort of fellow. He loved the life of the sea and he loved to hang out down by the pier where the men dressed as LADIES!?"

Sky slammed the book shut again, breathing a little harder and his eyes staring into nothing in particular, starting to realize what kind of store this was.

"Umm... was that one not to your liking either?" asked Sydney.

"No... well... uh...." Sky stammered, handing her back the book. He started to rub his neck as he pondered whether to even try again. "Maybe... I don't know... maybe something more in the... fantasy realm?" Something in his mind made him suddenly wonder why he asked that that it drowned out Sydney suggesting another and bringing it to him, opening it to not be rude and read once again. "Rumple Tweezer ran the Dinky Tinky shop, in the foot of the magic oak tree, by the wobbly dum dum bush, in the shade of the magic glade down in Dingly Dell. Here he sold contraceptives- YIKES!!!"

Sydney jumped back with her kangaroo hop as Sky slammed the book closed, panting and huffing to himself with a face redder than a beat! "Sir, was that not to your liking?" she asked.

Sky panted and huffed for a moment, trying to compose himself, not sure once again to ask or even do. "Umm.... no... I must confess... that wasn't.... Look...." He thought to himself he's try one more time as he handed the book back to her and tried to smile as best he could, "How about... something technical? You know... a how-to book, or something that explains how to do something...?"

Sydney pondered and was shaken at first by he reaction as she took the book, rubbing her chin for a second then snapped her fingers with a grand smile in realization! "I got it!"

She bounced off and came back with a new book, very large and thick and handed to Sky and started to read the title.

"Let's see here, The Kama Sutra- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Sky shouted, his arms flailing as he involuntarily tossed the book up in the air, shocking Sydney to jump back then he caught the book as it came back down, catching himself with heavy panting then kindly offered the book back to her. "Look... Um... Miss Brown? I'm not in the desire for these kinds of books, you see. I'm uh... Oh the saints preserve me!" Sky sighed and then composed himself. "Maybe we should try to find something that is... empty... I know! Have you something like a blank book? Something I can write in?"

"A blank book..." Sydney wondered, still shocked at his reaction and clutching the book that had never been refused before. "Blank book... write in... oh, like a diary?

"Yes!" Sky smiled brightly, finally finding something away from the norm. "Something like that, but not quite like a diary... a journal... something in the size of a ledger, maybe? For taking larger quantities of notes than a small diary?"

Sydney set the Kama Sutra book down and slowly pondered, looking around the bookstore and then snapped her fingers in realization. "Yes we do! Come with me."

Sydney walked past him and he gave a long exasperated sigh of relief before turning and following her. Finally! he thought, A break!

She lead him over to the other side of the store then took the ladder and set it up next to some higher shelves, starting to climb the ladder to reach a set of books high above. "We don't normally sell many of them, so what few we have in stock aren't kept for low reach."

"That's fine with me," said Sky, adjust his collar and recomposing himself, trying hard to not feel embarrassed at his reactions to her choices.

Sydney reached the top shelf and tried reaching for a book but it was farther over than she realized. Instead of trying to reset the ladder she tried reaching for it instead, holding into the shelf to balance her until she reached the book. placing her hand on it she tried to pull it free but the moment she had it free she lost her balance! "Oh! Ohhh! OH NO!!!"

"I got you!" Sky shouted, looking up just in time to see her starting to teeter over herself from the ladder, dropping the book from her grasp in an effort to regain her balance but it was too late and over she went, flying into the air. Without even thinking and with a lighting quick reaction he had trained himself to feel, Sky jumped out of the way of the book, missing his head and reached up his left hand, catching the book and then reached his right arm up to catch Sydney on her hip that then rolled her up into him as she fell, rolling her into his lap then Sky fell over himself, holding her close as he hit the ground rolling, holding her below his chest as they came to rest on the floor!

"Oh my gosh!" Sydney screamed, realizing she was alright and as the moment of shock left her she realized that she was unharmed, not even any pain. Then she turned her attention to him. "Are you alright!?"

Sky groaned and laid there, clutching her to him and grunting hard as he tried to asses himself, the pain in his chest returning but he wait a moment to try and feel for anything new. "I'm alright...." he whispered. Slowly she kneel beside him, making sure not crush him as he clutched his chest and waited there for a moment. "Just... give me a few moments..."

"Do you need me to call a doctor?" Sydney asked, putting a hand on his shoulder and hand.

"No... no... just give me a moment... I think I'm alright," he panted and breathed slowly. As the moment went by he realized he wasn't hurt anymore than before. He managed to roll her into him just right she came down on his lower body mostly, sparing his chest and cracked rib. "Yeah... I'm okay... just give me a few moments... Can you help me up... please?"

"Of course!" Sydney answered and slowly helped him to his feet, slowing as he groaned and then led him over to a table, helping him into the chair and set the book she had gotten down. "I'll go make you some tea, would that help?"

Sky only nodded, catching his breath and relaxed himself as she came back a few moments later with a pot of freshly brewed tea and poured him a cup, offering it to him. "Are you alright?" he asked her softly, looking to her as he took the cup and saucer from her.

"Yes, I'm fine, you caught me just right. But what about you?"

"I'm alright... I've been injured earlier but... this doesn't feel any worse." he sipped the tea and the warm nature of the sweetened contents began to actually sooth his chest, finally able to smile to her. "Thank you..."

A little while later Sky was feeling much better, the pain pills still in effect and the soothing of the tea calming his aching chest. He had filled her in with the details of his accident and still felt he was fine enough to go on his own. "That's quite a story," said Sydney smiling.

"Yes it is... Well I think I better go... I might want to visit someone about this pain who could help..." he smiled to Sydney then started to get up, the pain a little more powerful once again but nothing he couldn't handle.

Sydney took his arm and helped him to his feet, smiling gratefully then handed him the book he had caught with her. "Here, Mr. Fox, this is what you wanted, yes?"

"Yes it is... How much do I owe you for it?" he picked up the book and his folder of papers.

"Nothing," she said smiling. "Take it, as thanks for catching me like you did."

"Oh I couldn't..." he weakly objected

"No, please! I insist," she smiled greatly.

The warm smile and insisting nature made Sky surrender instantly, taking her hand and kisses it, making her blush then looked up to her eyes. "Thank you very much. I'll be sure to come back if I ever need anymore literature."

"I hope to see you soon," she replied before he made his way from the shop with a smile and wave then started off down the street again.

Once he was clear he allowed himself to finally gush out a needed breath over his chest, wondering what to do now. heading back towards his shop he thought it'd be a good time to rest and wait for the boiler engine to be delivered. On his way he spied a familiar face, unable to miss the fiery red and black with white stripes of her body tidying up the front of her parlor. Jessica Belle was out in front of her massage parlor, giving a farewell to a customer and adjusting the sign above her door. Sky thought back to when she had massaged his arm and how incredible it felt wondering if now with his shoulder and rib would be a good time to seek her time. Thinking it over for a moment he looked through his pocket to see how much he had to spare and decided it couldn't hurt to see what her services really cost.

He walked up to her just as she turned around from setting her sign out and smiled to him. "Sky! How nice to see you again, are you feeling better?"

"I was until just a little ago," he tried to smile and couldn't hide the noticeably obvious strain in his voice.

"Good heavens, did something happen again?" she asked looking at him holding his shoulder and starting to lean into his shoulder.

"Sort of... I was wondering if I could... maybe get one of your expert cares again?" he asked.

"Sure, come on in and have a seat," she said and led him into her parlor. Walking him into the waiting room she led him to an empty seat and offered her hand towards it. "Just wait here for a few minutes, I'll see if I can work you in."

"Thank you," he smiled to her and sat down, marveling at how comfortable the chair was. It almost instantly made him relax at how enveloping it was. he looked about the waiting customers as some left and some came in, others were simply waiting as he was. It was a little time and even the pain was going away when Jessica came and touched his shoulder.

"Sky, I can see you now," she said smiling. "Come with me."

Sky smiled back and stood up, walking with her to a room at the end of the hall as she led to the table and motioned for him to get on it. "I hope I'm not intruding on any of your customers since I'm a walk-in instead of an appointment.

"No, it's fine," she smiled, closing the door and took off her coat, exposing her lush corset, boots and not wearing a skirt like the day before when they met, then walked over to a wash bin and started to clean her hands. "I adjusted my employees around so I could tend to you myself. Now, just unbutton your shirt and tell me where it hurts? What happened this time?"

Sky averted his eyes best he could and started to takeoff his coat and vest. "I was at a bookstore called the Outback Omnibus... which sold some rather INTERESTING books," he said still blushing at the memory of the text the books contained. "Miss Brown was getting me a blank journal from a shelf when she fell off the ladder and I managed to catch her, thankfully without aggravating my condition anymore... I think."

Unbuttoning his shirt he slipped it off, his chest still wrapped and then slowly let himself down to the table on his back, clenching his teeth as the pressure from his shoulder went into his chest when they absorbed the weight. Jessica saw him trying to lay back as she finished her paw cleaning then rushed to help him down the last bit. "Here, let me help you," she cooed then help him relax on the table, leaning over him as she rubbed his shoulder. "Now tell me where it hurts?"

Sky was lost for a moment starring up at her, her emerald green eyes so deep and her face aglow surrounded with her fiery red hair. She was very lovely, the only one he'd ever seen like her and her soft pattern and warm eyes made his heart skip a beat for a moment yet something felt different about her to him, nothing overpowering or unusual but a strange sense of comfort in her presence like he didn't have to do anything. "Umm... it's mostly my shoulder here.... ribs and lower back... from the fall."

"I've got just the thing," Jessica smiles and walked over to her counter. "A nice warm wax will do wonders for an aching muscle, and my own brand here penetrated the muscles to give a nice warming after sensation of the cooling. I think we'll start with that."

"Very well," said Sky leaning back and took a deep breath.

Jessica started warming a hot pot of wax that had a strong yet soothing odor to it, feeling both like a warm and cold sensation at the same time. When the small cup was ready she brought it over to the side of his table and prepped her hands, first starting to apply gentle pressure at the joint of his shoulder and rustle his soft fur, amazed herself at the softness of it. Caressing along the shoulder and collar she started to slowly apply the pressure through her fingertips and could feel a moan escape Sky's lips as she started to work the nerve endings.

"Does that hurt?" she asked.

"No...!" Sky groaned back, leaning his head over slightly. "It feels... good.... Really good...!"

"Excellent, first we'll start to loosen your muscles like this then we'll apply the wax when you're all released and pliable." Jessica went back to her expert massaging and started to strike up a little conversation. "My, my, my! Your fur is quite as soft as I've heard! How do you keep it so?"

"Aerating," Sky replied, already feeling himself starting to relax. "It comes naturally when I fly... the wind fluffs my coat up."

"I see, feels very nice." She started to work down along the bandage and feeling carefully the ribs she knew and were hurt as she had witness their damage. She leaned over further to reach down the table and began to attend to his lower ribs that were still fresh. "If I do anything that hurts please let me know. I'm just going to work on your lower ribs and try to flush the pain away a little."

"I understand..." he gushed at the expert hands, already letting go. he felt her leaning over a little more when suddenly his ear was caressed by something soft and started to twitch as it was rubbed back and forth. Jessica's firm and supple bosoms had started rubbing against his ear, making his ear twitch as it was caressed like a tickle, the soft and pointy fox ear caressing Jessica inadvertently back that its soft and caressing feeling made her purr gently in her own surprise. Opening his eyes in realization Sky looked up to see the fine view of the mountains above him that made him tense up in shock!

"Sky, are you okay?" Jessica asked suddenly seeing him jerk up and go rigid like a rock.

"Y-Yes!" he stammered, still starrring then averted his eyes and stared at the parlor wall, his ears folding back and clear. "I just... that tickled is all! Surprised me." What a surprise! he thought.

"Okay then, just relax. I think it's time for the wax." She reached for the warm steaming cup. "Now this will feel warm, very warm but I promise it won't burn so be ready."

"I'm ready," he answered to her. But if anything else happens I WON'T be ready! he thought again.

Jessica poured the warm wax on his shoulder and at first it was very warm, as she said, making him jolt a little but with a hiss from his lips that quickly turned to a sigh at the soothing aroma of it he began to melt away, forgetting about everything, his ears folding up as he even more a moment teetered on the verge of sleep. A knock at the door broke his concentration and the creaking of it slowly opening without prior permission.

"Jessica, I hate to bother you," said a soothing and seductively crystal voice. "But I was wondering if we had anymore of those jasmine oils you use in the bathes?"

"Yes Katrin," Jessica answered, leaning up a little but keeping her hands rolling the wax in Sky's shoulders. "They're in the pantry in the back stockroom, third shelf. But we need more after today."

"Thank you... Say! Who's the blue one you got there?"

Sky wondered about the question and was still nearly asleep when he turned over to see who inquired about him, never wanting to turn away a curious onlooker- then shot wide away with saucer eyes and blast out in astonishment at the blue vixen he saw leaning through the doorway! She had lush blue eyes, long white hair down to her tail with two bangs that cages a fur's gaze to her eyes, a lush bust and her tail was so long it protruded far into the room from the doorway!

"Oh Katrin, this is Sky," Jessica introduced. "He's the newcomer I told you about."

"Well, well, well! Another blue fox in town, what a surprise," she smiled with a stare that could melt an iceberg.

"He..... he... h-h-Hello....!" was all that Sky could muster with a sheepish grin, unable to stop looking at her. OH SAINTS AND STARS!!! Keep me sane! his mind repeated over and over.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Katrin asked.

"No, not at all..." Sky tried to say without being obvious. "Jessica was just... giving me a fine massage at the moment..."

"Ah good, I know you'll enjoy her once you're all done."

Please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it means! Sky shouted in his mind unable to do anything but ponder the words. Glancing around momentarily he saw a washcloth sitting on the table beside him and grabbed it, laying it over his eyes and laid back- when all of a sudden the towel he realized was steaming hot!!! "YEEEEEEEEEEOW!!!"

"Sky! Are you okay!?" Jessica gasped at seeing him suddenly wriggle at the realization of what he had, watching him grip the sides of the table and grit his teeth!

"EEEK!!! YES!!! YES!!! I'm alright!" he tried to lie best he could. "I just-AH!!! Like a hot towel! ON MY FACE!!! Does WONDERS for the pores!!!"

"Hmm, maybe I should try it sometime," said Katrin.

"NO!!! DON'T!!!" Sky shouted! "It's not for-!!!" he struggled to bite his tongue trying his best to not lie that he was trying to hide himself, instead letting another answer flow from his tongue "-not for ladies....!!! GRR!!! Ladies as lovely as yourselves! you don't need to do this!" Oh THAT was subtle, you rotten liar! he cursed to himself! If they believe that one it'll be a miracle!

"Awww, that's so sweet," said Katrin, giving a wink to Jessica that Sky couldn't see. He didn't realize Jessica had already briefed her dear pet, lover and coworker that Jessica had already told her everything about him and how Jessica had tormented him with her scent. "Well I'll leave you be, enjoy your massage and nice to meet you, Sky," she said and closed the door behind her.

Smiling with half pain and half embarrassment he blindly waved to the door, trying to ignore the searing hotness for moment saying, "Good day!" to the absent vixen then collapsed down to the table and waited best he could for the towel to cool. Quietly Jessica giggled at the tormenting amusement and poured some more wax on his chest, the towel taking his mind away from the moment then slowly the coolness of the oil started to take his mind back to his massage, even the towel getting cooler and even felt a nice flush of relaxation from it. "Say... this isn't that bad... once you get through the initial shock."

"But I thought you said you did it before?" asked Jessica playfully laughing harder to herself.

"Oh yeah! R-Right...! I did- I have!" Sky tried to follow-up on. Jessica's hands started getting lower and lower to his abdomen, the ribs already feeling like a thing of that past that never existed. he felt like he was on the verge of sleep again when suddenly his nose caught the whiff of a familiar scent. Before he could place his finger on it a suddenly familiar rise began to grow in his mind! He felt flushed, warming and started sniffing at the scent more, trying to remember where he had smelt it before- not that again!?

Jessica had decided to have a little more fun with him, loving how he had fought her before at the delight castle and was determined to satisfy her pride of being able to torment any male. She had let a small fragrance of her out but was escalating the situation by wagging her tail to waft the tantalizing pheromones towards him, knowing he couldn't see what she was doing. Sky could hardly think again, though he felt no pain he was overcome with a deep and wanting desire starting to grow within. Oh mama mia... he though- then it started to grow outward! There it goes again!

"I think this side's done!" Sky groaned, wanting to hide himself and tried rolling over onto this good shoulder. Oh I don't care if I'm turned like I'm a pancake, just flip me already!

Jesica put her hand over her muzzle as she knew how torment he was, she had seen it all before in many customers, just not one that was trying to hide it so much as he was. Rolling onto his good shoulder he propped his head on the pillow to keep pressure off his chest, not able to roll completely over and put his weight on his ribs.

"Can you roll over just a little more?" Jessica asked.

"If I do, I'll actually put too much pressureon my ribs for now," Sky answered. "I tried sleeping like that last night and couldn't get past this. Can you work like this?"

"I can, let me get started again," she answered and poured a little more wax into his fur, letting the warm and soothing feeling penetrate his lower back. "Is that okay?"

"Oooooooh! I never had it so good!" Sky gushed and completely melted more than the wax as she rubbed the cool soothing wax around his spine. She smiled and started working his shoulder blades, kneading the muscles and making them just ebb away then started working down his spine to his tails. Sky had nearly fallen asleep in her touch when she reaches the base of his tails and started to work the vertebrae. "Mmmmm... that's good... Oh wait Jessica... watch out for the tails before you-"


There was a curdling piercing cry of pain that resonated through waiting room, startling the other guest and masseuses! in the room Sky had cried out in another intense pain, startling Jessica back with a squeal and in near panic as he had kicked and thrashed so hard when his tails gave a clearly audible snapping sound under her hands.

"AAAAAAAAHHH!!! AAAAHH!!! HHHHAAA!!!" Sky groaned and kicked for a moment more before he grabbed the towel from his eyes and shoves it into his mouth, biting into it so hard a few fiber began to tear from the shear pressure of his force!

"Sky! Are you alright!?" Jessica gushed rushing to his side and leaning over him.

"What was that!?" Katrin cried, bursting into the room. "What happened!?"

"I don't know!" Jessica replied, looking back then to Sky again. "I was starting to rub his tails when they cracked and he screamed!"

Sky thrashed once more then grabbed the side of the table, sweat dripping down his face and his cheeks flushing from grip he had on the towel. Panting and grunting he then took a deep breath and held it, letting it out slowly after a few moments then took the towel from his mouth and quietly whispered to them. "Jessica... Jessica!?"

"I'm here, Sky," she called to him. "What's wrong? What happened?"

"I need you to do something... for me... OH!!!" he grunted.

"What is it?"

"Aaaaahhh....! Take my left tail... hold it to the table surface... take my right... and hold it straight out... level to my side... please!?" he groaned.

"Alright, I got it..." she answered, taking his tails as he said, already feeling them almost limp like two heavy ropes. He put his left on the table and held his right up as he wanted. "Now what?"

"When I count to three...! AH!" he tried to groan. "Pull back on the right... and then push them both down against my legs...! Do you undestand?"

"I think so," she said worriedly.

Sky put the rag back in his mouth and bit hard, closing his eyes then starting taking deep breaths. He mumbles through the rag, "Unnnnn.... twwwwwww.....THEEEE!!!"

As Jessica pulled on his right tail Sky jerked himself forward and then she brought his tails down to the back of his legs. When she did she could feel the tails suddenly creek and then another audible crack was when she brought them down there was a definite SNAP! like putting a key into a lock then Sky recoiled back into her, making her jump away. At first she thought she had let go too soon but Sky let out a gust of relief, dropping the rag from his mouth and collapsed on his side.

"Hey, are you alright?" Katrin asked, walking over to look at him. he was breathing slowly, his eyes half dazed looking as they opened and saw her.

"Sky, what was that?" Jessica asked leaning back over him. "Are you okay?"

"Yes...." he whispered. "I'm fine now..."

"What was that?" Katrin asked. "You scared the entire waiting room away with that shout, I had to convince them all to stay."

"I'm sorry," he answered, barely able to muster any volume. "I didn't mean to... it's an old problem I didn't warn you about in time..."

"Was it just me or did your tails completely snap and creek?" asked Jessica.

"Accident... a prank," he answered her, closing his eyes. "Do you remember I told you when I was in France?" Jessica nodded and gave him an affirmative hum. "My last night there... two lynxes didn't believe me that my tails were real... they thought it was a fake. They tried to pull my tails off..."

"They did what?" asked Katrin.

"They tried... to pull my tails off in a bar." Sky took a few moments to catch his breath and let the pain ebb away. He swallowed before continuing "They stood one each side of me, then grabbed a tail each and tried running off in each direction, thinking if my tails were fake that one would pull the fake one away... They broke my tail vertebrae doing so and split it right down the middle like a wishbone.

Both the girls gasped and cringed at the unimaginable agony he had probably felt of a broken tail bone and the pain of split nerves on the back of his hips.

"I nearly lost my tails over that incident," he continued. "A doctor, a number of doctors, tried to see about correcting my tails but they each said I had to choose one tail or the other or they couldn't save even one in time... I told them I wouldn't give them up and then found one surgeon who took the risk and operated on them, managing to fuse the bone back together and wrapped the bone in a gold brace... My tails aren't two individual ones... it's one tail that split into a Y shape at the base. I wag the base and both tails move but I can still work them independently. But the surgery left the join weak... susceptible to being dislodged like what just happened. Now we reset them, so I'll be fine."

"I'm so sorry," Jessica gushed.

"Don't be...you didn't know and I didn't tell you in time." He looked up to her and then reached for her hand, taking it gently, a touch that made her think for a moment; it wasn't pain or anger, but a simple soft embrace, much like that of a close one. "I don't hold it against you, don't worry." He stared at her for a moment then look up to Katrin. "Go and take care of your customers. Tell them what happened and that I'm fine."

"I doubt they'll believe me if I do," Katrin said.

"Well then tell them I did it to myself, giving myself some chiropractic care, anything. Just don't tell them I'm dead or I'll have to tell them your service is to DIE for when I walk out of here," he tried to amuse with a half hearted attempt.

Katrin gave him a weak smile, a little funniness to it then looked to Jessica. "I'll go take care of the customers."

"Okay Katrin," Jessica answered as she left the room and closed to door. She then leaned down over Sky as he looked like a baby kit almost asleep. "Are you sure you'll be alright? Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I'll be fine," he reassured her. "It happens... and it's happened more than you think, so it's not the first time... Try doing that when you're all alone sometime."

"I don't even want to imagine. Does it hurt?"

"Yes, still does... it will for a bit."

"Here... maybe I can do something." Jessica started at his mid-back again, starting to caressing and work the vertebrae moving back down to his tail. At first he grunt she was worried he was hurt again or that she was starting to work his tails loose again but it was instantly followed by a moan of delight. "Is that feeling better?"

"Yes... much better now, thank you," Sky gushed.

"Is there a way for me to work your tail area to try and ease the soreness?"

"Yes... Just don't push down along the base bones like you're doing... Come from the sides together... or hold the base where my tails split... then you can go downwards like that," he answered. "Just support the bone as you pull down and it'll be worry free of that again."

Jessica acknowledged him and poured some of her wax into his tail base that added to the soothing motion of her hands and made him completely gush in sheer relief, realizing she got it right, holding the particular tail bone and began to work her magic like always. "Is that any better?" she asked.

Sky smiled and almost fell into slumber with a sigh of utter bliss. "That's perfect... I've never had that so good..."

A little while later, Jessica had finished her magic work and was washing her hand while Sky was buttoning his shirt and vest up. "Thank you again, I feel a ton better."

"I'm glad," she smiled as she dried her paws. "That was quite a new experience for me."

"I thought you handled it as if you'd massaged my kind of tails all your life."

"Thank you," she replied and put her coat back on as he hopped off the table. "I hope I can do as well next time, if there is a next time..."

"Certainly will be. And the company is splendid, thank you." Sky smiled as he buttoned his coat. They had spent the last bit of time while she rubbed him down telling them about each other's past experiences, Jessica sharing how she had been outcast and ridiculed in much the same way growing up herself, many being both jealous and angry about her difference. "You and I are very similar creatures, Jessica. We both come from strong long-rooted family ties and yet because of our subtle differences that make us unique we're cast out, in a way."

"Certainly seams that way." Sky took her hand and just held it, giving her a smile like a bretheran would, no feleing to it just the connection that just made her smile for a moment, wondering what could really be going on behind his eyes in his mind. Still was going to be a fun challenge here and there to torment. As he hopped off the table and collected his belongings she opened the door and led him to the front counter. He could see the other customers all starring at him, wondering what was going on but his smile made them more at ease as Jessica came to her desk and started writing his bill. "Alright then, no worries on the price, I won't charge you full rate so final cost is... Fifty Florins."

"Quite a bargain," Sky smiled, taking the coins from his pocket. "Here's the fifty... and here's a little token of appreciation."

Jessica noticed him stack the fifty Florins but then put the rest of the value of her massage next to the stack with a wink. She smiled and took the funds, deposited them in the cash box and made the notes in her ledge. "Care to make another appointment time?"

"Certainly," said Sky and together they made a date for his next arrival then he turned and waved as he left. "See you then!"

"Come by anytime!" she waved back.

Relieved and recovered he headed down the road with a little jiggy hum on his lips then looked at the ledger in his hand and said to himself, "Time to go make all this official."

And with that I returned to make my first entry into the my new journal, happily recording all my thoughts and plans for the days to come. And best of all, the day is still young. With the boiler arrived it was a quick installation and then testing of it will begin tomorrow morning. I'm so excited at how quickly everything's coming together and excited to see more of it.

"Sky? Sky!" called a voice from outside.

Sky knew exactly who it was, smiling as he left the ledger at his desk and walked to the window. Leaning out he searched the road until he looked down at his doorstep and smiled at knowing it was Thomas. Aaron "Heya Thomas!" he called back with a wave. "Nice to see you!"

"Nice to see you too! So this is your place, huh? I like it! You sure went from a wreck to a resident in due time."

"Sure did," Sky smiled back. "So you ready?"

"I sure am! Come on, we gotta get there quick, everyone's probably waiting by now! And the pints are going to get warm!"

"Oh we can't have that now, can we!" Sky laughed back then darted back into the room and ran for his coat, shouting as he almost flew down the stairs. "I'm on my way down!"


YAY!!! One more part down, one to go. Smile I like the way this one came out and the ending I hope will be just as good. I'll try and have it done soon, until then, keep on being yiffy and misbehaving! Very Happy
The Story of Sky B. Fox
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Casting call for Sky's Story
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Hello everyone! Very Happy Are you all having fun and staying yiffy? Well, here we go again! The finall instalation of the latest episode of The Blue Sky of Bon Bon. I know this took forever, but let's see if I still got it, hmm?

The Blue Sky of Bon Bon Episode 3 part 3/3

Thomas waited at the door of the new shop, its windows lit and the inside aglow when they suddenly extinguished and the door flew open. Sky came trotting out in his finest suit and trousers, twirling his cap on his finger before placing it on his head with a gay smile! "I'm ready! Let's go," he said.

"Let's get going," said Thomas smiling in return and together they started walking down the side street until they met the promenade then headed down towards their destination. "I'm sure we'll have fun tonight, it's going to be a great night at the Castle."

"I hope so too," Sky answered, his hands in his pockets and smiling like a child eagerly awaiting a present. "You sure he will be there tonight? "

"My employer will be there for sure, and I did invite others to come too. Not everyone could make it as I thought, some were too busy or had other arrangements but I think plenty of the ones that will benefit you will be there." Thomas checked his watch as the sun was beginning to set and the lamplighters were starting to light the streets. "Even if you don't get everything you hope out of the ones there the Delight Castle is having a program tonight that many of the prominent members of Bon Bon will be there that you can make up the difference. Trust me."

"I certainly hope so." Sky thought to himself quietly as they walked down the road and came to the gates of the Delight Castle once more. "I hope I don't keep finding myself in the Delight Castle too often, this is becoming quite a habit for me."

"Why not? You seam to always get such great attention when you're here. Good habit, bad habit, who cares?" Thomas laughed.

A sudden thought of all those luscious, gorgeous and beautiful girls filled his mind and made him cringe, not just that all of them were there but how they were constantly approaching him! "I know, I'm trying to not remember so much," he mumbled.

"Oh come on, you should revel in such a great position. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone garner so much attention there before. Maybe it's because you resist so much that is the cause of it."

"Maybe it is, who knows." Sky and Thomas came to the doors and entered.

The Casino was bustling tonight, lots of people crowding the floor and tables, pulling handles on the machines as they tried their best to beat the house but always losing. Sky didn't notice this time the many glances and eyes that wandered to him when he and Thomas walked in and then Thomas led him towards the bar.

"This way, Sky," Thomas said as he led the way. When they reached the bar area they were greeted by Pollyanna and ushered into the waiting area. "Wait here and I'll go get him. I'll be right back."

"No worries, I'll be here. I'm just going to get a drink for now, if that's alright?"

"Certainly." Thomas turned and walked to another side of the bar looking for his employers as Sky walked to the bar counter.

Dalila Champagne walked up to him. "Hello Mister Fox, welcome back," she greeted and smiled.

"Thank you," Sky responded with a smile. "Can I please have a glass of... bourbon on ice, please?"

"Coming right up," she said and poured a cold glass of fine bourbon, adding some ice. "There you are."

"Thank you." Sky paid for his drink and took a little sip, wincing at the strength of it, obviously a vintage and elegant brand. Sampling many on his travels, this one was one of the finer ones. Sudden;y he winced when he felt his tails being felt up- the wrong way and tickling him! "Eeeeh!"

"I knew those tails when I saw them!" Violet Berry giggled as she felt his tails up and laughed more when they fuzzed up in grasp!

"Hey! watch it!" Sky laughed, nearly spilling his drink and yanked them from her, brushing them down and turned to face her. "Hello Violet, how are you this evening?"

"Very well!" she smiled. "And you, what brings you here tonight again?"

"A business meeting, a possible investor and work, from my understanding."

"Oh! So are you staying in Bon Bon now?"

"That is my plan," Sky beamed at hearing himself say he was staying. He didn't know why but there was great pride when he said it.

"How wonderful, and what will you be doing?" Violet smiled.

"Oh, some manufacturing and services possibly. I still have to establish a customer basis, that will take some time even in a town like this."

"Hmmm, and would there be anything you could do here in the castle?"

"Possibly," Sky pondered. "Would have to leave that one to a later discussion.... And you'll have to pardon me, I can see my investor has arrived," said Sky pointing as Thomas waved over to him to come.

"I understand, and good luck with your business venture," Violet gushed. "And hope to see you around the castle around more often!"

"If all goes right I will make you that promise," he answered, taking her hand in gratitude before walking over to the table Thomas was at.As he walked away Violet gave his tails one more rub up the wrong way, making his fur stand on end, answering her with a laugh before he approached Thomas and his employer.

"Sky, this is my employer," said Thomas motioning to a tall and very athletic looking wildcat gentleman sitting at the table.

The wildcat stood and took Sky's hand, shaking it very strongly, "Sky! A pleasure to meet you!" he said in a light British accent. "I've heard many a good things about you."

"Why thank you," Sky answered, shaking hands back. "And your name is, sir?"

"I'm Jack. Jack Hardness," he grinned, rather suggestively. "Please, have a seat. Thomas, join us."

"Yes, sir," said Thomas as they all sat down.

"Now then, let us get down to business," said Jack. "Thomas tells me you just opened a shop in town, is this correct? What have you in mind as far as services?"

"This is correct, I have just opened my own shop. I finished moving in today, however it will be just a little time before I can meet all of its capabilities. For now, my focus is to start organizing clients and getting a head start on orders."

"Such as what? What kinds of services are your providing?"

"Primary are ability to manufacture and service metal equipment," Sky continued, taking a sip from his glass. "I have a milling machine and a lathe installed, both are top quality and my own independent drive motor so I don't require a major factory size. I do have an extensive history of working with woods from building my gliders and other devices over my history. With that, I also offer drafting, design and consultation services for mechanical design and concepts if you wish. Do you have a primary area of business one of these could work with?"

"Yes I do," said Jack, leaning over the table and sipped his own tall glass of iced gin. "I own the railroad service that comes into Bon Bon and three large transportation lines that adjoin them in this region. The primary reason I considered you was I had heard you have some rather good experience with locomotives?"

"Absolutely, I was a locomotive mechanic for three years when I was in America in Chicago, Boston and New York. I fixed the engines, boilers and helped service the bogies on the train cars, too."

"That's precisely what we're looking for at the moment. You see this mountainous area is wreaking havoc with the engines that come up this way at certain times. Due to the high mountains the locomotives are straining sometimes to get up here to Bon Bon and even when they get here, they break down being unable to move until we get them fixed, causing scheduling issues. And delivering parts up here is difficult with the little volume of space available on the trains, causing more problems in we have trouble predicting what will break so we cannot plan ahead."

"Ah yes, the high altitude air causes subtle excesses in the pressure lines sometimes, and blowing out the seals in the drive cylinders?"

"That's precisely it!" Jack smiled. "Damn, you are good at seeing things as they are."

"Somewhat," Sky smiled. "And what about parts, you said? You can't get them here very often but what about the remnants and broken ones?"

"There's no shortage of those parts, thankfully," said Jack grunting and downed another large mouthful of gin. "In fact, I had heard through the grape vine you purchased one of the old drive piston system of mine for your shop."

"Yes, I did, that was the part that operates my master shaft for the machines." Sky sipped lightly of his own glass. "You know, I did see a little stockpile by the shed next to the station when I traveled your train one time... I might just be possible to save you more money on parts by servicing the old ones and rebuilding them instead of lugging new ones up this way all the time."

"Do you think it can be done?"

"Absolutely." Sky smiled and pulled out his folder of papers, setting out a sheet and started scribbling a sketch on them. "I can imagine what you parts cost, and if you're problems derive mainly from the engines working so hard to come up the hill then your primary breakdown is the cylinders themselves. What I can do if you see here... is simply to take the old parts and clean them with my machines. Then by creating a replacement bearing or bushing... we can completely rework the parts in a fraction of the time and have them installed quickly, too, by professional mechanics. As far as the pressure problems, I can make a special regulator valve that will compensate for the mountainous working conditions but also modify the cylinders to be more powerful for the same amounts of pressure. They would work less for the same trip once everything were installed together."

"That all sounds wonderful except we have no mechanics able to do the work up here," Jack groaned.

"Oh, well I can certainly do the installations too, it wouldn't be too difficult for me."

"You could?" asked Jack incredulously.

"Indeed! No problems at all with it. In fact, I'll make you an offer for now that I'll service a new set of these parts from the old ones, have them ready and then install them myself. If you're satisfied with the performance then we can talk afterwards about the servicing and repair of all the parts you have stored at the station, then you can have them taken down the mountains and install them on your other engines."

"Deal!" Jack smiled with a wide cat grin and grabbed Sky's hand, shaking it fast and roughly! "I love it! When can you get the first set done and how much will it cost?"

"W-Well gi-ive me a da-a-ay or two!" Sky stammered from the rough shaking until Jack let him go. Sipping his bourbon again he got his breath and reset his coat. "I will start drafting the valve design if I can see a steam engine of yours tomorrow when it arrives. Come by my workshop at about three o'clock and I'll have the initial pricing of materials, time and delivery date for you. I should point out I may need a temporary assistant to help me with the lifting until my shoulder heals," Sky said tapping his shoulder and chest.

"Splendid, I look forward to it and I will let my staff know to let you onto the engines when they arrive," said Jack, then his eyes started following a white Siberian tigress with dark pink hair walking across the entrance to the bar area dressed in a tightly revealing and low cut purple and blue dress, making every head in the room and casino turn with her. Grinning and licking his fingers he drew his hair back, not taking his eyes off her and stood up from the table, "Oh yes... Gentlemen, I think we've come to a great point tonight, sorry to keep the meeting short but... I got some prowess to show. Thomas, you're on liberty for the remainder of the evening."

"Thank you, sir," said Thomas, collecting his belongings.

"It was very nice meeting you," said Sky smiling with a very satisfied grin, standing along with Thomas. "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and can't think of a way to thank you enough for this opportunity."

"Oh I'm sure you will," said Jack as Thomas stepped with Sky and they started to walk away.

Once they were walking they both suddenly jumped when both felt firm patting on their rears! Sky's eyes were wide, so was Thomas', Sky looking over as Thomas grabbed him and almost had to pull him along the walk. "Don't look back, just keep walking!" Thomas whispered.

"Was that who I think-" asked Sky but he was cut off.


Once they were back at the bar they put their glasses down for refills, both of them as if in perfectly synchronized twins slammed both their drinks down their throats, slamming their glasses back on the counter with exasperated gasps.

"Don't tell me Jack is..." started Sky, looking at Thomas, catching his breath.

"Indeed..." groaned Thomas. "Jack pays me very well when he comes to town for his little business trips but sadly I don't always take all he offers, but a fraction."

"Why's that?"

"Because I don't want to find out what he'll do if I take ALL the money he offers!" groaned Thomas looking him right in the eyes!

"Touche`, let's drink," said Sky and paid for another set of drinks.

"Thomas took a smaller sip this time and caught his breath. "You handled that rather well and fast, I'm impressed."

"So am I... I just hope I can give him a good price tomorrow. And I hope to hear from an arctic wolf I met earlier today too, he said he'd be by the shop at noon."

"Arctic wolf? He doesn't have a cut ear, does he?"

"And wears a necklace with a piece of shrapnel looking debris? Yeah, why?"

"Ah, that's Alexander. He'll be by if he says he will, Scott will make sure of that."

"Who's Scott?"

"The voice in his head," Thomas laughed. "You'll meet him at some point."

"Wow..." Sky shrugged wondering if it was such a good idea now. "And to think I said I'd help him with some rifle work when he comes."

"Rifle work?" asked Thomas surprised.

"Yes, I said I'd see about modifying his rifle he used."

"Oh, really?" Thomas tilted his head in thought. "Can you gunsmith?"

"Not really gunsmith." Sky took a sip of his drink and breathed. "I was just seeing if I could modify the rifle to make it better. He's a good shot but I thought we could make him better."

"Hmmm..." Thomas mulled, rubbing his chin. He then reached to his beltline and removed his revolver, holding it out to Sky. "Can you do anything with this?"

"That?" Sky looked at the gun then took it by the barrel, keeping his fingers clear of the trigger. "Hmmmm..... Not a bad revolver... A Navy thirty-eight... percussion cap..." Looking it over he then racked the hammer and keeping his finger in front of it so to prevent a strike, pulled the trigger and cocked the hammer to cycle it. "Action's good... Could use a little polishing on the seer, I can feel a little grabbing. Light trigger pull... Maybe, we'll have to see."

Sky handed the pistol back to Thomas who placed it back in his holster. "Anything in mind that could make it better?"

"Let me have some more time with it and we can discuss that." Sipping another gulp of his drink he started to glance around the room and pondered about all the ones who were present.

He didn't mind looking at the girls now, realizing it was just common for the town. Even now he felt at ease, like he was blending into the settings. His eyes glanced back and forth, looking at everyone until his own eyes fell on someone across room,. Almost frozen in place at seeing a skunk girl dressed in a long flowing blue gown, blue long gloves, her hair pinned up in a bun with her tail curled in itself at the end. She walked to the far end of the bar counter, Sky just starring at her when she turned to look at him, it seamed. His eyes were awestruck, seeing her just staring and warmly smiling with her crystal blue eyes highlighted by bright eyeshadow, and then a vision of white birds bursting out behind her in a moment of beauty that stood still in time.

"HOW DID THESE PIGEONS GET IN HERE!?" shouted Dalila from behind the bar.

Snapping out of it Sky nearly choked on his glass, a little bourbon spilling on his muzzle as he set the glass down and wiped his jaw of liquor. Dalila was shouting and swaying at the small gaggle of birds that were flying about the ceiling and took refuge on the top of the bar. Flustered and hissy, Dalila swatted at them from the bar, swatting at them to get them away. "Shoo! Out! Get out of here!"

"Wait!" called Sky, everyone stopping and looking at him. "I'll get them out- don't hurt them."

Without a word Sky took a small set of crackers from the bar counter and walked towards where Dalila was, stepping next to the skunk girl, blushing a little as he said, "Hello..."

"Hello," she said back smiling, her smile nearly making him stumble but he recovered.

"Would you excuse me, please?" he asked.

"Of course," she said, taking a step back to give him room at the bar.

Sky stepped up on the brass bar of the counter then crushed the bit of crackers in his hand, holding them up to the birds. "Come here... come on," he cooed and gave a couple chuffs. One of the birds saw his hand, hobbled a moment then flew to it. Sky smiled as it began pecking at his hand and slowly he lowered himself down with the bird still pecking from the crumbs in his hand. Smiling happily he let it feed then looked up to the other three still on the sill above the hanging glasses and chuffed at them too when they noticed the one feeding from his hand. All three flew down and hovered before him, trying to get on his hand as well and instead he lifted his other arm up for them to land on, all three sitting in a line across his forearm then tucked their wings and began feeding. "There we go, good birdies, you're all such pretty doves."

The one in his hand joined the four on his arm and kept pecking at the crumbs until he crushed another to let them enjoy it. "How did you do that?" asked Dalila.

"Just something I learned," Sky smiled still starring at them as they pecked then they finished off his offering. The first one to come down Sky began to softly pet its chest as it cooed.

"How do you do that?" asked the skunk girl, noticing him just smiling there with the birds on his arm as if they were perfectly trained.

"A little trick I picked up here and there." Gently he pet the bird as it cooed then even picked up on of its wings and unfolded it, looking over the intricate feathers and layout of its white wing, examining it for ideas of his own until he let the wing go. The dove responded by flapping its wings open a couple times then rested them back on its sides. Everyone in the room just starred at the almost expert handling of them and seeing the kind and gentle side Sky demonstrated, surprising many of them present."When you spend as much time in the air as I have you kind of learn a few things about getting close to birds and teaching them not to fear you. Showing you mean no harm and not being afraid are the secrets to winning trust. Besides, they were just hungry, probably nesting on the castle grounds and looking for something to eat, they're obviously acclimated to everyone's presence... Time to go, you party crashers. Dalila, would you open that window, please?"

Dalila did as she was asked and Sky walked with the four on his arm behind the counter and leaned with them out the window. "Now, don't do that again, behave yourselves, ok?" He smiled at them, not receiving any kind of answer but instead they all flew off his arm and away."

"Well, that was rather impressive, Mister Fox," said a voice.

The voice was instantly recognizable and shocked the nerves out of Sky, making him try to pull himself back in but his head struck the sill of the window with a loud CRACK! "OOOOOOooooooowww!"

Sky pulled back in, grabbing his head and turned with one eye closed to see Princess Betty smiling at him from across the counter. Coyly she smiled, her arms crossed in a long flowing red and black gown, her little tiara on her head. he just grinned sheepishly at her, still rubbing the back of his head as he stood up, his ears folded back. "Yeah that's me... the bird brain."

"Welcome back, Sky. Violet told me you were back in the castle. tonight"

"Yes... yes I am," Sky groaned as he finally let go of his head and walked out from behind the counter. "I was here on some business earlier when Miss Champagne complained about the birds."

"I have to admit, that was quite a surprise seeing you get them out like that so easily. You learn that with your gliding too?"

"Yes... here and there." Sky took a sip of his drink and finished the contents, Dalila pouring a refill. "What brings you here tonight, Princess?"

"Well, we are having our monthly ball in the ballroom tonight, but Violet told me you were here again and I wanted to see if it were true," she answered and opened her fan, fanning herself a little. "She said you were now in town on business... Something about you might be able to help with something?"

"Yes, business is true," Sky answered setting the glass down. "Thomas introduced me to his employer and we'll see about getting a contract signed tomorrow." He smiled happily and she smiled in return.

"Sky, I heard you were here the other night," she asked.

Sky sweat a little at seeing the look in her eyes turn to not of anger but somewhat of concern and curiosity, which didn't help his feeling of being in her presence now. "Oh yes, I was... Actually I wanted to talk to you about-" Sky was beginning to say but was interrupted.

"Hey Sky!" called a voice from the casino floor. Betty and Sky both looked over to see Thomas, Jack Hardness had taken a seat at a blackjack table and were motioning him to come. "Come and join us in a friendly game, my boy!"

"What kind of game?" Sky asked back, not moving from Betty's presence.

"Blackjack of course! A good friendly game of twenty-one!"

"House or a personal game?" he asked, a little concerned.

"The house table of course! Come on, try your luck."

"Oh no, I'm afraid I can't," Sky smiled and waved at Jack. "Thank you for the offer, though."

"Why not? Can't you play?"

"Well... yes I can but..."

"Then join us!"

"I couldn't..."

"Please, my boy! Nothing wrong with a little business betting, is there?"

"Uh..." Sky pondered, wondering what to do then turned to look at Betty, looking at him perplexed as to why he was refusing to play. "Princess, about that-"

"Come on, Sky," asked Thomas walking up beside him. "Jack loses a lot, there's no worry about beating him."

"It's not that," said Sky, still trying to politely refuse. "it's just that... well... Oh, alright." He turned to Betty. "Princess Betty, please excuse me while I go join them for now, Mister Hardness is my first client and I don't wish to disappoint him. But I do wish to talk to you afterwards about a couple of matters, if that's possible?"

"Very well, Sky," she said. "I'll see you afterwards. Good luck at the game."

Bowing to her he walked away, a bead of sweat dripping from his brow. Oh please, let this be the end of this tonight, he thought.

Sky took a seat next to Jack and Thomas sat on the other side of him. At the table were a fox-like gentleman and another cat whom he recognized from his night at he won at the roulette table. "Alright then, dealer, let's begin."

"Very well..." said the lady cat and began passing out the cards to everyone.

They all put their bets down, Sky putting down five Florins and looked at their hands, some asking for hits, others saying to hold, Sky simply asking for no cards. The first round went poorly, everyone busting but Sky couldn't beat the dealer with a twenty to his eighteen dealt. The next round the dealer won and everyone lost their money, Thomas and jack both groaning and then even harder when they lost again. Sky simply sat there, watching the game and sipping his bourbon for a three more hands without taking a single card, not winning a single hand before he set down his cards and kept folding every single hand.

"Hey, come on, Sky! Play some," he urged. "Let's just have some fun! Don't be such a prude and sore loser."

"Thomas, I told you, I can't play," Sky pleaded, pushing his cards away, this time not even looking at them.

"What's wrong?" asked Jack. "I'll give you some extra money and if you win we'll split the winnings or share the girl."

Sky jumped at the thought of a sharing, drowning out the prospects of the money.

"Yes, come on, Sky, play a game," said a voice from behind. Sky turned to see Lily standing there and smiling. "If you're as lucky as you were last time then you should have no trouble. Your luck is bound to change!"

"Yes, please?" asked Violet as she came up and leaned over Sky's back, smiling her usual gay self. "Come on, give it a try! Let's see your luck. Show us that winning streak you had last time you were here. Pleeease!?"

"I... uh...." Sky then noticed Betty walking up behind him and saw the same look on her face. Something about it finally made him cave in and sighed. He looked back at everyone at the table and grunted, this time in frustration. "Alright, alright, let me just put your curiosity to rest..."

All the girls present started to huddle around the table, remembering the tales of his jackpot from earlier in the week, hoping he'd win this time for a chance at them too. But instead Sky rubbed his forehead and turned to Betty. "Princess, can I speak with you, please?"

"What is it?" she asked walking up behind him, the girls parting.

"Please, princess... I have a request," he pleaded looking at her softly. "Allow me to play this as I say with what you're about to see or hear?"

"I.... uh..." The request cut her off guard and saw the look of wanting in his eyes, a soft look she rarely saw in anyone but the sincerity he was wanting to show something. "... Alright. Go ahead."

"Thank you," he said then turned to all the gentlemen present, taking sip of his drink then put it down with a deep breath. "Okay, gentlemen, here's the why I don't play... Dealer?" She looked at him at calling for her. "Deal all the cards you normally would but face-down, don't let any card face up."

"What?" she asked but looking to Betty she got a nod from her and started dealing the cards exactly as requested, setting out everyone's cards but so no one could see them.

"Alright then, gentlemen here, are you the kind that holds at seventeen or a different number?" All of them agreed on seventeen then Sky started pointing at them one by one with a card order. "Okay then, to Hans give him three cards and it's a bust, Thomas gets one with a nineteen, I get two with a twenty, Jack gets two and busts, the George on the end gets four with a bust. Dealer gets a twenty-one and wins. If you think I'm lying, put your bets down and I'll give you all TWO to one odds against me personally, if I'm right then I get all the chips on the table. Now...turn all your cards over in the right sequence they came."

Everyone around blinked at the callout and wondered if it were true until everyone slowly turned over their cards and gasped at what they saw- every hand was exactly as was called out! Exactly the sequence, exactly the amounts Sky had called out. Sky on the other hand just casually swept all the chips in front of him and stacked them up, their bets giving him a hundred florins when before he never even had a hand.

"Alright then, dealer, do it again. Same odds as last time, make your choices. This time give one, three, four, two and five. You and Jack will meet with a push, no winners." Unable to believe what just happened she dealt the cards again, doing what he said. "Hans busts with a twenty-two, nineteen for Thomas, blackjack for me, blackjack for Jack, bust for George and dealer busts, all win."

When the cards were turned over the sequence was exactly right once again, no one could believe it. Every hand, every card was exactly what he called out and once more he swept the florins into the pile in front of him.

"Should I go on?" Sky asked casually. A jeer of yeses made him roll his eyes then he decided on something new. "Alright then, let's up the odds. Can someone cover my eyes and make sure I can't see the cards?" A moment passed when someone's hands covered his eyes and he smiled. "Thank you. Now then, deal once more and it'll be..."

Another three hands went by and as if on command every hand that was dealt from the dealer was exactly what Sky had called out! It was almost as if it were a magic trick. After the fourth hand he couldn't take it anymore when the dealer reshuffled the deck for the second time, he was tired of winning and putting on an unwanted spectacle with his money stack growing bigger in front of him.

"Okay, okay, that does it, no more bets. Dealer?" he asked, out stretching his hand. "Can you give me the remainder of the deck, please?" She placed it in his hand. "Now then... Let's just finish it right here and now.... Four of clubs." He drew the top card from the deck and flipped it onto the table, exactly what he called. "Now then, nine of diamonds.." Once again, the card fell as if on command but then he picked up speed. "Queen of hearts, ace of clubs, two of spades, jack of hearts, king of hearts..."

On and on the cards fell on command, then he started shuffling from the bottom of the deck and then started dropping them in threes, alternating from top to bottom. With the last card falling on the table Sky simply folded his arms and rested there, his eyes still covered with an audience of guests all gaping at the sight they saw.

"Now do you see why I can't play this game...?" he asked casually. "Because I can't help it. So I choose NOT to play it."

"How... how in the world did you do that!?" asked Thomas still starring at the cards on the table.

"It just happens, I can't help it, as I said." Sky took a moment then took the hands down from his eyes and looked up to the volunteer. "Thank you very-EEEK!!!"

"No problem at all," said Lidia Apricot smiling down at him, giggling. "That was well worth the watch to see."

"Aye... yae... you... I...." he stammered, turning beat red over the earlier events of the day. "Look I-I'm sorry about that but... what happened... I..."

"Oh it's alright," she smiled back at him and winked. "Did you get a good look?"

"I... yes...." he blushed at hearing himself say that.

"And is your head all better?" she asked rubbing his head with a smile.

"Perfectly fine..." he grinned but then starting to relax when she rubbed his head at the base of the ears. He then turned to the table and started collecting all the bets and totaled them up at over eight hundred florins. Both the cat and fox were starting to sigh at their losses, Thomas and Jack were just dumbfounded and staring in disbelief. "Hey, gentlemen it's all in fun, if you want I'll let you take all your bets back, right now."

Some of the guests recoiled at hearing the offer, none of them would give it back in a million years. "No no... I lost fair and square," said Jack.

"Me too," said Thomas, shaking his head. "I can't believe this happened."

"I did warn you gentlemen," said Sky to both of them, setting his chips in a bin bucket that Ophelia handed him from behind. He put all of them in the bin then stood up and turned around. Right there behind him was Betty, looking perplexed and surprised. Suddenly Sky outstretched his arms to her with the tub of money. "Princess Betty, this is for you."

Some of the customers groaned at hearing him make the offer, knowing he would probably get the best of the Castle, the girls were moaning that he had made a choice over them when they had all been trying to win his attention, themselves. Betty looked at the prize then turned around, opening her fan and blatantly responded with a flare of elegance she commanded, "I'm very sorry, Sky. Congratulations on your win but that is insufficient to engage my services..."

"I'm giving it to you, a return of the winnings I made earlier this week" Sky answered. A sudden blast of air echoed through the casino as a collective of guests all blasted a myriad of gasps together and jaws nearly hitting the floor. The four at the table couldn't even believe what they had heard and were looking back with wide eyes, unable to believe they lost but now he was just giving it away to her instead? No one was believing what they could hear.

Betty just stood there, her back to him and didn't make a move for a few moments. "Sky...." she said pointing down the hall. "... Can I see you for a minute in private...?"


A few moments later Sky entered Betty's office and closed the door behind them. Sky simply stood there at the edge of Betty's desk and set the tub of Florins on it. When he looked up he saw Betty still standing there a the door then locked it with a turn of the key, her back still turned to him and didn't make a sound. As the time passed Sky began to feel more and more uneasy as if the room were turning cold.

"Princess Betty?" he called. "Are you alright?"

"Who are you..." she said quietly.

"I beg your pardon?" Sky asked taking a step towards her.

"I said who are you!?" Betty snapped, turning around and faced him, her eyes stern and focused with determination.

"What- Princess! I'm just me," Sky answered, the sudden look in her eyes frightened him. Ifreann na Fola! How does someone so pretty turn into something so scary all of a sudden!? he thought.

"I mean what are you doing in Bon Bon?" Betty shot at him. "This is unheard of! how can you offer me this money and not be expecting something in return?"

"I'm repaying the money I won the other night in the casino," Sky answered.

"That's impossible! It's unheard of!" Betty took a step closer to him.

"I wanted to repay what I felt I owe you," Sky said taking a step back then found himself stepping back against her desk, placing his hands on it as he started to sweat with her inching closer and closer.

"What do you mean repay what you owe me? You didn't borrow that money, you won it! You didn't take any of my girls, you refused them!" Betty kept walking towards him until she was standing toe to toe, starring up at him. "There isn't a single thing since you've been here that makes any sense to me!"

"Princess, I'm just trying to do the right thing," was all Sky could say, starting to shake and tremble. "I'm very grateful to you and I just wanted to show it!"

"Some way to show it!" She leaned up a little starting to meet up eye to eye and started poking his chest with her index finger. "How do I know you weren't the one in cahoots with that maker of that slot machine you fixed the other day and just wanted to cover your own ass!?"

"What!? Why would I do that?" Sky squeaked and started leaning back against the desk down to the top, his ears folding back as she starred him down. "I wasn't even in Bon Bon until that day, I was at Constance's house the whole time I was here until then..."

"A likely story!" Sky hit the desk flatly against his back and Betty put her hands beside him, leaning over him as she continued her inquisition. "What is it about you, Sky? Huh!? What is it!? You fix that slot machine then you come back the next day and hit big in my casino!? Why don't you take my girls and then return my money!?"

"Princess...! Please...!" Sky squeaked and closed his eyes, turning his head to hide from her. "I can't tell you that... it's too deep a matter...!"

"I want the truth, Sky!" Betty blasted.

Sky thought for a moment and then thought of one thing that might help. "Princess Betty... please! The first rule of Bon Bon is... is..."

"I'm about ready to ignore that rule completely because I want to know what it is with you and you being here!" she shouted to him below, almost growing devil horns with her fire of desire! "Now fess-up! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!"

Oh no, she's serious! Sky thought to himself. There was no getting out of this now, he was too petrified to run and he couldn't move from where he was. Finally he decided it was best to just tell her, get it off his own chest to appease her. He thought to himself, Confess it and get it over with!

"Alright... I confess..." he stammered from his lips, trembling like a scared pup. "I'm.... I'm.... I'm a virgin..." he said trailing off with a quiet squeak."

"Huh....?" Betty suddenly snapped out of her hardened torrent of wanting fire and just starred at hearing the word that escaped his lips and she asked very softly"... What did you say?"

"I SAID I'M A VIRGIN!!! OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!?!?!?" Sky exploded with a ferocious blast like a hurricane, practically blowing her back from the desk! "I'M A VIRGIN!!! I'M FRESH!!! I'M GREEN!!! I'M A CHERRY!!! I'M AN UNTAPPED KEG!!! I'M A FRESH GOOSE!!! I'VE YET TO DO THE MATTRESS MOMBO!!! I HAVEN'T STUFFED THE CANOLI!!! I HAVEN'T PUT THE BRATWURST IN THE BUN!!! I'M STILL FRESH OUT OF MOMMY'S OVEN!!! THERE!!! I CONFESS IT!!! HAPPY NOW!?!?!?"

The intense torrent of wild metaphors that flowed from his tongue finally died down, gasping for air and panted for a moment before cracking his eye open a little to see if Betty was still there and infuriated- but when he opened his eyes he found her sprawled back in the chair as if she were blown over in a tornado, her eyes wide and shocked. He gasped at realizing what he had done and put his hands over his mouth, turning bright red in shame!

"I was just asking..." Betty squeaked

"Oh my god! Princess!" he called. "I'm so sorry....! Are you alright?"

"I... I'm fine," she answered, setting herself correctly in the chair then stood up, resetting her dress. The shock of the moment was still taking time to settle in. "So you're.... you mean..."

"Yes, Princess," Sky said calmly as she rose to her feet, his eyes and face showing his shame in his outburst. "I'm a virgin... I confess it. That's why I have trouble with accepting the offers you've extended me."

"I see, so... Wait, just a minute," Betty started then recoiled and returned to her composure of inquisition as before! "If you're a virgin then how could you possibly refuse all the girls of the castle!?"

"CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THE SHOUTING AND HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATIOOOOOON!!!" Sky shot back at the top of his lungs, making Betty jump back again!

"Okay..." she squeaked, her eyes wide at his own returned fury.

Sky took a deep breath and sighed, rubbing his forehead then regained his composure. "Look... Princess Betty... I know I'm not a normal type around Bon Bon, I see that every day I'm out and about."

"Yes, that's true..." said Betty.

"I'm just an honorable type of fox, I was raised to be respectful and... I'm also very modest, too," Sky continued lowering his head. "And I respect you probably more than anyone here now, not just in the castle but in Bon Bon the same as Constance. You don't realize it but what you gave me that day was a new life..." he looked up to her, seeing she took a seat in the chair and was listening to him patiently.

" All the money in the gliding contest I won, I've lost. My glider was destroyed when I came into town. I hadn't a cent to my name until your kindness gave me the first bit of money I needed. I didn't come to Bon Bon intentionally, I came here by accident and completely by mistake but... I want to stay here now. And you made it possible."

"I did...? How?" she asked, surprised at his words, her pent up frustrations of thought starting to melt away.

"Yes, you did." Sky took a deep breath and continued. "The three hundred florins you gave me didn't just come from your generosity, it also gave me my gateway to my new life here. I was able to pay Doctor Fuchs for my medical bills, my train ticket to get my belongings and with what was left, I was able to parlay it at the roulette table. And yes, I do understand your concern about why I fixed your machine then go win at a table, but do you know why I chose that game over what would seam to be the better choice of blackjack, like you saw?"

"Now that you say it like that... No. Why?"

"Because for me the roulette table was the greatest equalizer for your house's odds. I could have lost everything, walked back out of your Delight Castle and just wandered down the hill penniless and would probably be dead by now. Yes, instead I won and with it I was able to buy a shop, start my business, pay Constance back for her property damage and start a new glider. For that opportunity I am always going to be grateful and respect you for that, I can never thank you enough." Sky paused a long moment then closed his eyes with a sigh. "You said the three hundred you gave me was of your appreciation and a hope to see me soon. From then on I wanted to return the favor. Well... this is my way of doing it. I look at what I won and was able to use it as an investment and I want to repay my gratitude. I'm sorry if what I said out there or did embarrassed you, I meant no offense or embarrassment."

"But then..." Betty paused, still digesting the words she was being told. "But then why won't you take one of my girls...? I mean are you...?"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" Sky suddenly shot full bore at her with all intensity he had show before, making her recoil back into the chair, almost falling over backwards. "Oh gosh! I'm so sorry again, Princess."

"But then why wouldn't you take advantage of the castle?" Betty asked again.

"Because I..." Sky suddenly winced as he thought about the question. A familiar pain began to creep up. "Because a long time ago I... was badly hurt and I don't mean just my heart but..." With a grunt he slowly had no choice but to grab his shoulder, clutching the area where his scar was above his wrappings. "Please Princess... I'm not ready to go there yet... but I have my reasons... One day I will but for now... I can't... not that I don't want to. If I were anyone else I would jump at the opportunity, what man could resist such an offer that you gave me but... I can't right now. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have wants, desires, fantasies and the like but aside from my physical condition I have my reasons why I can't accept such things." Betty waited, ceasing her question noticing the legitimate anguish in his gripping and expression. Sky breathed heavily for a moment, grunting once then tried to focus on the moment at hand once more, the pain ebbing away. Taking a deep breath, still holding his shoulder he then looked back to her.

"Princess, you asked me when we met if there was anything that I would like to enjoy of the Delight Castle that I could have it as a guest of honor? Well... you and everyone have given it to me ten folds and more; I have a new life, the company of wonderful people , business opportunities, and amazing people I've never met before that I could call friends and I have your respect... or I thought I had it, I don't know anymore now. Those things I wanted most and I found them, no money on earth could buy them and instead I found them all here in one wonderful place. You're a wonderful mouse, this beautiful castle, wondrous people, a magical fantasy-like land, I feel it's the happiest place on earth! You should charge admission to share the experience.

"All I want now is to repay my gratitude to you in some way," Sky continued. "If you want the money I just got at the table, keep it. I'm giving it to you because I consider what you gave me and what I won before as an investment, and especially since no bank in town would have given it to me beforehand- nor would anyone be a customer to me without me being established first. You want me to keep it, I will. If there is some service I can offer you in return I'll grant it to you and work off the winnings I received against it. I can maintain your slot machines and casino equipment. I've worked in casinos before, I offer you my services, and anything else I can do around the castle.. I didn't wish to play the card game because I knew I'd win like that. Card games, I don't know why, I just seam to be able to do those kinds of calls once I know the number of decks and they've been played through. I can't teach anyone how I do it if I tried but for that reason I don't want to play them in your casino, I know what that'd end in for the long run so I choose to not play. When I asked if I could let the results play as they came, that was my plan to demonstrate why and give you the winnings to repay you for what you made possible. But if you want me to leave the castle and not come back... I'll obey and remain away. I leave it up to you, the choice is yours."

There was a long and quiet pause between the two, Betty taking in all she heard still. There was a great sincerity in his words, something she had never heard before from anyone in Bon Bon which only made what he said true. She was used to cheats, scoundrels and low-lives who would do nothing but say anything to get their way or get out of something but there was the truth that he had nothing to gain by lying, either.

"You are different, Sky," she said finally, looking at him softly. "I have to admit, I never met someone like you... And you're right, no one in Bon Bon would do what you have done... I should say I owe you an apology too."

"Why is that?" Sky asked.

"When I accused you of the one who tampered with my machine, I... did that only to see if I could coax you out," she answered. "Actually, we caught the thief the next day and... you were right again. It was an accomplice of the game maker. We arrested him the next morning when he tried to empty the machine as you said and couldn't win. In fact I was busy at the time when Violet said you had come back, I was with the security at the time and giving him what he deserved."

Earlier in the week...

In a private room of the Delight Castle, Betty and two security guards were standing in front of a pig gentleman who was tied to a chair very heavily around all his arms and legs, starring at them with a look of absolute terror, starring at the lady next to Betty.

"Now then, Mr. Swine..." said Betty with a smile of insane muse that could only otherwise be evil, "You think you can try and fool me? Well then here is your winnings from my establishment. Lou-cile here has generously offered her services in equivalent to the take you've won from the machine."

"Oh it's my pleasure, Princess!" said Lou-cile as she picked the gentleman up in the chair and started to move her lips to the prisoner.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" he screamed, crying as if he were being executed!


"I'm glad I was able to help you." Sky said smiling as she stood and walked to him, looking him straight in the face... smiling for once.

"You are one of a kind, Sky. I know that now. And for what it's worth, what you did win the other night is a small price to pay for what you did. I wanted to thank you again for that, earlier. And I also apologize for misjudging you the way I did."

"Again, it's quite alright, I probably would have done the same in your position, too."

"I did want to propose a job to you, too, Sky." Betty smiled and offered him her hand. "I wanted to ask for your employment in the service of my castle as you did, just as you suggested. I want to hire you to maintain my machines and equipment."

Sky smiled back, all his fears and worries suddenly flushed away by her warm smile and he stood from the desk, proudly staight and took her hand. "I would be delighted to serve the Delight Castle, I accept" he answered then kissed her hand.

Betty smiled at his gesture and as he rose she spied the pot of money on the desk that he had brought in. "Hmm, so what will you do with all those Florins?" she asked.

Sky looked back at the bucket and pondered. "Well... I don't know now. I certainly don't feel I won all of it considering what I did at the card table. Though I still would like to pay back my investment to you, I wouldn't feel right otherwise. Hmm...." Sky pondered. "I know!"

He took a single florin from the pot and handed it to her. "You're a lady of gambling, how about a little wager? I'll even let you flip the coin."

"What's the wager?" she asked.


A short time later the Delight Castle was still bustling and busy with the program of the evening, many were assembled in the ball room of the castle, others were still pressing their luck at the casino floor, trying their best to win. The room was a myriad of furs as they waltzed to the lovely music provided when the song ended and all stopped for a moments rest, not noticing the pair that stood at the door to the room.

Sky stood there with Betty and took her hand, giving it a kiss as he bowed to her. "Thank you again, Princess. I look forward to our business together."

"As well as I," Betty smiled. "So, will I see you tomorrow?"

"In the evening, you will, between five and six o'clock," Sky answered standing straight again. "I have to see my first client and two other appointments before then and I want to get an item printed from the Outback Omnibus before I arrive. I will see you then?"

"I look forward to it." Sky bowed to her and she did as well before turning and walked into the ballroom. "Farewell, Sky."

"Farewell, Princess Betty," Sky smiled, waving to her as she entered then he turned and walked back to the bar area, finding Thomas at the counter.

"Is everything good?" asked Thomas when he noticed Sky walking over to him with a smile.

"Couldn't be better," Sky smiled and leaned on the counter. "But I tell you what, let me treat you to a pint at another place, I've had enough fun here at the castle for the evening."

"Oh really?" asked Thomas surprisingly as Sky paid the bill to Dalila. "Did you win big?"

"I hit the jackpot," Sky smiled, laughing to himself. Together they walked out of the Delight Castle and courtyard, turning down a road that Sky had suggested. "Let's go to this other tavern I saw down this way, I'd like to try it out. It's called the Molly Malone's. I'll buy you a drink. Oh, I almost forgot..." Sky reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a set of four envelopes. "These belong to you, Jack, Hans and George for when you see them again."

"What are they?" asked Thomas, taking them and looking at their written on the outsides.

"They're the money you all put down on the table that I won from you, in house chips and Heart Badges."

"What!?" Thomas blasted in surprise. "But you won this money!"

"I told you gentlemen I didn't want to play, so I'm honoring my word on that. It wasn't a fair game once I saw how the deck was arranged. And no, please don't ask me to play at the tables again, I gave Betty my word to refrain from the card tables and play very restricted if I do roulette."

Thomas didn't know what to say, just shaking his head as he placed the envelopes in his pocket. "I don't understand you," he sighed. "So then you won the jackpot by being able to keep the money with Betty saying it was fine to keep the winnings?"

"Actually, I have to maintain the Castle's casino machines for two weeks free of charge for two hours every morning," said Sky. Surprisingly he just smiled and pulled out a single Florin from his pocket, starring at it. "This little coin won me the bet. Now it's my lucky coin!"

"Won!? How do you call that a win!?" asked Thomas, his eyes wide. "You keep the money but have to maintain the Castle for FREE? How do you call that a win?"

Sky grinned wide looking at Thomas' surprise. "Because I won the contract to be the maintenance man for the Delight Castle. I'll be maintaining the machines and anything else that's needed around the building at a perfectly prime pay rate and with indefinite renewal options of time, after I prove my value with the two weeks I have to give free of charge first."

"Wait... you call that a win?" Thomas asked still not understanding.

"I certainly do!" Sky smiled as they came to the Molly Malone tavern and walked in, taking seats at the counter and Sky ordered two pints of stout. "Thomas, the money isn't the important thing, what I received tonight no money can buy. I have a contract to maintain railroad equipment, I have a contract to maintain the Delight Castle and my own business with a home. It doesn't matter to me if I had lost all the money, everything has been bought and paid for. I still came out the winner of that wager because tonight I won al those deals."

The bar tender brought them two frothy steins of black lager stout and both took their glasses. "So then what was the alternative wager had you won instead?"

"I would have lost the money and had to give Betty the first week of work at half the agreed wage." Sky tumbled the coin in his hand.

"Wait... I don't... how...?" Thomas's eyes wandered around in confusion, trying to understand the bet. "So then... how would you have won the bet in either event? It sounds like you still would have lost."

"That was the idea." Sky giggled, smiling slyly with the Florin in hand. "There was no way for me to win, I made it so. One thing you can always count on of a casino owner, they never refuse any bet when either way they win. The only thing was this way, we both won."

"I don't... I can't even think..." said Thomas still unable to make the gears in his head work.

"Hey, you know what they say?" asked Sky. "Don't think- just drink!"

"I'll drink to that one! Cheers!" Thomas smiled.

"Cheers!" joined Sky, the two clicking their glasses and downed a hearty gulp of their drinks. Smiling at the coin he was holding, Sky flicked the lucky Florin into the air, spinning and humming with the sound of money. But to Sky, it was the victory bells of success to his ears.


Returning to the shop later that evening, Sky swayed a little with his stride from a little overly fun of the evening, a little hickup escaping his lips that made him laugh aloud in memory of many things the night had brought. He walked upstairs from the back route and lit a lantern he kept by the door with the match before making his way to his bedroom, setting down his coat and vest. He stepped out of his newly furnished bedroom and went around the shop lighting all the lamps, turning them up and glanced around the room, taking in everything that was there, perhaps afraid when he woke up it'd all be a dream.

Heading downstairs observed his workshop, lighting the lamps of the main work area and especially one next to a sketch of a glider he had drawn up the day before. Glancing it over he turned his attention to the open floor area and removed a piece of chalk from the desk then knelt down, starting to mark and draw on the floor. A couple hours later he stoodup and viewed the work he had done, smiling at the white chalk outline of what was to be his next glider. The chalk marks would be the setup and guide marks of its construction.

"Tomorrow morning... everything begins," he said with a smile. "It's a whole new world and a whole new life... I can't wait."

He tossed the chalk into the air one more time with a happy smile, setting it back on the desk when he caught it. Taking the lamp once again, he blew out all the others and started his way back upstairs towards, walking to his bedroom after extinguishing all the lamps around the second floor then crawled into his new bed, so warm and soft. This time, it was his own bed, his own place. It made him laugh out loud with a final gush of happiness in realization it was all his, no more hotel rooms and long train rides. Here is where he had landed and now in Bon Bon he was going to stay as he closed his eyes and was almost instantly asleep, dreaming about tomorrow.

The next morning the sun rose bright and early, bathing the valley of Bon Bon in its warm glow. At the Icarus Annex, Sky B. Fox opened his front door and walked out with his street sign he had made the day before, announcing his business to everyone and hopped up on the windowsill, hanging his sign out for everyone to see. Stepping back he looked at it all one more time, making sure it wasn't a dream when his attention was called away by a gentleman walking up.

"Excuse me, Mister Fox?" asked a snow husky gentleman, carrying a folder and a wooden box with some piping parts in it. "Are you open now, by chance?"

Sky smiled and glowed with pride as he answered, "My door is always open."

And so, we come to the end of one journey and begin another for the lucky blue fox in town. I spent so much time trying to get this one right, I hope I did justice to everyone once again. And I wanted to get that last part out before my appearance in the comic to establish Sky's position, hope it sounds right. As usual, all characters are copyrights of their appropriate owners and thank you for your help with those along the way. And now, this forum is open for direct comments and questions, I hope to hear from you and let me know what you think. I can't wait to hear from you all.

And, I'm thinking before working on the next episode, Episode 4, of starting a couple RPs to develop relations and build character appearances. Does anyone care to join? Smile

The Story of Sky B. Fox
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Casting call for Sky's Story
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