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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 3

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:24 pm    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 3 Reply with quote

[Warning! DLC - Data Logic Control]
By the name Lucia, given permission to release classified information to the public. Contain top secrets and may harm the public view.
Last warning, check by Lucia.
Permission - Granted
Proceed with caution.


Chris later was asked to go to the control room for his next mission. When there, Chris saw all his team members here and alone from the other people who watch and listen.

Chris"You call me."

Sakura"Chris. Let's be clear here and now. This is a top secret mission. No word or information is to be leave here. Whatever happens here, stays here to our death. Do I make myself clear?"

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Sakura"Good, let's get started."

Lucia"Chris, the data you gave me, we found an information about a device called Slipnas. It's information is unknown but the location is been found."

Chris"What's the plan?"

Sakura"Wake is going to drop you, Raynard, Jack, Viola, Fumi, and Lucia to this mission. Hella and I look over and we must find out about this. That is an order."

We all went to our mission, our jetcopter, we took off quickly and went to Niberry, the plantation in the center of Bloesem. Up high in the sky, Wake found a lot of enemies. Wake will do a fire mission. He drop tons of bombs, napalm missiles and spitting a lot of bullets.

Wake"Area clear. Move out!"

Chris, me, Raynard, Jack, and Viola jump out and make out way to the plantation. The mansion is big, means more guards.

Chris"Jack and Viola, see if you could do some cover us with snipers. Lucia and Raynard, with me."

I follow Chris and my brother. We full assault the place. Snipers took some of those guys with rocket launchers. Raynard's Chum-bot did us covering fire. My brother is a decent shooter, so was I. But Chris really get most kills. We enter the place, close quarter combat, Jack and Viola regroup with us. We took east side while they took west side. More kills, more death. This place looks like some lab.

Lucia"What's with the amount of lab?"

Raynard"It's the device they are making."

Chris"But a lot of chemicals and plants."

When they clear out the whole mansion, we regroup and went to the basement. No one was here, but found the device, Slipnas.

Chris"This is it. We found the device."

Jack"What does it do?"

Lucia"Looking at the blueprint, its a chemical mixture, to make drinks."

Viola"Drinks, really?"

Chris"What kind of drink?"

Lucia"I'm giving the information to Fumi."

Fumi"My, my. It's not just a drink, it's aphrodisiac."

Chris"The hell is that?"

Fumi"A type of drug that increase sexual desire."

Chris"What the fuck."

Raynard"We need to destroy this place! Who knows where else could they distribute it."

Viola"Found the map. They are heading to the port."

Chris"Let's go! Jack and Raynard, set this place to blow."

They put huge tons of bombs, making it look like a accident. But then we got company. More of them are on their way.

Wake"I see more enemies coming in your way."

Chris"We have to give them more time. Hold this position."

Air bombs and us shooting at the enemies. Chris likes his new Bulk-901H LMG. The machine gun is really meant for long distance shots, like a sniper.

Chris"This gun, is really for the expert. I like it. Could we make more of this weapon, it's a huge advantage."

Raynard"You bring it back to my room and I'll make our factory make more of it."

A lot of enemies with snipers and rocket launchers. They were rushing and trying to get us. But we always kill them like they were expendable soldiers. Why make them all died to hold on for what? To live another day before surrender?

Jack"Ready to blow!"

Chris"Get us out of here Wake!"

Wake"I'm dropping in."

He land and we all went inside. Took off and blow the place up.

Chris"What the hell is with these people?"

Lucia"This influence is really getting out of hand. Imonarpire is spreading a lot of bad ideas and it's reaching to schools.I don't get why people love giving pain and hate to others?"

Jack"To forget the problems. I think people do take out their problems on other people and feel it's right because they don't feel bad about it and think they are fine with it. In reality, no one face the problems."

Raynard"Because if they stand up to themselves, they die easily because the law crush their hopes up."

Chris"And that's why we're here to kick their ass. We don't die, we fight those bastards that ruin our lives instead of killing each other."

Fumi"Sadly, it's hard to change their view."

Wake"Damn it, the ship is leaving."

Chris"Hover over it, we're dropping in."

We're over the ship and we drop in. Enemies were shooting at us.

Chris"Spilt up! Find the source!"

We went our ways and we take down enemies. Jumping on top of cargos and covering our asses. They were in gas mask. Something didn't seemed right.

Lucia"What's with enemies in gas mask?"

Chris"Be careful guys. Could be something hiding for us."

Suddenly they release a gas from the pipes.


Chris"It's not radiation! It's not poison! It's not even reading any dangerous elements. Fumi, what is it?"

Fumi"It's the aphrodisiac!"

Chris"Fuck!" Use their gas mask now!"

Viola"It's not opening! It's seal!"

Raynard"Fuck! What the hell now!"

Chris"It's not affecting me. Get back to the jetcopter!"

Lucia"Chris! I'm feeling so hot! God damn it!"

Jack"Shit! I'm getting a boner! It hurts, can't do anything!"

Fumi"Chris, they have to cum before it gets worse!"

Wake"Find the source and shut it off now!"

Chris"Hold on guys!"

Raynard"Too many pleasure, it itches!"

I feel so horny! Chris was fighting his way inside the cargo hold. He follows the pipes path. It has to be near the source. Chris was shooting their face off and ripping their bodies apart.

Chris"Suck on that you pussies!"

He found the source, from the cargo. He open it and saw the gas barrels going outside. Chris put a grenade and explode the barrels and no more gas and no more distribute.

Chris"I destroy the source."

Sakura"Well done. Get our guys out of here."

But then he met a new enemy.

Nylan"You bastard."


Nylan"You people ruin my life and now your ruining my opportunity!"

Chris"Who the hell are you?"

Nylan"What Sakura stole from me."

Chris"Your balls I bet."

Nylan"Fuck you! You think you could just ruin my life more? No more! I'm leaving and I will live again to continue my work!"

Chris"Think again you fuck."

Nylan ran and open his turrets. Chris took them down and quickly went back to the surface. He ran and found Nylan on the cockpit. Rushing in and found him with a trigger.

Nylan"Screw this, You people never leave me alone! You never let me do what I want to do!"

Chris"Controlling people is something no one in this world would want you to do. You think controlling people for your own pleasure is fair for other people?"

Nylan"Who cares what others think! Even older people can trick the young ones for pleasure. You think I can't do the same?"

Chris"Out of your mind! I bet you were having problems before Sakura stole something from you."

Nylan"You don't know my problems!"

Chris"Then tell me!"

Nylan"The Imonarpire was threathing me and I was in a lot of pressure. I decide to get off my mind is to find my own pleasure."

Chris"That's your problem! You want to forget the problem! But the problem will always come back to hunt you! You have to face the problem and defeat it!"

Nylan"But I didn't have a choice!"

Chris"You did! You weren't thinking straight. You find the easy way out instead."

Nylan"The blame is on me then."

Chris"Killing yourself does nothing to solve your problem."

Nylan"But it's the only way out now."

He pull the trigger and explode the ship. We all fell off and was on water. Wake pick us up and took us home. Fumi give us injections for the gas we took. It was the most horniest feeling I ever had. Yet it hurts and it itches to cum. I hate it. Chris was the hero now. At the control room, we all met up for a close.

Sakura"Nylan was once the leader. I took his place because he committed a crime, drugged the two young kids and force themselves to have sex. He was sick. And everyone really didn't like his leadership. He was living like a king. No more. He betray us and betray his kind. Hella and I saw history of the plantation. They were more distribute before. I just send Silent Dark Team to track them down and Viola is now in charge of them."

Viola"Won't fail you now."

Sakura"This case is close. Not a word to anyone else."

Chris gave my brother the new LMG and was ready to mass produce to our brothers and sisters in arms. I watch my team head back to their room. I felt like the moment with each other is done. But Chris said other wise.

DLC - Case Closed

Chris"Memory check my favorite doctor?"

Lucia"Yes my favorite patient."

He is strong to fight his pain that we didn't force him to.

Andrea"You could have leave me, but you never leave me because it was not right for you. It's hard to see that these days for boys to be call creeps and girls to understand passion from the inside, not the outside."

Memory 1 - Chapter 9 Night Of The DragonForce

Warning, this chapters starts with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris"Holy shit!!! Andrea!!"

I went to find her, the front store was exploded. Andrea was lying there on the ground, she's looks ok. But then, guys with back ski masks came. I hide behind the left standing bookshelf, and I look at them. If they hurt her, I swear they'll die full crisped while I blow their fucking head off. One of them look at her, they pointed his gun at her. My fist is so grip right now. Then he said....

Terrorist"Juan! Look at this one."

Juan is a looking alligator.

Juan"......I think we found a prize. Take her to the van, now! You, move with those money now!!!"

They were stealing moneys from the cashier. Then they took her away to the van. Then they in the hurry. I ran outside.

Chris"All fucking right. You wanna play this way, ok, you got it you son of a bitch!"

I fly so high to the sky and the night is mine night now. I follow the van and it's running as fast as it could.

Chris"Run pussies. You haven't got rid of me you fucks."

It's taking forever for the chase. The van didn't see me as the night bends me in the shadow of the dark night. They took the long highway, heading outside of the city. The moon shines as if it is my guide to that van. I keep following it, it's still running. Finally, it reaches to the base next to the huge lake. I went down and hide in the forest. I walk to the gates, jump over and quickly hide behind the ammo building. I saw the van, they grab her and put it to the cabin where my ears hear the inside cabin.

Andrea"Please don't hurt me!!"

Juan"That depends on my mood for tomorrow. Should I [word censored] you or bleed you down like a fucking shit!"

Chris"You won't see daylight again you load of shit."

I sneak in the window and found a lot of weapons.

Chris"Jackpot! Now, what to pick?"

I pick the Navakot, assault rifle, and put ace scope, with exteneded ammo. Just in case, I carry a PointBreak, heavy sniper, and the DragonStorm.

Chris"No point for silence when I'm fucking piss off right now!"

I went out and start killing them all. I shot them and they went dismember. Bloods were flying around and yet more came.

Juan"Kill that bastard!!"

I quickly hide for cover and I throw a fireball at them. They were on fire. I finish them off and I just keep shooting them.

Chris"C'mon you bitches!! Fight like a man!!"

Juan"Your dead you blue shit!!"

He was shooting me with his Derange, semi shotgun. I quickly ran for cover. But suddenly, a missle just hit him and blows up the center camp, the force made me flip backwards and in the trench hole.

Chris"What the fuck!? Massive power that shit is."

Then the helicopters came and drop some army guys. The real deal, but not my raw power of my dragons. They went to the cabin where Andrea is in. My ears then hear in the insde......'firing shots!!!!!'

Chris"What! Noooooo!"

Fuck!!!!! They kill her, fuck you!!!!. Suddenly, she came outside.

Chris"Holy shit! Thank you god!"

They then took her to the helicopter and went away. I follow the helicopter. Passing by is the air strike base, I thought they will land there, but they have a bigger plan. It took us back to the city, and into the capital building. It's a big building, it's length is the big part of it. I land in the roof where they land it as well. I hide behind the solar panels, they took her into the building. The helicopter later left, and I'm now alone here. I walk to the two roof windows and I saw her been tied to the chair. The other window is another room, where is guy in the suit is a looking black panther. He was talking to his looking friend there who is a elephant. I use my ears and listen to them talking.

Panther"You have any idea who she is?"

Elephant"Not at all my dear friend."

Panther"She is Andrea! Daughter of Mailey and Kener, the god and goddess of this world!"

Elephant"Where is the dragon then?"

Panther"Rumor said if she is alone, then the dragon is dead. I'm now going to get ready to fuck her in 15 minutes. Join me, as we are going to make love a mortal daughter."

Elephant"Indeed my friend."

I look away because they just kiss there. I almost throw up. Now, 15 minutes, what to do now? Going inside will get me killed, so, I rather find something big and blow up this place till the world knows I don't fuck around.

Chris"The air strike base!"

I quickly fly there and saw a fighter ready to go. I then went to the hanger and snap the pilots neck. I went to the fighter and start the engine. I move it to the airway.

Control Center"You are ready to lift off now."

Chris"Roger that. Bitch."

They sound the alarm and I full throttle the fighter and away we go!!


Now to get the capital down and out. I fly high and put the plane in position for the hell dive. Found the target, and now for a show. I put the fighter in full speed. As the capital is getting bigger, I know this is stupid, but, fuck it.

Chris"Full force this shit you fucking bitches!!!"

When the fighter is near the capital by 100 feet, I launch out and flip backward as the fighter smash the capital with a BBBOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later, I fly down to the damage place, pull out my PointBreak heavy sniper and with it's ten ammos, I shot all of them who is alive. All my shots were bloodly as if my shots never miss, even with no scope.

Chris"DragonForce is here you cunts!"

I finally ran out of the only 10 ammos and pull out the DragonStorm and went to the room where he is there.

Chris"Am I dead? Nope, your dead now dick face."

I headshot the black panther and went to the other room. Andrea was so happy to see me. I was glad to see her alive and ok.

Andrea"Chris!!!!! Your alive!!!"

Chris"Told you we'll never die."

Andrea"Did you really said that?"

Chris"Who cares. C'mon, let's back to the Hub."

I untie her, hug her, carry her, shot the roof window, and fly free from my hellish mess. I went to the Hub, lie her down in bed, and I kiss her a lot. We leave this place and now to the new city.

To be continue………Memory Complete.

I'm so worry about him when he was fighting his memory. He's strong, like fighting a heart attack.

Lucia"Ready for the next one."


Andrea"Who was really teaching people the truth of learning? What do we know right or wrong?"

Memory 1 - Chapter 10 Grindcore Maddness

Next day in the morning, I land the Hub onto our next, and probably the last time we've been, city call Sikanew. Not much of a big city, but a normal one. Suddenly, Andrea woke with a surprise.

Andrea"Chris! My dream told me I can stay with you forever!"

Chris"That's awesome. C'mon here babe."

We kiss, carry her to bed and I massage her whole body, even her tight pussy. First her back.

Andrea"Mmmmmmmmm, it's so good!"

Then her legs.

Andrea"Ooooohhhhhhh gooooodddddd! It's amazing!"

Then her tight wet pussy, no penetrate though.

Andrea"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! I'm cuuuuuuuuming!!!!!"

She cum big yet little.

Chris"How's that babe?"

Andrea"Your a god!!"

God, I'm not from hell or heaven. I'm just a son, from a god and goddess I don't know why they became that. Did our parents died? I better find out soon. Outside of the city, we walk and saw all of the same people from the three city we just been. It's an all around city. But, we need to find more information.

Andrea"Let's go to that school, probably something we'll find there."

Chris"I hate school. Let's wait until they are in lunch time."

Hours later, it was now lunch time. We went over the school fence and look around the students here. All look normal to me. We wait, and they didn't bother talking to us. Later, bell rings and they went back to class.

Chris"We should follow them, who knows what they are doing in there."

We follow a group of students into a class room, I saw a bulletin that has all the classes...........no way!

Chris"Religion class? This better be good."

Andrea"They have gods?"

Chris"Our gods, or someone else gods. Let's find out."

We found the room of religion class, waiting outside, I use my ears and listen to them. The teachers is a looking snake. The chalk board said Mr. Onimous.

Onimous"Does anyone knows the 10 basic thing of life?"

One monkey said the answer.

Monkey"We should always be free from anything. We should always have sex, even though if they refuse to. We should kill the communist. We should always worship the god and goddess of pleasure. We should always be creative in life. We should be who we want to be. We should always
stay away from war, for sex and pleasure is the key to world peace. We should have sex once a week, or they would die from virginity curse. We should always teach our kids to learn sex. And we should always love each other as much as we can."

Onimous"Very good."

Chris"Thats sick! Sex and pleasure, this way?"

Andrea"What the fuck, this world is fucking brainwash!"

My foot then twitch twice, crap. I look back and it's a group of gangs. Looking lizards, 6 of them.

Lizard"You not in class! We should teach you a lesson. Get ready to feel my cock in your tight ass!"

Chris"Fuck no you crazy cunts!"

They then go naked and their cocks got big.

Lizard"Get him boys!"

They charge at me, but I fight back. I elbow one of them and I grab the other one and broke his arm with my kick. I quick block one of their strike and knife hand strike his neck, choking a lot of blood. One guy grab my butt and I elbow his face and step on his hard cock, the sound of crack broke his cock. Then I kick his neck and he's dead. I even use my tail and slash his neck off. 3 left, I grab his head and breath his face on fire. He screams in pain. Last two just rush at me and I flip both of them. I grab a fire extinguisher and smack one on his head like I just crack his skull. Then I open the last one's mouth, put the hose inside and fire away it goes. He was choking a lot, then dies. All are then dead.

Chris"Chill out homos, your getting too excited there you dick face."

The alarm sounds and students were running out of the classes.

Chris"Let's get out of here."

As we run, students were running away, most were raping another one, fighting a lot, and even dancing naked like it's just another party.

Chris"This is fucking shit here!"

One of the students came up to me and tries to kiss me. I snap his neck, then keeping running. Outside, a lot of cars are being driven. More are raping and some are doing group sex. Then a car is about to run us over, but I use all my strength, run to it, jump and through the front window, I kick his face. Turn the wheel, and jump out painless. It then crashes to another's car.

Chris"Holy fuck!"

Andrea"Chris! Let's goo!"

Police's then came and put those students down and hard, they even fuck there ass. Next to me is a innocent owl who is going to get fuck. The bus was blocking the gates.

Chris"Oh fuck it."

I grab the police's head and squeeze it so hard, his nose was pouring out blood. I let go and he drops dead.

Owl"Thank you, thank you so much!!"

Chris"Get out of here, now!"

Then tear gases was throw'n and I was moving away from it.


I then carry her and fly away. So high, I fly back to the Hub. Later in the Hub, we watch the new's. The reporter was there talking, a female kangaroo.

Kangaroo"Today's news is the rampage in a high school that took place this afternoon. It all began with a sound of the alarm and students were acting crazy. According to the authorites, students were [word censored], fighting, and even death happen here. All students have been arrested and are subject to be the cause. No one knows who pulls the fire alarm, but it did start a horrible maddness. Not even the teachers and staff knows who did it, they report that it was going smooth and relax until this happen. Until then, I'm Becky Dur and this has been a special report.....'Tv off'

Chris"Shit, glad were not in the picture, that means we don't need to be running around again. We're safe for now."

Andrea"Chris, you save an owl, why?"

Chris"She may be with them, but it's not my attention to see this happen to a innocent victim. I should help the innocent from this crap. Even you babe."

She then hugs me, we cuddle and went to sleep. So far, another question is been answer, what is there motivation to do this sick shit. But, we're are not done yet. Next is where is are parents?!

To be continue……….Memory Complete.

Lucia"I wish I could kill everyone that ruin peoples life. I cannot believe that happen before."

Chris"It's ok. So did I too."

So tired. I went to my room, strip naked and went to the shower. It felt great, but I was thinking about Chris. He is strong, the definition of hero. He is everything to me. By luck I have him. And I feel his love for me now. I'm happy now that he is with me and he will never let me go. I want to touch him more.

Chris"Mind if I join you?"


We took a shower together and he bath me. I love how he massage me while cleaning me, my breast, my body, my legs. I love how he does it to me.

Lucia"Your good."

Chris"Let's make out."

We kiss and tongue each other. Holding me, playing with my butt. Massaging my body while I was in heaven with him is really good. My god, his cock was huge. I want to suck it so badly now. Now it's my time to do it.

Lucia"I want to suck your cock."

Chris"Please do."

I went down to him, grabbing his cock and lick his cock. I can hear his heavy breathing. Touching his balls turns me on so much. Then I suck his cock. It was hot and I think he got bigger. I love it. He grab my head and makes me suck it more.

Chris"Right there baby."

Yes, I suck it more and lick more. I then suck his whole cock to my throat and suck it hard for him. He was feeling much intense because his cock was getting ready to explode.

Chris"I'm going to cum!"

I then grab his cock and stroke it faster and then he cum so hard, I catch it in my mouth, and it drips down on my breast. His cum was very good. Then I suck it clean.

Lucia"I love it."

Chris"God yes, you are the best."

I did it right. From my brother and now him. I love it. We then went to bed and sleep for tomorrow.


Next day, it was another day. I live to see the end of this war. Sakura ask Chris for another mission.

Sakura"Chris. I hope your well rested."

Chris"Yes I am."

Sakura"Good. It's time to get another bad guy to catch and another territory. Ouidasue is your next target. Head of private homeland security. That bulldog won't know what hit him. Sarvah is the next state and it's the center of Anteanus. Intel said he recently take criminals to jail, but no criminals were reported to prison. Other activities has been reported but it's unclear what was he doing. I want you to figure it out and stop him."

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Sakura"I'm sending in Wake with you."

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Chris teleport to Elkena, the major town of Sarvah. And probably another hell hole. Chris walks around the mall where people here buys and waste their money. Some gangs shows their color, say they ready for anything.

Chris"Could those idiots be ready for war?"

Wake"No way they survive the first day of war."

Chris"Damn truth."

Wake"Yeah. I remember my time at war."

Chris"Been a hero?"

Wake"No, I was prisoner of war. I was caught when our camp was betray by our best friend. They took us to their camp, and my best friend use me as his personal slave. Every night, he took me where every enemies were there, gathering for an entertainment. I was force to fuck my buddy's, one for every night. I was taken an advantage, I was ashamed to my country and to my friends, I have no choice. Later on, he un-cuff me and I took the chance and kill my best friend, with a knife to his head. I escape and went to Sakura and was recruited. I never forget my friends, and I can't escape my past. I always thought of suicide. But when I met Fumi, I was changed with hope."

Chris"I'm sorry. War can change people to do something they weren't order to."

Wake"Yeah. But thats the past. We have a job to do friend."

Chris"Yeah. What's the plan?"

Wake"Get this place quarantine. While the homeland security respond, we will find some information from the private guards."

Chris"Sounds more fun."

Chris went to the power generator. He destroy the generator and everything was power down. The mall is now in black out. Wake trigger C4 explosion over some apart of the mall. Gangs were armed and ready. They regroup and start killing gangs. They can't see, then the emergency lights came up. Gangs and people were trying to escape. They were calling out their gang names, but they were dying from gun fire.

Wake"Thats all of them."

Chris"Private security should be here."

Wake"But it will take some time."

Chris"How long?"

Wake"….god damn it. I forgot when they come."

Chris"Sakura, you find any sign of the private security?"

Sakura"10 minutes to be there."


Wake"10 minutes. We end the war within 10 minutes. What should we be doing for 10 minutes?"

Chris"We're in the mall."


Chris"There are a lot of stuff here."

Wake"Stealing? Really?"

Chris"Well, 10 minutes of doing nothing sounds boring."


The most unprofessional type is stealing stuff. What the hell was he thinking? We're on a dangerous mission! I think fear is not really getting to him.

Chris"Diamonds, what should I get for Lucia?"

Wake"I know what my love will want."

Wake stole a ruby necklace. Chris found me a diamond necklace for me. I love it! Then Chris decide to get other necklaces. I wonder who they were? Probably more for me?

Chris"Girls best friend."


Chris"Your right."

Sakura"Their almost here!"

Chris"Final selection, let's move."


Private securities came and search the area.

Wake"Kill the captain, silently."


Captain wander off and Chris came out of the shadow. He snap his neck and find something on him. A radio data and his mission log. He really found the source.

Chris"I got it."

Wake"Good. Let's get out of here."

Suddenly, securities open a warning shot to the civilians. They were ordering them to follow their direction. They were putting them blind folds to all of them.

Chris"We have to save them."


Chris"The only thing we know how. Shoot and kill. But we need a perfect shot, no civilian in the cross fire."

Some were walking with the civilians. He follow them and wait for the perfect chance. One of the civilian try to escape. They aim, but Chris shot their heads off first. Civilians were save, and Chris gave them a direction to freedom, the underground sewer was the way. Chris went to the other group, but in short time because they can't see the dead bodies. So Chris quickly shoot them down, 4 guys head shot. Then went back to where the last civilians were under watch. Chris aim and shoot the rest of the securities. Civilians then escape to the right direction.

Wake"Good job Chris."

Chris"Yeah. Let's go."

They escape to the walkways under construction. Hiding from the securities, They were crawling under trucks and then flee the area.

Wake"Time to find out any connection."

Chris"A lot I bet."

Turns out it was a mission brief about the mall. Their respond was Action-04. Means they were to break in, eliminate the enemies, and make it look like an accident gang war.

Chris"And no motivation right?"

Wake"Nope. Let's look at the mission log."

It reads about his list of missions before. He was doing a lot of murders and frames. Next on his list was a guard duty in the famous diner where the rich people go there and waste their time to money and fame.

Chris"Who is really important there?"

Wake"No one really. But Ms. Dain is the contract for private securities."

Chris"Maybe she'll know where Ouidasue is."

Wake"Maybe. You have to slip in and find out any information."

Chris"Going invisible again."

At the night time, the event was at the Carnal Tower. This was amazing, Chris saw the long colorful cloths that neon the room at natural atmosphere. Chris was careful with his step, and radar detection. These people in suits, Chris hears a lot of option and actions. They were really the criminals and corrupted types. Chris understands them but finds it hard to take their side from their hate crime. He found Ms. Dain. Talking to other guys that are very influential. That lovely white cat was tall and quite the young one with her strength looks.

Ms. Dain"I'm very please to meet you all. I should be on my way."

He follows her to the red door that only VIP can enter. Chris saw the door was a detection. He must find a way in. Then the air vents was his best option. He jumps and get in. Silently walking, he went to the other open vent and exit out and into the hallway. He still have her on sight. SHe went to door number 7. Odd thing this place is very suspicious to him. He doesn't like the feeling of it. Then it was closed. Chris can hear the inside and x ray the room. She was tied, and blindfolded.

Ms. Dain"I'm ready for my favorite man."

Chris saw a fox coming in the hallway. He was getting ready for his part. Chris then hold his neck and put him to sleep. He then check his vocal cord, getting his voice match and recognizable. He then carry him and went inside the room.

Chris"Hello Ms. Dain."

Ms. Dain"My boy, my sweet boy. How is your wife?"

He check his brain and check his memory. He has no wife.

Chris"I don't have one, remember."

Ms. Dain"Oh yeah. The one I personally send someone to take care of her."

Chris"Yeah. Could I ask you something?"

Ms. Dain"I'm not being punish yet. I'm such a bad girl. I must be taught a lesson dear."

Chris has no choice but to play along. Chris whip her legs.

Ms. Dain"Yes! God."

Chris"I bet your so innocent, you seduce anyone to get what you want."

Ms. Dain"Oh yes! I'm a naughty little slut."

He whip her boobs a bit harder.

Ms. Dain"Oh yes!! I love it! More!"

Chris"Out of all the people you seduced, who was your favorite?"

Ms. Dain"I think it's a famous guy. Whip me harder!"

Chris whip her pussy much harder and whip her yet harder all around.

Ms. Dain"Yes!!!! I love you!!"

Chris"Who was your favorite? I command you."

Ms. Dain"It was Ouidasue! He was my favorite!"

Chris"What you want from him?"

Ms. Dain"I ask him to take care of your wife. I kept my promise for you. He should be there still! Now, wax me all over my slutty body!"

Chris"What was the naughtiest thing you ever done?"

Ms. Dain"I seduce Ouidasue before to humiliate my rivals, torture them, and leave them to their last breath. I need to win my only ticket to meet Icarus and I want him to pleasure me and be my wife!"

Chris"Yeah. Your the most slutty girl I ever met. You really need to be punish. I will have the pleasure to give you pain until you beg me to cum in your slut ass."

Ms. Dain"Please do! I need to be taught a lesson!"

Chris turn the table to horizontal, having the wax ready, putting an open gag in her mouth. Then he pour a lot of wax and into her mouth where she is coughing and choking a lot from the hot wax. She died with wax suffocation.

Chris"I have the address."

Wake"Chris, I think you trigger the alarm."

Chris"How the fuck?"

Alarm went off and securities came shooting at him. Chris went to cover and start shooting them back. Running out the hallway and back to the party room. Guest here also shoot back at him. Chris likes to exploded things with his mouth. There he continue to assault his way out. Private securities send in attack choppers. Blowing up everything in it where the people who just are guest. Chris run, the bullets fly behind him, the motion of any object flying off the tables. Chris point at the driver with his gun and shot him down. Chris never miss a shot.

Chris"Have an escape plan?"

Wake"Jump to where I am."


Running to the top of the building, he ran and than jump off and fly away. His wings blaze the night as he guild down with the power of fire and my hero who rule the night. He fly to a near by penthouse just 2 blocks away. He land inside and saw two sexy zebras.

Chris"Excuse ladies."

He left the room, down the hall and into his room, where Wake is.

Chris"You got the address."

Wake"Yes. I have it on in my eye. No one left in or out."

Chris"Ok, we should go there now."

Wake"I rather not. Nobody went in since months ago."

Chris"Something off?"

Wake"We'll see. You could stay here or back to base?"

Chris"……probably back to base."

Wake"Getting used to your comfy bed? Alright, I'll stay here. I'll keep you posted."

Chris teleported back. There he saw me working with my brother. Testing out new features for Chris.


Lucia"Hi Chris.

Raynard"Your going to like this new upgrade."

We put it on his hand. A stun, touching the enemies will completely knock them out without effort.


Raynard"You could do it in hand combat. Make it more advantage."

Chris"Good to know. Thanks."

Lucia"Hey, why don't we look at your memory more?"


In the machine, hoping to have a good ending. But the way I see it, there is no good ending, but he did lived. Which means he should have a happy ending. But why all very mad and serious still? I better stop asking why but see then ask why. Such a girl am I.

Andrea"We are at pleasure, we are in need of our private time for each other. They just don't understand it but exploitation."

Memory 1 - Chapter 11 Only The Body Matters

This time at night, I was getting a little bored. I was checking out this map that has the city's attractions. And I found the perfect spot where me and Andrea could really have some fun. The hot water springs near the forest.

Chris"Babe, let's go to this place."

I show her the map.

Andrea"Sounds like fun, let's go my strong man."

Touching my abs, then we left the Hub. We took the bus and head to the hot water springs. As we got there, the place was kinda full. I look for a free spot, but nothing is available. I saw a smoke from a far distance. It could another one. We sneak there where nobody see's us. I saw the hot spring and it's very unique than the others and no one is in it. Probably is not even on the direction.

Chris"Here we are. A private one just for us."

Andrea"Ohhh, how nice babe. Take my clothes off honey."

Honey, I'm not cover with those sweet things. So, I took off her shirt while kissing her neck. Then, I took off her pants, while playing her nipples, then, I took off my clothe's and were in the hot spring. The water is so fine, just like the mood in the shower. We start kissing, even french kiss. Then I suck her lower lips and she then sucks my tongue, very sexy to me. I sit down and her body is on my lap.

Andrea"We have to make this even babe. We can't fuck, so let me suck your big cock. Better than nothing."


She then grab my cock and start kissing the head. It's so amazing, I feel she does know what she is doing. Then she licks the head.

Chris"Ahhhh! Oh god."

This is really turning me on, should guy's say this? I don't know. Oh well, she now lick my both balls, didn't hurt much as I though she would. She then licks the whole cock and finally, she is sucking my cock. It's unbelieveable, this is so good!

Chris"Oh god!! Your so goooood!! Ahhh."

She then goes deep throath. I put my hands behind my head. Oh fuck!!! I love this very much.

Chris"Faster babe! I love this!"

She does is fast, even her tongue was like vibrating my cock, soooooo gooooooooooood. I can't cum now!!I have to save it for the real fuck, aww fuck it. I have to let it go now!!

Chris"I'm going to cum baby, almost there!!"

Suddenly, my foot twitch twice. Aww crap!

Chris"Andrea! Get down!"

I force me and her to go underwater. She looks at me as if I did something stupid. I lift my head up, I hear a noise. 'Click, clack'



Chris"Shhhhh!!! Stay down!"

I look for the sniper, I use my eye's to find it in the forest............I then found a flash, from the scope, there it is. If it looks at me, then it knows he or she is going to die. I saw the shadow running away.

Chris"I better get that bastard now!"

Andrea"Chris! Our clothe's!!"

Chris"What the fuck! Fuck it, we'll have to go like this. Stay close to me."

We left naked and follow the sniper. Probably he took our clothe's, I have my eye's close. If that happen, why didn't one of my body twitch? It's a mystery, but I'll have to find out the fucking hard way.

Chris"This way!"

I follow this looking common tracks of foot prints. I look ahead and saw a cabin, all alone in the forest.

Chris"There it is. Time for a fucking answer."

We sneak up to the cabin, and went to the back door. It's somehow open. We went inside and found this place a load of dead people, mostly these looking young one's.

Andrea"What is this place?"

Chris"Probably victims of the snipers targets."

All are lying down on the ground. We went upstair and I hear a noise.

Sniper"Ohh god! I love you baby!! Yeah!!"

Chris"It's a male."

I found his Alivanish, a bolt sniper, on the edge of the stairs. I took it, found only one ammo. I hold it like I'm going to breach in. Then, I turn and point the gun at him, it's a Bobcat.

Bobcat"Holy shit!! Why are you here?"

Chris"Same question, what the fuck were you doing at our private place?"

Bobcat"I need pleasure! The rules said so. So I decide to kill these pretty girls and fuck them like they won't like it at all. This makes it real horny about these body, because only the body matters. Without a body, there is no pleasure. So, their dead body helps me keep my pleasures up. I just finish up this one already."

Chris"You sick fucking shit. You just broke a rule you dumb ass."

Bobcat"What's that?"

Chris"Don't kill you idiot."

I head shot him and down he goes. Sick bastard, how lonely is he? What a rule I just said, doesn't make it clear for me to say something more better, fuck it.

Andrea"Chris! Our clothe's!"

Chris"Finally, let's get out of here."

We left and head back to the Hub, sick things just got worst by the minute's. I cuddle her and was fingering her pussy. She squeeze the pillow so hard, she then cum a little.

Andrea"You use that hand for blood and pleasure. You are everything."

Chris"If you say so."

We kiss and fell asleep. Where are they?

To be continue…….Memory Complete.

Lucia"What a load of shit. Dead bodies as pleasure?"

Sakura"As if I never saw any sicker than this shit."

Chris"I just rather shoot myself and get this pain over it. But that doesn't exist to me. Even still now."

Lucia"I can't understand this. I just can't now. It's hard to understand why."

Sakura"One more and I hope it's a clean one."

Andrea"Everyone fights for their love, even history past it on. But it's a shame love can destroy the pride of war."

Memory 1 - Chapter 12 Cold Memory

I feel like this world is of course another hell. Why? Pleasure? If not that, war? Neither if not that, act like machines? Man, I would love to end this hell, but, I'm just one dragon. Probably the only dragon here in this world. I feel special if I'm the only person in this world that is very different than everyone else from common mental. So far, I think it's coming true.

Andrea"Ohhh Chris, have you ever fuck someone?"


Andrea"Then how can you be so damn good at sex and always making it feel amazing?"

Chris"Don't, know."

Andrea"Wow!! That's rare to know that sexy."

Chris"Rare is sometimes good. You may never know I could give you the best love making moment you'll ever have babe."

Andrea"We'll see about that."

Chris"I'm bored."

Andrea"Me too."

She's always naked in the Hub. I get naked sometimes. For now, I'm naked. I look over my body, so much strength I carry. I even look at my wings and tail and they look so much dangerous. I'm curious to know if she fucked. I also have this feeling if she may said yes. She will be a slut. Fuck it, I'll ask her.

Chris"Babe, did you ever fuck someone?"

Andrea"No. Why would I?"

Thank god for a no.

Chris"Just asking. Because you said 'I never felt this much pleasure ever.'"

Andrea"Ok, here's the thing. When we became friends, I know you could be perfect for me. So, every night, I masturbate and dreaming to make love with you so much. So yeah, you were amazing than fingering myself."

Chris"Ok, that makes sense."

Andrea"Please tell me the truth, how can you do these sexy stuff without fucking?"

Chris"Ok, I watch porn."

Andrea"So you did masturbate then."

Chris"No, I watch, observe, read some other methods of pleasure, I never feel horny while watching that. I was always having my killing moments."


Chris"Let's walk to the mountains."


So we went to the mountains and walk around. We can see the city and the view was cool. The like the cold. It's what keeps me aware of things, keep up the pace, and also a good time to relax in cold weather. I like it very much. Andrea is very cold. I hug her along to the perfect view.

Andrea"So freezing! Thanks for the hug anyway."

Chris"Your welcome."

I kiss her. The warm brings in. I know this tactic way to stop the cold, it's call warm love.

Andrea"We're there?"

Chris"This is a good spot."

The view is very pleasent. I think i'm seeing the world. Yet, earth would be a little bit better than this.

Andrea"Chris, can you warm me?"

Chris"Of course babe."

I lie down on the floor, her on top of me, hug her, she cuddle in like a cute baby, and my wings close on her like a bed sheet. The cold, I remember the cold from months ago. On the old planet, my team and I were on a mission to stop a family that was killing the important rich people. I was leading the mission, we were young fucking bastards.


Later in the mountains, we were going to use stealth attack. I knew we ready to take them down. My best friend Loyd, who is a panda, usually fat guys, but this one is no fat fuck, just the real deal commando. While my other team member's are Nick and Pradly, T-Rex and Rhino.

Chris"You two, head to that power station and wait for my signal to cut the power. Loyd, with me."

Loyd"This should be fun as the old days."

Chris"Keep dreaming, this is nothing like the rogue mission. This is a cake walk."


We head to the back door. I guard was there and I knife his neck. We enter the place, it's a barrack. Silently, two guards in the kitchen. We headshot them with one shot.


Loyd"Funny, I thought their deadly."

Chris"Not to us their not."

Upstair to the bedrooms, we found none but for one room that is two dudes. Not soldiers, but they were fucking, gay guys.

Chris"Wait till their done."

Loyd"Why not now, somebody may come to check the dead."

Chris"You kill them, I don't kill people during sex, not my style, even those guys. No homo, but not my fucking style."

Loyd"Respect to that man."

So he kills them. We move on to the whole barrack. Nothing in here, it doesn't make sense.

Loyd"Is intel fucking stupid? Where is the rest of the family?"

Chris"Fucking shit. Jupiter, nobody is here."

Jupiter"Hold on, UAV scans for massive enemies heading your way, you have to hold them off for the airstrike."

Chris"Shit!! Team B place the bomb there, and get your ass here pronto!!"

Nick"On it."

Andrea"Ohhh god!"

We have to hold them off. I don't remember why they are not here. I did remember why I'm here. We were just hired to do it, and we weren't mercenary.

Nick"We're here!"

Chris"Get ready for a massive attack. Find cover, and hold your position. They may have machine guns ready."

We were in position, and the enemies now came. A female was talking to us on radio contact. It's Giney, a white stallion.

Giney"You think we don't know your plans, we know everything. Thanks to your friend."

Chris"What friend?"

Evantan"Hello old buddy."

Chris"You! Fuck you!"

Evantan"No, fuck you! You took my sweet Andrea and she love you. Now I'm going to kill that love and replace it with me. Soon, I'll fuck her next to your grave."

I just remember, Andrea was a popular student in our school, but not much of a talker.

Loyd"You took the hot chick?"

Chris"I didn't even tried to get her talk to me."

Pradly"One of the team, nice!"

Evantan"Shut up and die!!!!!!!!"


The power went out and I gave the order to explode the power station. It was a surprise. We were firing back. Glass was breaking, walls were hitting, rails were a close call.

Loyd"More are coming."

Chris"Fuck them all!!!"

Nick"AHHHH!!! I'm hit!!"

Chris"Stay there, use your sniper!!"

Pradly"Ahhh!! Ohhh shit!!!"

Loyd"Hold on guys!!!!"

Jupiter"Airstrike is on it's way."

Chris"Bring us an evac now!!!"

Jupiter"Copy that."

More shooting, and more kills.


Loyd"That fuck will burn!!"

Chris"Fuck yeah!!"

I was killing more than him. The cold is not bothering me, it's giving me like a cooling thing.



Loyd"Awwww fuck!!!! Keep shooting!!!! I'm fucking fine!!!"

He got shot in the legs and arms. Finally, the airstrike came and blow them away to kingdom come.


They all died. Haha, I knew they were soft. I check on my team.

Chris"Evac is coming guy's!! Hold on!!"

Evac came, we left the barrack and head home. I was lucky. I didn't knew the cold was nothing. It relax me. That's my memory. I just look at her, she just cum. Her finger said it all.

Andrea"Sooo gooood and warmmmm."

Chris"Let's go. You'll get cold again from the sweat."

Andrea"Yeah, let's hurry down."

We left the mountain and I was having a moment that this was a deja vu. But I got that over. On to the forest and the flowing river was giving me joy. I survive that mission. Glad I was a dragon. And I have Andrea, who will be a memory that people did fight for her. I really did fight for her, not those pussies that talk too much. Now, my next mission is to find them, and relax at the same time.

To be continue………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"You were train as a soldier, and I bet you were trained to be one of the best."

Chris"Nobody train me to what I am today. I just adept. I, really don't know how did I adept though."

Sakura"We'll figure it out soon."

I was tired, but still awake. I feel horny when I think about Chris. Every day I always think about him. I wish he can fuck me now.

Chris"Lucia, do you know where……"


Chris"Uhhh, never mind. I think you need help."

I was scared, but he just came up to me and hold me.

Chris"Were you going to masturbate?"

Lucia"Yes. You always pop out of nowhere."

Chris"I'm horny too you know. I just don't show it."


He was rubbing my pussy. It feels so good when he does it better than me. Oh my, he's fast.

Lucia"Faster!! I want more!!"

He was making me cum fast! I just cum a lot and I was on fire.

Lucia"My, your good!"

Chris"Your still horny I can tell."

He then put me in doggy style and lick my pussy. He is so good. I love it so much! I can't stand it! I going to cum again! I never really cum twice before!

Lucia"I'm cumming!!"

I wet his face, gushing it out and I was so sweating.

Lucia"Yeah baby."

Chris"One more round."

Is he serious? He lay me down and he was licking my pussy again.

Chris"Lick with me."

Oh my god. I can't believe I'm licking myself. I love this. We were both licking my pussy. Two tongues in my sweet pussy. I can't hold on again. My god, I want to cum now. I cum another huge on and we both have our face cover with my cum. I never would expect this from him. He is my superman.

Lucia"I taste so good."


We slept together and he was really warm and sweating too. I love him. I want more. Yeah, he is such a man. What is war really, I forgot about it. Next day, sucks that I have to remember exactly about war. But yet the morning, he left and was in his mission. This is something I have to live by, him leaving for war. Hoping he returns normal and not hurt. Watching him brings me a bit comfort but really, it's better for him here than there.

Chris"What's up?"

Wake"I think we have to go there now. Something tells me other wise."

Chris"Ok, let's go. Better than nothing."

At the hotel, close by from here by 2 blocks, Chris and Wake were there in caution. Nobody came in and out he said, but something is wrong though. Chris saw the door clean and x ray the room.


He kicks the door and saw the fox's wife, brutally torture. She was bleeding a lot, with wax and cum. They untie her and help her.

Chris"She is still alive."

Wake"I'll take care of her. Find any clues."

Looking around, he saw, in his vision, foot prints and patterns of blood. He follow it and it took him to an hidden door in the hallway and he open it up.

Chris"Fuck. No wonder they got in without notice. Bastards."

Wake"Follow the trail."

It leads him to an elevator and it goes all the way down to the sewer. He continues to walk and saw some dead bodies. It was a long walk, the years of waste finally went to his brain but it still didn't have time to complain or to even think about it. It then lead to outside of the sewer and into a vault.

Chris"A vault. Is there a key pad? Oh, there it is."

Chris hack the key pad, pretty much too easy with decoding and virus security system, and he open the vault. There inside was a main terminal system. Every vault has a sign that leads to their destination. Other vaults is under construction. What ever this is, it has to be a new route of the private securities to use.

Chris"I found an underground terminal. Pretty much they use this place to get to places in undetected."

Wake"No wonder. There really wasn't a underground terminal before. Probably used it from caves or something."

Chris"Can you see me in radar?"

Wake"No. It's scramble."

Chris"Maybe an EMP will do."

Chris EMP and was then being seen.

Wake"Have you on radar. Your not that far away fro me."

Chris"She is still alive?"

Wake"She is fine. She is waking up."

Chris"Get her to talk. Nicely."

Wake"Will do."

To him, it looks abandon. No one ever use it. Until on of the vault was about to be open. Chris hides inside a crate. The vault open, private securities came in. Ouidasue was not in the group, damn it.

Tesser"Is the prisoners safe?"

Optio"They should be. The boss doesn't like weak whores."

Tesser"Remind me to give me one whore for me to play with my friends."

Optio"You'll get your share, my love."

Security"Sir, the boss is calling you channel B."

Optio"Boss, everything is alright?"

Ouidasue"Yes. Everything is going to plan. You have my whores?"

Optio"Their here. Ready for your command and innocent."

Ouidasue"Good. You'll have your share my good man. Bring them to terminal 9-4. I'll be waiting for you."

Optio"Yes sir. Move them out!"

Chris knows the direction now. But he needs to free them now. But he is being moving now, in the crate they think he is under check point pick up. They move, open the vault, and they all went inside. Everyone is in the sewer tunnel, no connection to the outside world now. Then Chris open out and surprise them all.

Chris"Hello bitch."

They were shooting at him, how could they if invisible. He just tap them and there.

Optio"Where the fuck is he?"

Tesser"Damn it! Fuck him!"

Chris took out the securities and even neck nap them if he wants to. Then he hold Tesser as hostage.

Tesser"Let go of me!"

Optio"Let her go!"

Chris"Do the right thing then, be the hero if you can."

Joking around, Optio took a shot and graze her neck, falling down as he betray her and was punish with Chris's bullet. He looks at her, begging for help.


Chris"You been betray. You know that?"

Tesser"Shut up! I need help! Fuck it, shoot me! Finish me off!"


Tesser"Show mercy!"

Chris"I do."

He grab the dead soldiers medic pack, got a injection and bandages. He inject her and cover her wounded part.

Tesser"Why help me? I'm your enemy!"

Chris"You think I have no heart? We all are the same kind of people in this war."

Tesser"Your right. But why kill them?"

Chris"They choose to kill me. They have no heart. You on the other hand was betrayed. I help you up."

Tesser"In return, I pleasure you?"

Chris"No. You are free to go where ever you want to go."

Tesser"Ok. I'll go."

She left as promise and Chris saved the the innocents again. They all left where he pointed to and continue to follow is new path. He pick up some new weapons, R28-Vengeance pump action shotgun.

Chris"Shotgun, better blown shits up motherfucker."

The sewer, looks endless to him, the poor and weak makes a new world here. Probably a new society he probably get used to. But it will lead to chaos like before if he could remember how, it's like the walls knows more than him but equal idea. They beg for money, they are begging for hope. Chris wish he can help, but pointing the direction is all he could do now. Chris was getting close by, the evil of blood and dead parts are close by. Chris ready his favorite pistol, his new shotgun, his teeth was sharp and ready to hunt them down like they were worst than before he killed. Chris wants to kill them all, the vault open and there was his new prey. It was a facility, the colors of their uniform. They were shock to see him, and he was piss. Moving boxes drops to weapon ready, they got ready to shoot him down.

Ouidasue"Who are you?"

Chris"Your worst nightmare."

Chris already blast them with his fireball. Knocking their feeds off and Chris was rushing in the fight, shooting his pistol and his shotgun all together. The coward ran back to where he would hide no longer. He jumps over crates and snap their head with his gun without pulling the trigger. Running to the hall and it leads him climbing up the level. He was at the a huge storage.

Wake"Chris, I'm over your position. Your at their base. I'm seeing you now."

Chris"Where is he?"

Wake"He's running to the main building. Get there fast. They have SAM."

Chris"I'll take them out."

Wake"No! Follow him now!"

Chris decides to destroy the SAMs. Killing enemies, blowing their brains and claws off, one of the SAM was turning on. Chris punch a hole in the command switch, auto to manual. He aim at the buildings and demolish them his style. Wake send missiles to enemy transport. Now he quickly need to get to the main building. Coward should be at the top of the main control office. Chris instead fly up there and bust the window and Ouidasue turn his back and saw him. Chris kill the guards quickly, moving, kicking, even tail whip lash their throats. Only him was in his way. Ouidasue pull out his gun, but always disarmed by Chris.

Chris"You. Talk, now!"

Ouidasue"What the hell you want to know?"

Chris"These innocents people you try to kidnap at the mall, the one in the underground terminal, what's with these kidnaps?"

Ouidasue"You have no idea what I've been going through. Years ago, I exchange illegal prisoners with Doris in return for pure virgin slaves. It was all going well until the last 4 months, Doris kidnap my beloved wife, my daughter and son! Doris said I have to exchange millions of people in return for my family back. I have to re-exchange them for my family! I want my family back!"

Chris"Getting your family back I understand, but the demand. It cost a lot of sacrifices just to get your family back"

Ouidasue"I don't care about the people! I care about my family! They are more than important to me than the whole world!"

Chris"I understand. But you also torture people from bribes."

Ouidasue"I regret what I've done. My family comes first, and then I leave this place. Far away!"

Chris"That is not up to me to set you free."

Chris feels trouble. He saw the sniper far away from his eye can see. It was pointing at him. Chris decides to duck him down. Shot was miss, but Chris aim and kill the sniper.

Ouidasue"My god! You save me!"

Chris"Let me help you find your family."

Ouidasue"Thank you! Let me get my stuff, close my data and let's get out of here!"

Ouidasue check his computer before leaving.

Chris"I have the VIP, pick me up Wake."

Wake"On it!"

Once Chris look at Ouidasue, his face change. He grab his gun and shots at Chris. But a huge surprise! He stop the bullet with his hand, then kills him with a headshot.

Chris"VIP is dead. Betrayed."

Wake"Either way, he's already a dead man."

He check his computer and read the message. Order to kill Chris no matter what. It's a shamed they now figure it out about him. Probably proud to be the enemies blacklist. Wake pick him up and headed home. Sakura moved his men to takeover Sarvah. Fumi was happy to see Wake again. He gave her a gift from the mall. Chris on the other hand, gave Jack and Raynard necklaces. Why? Because there Jack gave Viola her gift and Raynard gave Hella her gift. My brother was happy to see her actually give him a kiss to the check. Jack and Viola went to their bedroom having sex while Fumi took care of Wake's little problem. Then Chris gave me my gift, and I loved it very much.

Lucia"Thank you Chris!"

Chris"Your welcome."

We kiss and end up in bed together, We strip and make out all the way before we were tired. His tongue was very smooth and massage my tongue. I love it, but before I want his cock inside me, I felt tired right away from our intense kissing. Chris went to the bathroom and took a shower. I love him being naked. But behind was someone I don't know who she is.

Kelly"Miss me?"

Chris"Sister! I can't believe your here!!"

Kelly"Me too brother. I miss you so much, even though I was watching you the whole time."

Chris"Why now then?"

Kelly"Chris, I miss you. You were dead and came to life from Lucia. I envy you. You reborn but I don't."

Chris"That's not fair. I didn't ask for this either."

End P3
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