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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 1

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:05 pm    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 1 Reply with quote

I never seen this much power could this dragon hold the will to kill that much.It was lunch time for me, I was serve with pasta and some time with my maid. Giving me a massage and eating like a child, I kept thinking about Chris. Does he feel like us, yet he does make deadly decision. But what else could he be, kind? The story is good so far, it makes me feel this is all impossible to explain how we won the war. One man, killing everyone that gets in his way.

Maid"How does it feel sir?"

Gave a thumbs up, I normally don't talk much. Finally, some break I felt like a new guy. I wish to go home now, but this massage wants me to stay here for it has almost everything. I believe it's paradise here, right time to be here and the war is almost over. But yet something is bothering me, the book just keep puzzling me with whats next and how and why. The Maid just then left and I was really relaxed, but tense about the book, how could this book jumps me around with strange story and wanting to know next. So there, I continue to read more, felt like a child again.

Act II Re-Purpose


This is now a new type of plan we are doing. Instead of assault on Wiltheis, we focus on Remotus Anteanus. Sakura said it's a good advantage point to strike at the enemy from more recruits. But I know what is going on down there, they didn't called Remotus Anteanus for nothing. Because there is no law there, it's an anarchy world where everything is poor, but it's run by criminal organization and power hungry gangs. Intel said there are some Imonar bastards activity in there, some type of influence I suspect. Sakura will only throw in recon teams. It will be like a silent haunting ghost just swept the land and I do know who that ghost is.

Sakura"Chris, I send Jack and Viola to Anteanus, they will scout out the area little by little with the rest of the team. I don't want to send a whole army forces to just take over that whole place while losing a lot of men and women as well."

Chris"And I guess I'm going to clean out every area until support team comes in and control the area."

Sakura"Yes, we can't lose much, we need a full force on Wiltheis. But you are not going on air, your going by light speed."

Chris"A what?"

Lucia"It's my invention that I created and it was a hard time. But it was worth it. You should be able to go Anteanus in less than a second."

Chris"Is it safe?"

Lucia"We try it, it works, but not on a living person."


Lucia"But you can, trust me."


Lucia"Great, just step right in and wait a moment. And when you done with anything, use your command option to instant teleport back here at any time."


He then has a SMG Ricoh, with silencer and laser dotted. Once he is on, the machine lid up and then zap him away, but in his vision we can see him on a boat. He is in the Bay of Vean.

Lucia"You live!"

Chris"Now what?"

Sakura"Jack is somewhere here at the Low Bar, find him."

The town here is quite a run down, people here are scared of the gang violences, which in fact that is the trouble. Walking around here he saw some gangs getting off the truck and walk straight to him.

Gang 1"Whoa there, hand over your valuable stuff man. You think you look tough? We own this shit."

Gang 2"Better hand it over or we kill you right here in this spot."

Chris"I don't have time for this."

Gang 1"Where you going man, you ain't going anywhere you bitch."

They pull out their gun, one next to his face. Chris then bite the gun, disarmed him and then pull three bullets to the four of them to the face. Oh god, he is so amazing on how he pull that off, he is my dream hero. But I think he still hates me, when could he ever forgive me? At the bar later, he found Jack.

Jack"You wanna drink?"

Chris"I'm fine. What are we doing here anyway?"

Jack"Good question. See that gentleman right there, the Vulture. He's Emeritus, one of the Imonar spies."

Chris"I'm guessing he is no ordinary spy from the rest of the others."

Jack"Yes he is, because is Caligari's most loyalty spy. He gets the job done fast."

Chris"We kill him now?"

Jack"Your so impatience to kill someone already. No, we need him alive, we must know what he knows. Beside, killing him triggers a fail safe memory wipeout. We cannot lose him."

Chris"We follow him?"

Jack"I wish, but he has a lot of HSM."


Jack"It's a new type of technology that everyone wants to have it. You have a signal that notify you if your being followed, by tracking everyone's heat signature. If that same signature is in the area distance from him while being walking around, it will alarm him of his prey. Even it knows the same shape and heat of your body."

Chris"That's very new to me. I like that program, how many people has it?"

Jack"They say it's been under working, but you and I know he is the only one that has it now to the public. He is not to be attracted to. Stay your distance, we'll find him and we'll a lot of answers. Just wait for now."


Jack"I hope Raynard will find a way to jam the system, if he is that smart."

Chris"He will, I have that feeling that he will anyway. He is our hope."

Jack"I thought your our only hope too."

Chris"There is that, but I'm not much up to date. And who the fuck is Caligari?"

Jack"Right, you don't know. Can you walk the talk?"

Chris"Yes I could."

Jack"Good, go to this checkpoint, your going to find out more information on this person, Baro. Find him around the Vean Vista area."

Chris"Got it."

He walk out of the bar and walk north of here.

Jack"Chris, patching through Sakura."

Sakura"Caligari is a deity of the Imonarpire Dynasty. He took over the government power by force with his paid terrorist group that help him gain power. Then they were all executed when they were almost brought to justice. Cyanide was their answer in oath to protect Caligari. His reign in power destroyed everything the world has ever known. Since then he took power over the people's will and what we all know, he makes them work for their life's. Building weapons and armies, everyone in Wiltheis will never rise up. Some survivors told us the horror, most were all executed, punish, or being enslaved by rich bastards. We then notice some high class people are somewhat acting as monsters to their numbers. It was something we would never understand why they keep doing this. Caligari kidnaps the youth's innocences to be taught in their so called 'lesson in life.' Others would showed weak and unwilling to continue, they were taken away by force and tortured them for being weak, even the elders. We all can't stand his madness over the innocent's. He must be stopped."

Chris"I understand. I wish you could just drop me off over to his house and I could just fuck'en rip him apart already."

Lucia"I won't risk losing you Chris. You have the spirit, but you won't fight alone, you have us to back you up."

Chris"Thanks. Baro is in sight."

Jack"Ask him nicely on how much he knows about Emeritus."

He approach to him, looking at the boats as if they were not only leaving, but also leaving your home forever.


Baro"Who on earth are you?"

Chris"Don't try to pretend, what you know about Emeritus?"

Baro"I don't know what the fuck are you talking about."

Chris turn him around and pull out his gun to his back.

Chris"Tell me everything now."

Baro"Ok ok, I really don't know him, never met him in person, but I know his

Chris"Go on."

Baro"He has his next shipment leaving at midnight. It's something he said that it pleased him a lot more than his work."

Chris"What is it?"

Baro"I don't know what it is! But it's something more than an ordinary extortion I hear."

Chris"How many?"

Baro"I don't know. I swear."

Chris looks at his face, checking on his truth, the monkey is shitting his pants. And his badass just didn't came today. He spare his life.

Chris"Better than nothing. Get out of here."


Chris"Jack, you copy?"

Jack"I got it. His schedule is there, he is telling the truth alright."

Chris"Now what?"

Jack"We wait. If your not the type of person to be waiting, teleport back to base, your call."

Chris"Your sure you'll be fine?"

Jack"I'm not a recon specialist for nothing."

Chris"Got it."

Chris then teleported back to base. Nice and smooth he was and just then minding his own business. He then went to take a shower, not normally what you expect any robot to do that, but once I realize about water and machine together, I was shock to know that they both don't work together. But it was too late, he then showered and his body was amazing. I forget the danger and watch him getting soaked, as well as I was too. After that, he went around and then saw Wake. He approach to him and then Wake went to his room. Going in anyway, he saw him getting a massage from a Flamingo.

Wake"Chris, you son of a gun. How are you?"

Chris"I'm fine."

Wake"Have you met Fumi?"

Fumi"It's a pleasure to meet you young man."

Chris"Nice to meet you."

Wake"Chris, how was it when you were just young?"

Chris"Can't remember, only know is that I was some type of a killing machine. Probably one of the best that get things done without a single failure."

Wake"That I find it hard to believe, but you don't need for words when I can tell."

Fumi"How did you survive all this brutal stuff?"

Chris"I remember that I have this healing genes that a cut can be easily healed fast. A bullet to the chest took some time but I lived."

Fumi"You really took a bullet?"

Chris"It wasn't the best youth years I had."

Wake"Sorry that you have been through a hell fire, but your now safe and we all support you buddy. Because Fumi is the master of medics. She can heal the injured as fast as possible and knows every part of the body."

Fumi"Helping the weak and poor is my passion. Even getting our friends and families out of the fire is my calling. Our men and women in service will be protected by my line of work. That is my life, I will never fail to save a life."

Chris"Lucky you, I did much like you, but I can't save them all."

Fumi"It's a unfortunate event, one day, I will accept a fallen one or more. But not today."

Chris"Damn right."

Wake"Yeah, she is Support Captain and I'm the Assault Captain. A best offense is a good defense."

Chris"A good pair I suspect."

Fumi"We fell in love during our battle in Novtem. I was outnumbered, then Wake attack with a suicide idea. He survive, I help him, I found my guardian angel."

Wake"And I found my arch angel."

Chris"Soul mates then."

Fumi"I guess you have a soul mate before?"

Chris"Andrea, I still see her in my mind. But I will never have that purpose the fight for again."

Wake"You do, more than you think. Andrea is in you, and also you have us, you also have every one of us to watch out for you. Even though your a elite killing machine, you always need support, and we're here for you. Not only that, the billions of people that depends on you to give them their life back after this war. You have a purpose, a new one, and a respectable one with great responsibility. We all should live without fear."

Chris"Your right, I do have more than I ever think I have."

Fumi"Thats right. You are our hero."


Fumi"Well, I don't mean to be rude, but could leave us, I'm starting to feel our first love again."

Wake"Exactly what I was thinking of."

Chris"I'll leave you two alone now."

Chris left, Wake and Fumi were getting it on. He hears their sound, nodding them.

Chris"Their in heaven, and I'm somewhere lost without my love."

I wish I could tell him that I love him. But I couldn't, because of my doing. When will I have the guts to tell him. But then he went to his room, about to go to sleep. But something was bothering him. This could be my chance. I went to his room quickly and there he was, feeling like I'm starring a powerful man with an energy of his presence.

Lucia"Hi Chris."


Lucia"Is their something wrong?"

Chris"….I can't sleep. I think a machine like can't sleep."

Lucia"Yes you can. Your just not feeling it are you?"


Lucia"Look, you may be a machine, but your a living organic. You make decisions, you feel the outside, you also can feel inside of you. What is really wrong?"

Chris"I can't sleep like this. Not that I'm use to, but I feel like, alone. Still, with everyone else on my side, is just…"

Lucia"You want a lover."

Chris"…yes. But Andrea, I still see her. I feel like she is my love, but not that presence of what I know."

Lucia"Chris, I understand."

I approach him softly, making my move.

Lucia"I think, you know, maybe if I…"

Chris"You? My creator, yet I feel something else you want from me."

Lucia"That's not fair Chris. I didn't mean to ruin your life. I'm sorry."

Chris"I know you are."

Lucia"And you think I want you to do something for me?"


Lucia"Chris, I feel like I made a mistake."

Chris"You sure?"

Lucia"What's that suppose to mean?"

Chris"You think you made a mistake? How can you tell if you didn't try."

Lucia"Try what?"

He grab my hand, and kiss my cheek. I was blushing and feeling this first love. I can't do anything but feel this new power from him.

Chris"How was it?"

Lucia"Good, I love it. Your so sweet."

Chris"I want you to be my lover please, my creator."

Lucia"Yes, I love you. But…"

Chris"Too fast?"

God, what was I thinking?! Saying that will probably ruin my chance.

Lucia"Yeah, I think so. Chris, I need to rethink this, please."

Chris"As you wish."

I left quickly as I could, what the fuck was that about! Why didn't I go for it. I was ready to make love with him. But, this feeling. Was I not ready for that moment? I watch others did on the network, it work for them but why not for me? I went to my room, still feeling his love. I can't control myself. I quickly got on the bed, took off all my clothes off and start playing myself.

Lucia"Chris, I want you. I want you so bad!"

His power to pleasure builds up the moment that I never would handle it. Something I wasn't ready for I bet. But to myself yes.

Lucia"ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!! I need you Chris!"

What is this? Could I never face my true love for him? But now, I was getting so hot, I wonder how Chris handle in this situation?

Lucia"Ahhh!!!! Yes!!! I can't resist you Chris!!! I beg you make love with me!!!"

I was getting close, my god I felt so ashamed for leaving him alone and I'm enjoying myself while he suffer being alone. I felt bad, but this is sooo good. I wish he just came to my room and start loving me forever. Oh god, I can't think straight, I must do something!

Lucia"I'm cumming!!!!

I let is all go, it was the best one ever, I lick my pussy and taste my cum. Wow, my cum taste different, so sweet. Is this a sign of true love?…..why did I ask that question. I then fell to sleep. This pleasure was so intense, I think I would expect more pleasure from him. I think I'm wetting more, but it still feels good. What now, I kept thinking what to do now, but was too tired to think. Lazy me.
Late at night, Chris was getting ready for his undercover mission. I was on the war map with Sakura, Hella, and my brother Raynard. We were scouting the area where the intel said so. Chris was ready, back with SMG weapon, and teleported back to Bay of Vean. It was a full midnight, no one here but seeing guards of gangs and discreet suits. Chris went cloaking and move to the main activity ship.

Chris"Moving to position."

Sakura"Plenty of guards on board and on the ground."

Lucia"I see four snipers, two on the deck, and two on the crane machine."

Hella"It's better when they are dead Chris."

Chris"No problem."

Chris points at the enemies, shot them down from a long range distance. Still in the clear. Then the crane began to unload the cargo.

Raynard"Whoa, this cargo is x ray proof. Something must be valuable inside the cargo, check it out."


The cargo was drop gently and then the moment was very a big surprise. There were naked girls in that cargo. Chris watches and we heard his anger, we know from his stats that he is not going to sit there and watch this bullshit. A guy in suits there walks up to all of them, they were so young and old. Chris scan them as they were family members.

Chris"Must kill them now. Stand by to send rescue team."

Sakura"Standing by Chris."

Chris"They will all die."

Chris got close to all the action invisible. That guy in suits is Ken. The falcon just finish talking to this dealer.

Ken"All of you girls, I just purchase all the girls here 17 and under. The rest of you will be heading east of here and will be thrown on your own. I hope the best of you, you filthily whores!"

They were all screaming for their daughters, the mothers and aunts were trap back in the cargo and then a helicopter came and pick them up.

Chris"Follow the helicopter."

Raynard"Following the target now, it's not going away this time."

Chris"Ken is right next to me, I must kill him."

Sakura"Chris, relax, you'll kill him soon damn it!"

Lucia"Just relax, control your anger, please."


Ken"You sluts will obey me at all time. Do so and you'll be less harmed. Disobey, and you'll be [word censored] to death."

Crying they were and holding the tears, Chris can't wait to kill them all now. Ken then told girls to head back to their new cargo. As he walks away, Chris follows him, never took away his sight as he was talking to his guards.

Ken"I want no one touching those girls. He will not like them being touch. Do I make myself clear?"

Was a clear hearing. Ken was going to his personal helicopter and Chris was in it too. It was above the boat, he was starring at him, waiting and wanting to put a bullet in his head. Then he appears out.

Chris"Hello Ken."

Ken"What the fuck!!"

Beating the crap out him, slamming his head through the window.

Chris"Like fucking young girls, like ruining their life, like to steal their innocences? Well try liking this!

He just claw his stomach and grab his kidneys and shove it both through his eyes. Screaming in pain and shaking a lot, Chris then threw him out and then put many bullets on the pilot. He control the help and fly to the trucks. Chris got out and in slow motion took out most guards on the boat. Never miss a shot, crashes the trucks and explosion was alerting and misdirecting on what is going on. Chris then took out some more. Killing everyone and bashing their heads with his fist while it also snap their necks and made a huge crack to their skulls. Guards were then all killed and Chris went straight to the cargo. Found the girls as they were even more scared than facing death itself.

Chris"Don't worry ladies, your all saved. You'll be reunited with your families."

They were relieved and rescue team came in just in time. Took the girls safely and got out of their in time. While Chris is checking on more cargos, one of them were military grade weapons.

Chris"Sakura, I found loads of military weapons and ammo's here. LMG's, assault rifles, rocket launchers, high powered sniper rifles, these guys were ready to take down a whole city."

Sakura"Good lord, sending a team to get it out fast. Putting to good use for our guys here. You did a good job."

Lucia"Anything else here to find?"

Chris"Nothing else here."

Lucia"Find out where they got those girls."

Up the deck and into their files, he check around and saw something interesting. A list of cargo, the unknown was the one with every girls, they came from an unknown dealer but the location was somehow near here in this state. The town is called Balwong.

Chris"Found nothing but a location, Balwong."

Sakura"Better than nothing. Should go over there now or later, your call."

Chris"Now, someone should be there still if the time is not too late."

Sakura"Then go with Jack and Viola, they will take you there now."

Chris was then pick up in their van and drove off to the south.

Jack"Should be there in an hour."

Viola"What are we suppose to find?"

Chris"Anything that has to do with the ships supplies. I'll ask people about some missing persons since those girls were kidnapped. While you two check the list of the ships timeline schedules."

Jack"Good luck on your part."

Hour later, they arrive at Balwong. Looks more of a trash city than Vean. People are still there at the night, I think they were waiting for a ship to leave this place I bet. Then they got off the van and search for any answers. Chris walks around the warehouse, looking for any one here. Then he found some people here, they were all so eager to leave. Chris then ask someone with his traceable DNA, matches to one of the kidnaps.

Chris"Excuse me, did you see the last ship that just went?"

Woman"That was just hours ago. Like around 5 p.m. Did you miss that boat?"

Viola"Chris, we found the schedule. A ship just left around 5 p.m. Given order by Led-Nakken."

Chris"Do you know where is Led-Nakken?"

Woman"That mean man? He is still here I believe, in his office just right there."

Chris"Thank you ma'am."

Jack"Busting in now."

They bust in and took down Led-Nakken. Chris later then came in and watch him being roped. Chris is waiting for a good answer, and more torture.

Chris"Who was delivering cargos to the New Medno?"

Led-Nakken"I won't tell you shit. Your just wasting your time fool."

Chris punch him in the face and kick him in the face.

Chris"Not playing around you fucking bastard. Tell me who!"

Led-Nakken"Ok, ok, it was Turkur. Ain't worth my business."

Chris"Keep talking."

Led-Nakken"He's a regular. He always brings one colored cargo, the black one with red stripes. His ship is named Stalker, ironic."

Chris"What time does he come here?"

But when Chris arms shake out of the blues, he notice his action, he looks back and saw a sniper. Chris reach out his gun, points and kill from a long distance. How, how does he knows his danger? How does he know when to shoot him at such accurate.

Chris"We need to get out of here now!"

Led-Nakken"It's his men! There after us. You brought them here! We're all going to die!"

Jack"Get a grip! We're moving. Chris, cover us."

Chris"Covering now."

Chris shoots at more gangs. They were bringing in more force, machine guns and rocket launchers. They escape and Chris was distracting them by killing more of them and exploding more barrels. Firing at the night, it's hard to see the enemy at dark, but Chris sees everything. The team was escorting the package out of the area. Chris swift at different directions to lose their line of sight. Chris is one machine that beats the record of killing and moving at the same time. Then the gangs just escape the area and flee.

Chris"Gangs just flee, be careful, something is not right."

Viola"Copy that."

Led-Nakken"Oh god, my stomach!! Ahhhh!!!"

It suddenly exploded as now he was blown apart. What the fuck was going on?

Jack"Chris, Led is dead. Something exploded from the inside of his body."

Chris"Fuck! Something is really wrong here. Fall back, we're leaving."

Then they all left and the team was hiding in the jungles. They were all thinking about their next move. Sadly though, they can't do a thing about it.

Chris"We have the ships name. Why can't we do something now?"

Jack"I know right."

Sakura"Chris, report back to base."

Chris"Got to go."

Viola"Come back soon boy."

He then teleports back to base. Chris was tired, or that was I thought. He energy level is still at 100% well balanced, doesn't even he get tired? Quite the soldier he is. If he never gets tired, I bet he never gets tired in bed. But yet is business first.

Sakura"Chris, Raynard is looking for the ship. His tech will hopefully find the ship. Don't worry Chris, we'll get the guy."

Chris"Please do, I want to kill anyone to get the guy."

Lucia"Calm your anger Chris."

Chris"I was never a type of nice guy."

Sakura"We could see that. But, in the meantime, let's remember your memory please."

Chris"Either it hurts for me to see more death again. Let's do it."

We went back to the Memory machine. Strap in and got ready. We all saw her again.

Lucia"Chris, you know we now could do two memory sync if you want."

Chris"It's best to remember my time than to forget it."

Lucia"Ok Chris."

Andrea"What type of truth are we getting into? I miss you."

Memory 1 - Chapter 3 Secret History

Next day after that massive explosion, I check around the Hub to see if there is anything here. Good thing there is food storage, I'm hurry as hell.
I keep looking around, and finally found the History Log's. Containing a history from 20 years ago. While Andrea is sleeping naked, because I want to see a better view and a better sleep for her, I check it out myself and see if anything makes sense to me. 20 years ago, Communist has finally took over the world and now to seek a powerful new colony to settle other planet's. 18 years ago, the Hub program is now under way to research at fast pace. 16 years ago, they finally launch the Hub with 1,000,000 settlers to space and reach to a new planet call Edolly. Then, they reach their destination and settler there and expand the new found capital of Burnetta. No country has been established yet. 15 years ago, more settlers were join to the new planet, even have a list of members on that 2th Hub. I check the list and my parents were in that list. No wonder I never saw them ever again. Including Andrea's parents too. Yet, it explains why we have the same emotional problems. Our new foster care was worse than our parents. Time was the enemy, when the time sounds every hour, we must obey the time or we get whipped hard. I've been whipped many times, first it hurt like a motherfucker, now it's boring, like if someone was keep touching me forever. Lucky for me, my body heals itself by the months. So I have no scars in me, and the pain was maintain. Put a 50 cal bullet in me and I still walk like a badass, but I plan not to do that, maybe I could be wrong. 12 years ago, the connection from Lexuing to Edolly was disconnected. No one knows what happen, they even launch more Hubs to find out, but they never return. 10 years ago, they now confirmed that Edolly is gone and forever lost in space. Now, I'm here and I had a crazy idea to head to Edolly. I hope to find life, yet I have no choice. Earth to me is far away, I never would think we'll make it there. We'll stay in Edolly until technology advance more to get there fast. I hate to wait, but what can I do now.

Andrea"Chris, why am I naked? Where's my clothe's?"

Chris"It's over there by the chair, and I like to see the view."

Andrea"Come here boy."

I walk up to the bed and went to her and she pose. She looks at me with pleasure in her eye's.

Andrea"Why don't you want me now?"

Chris"Yesturday, we went through hell and now you want sex?"

She then got turn off and went into the bed sheets.

Andrea"You save me, I should give up to you."

Chris"I'm no master. I won't let you be a thing. It's not right for me. We will make love when the time is right, I promise."

Andrea"Ok, but, can you at least cuddle with me?"

Chris"That I could."

We cuddle along and we kissed. We even french kiss and a breathless kisses. She push my head to her breast and I kiss her chest. Her moans is making her nipples hard.

Andrea"ahhh, ohhhh."

Then she does the same to me. I love it, my wings were soft now and I massage her back.

Chris"Oh god. I think I'm in heaven."

Then she stop and I tease her legs.

Andrea"I need to go take a shower Chris. I forgot to take a shower before school."

Dirty girl she is. She went to the shower and I watch the sky space up in the roof. The plasma waves were beautiful as if it was just for me. I never thought I could be here in space, it's the most beautiful place yet mysterious at the same time. Then my ears twitch, Andrea must be saying something, wonder what she said

Andrea"Chris, oh Chris, your amazing!"

She's masturbating. I now know how much she really wants to fuck me.

Andrea"Ahhh!!! AHhhh!!! Oh Chris!!! Im coming!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!"

She then cum and I think that would be the biggest cum she ever did. But what would I know. Later on, she just change and we then talk about going to Edolly.

Andrea"Would we find somebody over there?"

Chris"I hope so. But we need to hide and act like a normal people, we don't want attention."

Andrea"Why, they are like us. We could tell them what just happen to Lexuing."

Chris"People who went there never return. We can't risk any problems for us. I have to protect you until it's safe enough to walk free."


I set course to Edolly. I hope to find a place. Oh god, please help me.

To be continue…….Memory Complete

Sakura"Wow, they sure are a cute couple.

Lucia"I know right, makes me feel different."

Sakura"Relax Lucia, ok on to the next memory."

Andrea"Would I ever want to do something you don't like to do? It doesn't pleasure you to see me like this, as your lover."

Memory 1 - Chapter 4 A New Trouble

After 2 weeks of space travel, with sensual pleasure, we finally reach to Edolly. Now we have to go on stealth, I put the Hub in stealth mode and it's now invisible. I drive the Hub into the atmosphere and into the planet without problems and I saw the whole world as a prefect paradise. It looks just like Earth and it's very beautiful. Now we have to be aware of this planet that even though it's our new home, we have to be caution because of the never return ships. I land it in the forest and we are safe so far. We got out of the ship and it's still invisible. We then walk to the nearest city we just saw.

Andrea"Are they friendly Chris?"

Chris"Guess we'll have to find out ourself."

Andrea"What if they are not?"

Chris"Look, nothing bad is going to happen to you, I promise."

As we walk, we finally reach to city. It's so beautiful. The buildings are metals and they look so big. People here are not wearing slave clothe's, they are wearing colorful clothe's like mines. I wear a 3XL white with blue vinyl T shirt and Andrea is wearing a black with pink tank top. I always were long jeans and white sneakers. We then went to the market because we are thristy as hell. Andrea stayed outside looking at these beautiful landscape. I found sodas, so I got two of them and went to cashier. When I was about to pay, with these stolen money found in the Hub, I suddenly have a twitch in my eye's. I look outside and saw Andrea talking to someone else. It's a wolf, looks like rich. With that eye and his movement, I think he is up to no good. I look around in this store and saw a StormDragon, a pistol with .50 AE bullets and has 12 rounds in it.

Chris"How much for that StormDragon?"

This cashier is a eagle. His tag say Drake.

Drake"50 credits. And comes with 2 rounds with it."


I bought the drinks and the pistol and hide it. Then the wolf left and I then went outside.

Chris"Who is that?"

Andrea"His name is Baron, he just invited me to his party tonight. They are friendly after all."

Chris"Ok, we'll go."

We then walk around and see new cars, trees, grass, and the ocean is much brighter. Then we went back to the Hub and I rest there. Later tonight, we were ready and I didn't change at all. But she change into a nightout girl. She was even hotter.

Andrea"Let's go Chris."

We left and then went to the party on bus. People around us were rich looking teens too. The party is a hotel place. Then we enter and saw the whole place full of teenagers. What a party. I look around at my suroundings because thats what I do if I want to be alive. Then Baron came to us.

Baron"Welcome to my party. Can I invite Andrea to my VIP room."


Chris"Can I come?"

Baron"Sorry, I can't."

Chris"Why not?"

Baron"Because you don't have that card I gave her, beside she can't be around here with these people."

Andrea"Don't worry Chris, go have fun, I'll be ok."

She left with him and I'm now stuck here. I stand around and watch other people enjoying themselves. The music is not my type, I prefer something more heavy. Later on, it's now 10 and then I have another twitch but this time on my heart. When it is in my heart, someone is in trouble. Why now? I look at these people and I saw them look so horny and then they were touching at each others and some of them were striping and I now see some sex in it. Holy shit it's a sex party! So Andrea is in trouble!

Chris"Fuck! I knew that fuck is up to no good."

I ran upstair and look both left and right. I pick right and then bump into a janitor.

Chris"Sorry dude! Where is Baron?"

Janitor"I think he went upstair all the way to the roof with his guys."

That fuck!!! He's going to die now. I look across the hallway and saw a window. Am I prepare for this?....Fuck it, I'm a motherfucking son of a bitch dragon. I ran as fast as I could and broke through the window and I then flap my wings and fly.

Chris"It's been years since I fly. But I'm fine right now. Time to find Andrea."

I soar high up to the 30th floor and there they are all in a sudden way. She was naked and was tied up to the cross. I then see his guys naked as well, 10 of them.

Chris"Baron you fuck!! Leave her alone!!"

Baron"Guys deal with him!"

They then start shooting at me and I quickly grab my pistol and start shooting at these bastards. I quickly avoid those bullets and I was a perfect aimer. I shot once and they exploded blood in there chest. I keep moving and kill more of them at fast pace. Then I killed the last 2 guys and now it's just him. I land behind him, pointing at his head.

Chris"Get the fuck away from her you son of a bitch!!"

Baron"Are you a idiot?! This is my party and you'll have to wait your turn after I fuck this hot bitch's pussy!"


What!!! He acts like if he thinks I won't do shit. He is really sick as fuck. Is everybody here the same piece of shit? So piss off, something snap my mind and I grab him from behind and point my gun under his chin and shot 2 bullets from his bottom jaw, to his brain and beyond.

Chris"Fuck off you shit."

He was dead and I was left standing. I then reload my weapon.

Andrea"Where did you get that gun?"

Chris"The market. I thought you can handle yourself?"

Andrea"Oh for the love of god, why now?"

I untie her, get her dressed, I carry her and then I fly away back to the Hub. In bed, she was hugging me for the whole time under the bed sheets.

Andrea"Thanks for saving me. He was seducing me all over me."

Chris"It's ok. Your safe now babe. I did promise you that."

She look up to me and we kiss. Later, she slept and I was hugging her for the whole night. She is so innocent to be harmed. This place is not fun at all. But we're stuck here and we have no other planets to go for. Another hell we're in, but it's better than back home.

To be continue…..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Sick bastards. Chris just save her again. No way they will harm her."

Sakura"Still, that type of disease even did spread to the world above. How did he ever deal with the rest of them."

Chris"I always hate all of them, advantage is their tactic."

Lucia"I know, I had that experience before."

Sakura"We all did believe it or not.

Chris"What happen?"

Sakura"I rather not talk about it."

Lucia"You don't mind staying here for a sec Chris?"


Sakura"Well I better get back to my office."

Lucia"Bye Sakura. So Chris, well, back in my youth, this guy was one of the sweetest guy I ever met. He was so sweet to me, this was in middle school by the way. One day, late at night, he told me he was in a good mood, we went to the boys locker room. Then, when it was all calm and peaceful with him, then came his friends. He wants me to have a gang bang. I didn't like it, I said no. But they all didn't listen, so they rip my clothes and hold me tight. I was panicking and screaming for help. I was getting ready to get fuck. But then my brother came in the last second and save my life. He was threading them to back off or he kills them with his bot. They all left and I was finally safe with my brother. We went home and thats it."

Chris"I'm sorry. But I'm glad that your safe and you won't have to deal with that anymore."

Lucia"Thanks. But when we were at home, I gave him a blowjob."

Chris"Kinky are you."

Lucia"Yeah I was. Was our first oral."


Lucia"So, I was thinking about when you kiss me in the cheek."


Lucia"And, I think we could try to work this out. Between you and me."

Chris"I like to be together."

Lucia"Ok, so, what do you want to do?"

Chris"We could go out on a date."

Lucia"Oh, sure. That sounds great. I think it will be better if we could go out when we have a our duty break."

Chris"When is that break?"

Lucia"Luckily it's tomorrow. So, probably when your done with this mission, we could go out on a date. And I know the place to be at."

Chris"Ok, let's make that a promise."

He then hold me hand, and embrace me. I felt more better than before. Then, we lightly kiss for the first time. I now understand him, which I wish I could yet. He tenders me so nice, more like the powerful side of him being so nice, and the opposite is his more powerful side of him being so evil, so dangerous, so precise, he is like the devil just give him ultimate power. And I love him for that.

Lucia"I like that."

Chris"Me too."

Lucia"Let's get our job done, shall we?"

Chris"Lead the way."

Back to the war room, my brother finally found something. Chris was eager to hear the news.

Raynard"I found the ship you were looking for. It's at the Rose Island.

Sakura"Ok Chris, your objective is to find anything useful before you start striking down everyone down and we'll send Beta Team to secure the area."

Chris"Sounds good."

Raynard"Here, take this 78-NW Assault rifle. They will be using that weapon, would be good to take their ammo's when your ran out."

Lucia"Looks heavily guarded, but no match for you Chris."

Chris"Of course. Let's get going."

To the teleport machine, Chris then disappear to Rose Island. Once he was there, he went invisible and search around the area. From the south of the island, Chris then found the ship. It was moving into the river. He follows it, and later, reach the camp.

Chris"Camp spotted."

Sakura"Scanning the place. Find something useful."


Around the camp, he looks around, not only gangs here but pirates. When the ship just board in, Turkur just walk out and confirm.

Chris"That fucking Turkur is here."

Sakura"Good, let's see what he has for us."

Following the deer, they went straight to the resources. There is two large tent in the area. Chris went to the first one, there he found was no gangs or pirates but scientist.

Chris"There is scientist here."

Sakura"Scientist? What are they doing?"

Chris"Building some sort of device."

Chris then watches the patient in surgery and saw the device putting in his stomach. Could this mean it's a bomb? The one how Led-Nakken died? He then watch the testing ground and saw one patient blindfolded. He was scared, x ray shows he is nervous at rapid pace. The bomb is in it and then the scientist trigger the remote and exploded his stomach.

Chris"What the fuck? Sakura, we have confirm of a portable bomb. Thats how Led-Nakken died."

Sakura"What the fuck. Sick bastards, what purpose?"

Before he could answer, he stumble upon the office and went inside and found a terminal data. He hack in and found some journal entries.

Audio"Our research is complete, we have finally construct a mini bomb known as Betrayer. We could finally put it into all of our associates and never expose our organization for their lives. If betray, they will die as we are told to make. How would they track them if they betray, our beacon is wide spread and are instructed to be detonate if their nerve system shows a sign of betray to our organization. It's that easy, Emeritus will be please of my work here. And so will Turkur."

Chris"Another fail safe type. Just like Emeritus would do."

Sakura"Destroy the beacon Chris, we've seen enough."

Chris"Let me have another look around."

Chris then went to the second tent, and no doubt on what he finds, all the kidnaps. All the girls there he could find, young, old, mature, and even child.

Chris"Confirm the kidnaps. All of them are here, all females. Child to old."

Sakura"We're sending in Beta Team right now, you have a little time to eliminate everyone else. Turkur must be killed."


Chris then went to the beacon tower, there he just planted a bomb. Set to fuse in 18 seconds. He ran for cover and exploded the beacon tower. Camp went alert. Everyone was shooting at something while he was shooting at them. Blowing up oil barrels and limbs, once he saw the gangs holding the females, he just gave them bullets to the head. A speed boat was leaving, Turkur was in it. Chris just shot the engine and exploded his escape. Then he went up to him and saw his body, injured while floating in the water. Chris grab him to shore on this ancient swamp area of Rose island.

Chris"Turkur, tell me everything you or else."

Turkur"You, you bastard, you ruin my paradise!"

Chris"And I'll ruin more of your worthless body if you don't give me everything you know."

Turkur"Too late, I rather die than betray my kind."

Chris"Your kind? The ones that likes to ruin people's lives for your pleasure. Listen, still dead even if you give me information."

Turkur"Don't you think I don't know that. I'm a dead man now."

Chris"Not without the beacon tower. It's destroyed."

Turkur"Seriously? You blew it up? Then, I'll give you information. What do you what to know?"

Chris"Why do you kidnap the females?"

Turkur"I was paid by Emeritus. Lots of money and more luxury he promise me. I like it at first, since then I was told to use the Betrayer. After that, I could never escape this place to make my own fortune."

Chris"Where is Emeritus?"

Turkur"I don't know, his message is untraceable. But I do know his main guy, Boyd."

Sakura"The Governor?"

Chris"The Governor? Why him?"

Turkur"Thats where he gets every resource from the state. Money, luxury, and most importantly, information. Heard he wants to monitor everyone in the city."

Chris"For what reason?"

Turkur"Don't know. Thats all I know."

Chris"Thanks for the commodity. Now get out of here."

As soon Chris turn his back, he knows Turkur tries to back stab him, but he block his knife and thrust his gun to his head. Fires his head and was like a bloody popcorn.

Chris"Turkur is dead."

Lucia"For a moment, I thought you forgot to kill him."

Chris"I never forget my mission. Beta Team just arrive."

Sakura"Good, Jack and Viola are already heading to the city of Dagan. Report back to base."

Chris teleport back to base.

Raynard"Chris, since you found the research in that camp, I did came up with a new upgrade that is very useful."

Chris"Whats the upgrade?"

Raynard"With the beacon you destroy, the team scavenge an energy pulse. With that technology so tiny, you could use it as a EMP."

Chris"Your saying that I'll be walking around with a EMP that could damage myself as well."

Raynard"I figure you say that. I counter the parts that you won't get infected. You'll be fine."

Chris"I like that."

Raynard"Also, you help us that we can create our own EMP grenades."


Raynard"Well, I better go. Hey, if you have chance, we could talk about something. Just buzz me to your room."


Chris then walks around the base, then went upstair to the roof. He watches the world as if he is free. I want to make his problem go away, no more war, no more suffering, no more but peace in his mind.

Chris"Is there really peace Andrea?"

Andrea"Only if you allow that to happen."

Chris"If I can't?"

Andrea"Chris you never acted this way. Why feeling down, why feel like your going to lose?"

Chris"I don't know."

Andrea"You will win. Have faith. Your much of a killing machine that likes to kill everyone thats gets in your way."

Chris"I do."

Andrea"By doing that, you'll win for sure."

Chris"Andrea, I'm sorry."

Andrea"….it's ok. I still love you, I wish we could make love again."

Chris"Me too."

Andrea"But you have someone else I see."

Chris"Yeah, she is beautiful as you."

Andrea"This may be hard, but I won't get mad at you for having her. But at least you'll have that girl to comfort you."


Andrea"I'll be watching Chris, I never imagine you playing yourself."

Chris"Why would I do that?"

Andrea"If they do it before, it's nothing wrong to masturbate. Unless if that gets in the way of your responsibility. I just like to watch you in action, that's all."

Chris"…one day, you'll get the view of a life time."

Andrea"You will, thank you. Your always so kind to me. Be sure to be kind to her as well."

Chris"I will."

Chris then back down stairs and went to his room. He stretch around and relax for a bit. He then call down Raynard.

Chris"Raynard, you want to chat?"

Raynard"I'll be right over buddy.

My brother came into the room, Chris was drinking his most favorite drink, dragon fruit soda.

Chris"This is best soda I ever had."

Raynard"Yeah, the best of all."

Chris"So, what do you want to talk about?"

Raynard"Well, what's like becoming a soldier like?"

Chris"I'm not sure, probably it wasn't my call at first anyway. I was trained and that's about I know so far."

Raynard"Doesn't that bother you sometimes?"

Chris"I get used to it. It's not like it can't be undone."



Raynard"When I was in boot camp years ago, my parents force me to be there. I didn't have a choice. I just wanna be with my sister."

Chris"I'm guess you were close?"

Raynard"You could say that. After I save her, I went to boot camp. I did learn how to become a tech person. That's what interest me. Months later, she had me escape the place. I thought that was a risk, but I did anyway. We never contact our parents since then. We were then alone, stayed in an abandon hotel. I did return the favor, if you know what I mean."

Chris"Let me guess, you lick her pussy?"

Raynard"Yeah, and nothing further. Then when the war just started, we were recruit by Sakura. She did saw potential in us, which is true. We were lab tech and scientist. We sometimes do some physical training. And now we are here with you."

Chris"That sounds like a long epic journey."

Raynard"Thanks buddy, but it's yours is epic."

Chris"So, what happen between you and your sister?"

Raynard"We learn and decide it's better we find someone else in our interest."

Chris"How she react?"

Raynard"A bit of sad, but forgive me. She accept and loves you."

Chris"I understand. Who is your love interest?"

Raynard"Ah, that will be Hella. But she doesn't like the way I am though."

Chris"How come?"

Raynard"She doesn't like guns, tech, planes, robots. She just like a good old hunting with her bow."

Chris"I can see that. Maybe it's because she wants to keep her survival up and get used to things we are not used to. A hard life like back in the dark ages."

Raynard"You probably right. But I like her as well. What should I do?"

Chris"Just be yourself, do not change to get their attention. Try talking to her."

Raynard"I'll try to talk to her. Thanks buddy."

Chris"Any time."

Good advise, we girls like that anyway right. Still he could be lying or not. But I hope he knows what advise he should tell. What am I saying? Later on, Sakura calls him.

Chris"Whats up?"

Sakura"Jack and Viola set up a plan to break in Boyd's government office. They will fill in the rest of the details."

Chris"Yes ma'am."

Sakura"But first, get the upgrade from Raynard. You'll need it."

Chris went to get the upgrade of the EMP pulse. And on he went to Dagan. It's more a proper city, but not a good one since anarchy type rules the area. But there are rules still, fighting for territories of districts. Chris was at the top of an apartment building with Jack and Viola.

Viola"There it is, the Boyd building."

Chris"How am I going to do this?"

Jack"Viola will hack doors and terminals. All you need to do is spill in without making an unusual noise. Do however try not to kill anyone in there unless it goes sour. You just need to EMP the main control room and the whole 5 blocks will be blackout."

Chris"Sounds easy enough."

Viola"Too easy for you I bet."

Chris then jump from buildings to buildings and into the small air vent he crawl in. Making no noise like the air is sleeping, he then got inside and saw some guards. Invisible he is, and slip by the lounge room. Hearing people afraid to leave this place, about their work, and the night pleasure. He then decide to walk around like a normal person, maybe to be that silent and observant. This place he notice used to be fancy, but no more as the pride rust with lies and displeasure of it's view. He thought it was gold, but it lost its shine. It represent a ruin, just like the rest of Remotus Anteanus. He then ends up at the hallway and was looking for an elevator. But then it was said to be out of order.

Chris"I need a working elevator."

Viola"Sure thing."

Elevator works and soon he slip by and went to the main control floor. Once he is there, guards find an unusual working elevator.

Chris"Play as the maintenance person."

Jack"Uh, sorry guys if your weren't inform, but we are working on the elevator and fixing as soon as we can."

The guards buy it and he continue on. There he saw the doors to the main control room. Viola hacks the door open and he then got in and saw the whole monitor watching the city, every corners of the district and heat sensor.

Chris"I'm here, monitor everything I can see. The whole cities and every district is being under-watch."

Lucia"Ok, here is the very important part. Look for the online server."

Chris"Found it."

Lucia"Now look for the history profile on Emeritus."

Chris"Looking at it, stand by. Emeritus, here we are."

Lucia"Who was he with?"

Chris"Boyd, and this group call The Monumental 12."

Sakura"Monumental 12? Who are they?"

Chris"I'm looking at it, 12 groups of people here. Emeritus, Dolciana, Ouidasue, Doris, R-661, Quitin, Sergru, Ryu, Tandrek, Icarus, Isabeth, Caligari. Whoa, I think they are some type power house type of people. I'm sending the information now."

Sakura"It seems we have a new mission now. But the orders are still in play, EMP and talk to Boyd."


Viola"Anything useful in there, last chance before they are gone?"

Chris"Nothing useful here. Going EMP."

Chris kneel down, his parts open and send an EMP pulse wave to 5 blocks around him.

Chris"Whoa, that felt so good. Like the sensation of adrenaline just boost me. I love it."

Raynard"Thanks for the feedback."

He then went to the top of the building and Boyd was there, losing his mind that his phone was not working. Chris surprise him to his death.

Chris"Your phone won't solve your problem."

Boyd"No shit you idiot. Get the fuck out of my office now!"

Chris"Not unless you tell me about Emeritus."

Boyd"Go to hell, I don't know what the fuck your talking about."

Chris then beat the living hell out of him and tired him out.

Chris"Calm the fuck down, Emeritus, now!"

Boyd"*cough* I don't why you bother me, he wants me to monitor everyone in the city."


Boyd"He wants to have total control of this whole state and then to everyone here in Anteanus."

Chris"Why control everyone?"

Boyd"They way I could make it understandable, he wants Anteanus a warm welcome for the Imonarpire Dynasty without violence."

Chris"Bastard, and what does he give you in exchange?"

Boyd"In exchange I get as much young females to pleasure me. Hehehe."

Chris"You dead pervert."

Chris grab his neck as he carry him from that point.

Chris"One last thing, where is he?"

Boyd"A place called Shanghai-La. His penthouse up there, you can't miss it."


Chris then throw him out the window and fall to his death.

Sakura"Chris, get to the heli pad. Viola and Jack are taking you Shanghai-La, it's in the mountains. He'll be escaping there so move!"

Chris"Not yet,"

A safe he looks. It's number combination. Who needs numbers he thought. He grab the handles and pull the seal door open as hard as he could do. His anger helps more and then it snap a violent sound that steel would now never be a safe from Chris. He found nothing but a handgun he saw.

Chris"What is so special about this pistol?"

Raynard"Chris, that's a Derkesthai! That pistol is the rarest one. In short, the most reliable weapon in the world. Repair free and damn powerful."

Chris"Damn awesome."

Now Chris just went up to the roof, Jack and Viola were waiting for him in their helicopter.

Chris"Let's go!"

Jack"Hurry up. Wait, engine is damage?"

The helicopter then exploded both engines and crash on the roof.

Chris"Jack!!! Viola!!!!"

Emeritus"So, your Chris."


Face to face, the vulture was causing interfere to our radio transmitter.

Chris"Good, your here. The wait is over, its time we end this now!"

Emeritus"Unless you want your friends dead by my hands? I don't think so."

Chris"What do you want?"

Emeritus"I want you. Your the most valuable machine in the world."

Chris"Try and get me you lazy prick."

Emeritus"Hand over yourself and your friends will be spared. Refuse, they will die."

We can't talk to him, we are watching him and all we can do is hope and pray for something to happen. He has the button in his hand to detonate our friends. Chris, do the right thing.


Emeritus"Tick tock boy, I'm running out of patience."

Chris"……..I surrender."

Emeritus"Good boy, that wasn't so hard was it. Now I'll pull your plug off and your all mine now."

He walks up to him, put his hand to Chris's back and then Chris strike his detonator as its now broken into parts and with all the swift power, he grab him and throw him off the building again. But then Emeritus was saved by his jet fighter. He left at sonic speed.

Chris"Run, run away you fuck. I'll find you."

Chris then rescue Jack and Viola from the fire and wreckage.

Jack"*cough* *cough* Thanks man!"

Viola"Oh my god! *cough* Thank you."

Chris"Your welcome. I never leave my friends to dust. Sakura, we need pick up now, please."

Sakura"Thank god you saved them. Wake in on his way right now."

Waiting for back up, Chris watches the forces fighting the rebels. Brutal and bloody as Chris wish he would once again get away from it. Still, he re-encounters everything he wants to avoided from the beginning.

Wake"Here I'm guys, let's get you out of here now."

Chris"Thank god."

They got in the their jetcopter, and fly quickly to Shanghai-La.

Fumi"They are hurt bad but not that bad."

Chris"Please Fumi."

Fumi"Don't worry, they'll be fine. Your ok?"

Chris"What is pain."

Fumi"Yeah, your fine as well, like so well, you need to be heal when war doesn't exist no more."

Chris"I can't wait for that day."

Wake"We're almost there Chris. Once your there, EMP the whole place. It will be recharging the whole place, but quickly kill all enemies including Emeritus."

Chris"They will all pay."

Fumi"Chris, your not going to have heavy weapons?"

Chris"I'm a weapon, and this piece is my sign of assassination. They will all die by me and no one else."

Hatch is open and Chris jumps out like a man who doesn't understand fear or weak. He guilds down and the penthouse was on site. The fall was intense, even I would probably not be ready for this kind of jump without a parachute. He then flew inside the penthouse and in slow motion, he kills the front private securities. In mid air, in position to land, he grab his new gun and shoot 8 guards to the head. Land right like a new shock wave. He land in a kneel position, making him EMP the whole place like a good opening hellish show.

Chris"I'm in."

Sakura"Good, get in and destroy everything."

Into the house and slam through the door. Securities tries to stop him, but his will push back in a bloody way.

Chris"I love this gun now."

Raynard"Told you so."

Chris"We should put more good stuff in it."

Raynard"At some point."

Room by room, this penthouse is a mansion type. Busting in doors and destroying everything.

Sakura"You hate art?'

Chris"Art is the creative mind that express the idea in their own imaginative way, endless possibility."

Sakura"Why are you keep destroying them?"


Now Chris pay more attention to his shots than being reckless. LMGs tear most of the place, but it never tear his pride. Swift moves and kept shooting like some action hero with neo punk style. A lot of headshot's, body dismember, a lot blood and dying. Each room he kept going, it get's more erotic and not much of a lovely view.

Chris"This place, what I'm seeing."

Lucia"What's wrong?"

Chris"He should have something with the kidnaps and everyone. Where are they?"

Lucia"Yeah, where are they?"

Raynard"I was monitoring the place and no one just let in and out since."

Chris"They should be here. I better find them before I blew up this god forsaken place."

Up the floor and then then found security room.

Chris"Bingo! I found the security room. And there are a lot of monitors."

Sakura"Find something?"

Chris"Hold on."

Looking through every cameras, different rooms and finally the gold, he found all the females kept here in this tower, just a few floors down.

Chris"I found them, send rescue teams now."

Sakura"It's done. Get them out their leash."

Chris"I was out of my leash already."

Chris jump out the window and flew down some floors and quick turn to the window and smash the room. He then give another EMP. He moves in and search the place. The steam noises from the pipes, the setting is dark violent pink with lights kind to show the path. It's like a bloody ruin, with no body parts.

Chris"Where are they?"

Finally, a big door that is very obvious to know whats in there. He broke in and found the dozens and dozens of females being held captives. They were all child to old. All were hands tied to a rope that connects to the ceiling. Once they saw him, a little scared was in placed. But one of them pointed to the control room. Once he went up there, everyone begs and found a hero that will rescue them.

Chris"Needs a key to open an emergency release."

Emeritus"Looking for the key?"


He turn his back and saw him face to face again for a real rematch.

Emeritus"Why do have to do this the hard way?"

Chris"Why did you kidnap every females here!?"

Emeritus"So, you want to know? Fine. Every time I see people do something wrong, they always get away. They always win, and nobody does anything. So I decide to do it all by myself. I got myself an elite group."

Chris"Monumental 12."

End P1.
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