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Interviews Part Three

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:38 am    Post subject: Interviews Part Three Reply with quote


The drawing room is light airy and the tea tray is set, the tea pot steaming happily on its silver tray. The reporter smiles and inhales deeply the soft scent of Assam tea, excellent quality too. He gives a sigh if he could afford that quality of tea on the money he makes the paper would be well on its way. He lifts the lid and quirks an eyebrow somebody here really knows the proper way to make tea. That is someone he must definitely meet so far the tea in Bonbon has been almost undrinkable and he truly hates coffee.

He hears a cough and he looks round smiling, “You brewed this tea?”

The butler nods and replies, “Yes sir.”

Goldenrod puts the pot down and rushes forward, “Oh darling, where have you been all my life. This is the best tea I have smelt in years. You are a total godsend you know.”

The butler is hugged and he stiffens, “Sir, please that…that is not…”

A feminine voice chimes, “I can come back later if I am interrupting anything.”

Goldie smiles, “Nothing just thanking your butler for some excellent tea. He is a prize, you know.”

Mary smiles, “I guess so. Yet such a reaction to a pot of tea is a little strange.”

Goldie grins, “Nobody here in Bonbon save for Dorian knows how to make tea properly. What I get served would not even pass as dishwater. He did say that he taught a friend that it should be a warmed pot and one caddy spoon per person and…”

Wilson adds, “One for the charming company of a good friend.”

Goldie blinks and looks carefully at the butler with a strange half smile then just nods carefully. He resumes his gaze on Mary Blue and then searches his pockets for something. Mary watches as a pile of items are placed on the table which would not look out of place in a penny bazaar. Goldie shrugs and smiles sheepishly.

“Sorry I have a pencil in here somewhere. I will check my inner pockets.” Goldie nods and hears a gasp.

“How do you even stand with all that in all your pockets? I thought that was all you had on you?” Mary giggles and then whispers, “I heard you had a packrat in your family line. Now I know it is true, Mr. Markham.”

He grins and finds his silver pencil holder, “Please call me Goldie, all my friends do.”

Mary nods chuckling, “What do your special friends call you?”

Goldie smiles and winks saying, “Often.”

Mary chuckles and nods, “Sharp aren’t we.”

Wilson gives him a sour look then sees the dog pull out a piece of paper he smiles, “Must remember to look for this William Greenback fellow at some point, Dorian is quite worried about him. Not worth it really I suppose, what kind of friend forgets to write to someone who loves him.”

Mary scowls, “That is not right is it, Wilson?”

Wilson flushes embarrassed and then half croaks, “No, quite awful really..er, Mr Markham I mean Goldie…”

Goldie puts the paper away and replies, “Yes Wil-son.”

Wilson regains his composure and then nods, “After this Mistress Blue, may I be excused. Goldie has reminded me that I must write to a dear friend. I have been remiss in failing to write to.”

“Of course.” Mary sees Goldie find his pencil and she tenses up a little, in apprehension.

Goldie nods, “That is fine. Now Mary Blue, my first question.”

Mary holds her breath and closes her eyes expecting the worst then hears, “Did he read you stories as child? If so what were his favorites to read to you?”

She blinks and gasps in surprise, “I thought you were going to…”

Goldie shakes his head, “I am not here to do anything like that. So what is the answer to that question?”

Mary smiles, “Oh that is easy Brothers Grimm fairy tales, Hans Anderson and Nights with Uncle Remus too. He did all the voices too, his Brer Rabbit is just so cute.”

Wilson blinks and Goldie notes it down nodding, “So when he wanted to treat you what would he buy for you?”

Mary grins, “Toys…I got this sweet velveteen Elephant made by someone in Europe. There is Magdalena, of course.”

Goldie nods, “And who is Magdalena?”

“I got this lovely doll for one birthday I caught my father trying to hide it.” Mary sighs and smiles wistfully, “It was a present actually from a friend of fathers, the label was only marked with a big capital E. I love her dearly, she is a royal cat in a sweet purple silk dress, hat and gloves.”

Wilson blinks at Mary she is looking so sweet and so happy, Goldie nods, “Such a kind present, your father must really love you.”

Mary nods, “I think that is why he is over protective, sometimes. Mr Markham, er Goldie do you hate my father?”

Goldie sighs and tears fill his eyes before replies head bowed, “We all make mistakes, Mary. I have forgiven Simon Blue, to forget will take a lot longer.”

Mary stands and hugs the dog then states, “He didn’t mean it.”

Goldie sighs, “Not like it ended up but people with power must be careful. Mary, now what is his favorite breakfast in the morning?”

Mary sits down again, “Nice changing of subject. Well there is kedgeree, but he really enjoys kippers, Arbroath Smokies they are called.”

Goldie notes it down, “He has taste then and you like them too?”

“No, I don’t!” Mary grimaces and shakes her head, “they are awful but because he likes them I tolerate them.”

Wilson blinks, “Mistress, why did you not tell me this? I am here to serve you and if you don’t like them you should have told me.”

Mary shakes her head, “And lose some time with my father, no I will not. I eat them because I get to spend time with my daddy. He is awfully busy and sometimes we argue. Never at breakfast, that is…”

Goldie smiles, “Heaven!”

Mary nods and whispers, “Couldn’t have said it any better. Yes, Goldie it is a small moment of heaven, even if the price is horrible kippers.”

Goldie smiles, “I won’t mention you don’t like them. I feel you should tell him, you can have anything at breakfast and be with him, you know?”

Mary giggles, “They tend to make everything taste like kippers so no point really.”

Goldie chuckles, “True, I am not a fish person myself but liver and onions are a weakness of mine, along with Assam tea.”

Mary smiles, “Wilson be sure and get our local butcher to provide sufficient offal I really fancy liver and onions tonight.”

Wilson nods, “Certainly and if you change your mind?”

“Let our friend Goldie have them, must not waste it.” Mary smiles and Goldie chuckles softly.

Goldie smiles, “You are sweet, Mary Blue. If you had been born a boy I would…”

Mary nods, “Certainly if I had Dorian would take a definite interest in me.”

Wilson nods and coughs, “Mistress Blue, the tea is getting cold and nothing worse than stewed tea.”

Mary nods, “Tea, Goldie?”

“Certainly and don’t put the milk in first, Wilson.” Goldie reproves and Wilson nods pouring it out carefully.

“Sugar?” He asks and Goldie grins wickedly.

“Oh! Darling you do care.” Goldie chuckles and then adds, “No, thank you Wilson. It is just a jest sweet Wilson.”

Wilson smiles and hands him a cup tutting, “I know.”

Mary smiles and asks, “So is Wilson your type, Goldie?”

He smiles and Goldie shakes his head, “I fear Wilson is already taken and I don’t poach another’s prize.”

Wilson sighs and nods thankfully, “Goldie is quite correct.”

Mary nods, “Such a gentlemen.”

Wilson nods and suddenly feels a hand on his arm, “Wilson, sweet Wilson you will be such a catch. Such devotion and desire is rare. You are willing to face much for your heart’s desire aren’t you?”

Wilson smiles, “Yes, sir. I mean yes Goldie.”

Mary chuckles gently. "If you're done harassing Wilson, we have an interview to finish."

Goldie blushes lightly, more embarrassed at being caught out, then any shame over flirting with the butler. He picks up his paper and pencil, again.

"It seems such a shame, is breakfast the only time you two have?" Goldie asks her and smiles at Wilson again.

Mary frowns, “My birthday, the queen herself could visit and if it was that day Daddy would not attend.”

Goldie laughs, “Devoted too. So does he have any bad habits?”

“Fish bits, the fish monger does these pickled fish bits. Daddy eats too many, I have told him but he loves them so.” Mary shrugs, “Getting him to exercise properly is just impossible.”

Wilson sighs and then replies, “Could try boxing, it helps to keep one fit and is very masculine. I am sure any of the local gyms would not refuse him lessons.”

Goldie grins, “I will look for a local gymnasium of that type and pass along the information. Now my last question, what do you look for in a prospective husband?”

Mary gasps and blushes so sweetly, “Goldie please!”

The dog grins, “Same as I. Devotion, loyalty and passion.”

Mary nods, “A wife surely you mean.”

Goldie chuckles, “You might think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.”

Wilson laughs and then looks at Mary who is smiling at him, “You should laugh more it suits you, Wilson.”

“Yes Mistress Blue.” Wilson nods and Goldie stands putting everything away, “Shall I show Mr Markham to the door.”

Mary nods and heads upstairs, as Wilson gets to the door he whispers, “I will write to Dorian I promise.”

“Good man.” Goldie hugs him, “Dorian, does worry about you but is very discreet about it.”

The door opens and Goldie hears click closed as Simon Blue heads up to his own door looking like thunder. He gives a curt derisory nod and Goldie smiles back. Putting out his hand Goldie waits for a hand shake and eventually gets one.

“Sir, thank you for this opportunity. Your daughter is both beautiful and kind, a true asset to your family. Treasure her for I will do her no harm at any time.” Goldie states and Simon blinks a little surprised.

Simon asks, “Are you serious, sir?”

“Perfectly, she is someone I will not malign.” Goldie nods and then fixes Simon with a wolfish stare and growls, “You, however are a different matter I will keep an eye on you and be the harshest critic if you fail to fulfill any promise you have made. Do you understand me, sir?”

“Absolutely! Good day, Mr. Markham.” Simon turns away sharply and enters his home once more.


You sure this is a good bone or not.
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