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The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 29

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:07 pm    Post subject: The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 29 Reply with quote

Chapter 29 The Last Test........

Back at the HQ, the final test. I was lying down and have wires pasted on me for reading of course. I now will pass this test with whatever it can throw.
Lily"This test will have no target, like a free roam type, just a limit of numbers according to your watch. None of the people you will meet are harm or anything bad."
Chris"Fine, I'll do it."
Lily"Good luck."
The lights were dark, then the time stream returns again and I will have to be very relax as this is no more shit but something of peace. I don't know whats going to happen. Then I fell, with clothes.
Chris"Hmm, smells like tropical."
Year is unknown, in HTH island.
Chris"HTH, High Tail Halls? Sounds like this place is a pleasure island."
The objective is to seduce more than 10 girls.
Chris"............wow. I think this is something much more unexpected. Oh well, time to get going."
Map said I'm in the Northern Falls. Nice waterfall, better find any girls here. Looking around, and there is none here yet. Walking down the road to the Northern Caves. Nothing here.
Chris"So much for a pleasure island, where are they?"
I have to fly over the sea and head down to the big island. There, I'm now in High Tail Hall. Looks like this is a bar type of place. Girls, found them. I then went up to the one who is looking at me with that eye of lust. She is a Grevy's Zebra.
Tanya"Hey there."
Tanya"So, what do you want to baby?"
Chris"Let's have sex sexy."
Tanya"Alright, where?"
Chris"In your room."
Tanya"Ok, let's go."
Taking me to her penthouse, her place looks cool.
Tanya"Fuck me baby."
She strips and I did to, she is in her missionary position. I then fuck her pussy so good.
Tanya"Oh fuck! Right there big boy!"
I fuck her slow, then fast. I really love this test.
Fucking her faster, grinding makes me go crazy, but yet very strict to awareness. I can't hold it then.
Chris"I'm cumming!!!"
I blasted my cum in her with one huge stroke. It felt so good like with Andrea. That's when I got her pregnant, having our twins.
Tanya"That's so awesome!"
No time to rest now, better get going now. Back to the bar type place, there is a Cheetah, looks lonely.
Chris"Hey, your ok?"
Zoe"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm yet horny. Wanna do it here now?"
Chris"Alright, let's do it."
Behind the bar, she pulls down my pants, and starts sucking it.
Chris"Oh yeah."
Zoe"No boys will resist my crafty skills."
No wonder, she sucks it hard and fast. Every suck, she licks my balls, that's new. I can't really compare this when Andrea gave me a blowjob when I was sleeping.
Chris"Here it cums!!"
She deepthroat and I let it out so much. She swallows it all.
Zoe"Taste good."
2 down, 8 more. I leave this, I then went down the road to The Glass Room. It's under construction, kept going to The Main Hall. Big building. I'll try to get up there floor by floor. First one is The House Of Eve. This horse girl looks interesting, but she looks busy. I then enter this club. A lot of hot chicks and body guards. Even there is sex going on. This pretty unicorn looks at me, her finger said come here. I went up to her when she was having fun with the strip pole. She pulls down my pants, and sucks my cock. I can't help it, but I grab her horn gentle and made her suck it my speed. Then I made her do it fast, she grabs my butt strong for grip. I can't then hold it again. I cum blast her mouth and she has a lot of cum. Andrea let me do that to her because she told me she sometimes don't have the speed to suck it faster.
Chris"Your great sugar."
Candy"So were you!"
I left and kept going, for the others are having their time. Next floor is the another bar, looks closed. Then went to the next floor. It's under construction. But then, there are private rooms. I went there, and this lovely Scarlet Macaw was there.
Aleta"The Rooms are locked, but, we have the whole area to ourselves."
Chris"Indeed. Let's do it."
She lie down on the floor, showing me her pussy and her nice tits. I fuck her down gentle in a cradle position. She is very wet. But Andrea, I find it strange, always is wet when I touch her.
Aleta"Oh yeah!!"
Fucking her faster, her feathers were so smooth, even down there. I then all of a sudden, I hold it a bit longer, and I cum inside her more than her cum. This feels more than before, but not my first time.
Chris"Your so hot."
Aleta"You too, I love your cock."
I left and went to the next floor, Neon Lights. Someone here is having a good time with that young girl. And there is a dancer with those lights thing. But no one here to do with. Next floor, Blast Radius. Yet no one here. Next floor, The Gallery. There are some pictures here that I find it very erotic. Next floor, Spa and Sauna, and it's under construction. Next one is the Iron Horse. Finally, a Sumatran Tiger. She has a big tits. I went up to her, she got off the bike machine, and went to the weight bars. She took off her bra and panty. She lift up her ass, telling me she wants Anal. I put it in hard and it's really tight from her muscle.
Grinding her ass, her muscle moves and tighten it up my cock. Fucking it hard and deep, she is tense and grips the bar hard. And making it faster, she grabs my back with her legs and pushes in her more. And I can't hold on to it. Andrea first anal with me, she was in pain, but then, it seems she hold on to me very hard for more.
Chris"Fuck, I'm cumming!!"
I unleash my cum as it drips a lot.
Chris"I love this exercise."
Jasmine"Me too."
Half more to go. Next floor is Pubic Showers And Lockers.
Jezel"Oh! Hi. You startled me. I didn't expect to see anyone up here this late. I'm sorry to tell you but the showers are not working. I was trying to get a hot shower before bed but it seems that is not going to happen."
Jezel"So, after I finally get the key to the showers I find that they turn it the water off at night! If you would like we could go into the locker room and play. There is not much to do here at night so we're all alone."
Chris"Yeah, let's play."
Into the locker room and she took off her bra and pulls down my pants. She then let me titty fuck her. Her breast is so soft for a Siberian Husky.
Jezel"Oh yeah, your cock is just right."
She fucks my cock with her tits and does all the work. She does it faster by the minutes. She fucks it faster, Andrea doesn't need her hand to do this.
Chris"So soft! Can't hold it!"
I just cum inside her big furs. It was yet fun.
Jezel"Oooo, that was a big load baby. I left that go deep. It's all over my skin. I can feel it running down my chest."
Chris"It was big. Glad you like it."
This whole building is done. Went down and walk now down to The Walk. There are some stores, and there is this club call Element.
Chris"Sounds like me."
I went in. A lot of dino people are here. The water is red colored from the lights underneath. It looks like lava, nice design. Hot chicks here to, but they look like they need to relax. Nice fire element though. I left and head down to The Villa. Nice place, there is this hot folf here. She wants me, I went up to her.
Rio"Hey there, you want to have fun?"
She lie down on the chair and fuck her cradle position. She open her legs and I fuck her pussy. She is really hot, screaming a lot loud. But Andrea was kinda louder, every time when I fuck her very deep and fast.
Rio"More please!!!"
I gave her more, fucking it deep and fast. I then cum inside her and she cum a lot more.
Rio"I really need that so badly!"
Chris"Yeah, don't we all do."
I was done and into the pool. There are 4 hot babes here. This horse calls me over for some action. I got naked and went inside the pool.
Anne"So, are you ready for some hot orgy action baby?"
Chris"Fuck yeah."
She grab my cock and put it between her big tits and sucks my cock.
Chris"Oh god, yeah!"
Her mouth is awesome, so much lick to it inside. And she does is fast, yet Andrea lick my cock like she is french kissing it.
Anne"So big!"
Chris"I'm gonna cum!!"
I let it go like I can't really hold on to some pressure thing inside me that is just can't hold it. She then let my cum drips down to the pool.
Anne"So fucking good."
Then the Kodiak Bear call me over now.
Valeriya"Hey baby, let's fuck out of the pool."
Her body is beautiful, and she pose her doggy style for me to fuck her. Her pussy is dripping cum already. I fuck her and it squirting cum, her horny thing is really rare. Andrea does cum before I fuck her.
Valeriya"Ahhhh!!! Wow!!!!"
Chris"Fuck yeah baby!!!"
This is much more endurance to handle. Not much than a 10 hour dare with Andrea. I really got her sore. But this tender pussy is really on fire.
Chris"Oh shit!! I'm cumming!!!"
I let it out and still fuck her of a little bit. My cum is all over her pussy.
Valeriya"Oh yeah, that hit the spot baby."
Then this Tiger Striped Skunk was looking at me, but was drinking more. But a hot polar bear wink at me to come closer.
Bella"I hope your ready for me. I'm really horny from how you did with those girls."
Chris"I'm ready."
Sitting at the pool side, she got naked and jump in. Then her tits starts grinding my cock.
Chris"Oh yeah. I love this!"
Bella"Me too baby."
But I think Andrea will like my cock grinding on her tits more. I'm yet still horny and this can never stop. Just cumming is not enough for me yet. But this is not enough, I'm ready for more. I made her go faster because I'm going to let it go now!
Chris"Holy shit!!! Yeah!!!!"
Blasting her face, she was tired and was satisfy. That was 10 girls. Should I go for more of them or leave..........................................

To be continue.........................................
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