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The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 11

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:39 pm    Post subject: The Blue Dragon: Crossing Time 11 Reply with quote

Chapter 11 The Birth From My Beginning

Time keeps and always pushing me. But for the first time, it said something to me.
Voice"Let's go back to the beginning."
But it then stops and I fell again. No cold, fuck.
Chris"Did I just heard a voice from the time travel?"
I may think I did, but no time for it. It's now the year 1186 A.D. in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. Target is Yuudai, a Copper Pheasant.
Chris"Alright, no problem."
But not much seconds left, I realize I was in a bedroom already.
Chris"What the fuck? Better get some clothes and get out of here quick."
I then wore a black Kimono and left the house already.
Chris"That was close. Better start finding him now."
In the streets of japan, they were all traditional clothes. Even they are peaceful type of people. But I know everything inthe world is full of vice. I then ask a person for direction.
Chris"Excuse me, do you know where Yuudai is?"
Civilian"He works right over there."
He pointed out to the hills. It looks like a samurai training place. I wonder why there. I went over there and climb stones. Inside, I saw a lot of people in there. Everyone is all training with their swords. I found Yuudai, he's sitting in his chair, watching everyone practice.
Yuudai"Everyone, we have a new student."
They all look at me. I even got a katana with me. During the sign up, I was aware of deaths in this place. The mortal challenge is where I battle to death with 1 vs. 1 student.
Yuudai"This new student will face our old student here, Hayate, in a mortal challenge!"
He wants me dead already. I step in the mat. Then cam Hayate, the golden tiger.
Hayate"You ready peasent?"
Chris"Are you, tough guy?"
We draw are swords, then he rush strike me, but I move out of the way. Then he strikes, but was block.
Chris"Your boring."
Then he strikes me more and more, but was dodge.
Hayate"Your dead!"
He rush at me, then I drop down and slice his legs off. They were surprise to see this move.
Yuudai"Excellent! The new one is very creative. Finish him!"
I sid his head off and blood splatter around.
Yuudai"We have a winner!!"
They all cheer for me................Later tonight, I went to my room, trying to plan a attack against Yuudai. I was though tried. Then someone came in to my room. I look back, came in the light purple dragon.
Takara"Hey, you look familiar."
Chris"Do I?"
Takara"Yeah, look at you. We may have different colors, but our shape is the same."
I look at her, then mines. It flashback to my sister, Kelly. Her face, is the same face as Takara! Is she my great great great ancester?!
Chris"I think so. We do look alike, but not related."
Takara"I think so to. So, how are you?"
Chris"I'm fine. How long you been here?"
Takara"2 years. I'm the best, but not Hayate."
Chris"You look trouble."
Takara"You killed my boyfriend."
Chris".....I'm sorry."
Takara"Don't be. He's not special when it comes to romance."
Yuudai"I see that your getting alone fine."
Takara"Yes master."
Yuudai"I'm afraid that this friendship will no longer last long. Since you defeated Hayate, and she is one of the best here, I put you two in a mortal challenge! Whoever wins, the other family will have to give up their son or daughter to the winner as their slave. Get some good rest you both."
He left, fucking bitch.
Chris"What just happen?"
Takara"We're going to kill each other."
Chris"You really want this?"
Chris"Me neither."
Takara"I guess this is a goodbye then."
Chris"Wait, it's strange that we some how know each other and then we are going to get killed tomorrow."
Takara"I can't argue to that. What are you saying?"
What should I do? Leave her to last hour or make her stay here and trying to make us know more before one of us die.............
Chris"Why don't you stay here?"
Chris"Just to know us more."
Takara"In a time like this?"
Chris"Look at it this way, one of us is going to die. But then you said we look familiar. I think it will be better to know each more and get our questions off our chest or we will never figure it out why we look familiar and we are going to die."
Takara"I agree with you. Let's stay here then.
Lying on the bed and she is on the chair.
Chris"You look like my sister, beautiful."
Takara"You mean it?"
Chris"I'm not lying there."
Takara"Ok. Could I see your body for a moment?"
I took off my upper clothes. The abs always surprise them.
Takara"My family, doesn't have that kind of abs."
Chris"You sure we look familiar?"
She then touch it.
Takara"I don't know. But you look like, a legend."
She then looks at me. We got close, we then kiss as my mind is thinking about if this is [word censored] right now.
Takara"Let's do it before we die."
I lie down in bed, and she is on top of me. She took off her clothes, and she is beautiful like my sister. I then put my cock in her pussy. She is really tight.
Takara"Ahhh!! It's so big!"
Chris"Your so tight!"
She is getting a lot wet in her pussy. I kept pounding her, and we switch position to the spoon. Lifting her legs and grabbing her tits.
Takara"Right there!!"
Driving her wild, I fuck her faster.
Chris"Oh god!!"
Fucking so fast, we then kiss in the process.
Takara"I'm cuming!!"
Having no thoughts of my action, her pussy is getting much hotter, we cum together, all inside of her pussy. I felt no regrets there. We look at each other................Next day, we both are on the mat. It's time to fight.
Yuudai"It is time. Are you ready?"
We look at each other. I drew my sword and pointed at him.
Chris"We will not fight! We're here to kill you!!"
Yuudai"Traitors! I should have fore seen this! Love ruins the art of war!"
Chris"It's all war to you!! You should be dead right now!"
Yuudai"Kill them all!!"
Students then rush to the rescue. We were ready, and start killing them all. Slicing their legs, arms, heads, bodies, and guts out.
Takara"Your all weak!! Your never better than me!!"
Chris"Fuck yeah!!"
Jumping around and stabbing their flesh and watching them fall. One of them is trying to grab her, but I cut his tails off and stab through his cutted tail. Then they all fall and no more left to kill except Yuudai.
Yuudai"You demons!!"
Chris"Your next you cunt!!"
Yuudai"You brought dishonor to this place........ I shall never be in this defeat!"
Chris"Your weak!!"
He grab his sword and stab himself. Twisting it pushing it in, blood squirts out a lot. Then he fell to his death.
Chris"Why do these piece of shits always do that?"
Takara"To their gods, that I think they never exist."
We left the place and walking away from the city. The sight of the city is beautiful, yet twist inside.
Takara"Nice plan, we did it."
Chris"Yeah. So, I guess this is goodbye then."
Takara"I going to miss you friend."
We kiss one last time. And we went different ways. I strip myself, but suddenly my brain flash back from what Yuudai said yesturday, what he said, sounds familiar from my times in my young life. Who ever wins will get another family members son or daughter and make them be their slaves. It's just the same thing back in my time.
Chris"So this place, was the start!?..........Wow. And yet I destroy the origin of the twisted work. Nice."
I felt proud for my work that I really hate in my young times. I hit the watch and it's time to move on.

To be continue...................
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