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Vanessa departure from Pleasure Bon Bon website.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 9:26 pm    Post subject: Vanessa departure from Pleasure Bon Bon website. Reply with quote

This is a message in response to Vanessa's public statement and claims.

First let me say, I'm very disappointed and dishearten by what I have read. And this is stuff that should not be made public or even on a public discussion at all as these should be considered private and confidential matter. And definitely very unprofessional of Vanessa to make these FALSE claims to try get support for her patron work.

We do not cheat or scam our business partners, people who we hire or work with. As we have worked with a number of artists, Federico, Serena, Jeff Swenson, Jeff Whiting, Javi Mena, Yair, and many other artists. We work with various models and content providers in website collaborations. Defamation is very serious. I have a reputation of running a solid honest business and have many associates I have worked with that can vouch for this and give testimony.

Vanessa was given an opportunity and was grateful at the time to have the opportunity to work with us and we presented her with a job. A work for hire and a profit sharing proposal in which she receives profit provided she contributes and works on the job. She chooses not to continue her job. She did not lose her job because we fired her. She admits that it is a job. To claim that I do NO work is also inaccurate. I'm not just the webmaster but the business owner. I operate and own a business and those who work in the business is part of the business with their own roles. As a webmaster, as anybody who is a webmaster and host master who runs a website knows there are a lot of work. Running a membership service, I have many duties in responding to customer service, while maintaining and operating the sites and having to have a financial credit and bank account holdings to be merchant. Having a merchant account paying fees for processing credit cards and dealing with charge backs, fraud, hackers trying to hammer sites for password entries. Dealing with DMCA on stolen content. Customers having issues with login and passwords. Updating the websites. marketing the site. Working with Affiliates and other webmasters who promotes our site in exchange for revenue shares with the site. As you noticed our site has affiliate program where we split revenues for other webmasters as well who sends us business. I work with them in making sure they get what they need to promote the website. Responding to various solicited emails and fans and artists who donate artwork submissions. Administrative jobs managing work hires. IN addition to all the above- my work creating all the interactive game content and hiring programmers to produce them. To make claim that I do nothing is absolutely absurd. Being a business owner has MANY jobs /roles and hats to wear. Her one job was creating comic pages. And she failed to do so. To quote the Arrow. You have failed this city.

In regards to the password claims, we did not go out of our way to remove her password. It expired and needed updating. Even my own password expired in Jan 2020. I had to go into my system to extend password expiration dates. (our system has an expiration date associated to all passwords)

To suddenly say that I'm not the boss (as she wrote above) is also a lie. As I have many email exchanges that Vanessa acknowledges that I am the boss, as her previous boss was Serena working on Pleasure Bon Bon in which Serena (subcontracts to Vanessa) and provided Pleasure Bon Bon work for hire for Vixine.

Here is a snippet of Vanessa's email exchange.

"let me know what do you think and I will agree.
You are the boss Razz ^_^

There are various email exchanges in which she says Serena is her boss as well as myself in her work. To say I'm not her editor, is also false, as I have often had to proof read and edit the text and poor English translations of the dialogues on a number of occasions.

Her obligations are clear, provide a monthly update of comic pages and get paid either a fixed per page rate or compensation from the sales of the site profits. I generously offer 50% from profits. Regardless of how much she gets paid - she got paid as work for hire. I could pay a fix income on the work. But the work is work for hire. The laws in the US is clear for work for hire and who owns the copyright for the work. Look at Marvel or DC when they hire their artists working their projects. Her work are NOT licensed work. We were not paying royalties on licensed work or IP. If she stops producing pages, we can't just simply pay her royalties. That was not ever part of the deal. Vanessa has been paid generously for all her work over the years and because sales have gone down due to pirates stealing her work from our pages it created less income monthly thus her bonus money every month decreases. To claim that a customer pays 25$ and I take ALL of the money is quite laughable. As I have given her FULL reports of the CCBIL Learnings every month and her portion of the earnings. The reports show ccbill taking a 15% fee 5% hold backs includes all the chargebacks and returns taken out of earnings. As well as affiliate payouts. I received the same amount she was paid. To claim I cheated her. Another ridiculous lie. I don't deduct any of the annual renewal notices or merchant account fees nor hosting and bandwidth operating cost out of her profits. I absorbed all the costs of doing as business. [Addendum: She was receiving a generous revenue share of over $3000 a month a one point during the height of the websites fame as oppose to paying any artist a fixed rate of $100 per page. You guys do the math. When things were good they're great. When sales were down she got too greedy and demanded more, she wanted to go off and do her own site. I was hoping she can learn how hard it is to build a site and run a business and doing marketing. Guess times are rough and you needed a pity story to get patreon sales for stretch goals. The claim about not paying her anything and keeping all the profits since 2017 is an utter lie. Since her departure and lack of comic page updates we have lost subscribers and have not received any new significant sales since. She was paid everything that have gotten. Any new sales 1 or 2 was not profit as it went towards paying chargeback fees. In fact the site lost money but we didn't knock on her door asking her to give us money back to pay for her damages to the site by not providing updates. We absorbed all losses since she left.]

Over time, she felt she did more work and felt she deserves more money than what the site was making and parted ways to do her own patreon. We parted on mutual terms and I did not put up a fight and supported her doing her own patreon - and have not posted any negative things about her until today. I have and even referred people to her pateron. To find this sad story that she has given on her stretch goal page was very upsetting. Instead of blaming pirates for the financial situation we are both in, she chooses to blame me and that is really is awful. Its very sad that she chooses to go this route using a pity story that she has been cheated and scammed by a person who has given her an opportunity at a time she needed it most. Its also very unprofessional and a breach of confidentiality. Every story has a side to it. There is more to the drama than what is presented to you. And I prefer not to use a public forum to spill the beans on all the matters. I hate drama but when you've been defamed, I had to post a response of sort. Such matters should have been left to handle in private or court of law if it comes to that. I stick to the rule - if you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all. The Internet and the world is toxic as is. Let's not make it more toxic. But I feel being quiet when attacked or accused of something is admitting guilt and so I had to make some response without hanging your entire dirty laundry for all to see. Hopefully Vanessa will retract her statement and make an apology of sort so we can put this matter aside. Defamation and Libel are a very serious offense and serious charge.

Just as a side note. I came across the Patreon page by accident because with Covid-19 and how Italy was affected, I was worried about my friend Vanessa's safety and to check up on her and checked her patreon to see if she has been updating it as a clue on if she has been doing okay or not. It was just very upsetting and sad (not to mention how hurtful it was) to find it.

Thank you for your support and understanding.
"Every exit is an entrance somewhere else." -Tom Stoppard

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