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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 5

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:56 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 5 Reply with quote

I carry her and her house is not far away, just jump roof to roof. Then I enter her house.

Chiyoko"I beg you to help me get clean."


In the bathroom and place her in the tub. Water then fills it up and I wash her. Cleaning it off her dirts and stains. But then she grab my hand, moving it to her tits. I grab it and play it. I got in the tub and she saw me as I was her hero.
Chiyoko"Please, love me."

Chris"I can't know. It's something I can't do."

Chiyoko"Honor eh? I resect you kind sir."


Later on the day, she let me wore her brother's clothes, for he past away by gangs. Yet she is still sad, broken up in her bed.

Chris"Why a beautiful girl is still sad?"

Chiyoko"My sister, she has fallen to this weird guy that she likes. I don't like the look on him."

Chris"How so?

Chiyoko"He has a lot of guys with him, but I fear that she might get hurt badly."

Chris"You know this guy?"

Chiyoko"I never know his name, but he is a Shika Deer."

Chris"Do you know his where abouts?"

Chiyoko"I believe he looks rich, so maybe he lives up north because he always go up north."

Chris"I'll get your sister. And I will kill him, I promise."

Chiyoko"Tell her that Chiyoko sent you for help. That's my name of course. What's your name?"

Chris"It's not important. I should go now."

She then gave me a katana before I left. Heading down the road in the bright afternoon. The hills were kinda small. And there is no problem yet. Then the eye's that see's far wawy saw a lot of people in that one house. I follow to the house and, in stealth, I look around the house. Everyone is in the living room. And there is Akio, with the sister of Chinyoko. She is the center of everything. And everyone is naked.

Akio"Everyone, you all have filled this cup of your cum and for that this holds the power of eternal pleasure!!"

They yield for pride.

Akio"I have drank it before, now it's time for this lovely lady to drink it and become the power of eternal pleasure like me!!"

She is drunk, that face said so. He then gave it to her, but then I decide to crash the party.


Akio"What are you doing!!?"

Chris"Stopping this shit!! This is gone too far!!! This ends now!!"

These guy's are naked, but I quickly slice their legs, arms, heads, and their cock off.

Chris"Give her up!"

Akio"Hell no!! She is my slave!!! Together, we will rule the world of pleasure with the power of that cum!!"

Chris"Are you fucking stupid, there is no power!!"

Akio"That's what you think, but your wrong!! My strength of pleasure grew much more powerfull, soon, she and I will have pleasure with everyone!!! My cock is still hard as rock!!"

He show me his large cock, but very stupid enough, I throw the katana right to his cock and blood spills as a hit. It was spilt in half.

Akio"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit!!!!"

Chris"Now where is your power now?"

I grab the sword, and slice his head off.

Kiku"Who sent you?"

Chris"Chiyoko, she sent me for your safety to come back home."

Kiku"Oh, well, thanks. Take me home lover boy."

I carry her, fly her to the house as the wind strikes me as a victory. In her house, Chiyoko saw both of us.

Chiyoko"Thank you!!! You save her!! I can't thank you enough!!"

Chris"No problem."

Chiyoko"When she wake up, she'll have a big surprise with my body."

Chris"Your very naughty. But I'll have to go now. I must be somewhere now."

Chiyoko"Thanks again!!"

On top of her roof, I got naked and light was hitting me far away and away, home away.

To be continue……………………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Making it worse?"

Chris"I can tell it was taunting me, to give up easily."

Lucia"And so you just kept going. Your stronger than before to just really give up."


Andrea"Leaders, the brave and the strong to lead their civilizations. Just like us, we have desires too."

Memory 2 - Chapter 17 Legends Of Catherine

Voice"How many girls your going to save?"

Chris"As much as I can!"

Voice"Really, whose life is more important, their life or Andrea?"

Chris"Screw you!"

Voice"Hahahahahahaha!!! This is really fun!!!"

Falling down in the grass and I saw thw world, plain fields and mountains.

Chris"Wow. I love this sight. I wish Andrea was here. Why the fuck that voice mention her name with the rest? Something is not right."

Yet no time to think, year is 1796 A.D. in the nearby place of Moscow. Target is Fyodor, the Black Stallion.

Chris"Strange, don't care. On to the city."

Flying high and spotted the city in this bright noon. Moscow is big, and old exotic. On the roof of these buildings, looking for some clothes. Using my eye's seeing a building through the window, there is a soldier dress man inside. I better take it for 'purpose' used. Jumping roofs, and into his room in a spook.

Soldier"What the!!?"

Jab his jaw open, and snap his neck on the ground.

Chris"5 seconds, better than my 6 seconds streak back in camp."

Getting ready in this uniform and got this Russian Kubachi style officer's Miquelet-lock pistol.

Chris"Nice, don't mind to have this."

Leaving the room and into the streets. The search may get hard. I have not much info on him. But suddenly,

Private"You soldier, we need you now!! Follow me!!"

Chris"I'm on it."

Following him to the location, I better not ruin this cover. It lead me to this government looking building.

Private"We are instructed for us guards to escort her to her palace. Are you clear on that?"

Chris"Yes sir."

There she came out with her looking lover Black Stallion. Wait.

Chris"Hey private, you know that Stallion?"

Private"That's Fyodor, he is a rich men of this country."

Chris"Good to know."

The walk to her palace is on, and it goes on.................onto the fields and it's still a long walk. Then, they decide to take a break. Catherine, a beautiful Russian Don horse breeder, lying down in the field as the world was hers.

Fyodor"Everyone, listen up!!"

Guards gather around. But suddenly, Fyodor roughly grab Catherine and tied her up quick.

Fyodor"This whore is no leader of russia!! She is a slut!! Having too much young mens paying her than giving to all of us russians!! She will bring down the empire, and we are not going to let that happen!! We shall [word censored] this flithy whore and kill her out of her misery!! I order you all to help me out!!"

It is true about her, she did have a lot affairs with young rich mens. But I don't think she may be a downfall of Russia.

Fyodor"You there!! You'll have the first honor to punish this bitch for mother Russia!!"

He pick me. I went over there and got next to her.

Catherine"Please!! Don't!!"

Should I for a cover up or don't...........................even though she is a whore, she will not be punish like this. No sir, not even like me to women's.

Chris"Hold on Catherine."

To her ears, she understand.

Chris"Alright bitch, time for you to get what you really deserve, Fyodor!!"

I pick her up fast and run behind a tree.

Fyodor"Traitor!!! Kill them all!!"

Chris"Stay put, I'll be back."


I grab my gun and start shooting that them. One quick headshot.

Chris"Boom headshot bitch!!"


They kept shooting at me. Reloading and again fire. One to the heart. Then to his left neck.

Chris"What kind of guards are you! You suck balls!!"

Fyodor"Do something!!"

Then one guard came up close, and I grab his sword and slice his eye's off. It's now me and Fyodor.

Chris"Game over you stupid fuck!!"
I went up to him, he tries to fire at me, but no bullets. All of them have none. He trip and fell behind, I was standing tall.

Chris"Whore or not, she doesn't deserve like this."

I then use my gun, into his mouth and pull the trigger and his head burst bloods. Target kill confirmed. I then untie Catherine.

Chris"Your alright?"

Catherine"Thank you for your help! Can you take me back to my palace?"

Chris"Yes ma'am."

I then walk her to her palace and there it is, home sweet home and safe. It's still the afternoon, and the sun is bright. Inside her palace, she then took me to her bed. It's so big.

Catherine"Please, I owe you my life."

Chris"It's ok. I was doing my job."

Catherine"But I owe you, I want to please you as your reward."

Chris"Catherine. I think you should rest. It's been a long day. You should be worry about your country, they need to know your still alive. The rebels may think your dead."

Catherine"Your right. I shall find those traitors and right their wrongs! They must be brought to justice."

Chris"There you go."

Catherine"But, I sense that your leaving."

Chris"I have to, I have to be somewhere."

Catherine"May I ask where?"

Chris"I'm sorry. But I can't, I swore oath to my mission."

Catherine"I see. Well, I thank you once again for your bravery and help."


Catherine"Goodbye friend."

Chris"Goodbye Catherine. I will never forget you."

Catherine"Please come back as soon as possible."

Chris"I can't promise you that. Goodbye now."

I then undress naked. The sweat, and no weak to show that I must continue on now. The living room, it was dark, but now, light came fast as always.

To be contniue………………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"The queen. And you refuse to have sex with her."

Chris"It wasn't right for me. Andrea is my love."

Lucia"I understand, I'm sorry."

Andrea"Showing respect, trust, and the courage, the people will love you as a hero. People need heroes, to save the day once again."

Memory 2 - Chapter 18 We Animals Hunt

Voice"You were so lovely to her, your such a loverman."

Chris"Which one?"

Voice"You know who am I talking to. No hint."

Chris"Fuck you, who?!!"

Voice"Hahahahahaha!!!! Very funny, ah I see your future. You really fuck it all up."

Chris"Did I you piece of shit?"

Voice"Yup, you'll remember why. Hahahahaha, be careful!"

Light, mocking me, then dark, freedom, to continue the mission. It is dark, but no cold though. It's still kinda hot, but in the 70s degrees.

Chris"Smells like, desert."

Year is 1887 A.D. in Scaramento. Target is Sage, a Coyote.

Chris"Alright, a good chase to catch."

Luckly, there is a railroads that will lead me to the city. I hope to get there in time. But then, there is a small house with a barn. I went there to find some clothes. Jumping to the second floor and into the window of a lighted room. No one is here, I look in the closet and found cowboy clothes. It fits, witha free Winchester 1887 shotgun.

Chris"Fuck yeah."

I got out and fly to the city where the lights still shines as I got there in time. Walking in the streets of Sacarmento. These buildings look old and very old. The west prove itself with the rough and tough shit happens here 24/7. People are having their time, and it's normal. Now, where to find him, he can be anywhere here. Then there is a bar. I went it and a lot of cowboys were chatting tough. I took a seat, and look around like I'm the new guy. Even girls here are showing the lust time they really want. Then one girl came in and everyone is silent. This Roadrunner means business. She then went up to the bar and ask for whiskey.

Bartender"Sure thing miss?"

Skylar"Skylar, Skylar the Dead Rose."

She then drank a cup. Then, one cowboy gets up and tries to get her with his knife. But she hears the creep woods and start shooting at him. She then got piss off and start shooting everywhere and everyone leaves the bar. They didn't fight back, for certain that they weren't ready. It was quick, but no surprise for me. I seen the worst.

Skylar"You better get out of here before I kill you right here."

She has issue, I like it. Pushing her to her limit sounds like fun.


She pull out her gun and the dead eye shot of chance to my head.

Skylar"You think this is boring?"

Chris"Yes, I seen this millions of times."

Skylar"You wanna bet that?"

Chris"What's your bet?"

Skylar"Your life or my life, your choice."

Chris"How about help me out."

Skylar"Help you for what?"

Chris"Finding someone. If I lose, you take my life."

Skylar"Fine. Prepare to meet your maker!"

Chris"My mom is here?"

Skylar"............your kiding right?"


I quickly grab her gun, trip her down and pointed the her gun to her head.

Skylar"What the hell?"

Chris"I win, now your going to help right?"

Skylar"I rather die than help you!"

She then got up.

Skylar"Shoot me right here now! Make my day!!"

Chris"Shoot you, no."

I give her gun back.

Chris"Make your day, maybe."

Then a quick punch to her head and KO.

Chris"Sorry about that."

I carry her and leave the place in the back way. Looking around and I saw a sign called Motel. I walk up there and rent a room for one night. Using her money of course. I went to the room and put her to bed. I sleep next to her and I start to sleep for tomorrow........................Next morning, she woke up, surprise that she is here, checking her clothes, checking her pride, she look at me, wondering why. Then I woke up.

Chris"Morning Skylar."

Skylar"uh....uh, what happen?"

Chris"I told you, I need your help."

Skylar"You knock me out. Nevermind, who are you looking for?"

Chris"A guy name Sage. You know him?"

Skylar"Yeah, he's a nutjob. He kill's a lot of people, even my families."

Chris"Any idea why he kills people?"

Skylar"Certain people, I saw his works. He torture them, having his whole gang experimenting on others with their piss and their own manure and then using it on those poor womens right between their legs. I can't stand the pain."

Chris"Oooooookkkkkkk. That's the guy I'm really looking for."

Skylar"But he's my! That's my bounty!!"

Chris"Ok, ok, how about we work together, find him, get him, and he's yours to keep. Dead or alive?"


Chris"Ok, that should be easy. You know where he is?"

Skylar"He always took the train. He'll probably be there at the train station."

Chris"Alright, let's go."

Skylar"Wait, I better be sure that your very trustful."

She pull down her pants and very pussy is showing.

Chris"Really, that's what you'll get my trust?"

Skylar"You got a problem with that?"

Chris"Yes, I do have a problem. Is there anyway I gain your trust?"

Skylar"You don't like to taste my pussy?"

Chris"It's not that I don't, but don't you think that's a bit like giving a guy a free licking and then turn his back on you."

Skylar"Your such a baby. Not a man you are!"

Chris"Really? I don't think a whore would let me lick her pussy for free."

Skylar"Shut up you yellow belly bitch!"

Chris"Enough! Let's just find him now."

Skylar"Fine! You stupid boy."

Chris"Don't make me knock you out."

Skylar"Ok ok."

Walking in this city, they never notice our face. The station is right there. We went in and wait for the train. 30 minutes later, the train came. Old classic train, we took the back passenger car and the train goes on. Later on by the minute, she found him.

Chris"Wait for it, who knows how many of his gangs are here."

Sage then look at us, we were looking at the window. I feel his awareness, he is spook. Then he walk up and ask someone in whisper.

Sage"Get rid of those two in the back."

He then got out of the train and head to the roof.

Chris"We spook him, open fire."

I grab my shotgun and blow the guy's head off. Then his gangs shoot back. Skylar quick shot them fast.

Chris"To the roof now!"

Going back and climbing up the passenger car roof. His guys are there and firing back. Blowing them up is fun. Even the part when their legs exploded.

Chris"Fuck yeah!"

Skylar reloads fast and then one gang jump up from his window side and point his shotgun at me, too slow for my twitch. I grab his gun and shot him in the face.

Chris"Dual 1887 shotguns, feeling lucky you dead bastards!?"

More came, and we were jumping cars to cars. Double shot always gets me a kill with red mist. I reload both at the same by swinging them around their levers.

Skylar"He's at the front train."

Chris"Let's hurry it up!"

On the last car, more of them shot at us, we duck for cover. Then my breath of fire distract them while Skylar finish them off with a headshots.


No more of them now, Sage is the last one. On the train, he's making this go fast. But suddenly a jet fighter past over me.

Chris"What the hell?!"

The world then change the color of hometown, red. There was war battling, and everything is exploding. Looking at the fighter's color, that's my fighter! I use that for training, I remember this place, but not much else.

Skylar"Hey!!! What are you doing!!??"

It then went back to my mission.

Skylar"You saw a ghost or something?"

Chris"No, I'm fine."

Skylar"You do realize that we are heading in the wrong direction."


Skylar"There is no bridge at this end you know."

Chris"Alright, let's get him."

Sage was there in the train, making it faster, he's done for.

Chris"Don't make a move you shit!!"

Sage"We're all going to die!! Your coming with me!!"

Shot him now or grab him out..........................he must be claimed dead now. I grab him and her, jump out of the train and the train races down the line and fall off the cliff. The explosion was awesome!

Chris"Skylar, you do the honor for his misery."

Skylar"With pleasure."

She shot him down and out of his misery.

Chris"Promise kept."

Skylar"Thanks for your help."

Chris"Guess this is goodbye then. I have places to go sweet heart."

Skylar"Ok, take care."

I jump off the cliff, quickly strip my clothes and the tree's were that close to hit me, but light again saves me.

To be continue……………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"The old west. I like the type of movies."

Chris"Well, I could like it. After all, I think it's a bit interesting."

After another hell and back, Chris check on his kids. They were shooting at the targets, they were getting a bit more accurate.

Chris"Whats going on kids?"

Gianna"My aim is way better than brother here."

Tennyson"Whatever, but I'm way better in melee combat."

Chris"I see we have found your strong types."

Tennyson"Yeah. Dad could we use those advance weapons."


Chris"Sure, but be careful with them. Use them with care and proper. The backfire will be on you."

Tennyson"We promise dad."

And off they went, trying out new military weapons. Surprise they adept well, and are having a bit fun.

Chris"My job here is done."

Sakura"Chris, I need to speak to you at my office."

Chris"Be right there."

Seconds later.

Chris"Whats up?"

Sakura"Chris, your ok?"

Chris"Sure am I."

Sakura"Ok, or maybe it's just me."

Chris"How so?"

Sakura"Like, I love you Chris. And I think we should do something more."


Sakura"I don't know, thats the thing. We should do something more, and Lucia."

Chris"More sex?"

Sakura"Maybe, but, something more than that."

Chris"I can see the problem. Maybe we could just do something about it."

Sakura"Like what?"

He holds her hips and kiss her neck.

Sakura"Ohhh. Yeah. I think I know what we should do."

Chris"What should we do?"

Sakura"We should make love and Lucia by a hidden waterfall that I know of."

Chris"Good idea."

Sakura"I'll let you know when the time comes to do it three way."

Chris"I'll be ready."

Sakura"Until then, it's another battle and your going to go there."

Chris"My pleasure."

Our next battle, the town of Newjaz. The rich type valley, now in trouble. Enemies are holding up the area as a ambush site, but it's not all serving their platoons as their haven, it's now a battlefield. We have to advance our troops across and sabotage their ambush plans. Doing so will lead to a safe zone, in the mountains. And it's right to the main border of the main state we have to capture, Dominari. But our real objective, is to find Dr. Willow. Sakura's intel shows us that he is Imonarpire's last resort if we ever get too close to the enemies comfort zone. We have to either capture him alive or kill him, the Husky is our target. Over the town, there we are, watching the battle rages on.

Wake"Chris! Enemy fighters right in our tails!"

Chris"No problem."

Open the back, four of them, and Chris shot with his pistol and kills the pilot while it crashes on the other one and then crashes the next one and accidentally fires the last fighter. Four birds, one bullet.

Jack"Holy Shit!"

Chris"Piece of cake."

Wake"Thanks again! We're at the location!"

Everyone dropping down and Chris starts shooting fighters down on his way down. The houses on fire, and are well covered by the enemies.

Chris"Which house does he live in?"

Lucia"That's the challenge."

Chris"Fine by me."

The fields of grass, the sky of calm, but down here is hell in spring as I would ever describe beauty with war. Civilians are running away, and are scared to move away, so Chris goes through each house and helps the family survive and retreat to the save zone.

Chris"Civilians safe and sound!"

Fumi"I'll take care of them Chris!"

Hella"Let's go!!"

Pushing our troops up the plains and running towards the line of fire, knowing their ability to defend and attack the enemies. Their latest weapons, their latest defense, our troops are so much stronger, like way stronger than retaking our homeland whole. They improve, but not as a machine, but their ability to help each other, fighting for their buddy to stay alive.

Chris"Where, the fuck, is Dr. Willow!"

Sakura"I wish I could just tell you."

Chris"I'll blow up every house and see if he is in anyone of those house."

Not really a smart plan, but finding a heavily guard house is most likely going to be the one. Sentry's and turrets are in every window. Chris fireball those guns and stop them. Blowing up holes and crisp the enemies.

Chris"Not here."

Moving out and looking for more. Dodging bullets, shooting bullets, the sounds of a music battle.


Chris"On my way!"

Teleport swoosh.

Chris"What's the situation?"

Jack"Recon Battle Mobile has been disable! It's in the enemy lines, I can't get to it from here."

Chris"I'll secure the team."

RBM is under fire, engines won't run and our soldiers is under fire. Chris takes out the enemies, and fireball them apart in flames.

Chris"Raynard, can you repair the RBM?"

Raynard"Sure thing buddy!"

Chris"I'll hold the line. Hang in their guys!"

Flamethrower the fields and making their own line, it's a good defense just to look and crack skulls or bones.

Raynard"I'm almost there!"


Holding off tanks and AT-enemies, Raynard finally shows up in time.

Raynard"Let's see, damage wheels, brakes, motor, bah bah bah too easy."

His repair device electrics the damage parts and fixes them back together that easy.

Raynard"All done!"

Chris"Why the hell none of our engineer troops have that?"

Raynard"I'mm pretty sure I don't know."

Chris"For the love of godforsaken's ass!"

Raynard"It's an epic fail I know."

After that, the RBM is done and headed back to it's mission. Raynard left and return to his post.

Chris"RBM is fixed Jack!"

Jack"Thanks! We have have better chances to win this battle now."

Chris"Don't we always win."

Sakura"Don't jinx it Chris!"


Then appears SUV's riding on the roads.

Chris"What are those civilians doing?"

He follows them and it leads to the house that is well unguarded.

Chris"Dr. Willow?"

He checks in the house. And saw those new secret enemies he might not have seen them before.

Chris"Who are those guys?"

Sakura"Loyal Insidious. I remember them way back. They are elite groups chosen by Caligari. They are sworn loyal to him and only him, his body guards. They'll do anything what he ask them to do. In return, those guys get whatever they want that pleases them, anyway they want."

Chris"Elite group? More like cream puff pussies."

Once he moves up, they saw him.

Chris"Piece of shit you guys."

Showing his blades, they quickly wen invisible. Now he has a challenge.

Chris"Invisible? They finally figure it out?"

Even though he can't see them, his instinct knows where they are. One in the back, he grabs his sword, flips him over and blade his neck. After that, he follows up with a counter strike to the face, but Chris grab his hand and rips both arms and cut his neck and both eye's. He then move his blade back, like stretching his arms back, and the enemy with through his blades. He turn around and beheaded him. Last one, he strikes to his chest, but dodges it and stab him to the arm, and strike through his head. He cut the head, with the head still attach to his blade, and puts back his blades, making the head fall and roll around. Blood bath and dismember parts.

Chris"Mental combat, a bit of solace and challenge base fun. Now why are they here for."

He checks around, looking for anything. Then the books in the book shelfs is a switch. It opens a door and he checks in. Dr. Willow is there, packing his stuff.

Dr. Willow"I'm going! Let's get out of, here?"

Chris"Dr. Willow?"

Dr. Willow"No! Where is my protection!"

Chris"They aren't good at what they do."

Dr. Willow"Damn it. Looks like I'm going to rot in prison."


Sakura"Ask him about code name 'Last Resort.'"

Chris"What do you know about Last Resort?"

Dr. Willow"It's a nuclear bomb launch proceeder, shooting at your country with whatever we've got. I'm the only one who knows the code."

Chris"That makes you a dead man for us."

Dr. Willow"I know that, but I think it will be better if you take me to prison instead of death."

Chris"Why would I ever spare your life?"

Dr. Willow"I spent my life here, 40 years, doing here for nothing! Just to remember the code in case like this! Bullshit! No way I would ever want to die! No way! I was doing other stuff, like doing something better than remembering that code!"

Chris"What are you doing?"

Dr. Willow"I'm finishing a design, a weapon design. These Shock Bullets, Inferno Bullets, and Plasma Bullets."

Chris"Plasma bullets?"

Dr. Willow"Plasma bullets, put it this way, shock bullets and inferno bullets only have like 30% more effective to each of their own strong targets. Shock on the machines, and Inferno on the armors. But Plasma is both strong effective against machines and armors but 10% damage."

Chris"That will give us the edge to this war."

Dr. Willow"I know that, but they don't have these technology. Now, you will let me live right?"

Chris"I'll let you live. But you are going to prison."

Dr. Willow"I accept this fate. Not that I would remember the code anyway."

Chris"Wake, get Dr. Willow out of here."

Wake"Why let him live?"

Chris"He's helping out our cause. He deserve to live, but in prison."

Wake"Roger that Chris."

Dr. Willow"Thank you, I'm sure Caligari will know that you just rob his valuable asset."

Chris"I know, because that's our job."

Once the team regroup back at the jetcopter, the battle has won and we just made a strategic movement. We are going to hit them hard undetected and a huge surprise. Raynard forward Dr. Willow's design for mass production, we now have a tactical warfare ready to cut the enemies down fast and hard. Back at base, the kids were sleeping, naked. As the night rose, Sakura, Chris, and me went to the north of Vatnfall. A hidden waterfall where she wants us to be. We were getting in the mood as we help each other strip our clothes off. I was getting so excited to do this. Sakura has no more worries and doubts, she even ask for more. Once we all got in the water, we shower ourself to get comfortable. Chris help the both of us, massaging our backs. Then I was so horny, once he was massaging her, I went up to her and make out with her. I really felt his hands grabbing my butt. Then it our turn to massage him, his body is hard. I kiss him, and teasing his balls while Sakura kiss his neck and plays with his cock. He then carries me, and fucks me hard.

Lucia"Oh yes!!! Yes!!!"

Sakura was licking my pussy and his cock altogether. He is making me cum!

Lucia"I'm cumming!"

I let it out! Making his cock cover in my cum, while Sakura sucks it all off.

Sakura"My turn."

He carry her and fucks her behind.

Sakura"Oh god yes!! Chris!! I love you!!"

Chris"Me too Sakura!!"

Sakura"Lucia!! I love you!!"

Lucia"Me too!!"

Kissing her and playing with her nice boobs, her moaning in my mouth makes me feel like he is passing his love and spirit to her and then to me.

Sakura"I'm cumming!"

She burst it out hard, making his cock super wet, I clean it all off.


Chris"I'm still horny."

Sakura"We could fix that."

We both blow job his huge cock. Letting her lick it all while I press it against my boobs. It was making the two of us wetter, and yet cumming a bit.

Chris"God, I'm cumming!!"

He burst it out, covering us with his warm tasty cum.

Chris"Fuck yeah!"

Lucia"That is so good!"

Sakura"I love it!"

Cleaning it up and then leave back home. We then rest and slept together. What a day, a what a life.

[Warning! DLC - Data Logic Control]
By the name Lucia, given permission to release classified information to the public. Contain top secrets and may harm the public view.
Last warning, check by Lucia.
Permission - Granted
Proceed with caution.


It was a nice afternoon, all of us were getting rest and still be prepare for any missions. I was falling asleep, and Chris was drinking his soda.

Chris"I need a life supply of this soda. Makes me feel a bit happy."

Andrea"I'm sure it does."

Chris"Andrea, how are you?"

Andrea"I'm good, Kelly and I are experimenting our sexual relationship."

Chris"I'm glad you enjoying it."

Andrea"She's as strong as you."

Chris"No doubt."

Andrea"But Chris, someone in the spirit world wants to ask you personally."

Chris"What is it?"

Andrea"You have to come with me to talk to him."

This is it, the part that he knows now if he makes the wrong choice, his future will repeat. He was thinking about how to avoid this, but he doesn't know what is the request.

Chris"Will I be back here soon?"

Andrea"I promise you that Chris."

Chris"Ok. Take me to your friend."

It lead him all the way back to the sunken submarine that he destroy, but a bit more miles due north. He was flying, with his awesome wings, I wish I have wings.


Andrea"Swim all the way down, follow the lights that will guide you down. Keep going until you reach The Temple of Spirits."

Chris"Temple of Spirits?"

Andrea"Yes, but you must hurry now my love."

He dive down and swim down without a problem. But, Spirits? Could the stories he read be asking for him? How lucky he really is! A temple just below our recent visit! I can't wait to see them, such a privilege to see them up close. Down he goes, the deep water, turning dark and darker, and much blackened. His eye's however shows the path with his Thermal Vision. He then saw the dim of light far, he quickly swims there and then the lights grew brighter. Into clear vision, it's the Temple of Spirits. He finally found the place.

Chris"The Temple of Spirits. Their house? I'm invited? Sweet."

It's as big as any other temple I ever seen. It's a huge dome. He enters there, but quickly to find out Neo Teck is here.

Chris"Oh joy, now I know why."

Empty submarines, and placed vehicles. Only two guards were there. He sneaks up and silence two of them with one pull.

Chris"That's it?"


Chris"Who are you?"

Hiroto"I'm Hiroto, God of Legend and Gifts."

A red and white Tengu!

Chris"Whoa. Your the one that ask for my help?"

Hiroto"Yes, and consider that I can do many things, I ask for your help."

Chris"Honor to help you anyway I can."

Hiroto"My brother's and sister's are watching you. And we are very impress of your action so far, a living machine that has a terrible past and still lives as a prime animal."

Chris"I'm no machine, I make decisions on my own."

Hiroto"Of course, that makes you unique. Any how, we can't use our powers at this holy temple. This is our temple, the heroes temple. It became so great of power that we fear of destruction. So we hid here, and this place has history that grants power if they are used for good."

Chris"I can understand the power here, gods and spirits power."

Hiroto"Yes, so we can't use our power. For it strikes a spark to the world on a hint of gods return."

Chris"And then they will be looking for you."

Hiroto"Right, but you. You are like a god, the ability is swift and deadly than anything a mortal can rarely do. You made the spark."


Hiroto"Don't take this the wrong way, but they want to at least even out the fight of your ability. So they try to steal here, what belongs to us."

Chris"What are they stealing?"

Hiroto"The Sphere of Life. It's what gives life when in peace, but it also cause plague and destruction when in war. It feels the surrounding area like what treats it well."

Chris"But, your saying that other people are here?"

Hiroto"The Guardian Monks of Spirit Servers. They dedicate their lives to protect this place and keep it calm here. They were here since the fall of this temple."

Chris"Then how did they survive?"

Hiroto"We guarded them after the disaster. But they decide this is their home, and start a new life. Once they know they will get old and someone else needs to protect the Sphere. They repopulate more in a private ritual way, and by far there is true love than jealously and anger together. They all depend on each other and kept it save. We also help them provide their needs, so they can be fine."

Chris"That's a long time being here, what if they decide to leave?"

Hiroto"They can if they choose to, but they will forget this place once they left. For their mind is pure and knowing the outside can damage it permanently."

Chris"That has to be hard, letting them go because they want to."

Hiroto"It's all choices they make, we can't strict that choice."

Chris"And that is freewill right there. So, what now?"

Hiroto"You have to stop them, not making too much war or the Sphere will be affected by the presence of war. You have to do it silent."

Chris"I'll handle it pretty easy."

Hiroto"If you can back that up with your life. Not only you are helping us, but this is a test for us to think about considering you as our new hero of this generation."

Chris"It will be an honor to accept that title."

Hiroto"Good, but make sure you do it right, we are watching you Chris."

Chris went on inside the temple. Staying alert, and looking at ancient walls and treasures. The size of this place is huge, even a sound makes a echo. He hears the enemies from a distance. They were groups, guarding the way in. Those machines broke through the door, destroy history text. Three of them talking about who is the hottest girl in the academy. But he doesn't much care about them. He put bullets to those heads. Walking deep into the forbidden knowledge, the statues of gods and goddess are still in flawless form. The ground he walks in is sheer clear of history language and texts from their own poems. But then saw blood, a trail down the corridor. It lead to a dead scientist.

Chris"Why kill your guys, fella?"

Going into the chamber door, and found more guards, taking stuff, rare stuff.

Chris"Idiots. I mean, fucking idiots."

He goes invisible and knock out one of them, snap their neck, and they saw him. He quickly shot two enemies.

Chris"Not that much violence, I can feel the presence of tremor."

More act of killing really, and it gets worse. He has to make it non-lethal, and yet much quiet when more enemies are present.

Chris"Silent, silent, silent, fuck. This is a challenge, I like it much."

The chamber here in the next section of the temple, holds a lot of ancient paintings that shows their battles and poetry scenes. Dating their time, it was long before the dark ages. These images shows their struggle with order justice. Kings and Queens rule the lands, with pretty much fair and justice rule. Then these villains came and corrupt the land. As they rise, so those the heroes rose as well and battle the evils that threats their way of lives.Lands were fought and won and lost, it seems it was a never ending battle.

Chris"Good and evil, balance of life I suppose."

Unto the next room, and checks out the area. Suppose to be a hall of kings and queens. All wears their unique crowns, the goldenest of all and the biggest of all. They all have their own unique color of gems that represents their spirit powers and the gods will guide them 'till death.

Chris"Which one is more expensive?"

After that, enemies suddenly came in the room. Non-lethal he kept thinking. He then goes invisible and takes them out with just punches, they notice the noise, but he quickly knocks them out.

Chris"Yeah, a inch before alert."

On he kept going, and this place offers more to see. The swords and shields the gods gather throughout their life, and some were their first time holding a weapon. Looking at the shapes, they were all made by them hand-crafted and by legend, at a very young age. I can't even try to make my own weapon unique. Though all of them were silver and gold with gems, he doesn't have much time to look at all of them detail by detail. The garden world, as it say, shows life of nature all at the brink of extinction, these unique plants and trees all have different colors and shapes. Enemies were there, ready to cut them down. He goes and wrestle them down for a knockout blow, and smack their faces to those hard stones. He saw blood from the stone, he wipes it off.

Chris"I didn't make a mess here."

Then he continues on the temple of all spirits. The hallow sounds echo the voices from the heroes before. Their quotes, their original solo song, their poetry, their life.

Chris"Sounds like it was all being recorded by someone to act as their voices and knows their saying by their writings I think."

Hiroto"No Chris, it's just our echoes that is still strong and alive."

Chris"Oh. That's cool."

Hiroto"Way cooler than you."


Hiroto"I joke."

Chris"That's what I though you said."

Then more enemies, looking around in the massive hall of elements. Here it is quite impressive and more interesting. The elements here shows each gifts and creative work of arts of scholars, priesthoods, and the bright young children. He is getting much a bit thinking on how to pull this off. He went on and chock them down, one by down, in a tight and faster way to lose air quickly. Losing one by one, they were a bit suspicious about where is their friend. But he quickly hold and snap their neck fast, and then the last one, he simply just punch him with full force and it fly 10 feet.


The elements here, fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, grass, stone, all possible elements are here.

Chris"If I have all power elements? Could I just unbalance over power?"

Hiroto"Yes you will."


Looking at other doors, it seems to be lock and they could have not possibly just try and bust it open. So he went to the opened ones. More dead scientist, and this time, it was a form of execution.

Chris"Ok, this is just plain bullshit."

No answer to find, but this room is very special. Every statues, all the gods love affairs. All in their sex position, what we know is little and most of them seems to be very type of lost sex position. And now he knows more about them.

Chris"Can't wait to try those out with Lucia and Sakura."

Happy to know, and will be waiting. Off he went on, hearing the voices of gods in the state of emotion love. Something he would think they are way smarter than the greatest scientist who ever lived just by their talking. Then in the chamber of energy inner thoughts, the enemies are having a panicking time. They are having a major insanity.


Hiroto"This place makes your inner dreams comes to life. Unfortunately, there inner desire, inner fear combine doesn't work well for them."

Chris"Great, a mental maze."

He went in and took out the enemies at ease, but then the room plays his mind now. His desire, Me, Andrea, Sakura, Kelly, appears right next to him. They were touching him, comforting him, and it makes feel very hot right now.


They smile back, but then his fear came, a shadow figure that dislikes his ability.

Shadow"Mortal shit, you'll never saved those that loves you."

Chris"Says you."

Shadow"Says your gut as well."

No violence, no violence, he can't make more violence in this temple. But he must fight his fear. Knowing how is difficult. But…..

Chris"No. You, shut up. Get out of my head coward."

He just walk right into the shadow and left the room. The thoughts are done and gone.

Hiroto"Impressive. You face fear, how you say, like a boss."

Chris"Yeah. Guess that wasn't so hard."

Hiroto"Usually it is, but not really."

Chris"That makes us two."

Jokes around, he continue once more. He was then in the luxury shrines. The valuables and the irreplaceable's items that the gods were once mortals. It is said to be enchanted by the powers they have acquired. The scientists and enemies were there, scanning those rings, braces, clothes, staffs, armors. Enough looking he ask himself.

Chris"Do not touch those stuff…"

He punches them, every patterns sight and noise notice. The scientists were too busy studying their research. They were knock out cold and their glasses broke. The enemies didn't yet notice their view, until they realize, they were dead until drop to the floor.

Chris"….I will kill you."

Now this hugest door was standing in his way.

Hiroto"Here it is, once you enter it, absolute no violence or you will trigger a major end."

Chris"Ok, do or die. Let's fine out."

He opens the door, and saw the sphere. It's huge and it floats on top of the water pond. Their, a scientist was getting much information about it.

Chris"Step away from it."

Dr. Spike"So you finally figure it out the true power of the sphere, Anthony. Such a waste of this opportunity to get this power in my hands and now you want to debate about who shall have all the glory?"

Chris"I want no glory, I want justice."

Dr. Spike"What are you talking about?"

Turning around and he was quite the fool.

Dr. Spike"Who are you!? A guardian of this place!?"

Chris"You could say that."

Dr. Spike"I know your kind, you don't exist!. Your just an illusion!"

Chris"Illusion? Yeah, I guess I'm a illusion. Maybe I'm just another spirit."

Dr. Spike"Stop tormenting me! You will never stop me! I'm stronger than you! I will not be defeated by you damn minion!"

Chris"Careful now boy."

Dr. Spike"Boy? I'm Dr. Spike! The greatest scientist of all time!"

Chris"By that you mean someone is better than you."

Dr. Spike"Fuck you! I know now! Your no spirit! Your Evergreen's assassin! How dare you and him!"

Chris"I'm guessing he's your competition?"

Dr. Spike"Stop! I know your tricks! I'm no fool you fuck! You'll never kill me! I'll kill you first!"

Chris"I wouldn't do that, you'll bring bad things to this place. The Sphere knows who is the more violent one."

Dr. Spike"Me? Violent? Your crazy! Your a joke!"

Chris found his weakest, and a plan without violence.

Chris"I think your the crazy one here, your losing it man. Thinking too much movies you watch I bet."

Dr. Spike"Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"

Chris"Would it be just better if I can just quickly kill you now."

Dr. Spike"Not if I kill you first you fucking shit!"

He went invisible, getting him more panicking more and more.

Dr. Spike"Where are you!! Where the fuck are you! Show yourself you fucking coward! Come and fight me like a man! Your scared! I'm better than you!"



He fell and have a huge heart attack.

Chris"Such illusion your having boy."

Breathing for more air, he then dies out.

Chris"He's done."

Hiroto"Excellent. You save this place and the world. Now our monks and servants will continue being in mind of peace. Your a true hero."

Chris"It was nothing. Glad I could help out a god."

The monks and servants came out of their hiding place, and then sits and meditate. The Sphere is back in it's true power form, glowing back more brighter.

Hiroto"Here, take this as a gift. Pull out your blades."

Chris did, and Hiroto washes his hand from the Sphere and then rubs on his blades. It then turns into a energetic blade, enchanted and change its form as a double sharp blade for each arm.


Hiroto"Your blades has been blessed and enchanted as a energy vapor blades. Destroying any neural parts of a life form and quickly kills a living object."

Chris"Damn. That is so sick, one hit kill then."

Hiroto"Right. And here, you have three choice, the power of mammal, reptile, and bird. Pick wisely."

Each have their unique ability he notice, taking mammal will give him new ability to talk way better and wiser. Reptile will give him new ability to bend his form into anyone he touches. And bird will give him new ability to fly faster in sonic boom.

Chris"I pick Reptile."

Hiroto"So be it."

Chris was then absorb from the Sphere. Giving him a new ability naturally.

Chris"Feels like more sensation."

Hiroto"Of course. Now, you can now go home. My brothers and sisters will never forget what you have done here."

Chris"Tell them I said your welcome."

Hiroto teleported him back to base. He was then in his room, very much like he just have a brain blast.

Lucia"Hey Chris, you look like you seen a ghost."

Chris"No, it's nothing. I'm fine."

Lucia"Ok. We have nothing to do now, sooo."

Chris"To the memory machine."

Andrea"How can you predict two lovers that were meant to be from appearances and personality."

Memory 2 - Chapter 19 The Two Path Of Love

Voice"Strange flashback huh."

Chris"What did you do to me!?"

Voice"Nothing, everytime you time travel, you have flashback from the past according to your exact spot. Interesting huh."

Chris"Not really, its distracted me."

Voice"What can I say, your here until the job is done."


Voice"Beside, flashback can sometimes help you out, if you had problems before."

Chris"What problems?"

Voice"You'll see. Hahaha!!"

What a hint, and now I'm back into reality of someone's time. It looks like a cool room. It's dark, and night outside. Year is 1895 A.D. in Bon Bon?

Chris"Bon Bon? The one I was interested in this place, way beyond coincidence."

Target is Vitale, a Brown Hare. Ok, looking around the room, there is a closet, took a suit and look like a important client.

Chris"This suit is fine, not a fan of suits though."

Got ready, and looking into a picture frame, this guy looks like a old business man with the sense off protecting it's property at all cost. There's even some coins here, 100 florins.

Chris"Who keeps money here? Is this for me?"

So kind, then exiting the room very quiet, the hall is dead silence. I look around for some time of interest, not a smart move on the job. I heard a noise from a distance. I then quickly enter a room and close it fast and quiet.

Chris"Good hide."

Mary"What are you doing here?"

Oh come on! Again caught!? I look at her, my god, what a cute beautiful young lady there.


Mary"Are you the perfect man I've been waiting for?"

Chris"Uh, no."

Mary"Then why are you here?"

Chris"It's none of your business, I have to go now."

But then she grab my arm before I leave the room through the window. In a minute, something happen, the minute she touch me, I saw a vision of her in a different realm. Standing there, then I saw her in reality.

Mary"Please! I think your the perfect man I've been waiting for. Don't you want to make love with me?"

It's strange to have that vision from her. I don't know what that means, but I have to pick, stay here and make love with her or tell and go now..............................I heard a sound from the distance before, I'm not taking my chance, better tell her something quick.

Chris"I can't, I have places to be. You'll won't understand it, but understand this, I can tell you really want a perfect man. That man will come in the right time in the right moment, he just have to show his love to you very personality. And there are others that loves you as well, one of them can be your perfect man, but know this, whatever you pick, are really sure you want that person. Think about it."

Mary"Wow, I....I'll keep that in mind strange."

Chris"I hope you do, goodbye Miss?"

Mary"Mary Blue."

Chris"Alright, Miss Blue, farewell."

I got out of the window with a spare hair clip thingy and open the window and close it back. I jump down, running across the fields and on I go as I hope I don't get caught. Running down, 6 minutes, and there is the city of Bon Bon.

Chris"Whoa, how lovely."

Walking around, there are a lot of girls wanting for sex now. And these mens are crazy for them. I can't believe this town is full of vice. No wonder I was interested in this place, this is a secret city I bet no one in Italy would ever figure it out. But now the mission comes first, finding Vitale and get out. This will be kinda hard, the distraction. Where to start? I then see a Brown Hare, she looks hot, showing her nipples, but I saw her scar from her left face. If my study of psychology is correct, she is hurt. The way the image of Vitale looks like, they look relative. Better take my chance and get information out of her.


Viviana"Hey their handsome. You what to have a good time?"

Chris"Sure. Lead the way to your room."

She lead me to her hotel room and it was nice. She lie down on the bed and she took off her panty.

Chris"Young lady, I think this isn't what I have in mind."

Viviana"What do you have in mind?"

Chris"I'm looking for someone."

Viviana"Young man, I don't give out any information about my clients. As a matter of fact, looking for someone is against the law here."

Your kidding right?

Chris"It's not about your client."

Viviana"Whatever, but still. I can't just do that."

Chris"Lady, this isn't about you. So why sticking out your neck for this guy?"

Viviana"Whoever your looking for, I'm not going to tell you."

Chris"Would I tell you that man is a criminal, and he is planning to murder specific people here in Bon Bon?"

Viviana"Why the hell would I care about them. Good rid of if they are my rivals."

Chris"And if they are your rival, you both have a connection that he will kill for."

Viviana"That's not true! Why would this guy ever kills us?"

Chris"Because he was escape from the royal prison few years ago. As he was killing more prostitutes, we believe he's just here, stalking on you girls here. As least you better tell me before you all die for all I know."

Viviana"Fine, whatever makes you happy. Who do you want to know?"

Chris"You know a guy name Vitale?"

Viviana"What?! Him!?"

Chris"You know him or not?"

Viviana"…….he's my brother."

Chris"Tell me about him?"

Viviana"He and I went way back, I was on my own and making a living. I had a lot of boyfriend. They were cute. And when I was dating with them, my brother always came and kill them cold blooded. Every time, he always do it. So that's why I move here, to get away from him. But I have the
feeling he's here in the city. I wish he could just stop and leave me alone."

Chris"Alright, so it is true."

Viviana"You really going to kill him?"

Chris"It's my job."

Viviana"Please, at least I don't have to see him again."

Back on the streets, and I saw some heartbreaks from these young people. But more girls want more. Suddenly I hit someone by mistake. Suddenly, he then came to this vision I see with Mary and this guy, looking at each other and thats it. Then saw him in reality.

William"Hey, watch where you going!"


He went away, strange vision, but him? But then I found Vitale across the street. He is climbing up the ladder and up to the roof. I follow him there and he was on thee look out for her sister. I sneak up behind him, and grab him in a choke hold.

Vitale"What the hell??!!"

Chris"Why you kill your sister's boyfriends!?"

Vitale"I know they are unfaithful. I just know that."

Chris"You have proof?"


Chris"Then you know nothing you fucking bitch! Over protected huh."

I then snap his neck and he's done for. Can't leave him here, I have to put him in the grave. I carry him and fly to the forest. Found a spot, dig a hole, put him there, and cover him up.

Chris"What an ass."

I could look go on, but I rather visit the city and watch it one more time. The streets and the people here, they know pleasure. No wonder I keep hearing people saying this is a city of pleasure.

Dragalion"This place is a waste of garbage."

Chris"Excuse me?"

Dad? Mom? What are they doing here? Suddenly this flashback came back, this whole city is destroy. I was being carried by my mother. I was 1 year old.

Dragalion"I can't stand this world. We have to leave."

Okihagal"What about Chris?"

Dragalion"Foster parent will take care of this worthless son of mine."

Okihagal"Your right, he is worthless. He can rot in this world."

Dragalion"Under the contract for the government. He will be put to the test. Until then, he is no son of mine."

Then the flashback is over.

Chris"My parents, betrayed me. I was just 1 year old. Motherfucker, this place, I'm sorry."

I went into an alley, strip, and move on.

To be continue………………………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"God, your young and they just hate you already?"

Chris"I will never understand why they hate me in the first place. Like, the real reason."

Lucia"Good thing he is gone."


Andrea"Single, all alone, no one to love. So they use their imagination of someone to talk to. Until the day they really want one."

Memory 2 - Chapter 20 The Creation......

Why oh why this light hates me.

Voice"So, did you saw that vision of someone else?"

Chris"Yeah, what is that vision?"

Voice"The vision of when they meet together, it could be bad or good, depending on their action. But it doesn't tell you their future."

Chris"But why them?"

Voice"Who knows, this is not your type of timeline."


Voice"Flashblack, isn't fun?"

Chris"No it's not! I was abandon!"

Voice"That's just the beginning of it if I'm correct. Hahahahahaha!!!!!"

Beginning, I wonder what is the end. But it hits me and it was solid ground, hard one.

Chris"......cold, looks like a psycho horror place."

I heard the scream of the pain echos down. One thing for sure, asylum. Year 1944 A.D. in the island of Sylt, Germany. Target is Dr. Emmerich, a German Shephard.

Chris"Doctor, asylum, 1944, this is holocaust. But this room is where these Nazi soldier uniform store it. I grab one, wore it, and I'm a war criminal. But look on the bright side, a free MP-40. I went out and quickly enough, I was called out.

Soldier"Hey you! Walk with me!"


Walking with him and being cool. Going outside and there are trucks coming in, with the jews as well.

Soldier"Look at those dirts, they will never see day light again."

Chris"I bet."

Soldier"This way."

Now walking to the post guard and they ask him.

Soldier"Were going to Lab Recreation from the request of Dr. Emmerich."

Post Guard"On you go soldiers."

Soldier"Let's go."

Then back inside into the asylum. The screaming is too much. And gun shots is just the same. Outside the window, these jews were land up. Ready, aim, fire. Shots burst and all were dead, including exploding head shots.

Soldier"Haha, we show them who is strong here!"

Chris"You got that right."

Into the halls and then I enter a room with the rest of these soldiers. They were lined up, ready.

Soldier"Follow me!"

They follow him as well. We were going upstair and see the world of corpses. They were piled up, and were spit at the dead. How fuck up this is to the dead. This long stair, and I saw the real horror of the Nazi, they found a pregent women, cut it up and took out the baby. How sick I saw the conclusion to the child is being put in the pile softly, singing some goodnight baby song, and STG-44 did the work. My thoughts to this is cruel, but my emotion said that it's the same thing I saw in my time and the past. Then we went to the Lab Recreation. All the scientist were here and we were just guards. A dead person is in the coma, not a jew, but one of there own. Finally came Dr. Ennerich.

Dr. Ennerich"Gentlemen, I'm please to welcome you to this Recreation experiment I personally work on. You will witness the true power to bring back the dead to life!"

What the fuck! Zombies? I thought they were just made up crap.

Dr. Ennerich"You are curious to this work, but let me tell how this all work."

He grab this looking glass tube with a chemical liquid inside.

Brexio"The subject has been successfully implanted with the knowledge to become the Excon soldier."

That's not his voice, suddenly right in the same place, flashback return, and this room looks like a mental psycho place. There guys were there, I don't remember them, I was in the coma, dead asleep. What were they doing to me, I look young, about 14 years old.

Neo"So, what is the problem?"

Brexio"His responses to our orders have been, sporadic. Unpredictable. He shows a remarkable resilience."


Brexio"He is unusual, atypical. Few men possess such will, our other test subjects have been far more successful."

Neo"If he will not follow the orders embedded in the order of instruction, then he is of no use to me. He can rot, take him back to his room."

What? I was a test subject, for what? Excon soldier? What is this meaning!? Why can't I remember this?! Flashback is over, the real show is starting.

Dr. Ennerich"Rise!"

The dead girl rise, and it's now a zombie. She moans in a sick sound of alive. Everyone is surprise, but not a surprise to me as I saw the real creation. She walk, this dead Black Eagle shows it's power.

Dr. Ennerich"This is my recreation!"

They were in awe and found it very interesting.

Dr. Ennerich"But the real power of purpose is that it obey your command."

I doubt that.

Dr. Ennerich"You, bend over."

The zombie did.

Dr. Ennerich"See, now watch."

He pulls down his pants, and starts fucking the zombie?.........This is really sick of all.......I can't stand it now, better do something now!

Chris"Dr. Ennerich!! Burn all of you to hell!!!"

End P5
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