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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 3

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:46 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 3 Reply with quote

Tammaro"Strip your clothes!"

They both strip. She is beautiful. Better tame her right.

Tammaro"Before this goes on. We better present ourselfs our holy body. We got up, he then strip, and I did. We were naked and more of them saw my abs.

Tammaro"Let us begin this game now!"

Sitting down, she was on top of me. I then kiss her between her tits.

Diana"Names Diana oh great one. Whats yours?"

Chris"My name is not important sweet heart."

I then rotate her upside down and I then lick her pussy while she is sucking my cock, 69.

Diana"Oh god, it's amazing!"

We both lick it so much. Then she is on top of me again.

Diana"Wait, this is my first time. Please be gentle."

Chris"I will."

I over heard the gladiators, they really want to kill everyone. It's a perfect plan. I better make sure they kill everyone here in this room, expect the twins. Then my cock grind her pussy.

Diana"Ohhhh god! It's so much like what would gods feel!"


I then fuck her gentley. She moans more and more and I can't think about this, there's much blood thoughts in my head already, to concentrate the plan.

Diana"Ahhhh!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!"

Tammaro is fucking the other twin so rough and dirty.

Diana"More please!!! Harder!!!"

Pounder her harder and faster and deeper.

Diana"YESSSSSSS!!!!! I'm coming!!!!!!"

Chris"Me toooo!!"


Diana and I came together as I shot a lot of cum on her belly, while her cum wets my cock as well.

Tammaro"Nooooo!!! I lost!!"

Chris"You sure did! I won!"

They all cheer for me. Diana and I were victorious. Although I do not take much pride over the mission.

Tammaro"You win. As for this matter, the winner will get that slave as your beloved wife. While this slave knows what she is going to get."

They all cry out blood, blood, blood.


He then took out his dagger. Diana and I saw the future.


He slice her neck and she is dead. The worst kind of sick is to die in a sick game of sex and die as a loser of this such game. I snap.

Chris"Your time is up!! Gladiators!! Attack!!"

I rush quickly at him, grab his dagger and shove it all to his brain. Blood spills as the spark then came to a blood bath. The gladiators attack and start killing everyone. I grab Diana and got out of there. Guards came, but I was too fast for them when the dagger finds it's places on it's many necks and faces. Diana was close to me.

Chris"Stay close, were getting out of here."

But suddenly, I saw the arrow behind me from the sound of my ears. I look back, but I was slow. It went through her heart. A gladiator did it. She fell, and it was my fault.

Chris"You son of a bitch!! Why!!??"

Gladiator"She was in my way!! I like to piss on the dead girls blood with my friends as well. We all know womens are destroying us from lust!!"

Chris"Fuck you!!!"

I then use my mouth and exploded the whole house with the fury of my revenge and my mistake. The house was on fire and all of it. People are burning, and I left quickly as I could. I then left the house, and saw that no one will ever escape the place. It fell with traps.

Chris"Diana. I'm sorry."

I saw the city, guards are now coming up. I then hit the lights that came fast and starts punishing me. I know I deserve that. I will have to forget her, out of my memory.

To be continue…………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Fucking sick. Everything is for viewing pleasure, the excitement is a nerve wreck."

Chris"Thats why I had to get him distracted."

Lucia"Alright, last one."

Andrea"Sex is very pleasurable. It becomes one, with a new child. You have to be very blind to send him away for yourself."

Memory 2 - Chapter 9 Massage Killer Of Art

It's sad to be right and yet failed. But it's how the world of dark keeps turning. But I'm in no dark, for the light just keep pushing me to another time, then I fall. But then I sniff.

Chris"........fresh rice?"

I look around, the wet jungle. Year 525 A.D. in Palembang. Maybe a vacation, but no time to find a hot wet animal and start mating them, it's yet another mission. The target is Ngai, a Red-shanked Douc Langur.

Chris"What did he did now?"

I look around and saw the city. It's raining, and the grass is all wet. I found the clothes making place, stole one asian looking robes and went outside. It's raining, and not much people on the streets. I was like the only one outside. Even much prostitutes are in cover.

Chris"Where's the smell of that fresh rice? I'm hungry."

I haven't eaten in a while. The rain keeps going, and my foot is all in mud. But I don't care about it.

Chris"Must be close, the smell is getting strong."

I saw a smoke, but it's camo to the clouds but I still can see, following it and I found the place.

Chris"Awesome! Food!"

I went in and found not much people in here. I ask for rice. I waited, then I got rice.

Chris"Mmm. Yummy."

I ate it, it's so delicious. I just then ate the whole bowl in less than 5 minutes.

Chris"Oh yeah. That hit the spot."

I then ask the owner of the food place where is Ngai.

Owner"He's should be right over there next to the fountain over there."


I went over there and saw the place.

Chris"This place? It looks like a massage place. But the look is not the answer, better look inside."

I went in, seeing more prostitutes here.


One of them went in. I follow. She went in the room. And he was there.

Ngai"Please, lie down and relax."

She did, and I was hiding. He then starts to massage her.

Ngai"So, Kannitha, how's your business?"

Kannitha, a Jambu Fruit Dove.

Kannitha"Oh the usual. I just got one of my clients a huge load of cum inside me and he was dead tired. It was yet amazing."

Ngai"Good for you."

He then went on top of her. His foot was on her belly. He makes then a foot massage.

Kannitha"Right there!"

Ngai"Ok. When was the last time you saw him."

Kannitha"2 months ago."

I don't get it. But he was then pressuring there. For 7 minutes, he was then done.

Ngai"There you go."

Kannitha"Oh thank you. That feel much better now."

Ngai"Come back anytime."

Kannitha"You sure that I won't have a kid from this?"

Ngai"No you won't. Your fine now."

Wait, what?..........He was on top of her, footing her belly, 3 months.........

Ngai"Beside, don't we all wish for a world that we won't have to deal with kids anymore and we can have more pleasure in this world."

Kannitha"Thank god we have you."

.........motherfucker! It's abortion!! A type of massage to get rid of the poor child in the belly by smashing it. Son of a bitch. He's dead.


I then came in.


Ngai"You have a baby in you belly?"

Chris"No, why you kill all those kids?"

Ngai"I'm helping out the community, everyone loves pleasure. Then having the child is a big pain, so that's where I came in. I kill them in a pleasing massage so they feel better instead of abandon the kids from the streets. So then the world will feel more pleasure like a god."

Chris"Killing a child is wrong. Your going to decrease the population, when they get old, they die and no more sex left."

Ngai"Wrong, nonsense. It's legal here. Beside, the rumors are going out and then the world will come to this place and have the greatest pleasure of their life."

Chris"Sick bastard. You time is up now you fuck!"

Ngai"Thats sounds like a threat. But you have to catch me!"

He then went to another door and ran quick. I follow him running.

Chris"Run all you want you ass!! I'll find you!!"

Into the streets, the rain is coming down hard. It may be hard to see, but he's on my sight.

Ngai"You can't catch me!!"

Chris"Keep talking ass hole!!"

Jumping over the fallen trees, I land in a mud splash, but kept going. Into the rainforest, I can see him tired. Jumping around, and going to sharp turns.

Ngai"Leave me alone!!"

Chris"Hell no!! This is fun!!"

He then fell, right next to the top of the waterfall. I was then close to him.

Chris"It's over you stupid monkey!"

I grab him, break his neck, and throw him down the waterfall. Target is down. Before I go fast in time, I strip and went in the water, and took a bath,

Chris"Better be clean, I can't look like some horseshit."

I was done and hit the watch.

To be continue…………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"Abortiong, I hate them."

Chris"Just another genocide."

He left and goes to his room. Checking it out on his internet, he search for God. Found a lot of information. Looking at it, there are 20 gods of heroes and 20 gods of villains. The heroes are Theobald, God of Brave and Leadership. Cuthbert, God of Wisdom and Intelligence. Frigg, Goddess of Love and Passion. Xiang, God of Luck and Charm. Moa, Goddess of Mother and Peace. Abiram, God of Father and Justice. Winona, Goddess of Daughter and Beauty. Clancy, God of Brother and Guardian. Maris, Goddess of Water and Joy. Tyson, God of Fire and Hope. Garland, God of Planet and Life. Anemone, Goddess of Air and Good Omen. Ravindra, God of Sun and Power. Chantrea, Goddess of Moon and Cure. Faigel, Goddess of Birds and Optics. Lyall, God of Mammals and Creative. Belinda, Goddess of Reptiles and Cunning. Fraser, God of Traveling and Guidance. Leocadia, Goddess of Light and Ethics. And Hiroto, God of Legend and Gift. All 20 of them are heroes, long ago. But the 20 villains is still being worshipped. Villains are Moranruk, King of Fear and Follower. Rethan, King of Arrogance and Ignorance. Shadark, Queen of Lust and Seduction. Gorrorn, King of Domination and Temptation. Nuela, Queen of Witch and Necrophilia. Grargrak, King of Disaster and Corruption. Naran, Princess of Attraction and Jealously. Ashgoth, Prince of Anarchy and Survival. Sanecu, Princess of Shadow and Melancholia. Toereth, Prince of Wrath and Despair. Varorkhi, Prince of Waste and Death. Haca, Princess of Terror and Evil Omen. Morankahan, Prince of War and Cheat. Santhha, Princess of Hunter and Disease. Nazgsha, Princess of Lightning and Blind. Xyra, Prince of Blood and Unperson. Mavi, Princess and Punishment and Equal. Rhahean, Prince of Lie and Lost. Carorsharg, Princess of Slavery and Hate. And Imarthrak, Prince of Treachery and Plot. These are the figures of what he should consider it, believe in something over something he used to believe from the over. Strange cycle and much more confusing on who is really right. It's hard from him to adept to it now. But he will consider this information as a epic story because of his sense in reading The 20 Life's. A strong title about the gods we know, impress he was. But he will get into it later, it's now time for war.

Sakura"Team, we're taking over Fort Cold Steel. The toughest fort in the world, no one has ever taken it down or being capture. But today, that legacy will be no more as we Seva resistance will dominate the fort and will make sure the enemies know we are coming to take them all out!"

We yell in pride, and we move on to our battlefield. Fort Cold Steel is the most largest fort in the world, will dozens of everything. Artillery guns, sentry guns, SAMs, fighters, tanks, rail guns. The place is impenetrable. But Chris here, we can.

Sakura"Chris, good luck. It's impenetrable, but I have faith you can."

Chris"Then let's pop it's cherry then."

The battlefield, our troops are holding their position. All of us jump in the field. Hella order them to stay down and wait for Chris's attack. Sentry guns at the tower. He fireball it, making the table turns.

Hella"Move the fuck up!!! Move!!!"

A huge door is in it's way. Chris then pry it open and both huge door fell.

Chris"Knock knock."

Our tanks and troops were moving up, taking cover from enemies fire from the buildings. Chris shot them down and blood is first drew. His new LMG is quite impressive, made like a hunting rifle barrel. SAMs were killing our guys.

Raynard"Chris! I'm bring out your new friend! Chum-bot!"

The huge machine is back, in our side now. Chum-bot is now controlling it and it's new form.

Chum-bot"It's a pleasure to be at your side Chris."

Chris"Yeah, destroy their big guns!"

Chum-bot"Target acquired."

His twin machine gun is ripping them apart, making Chris feel like that his new brother.

Chris"Fuck yeah!"

Viola"Chris help!!"

Chris"On my way!"

Teleport to her.

Chris"What's wrong?"

Viola"Armored cars are killing me. I can't move this position."

He went out and fireball them to explode their best defense. Making a huge mess.

Chris"All clear."

Viola"Thanks a lot."

Jack"Need help here!"

Chris"On it!"

Teleport to him, on the roof of the barracks.

Jack"Attack helis spotted me!"

Chris"Say no more."

He then attack the enemies, showing them how one man can destroy them with just his breath. They fell in flames, they can't survive this type of fire.

Jack"Thanks man!"

He continue his strike, running towards the enemy and shooting them without giving them time to reload. Chum-bot was already blowing up artilleries and sentry guns, even taking out enemy tanks.

Chum-bot"You can't destroy our pride!"

Chris"Damn truth!"

Fumi"Need help Chris!"

Chris"I'm coming!"

Teleport to her behind bunkers.

Chris"The doctor is in!"

Fumi"One of our soldier is wounded and I can't get to her!"

Chris"I'll save her!"

He ran towards the enemies and found her bleeding a lot from the chest.

Chris"I got you! You'll be fine!"

He carry her and run back to Fumi, without much bullets on her.

Chris"There you go."

Fumi"Thanks again! I'm here, just hold on. Your going home."

The kind in her, treating her wounds. He push on more, blowing up tanks, bunkers, barracks, towers, and enemies. He was expecting a major challenge, guess this fort was not good enough from what they say.

Chum-bot"Eat lead you piece of shit!"

Chris"Much better."

The fort is nearly ours, Raynard was opening the vault door that was hiding the rest of the enemies.

Raynard"Finish them all friend."

Chris"Of course."

It open and Chris fire them up while shooting at them, making bullets to dodge less easy. Turrets were shooting a lot, but he head shot them open and mist of blood paint their death mark on the floor. The enemies were fighting a bit harder now, throwing explosives and rockets. While they were about to throw their grenade, he dismember their arm and drop a live one. Killing them unaware is a nice tactics.

Lucia"We're close to the command center."

Chris"Roger that."

Hella"Move up!! We're almost fucking done!!"

Her arrows did more than ripping in their body, it twirls their organs like a blender. Going down stairs, and more are throwing machine guns. He fire the place and put tons of bullets in their bodies. Arms off, legs off, head gone, organs spew off. Nothing like the same old job.

Chris"Command center is clear."

Sakura"Well done. Fort Cold Steel is ours and the enemies will never forget our victory here. We show them what a real army we are."

The fort is ours and we were killing the rest of them. Wake was napalming the enemies to the ground. Then we head back to base and rest for another day. Chris was just drinking his favorite soda, and reading more of The 20 Life's. Looking at him makes him look so smart and sexy.

[Warning! DLC - Data Logic Control]
By the name Lucia, given permission to release classified information to the public. Contain top secrets and may harm the public view.
Last warning, check by Lucia.
Permission - Granted
Proceed with caution.


Mid day, and the sun was shining. Another day with another mission. There is no break, leaving us restless and worried about the tide of the war. Strange that it's the first time we feel like we're not going to make it, like someone here won't make to the end. Chris however thinks differently. He doesn't think about war or losing, just music. A light music, soft enough to think about peace and the clean land. Tall tree's with waterfall, rocks that are shining, the air breeze natural fruit smell, the sky is showing amazing figure of clouds. Right where he turn around, a golden city. A type of city with glass and uneven shapes. Sakura came in the dream, like he just enter the hologram vision, but in dream particles.

Sakura"I have to ask you something."

Chris"Sure, what is it?"

Sakura"Bejerano, he is not the type of person I would want to meet with again."


Sakura"It was years ago. This pirate, Bejerano, is probably the most wanted man in the country. Reports that he raid our transport ships and civilian ships. Killing everyone as his pleasure. Even tries to take over one of our cities, but we stop his plan. Our team was very serious to find him and eliminate him and his crew. We then finally found him, in the island of Tufao. There we scout the area, and it's too much to see what they have done. And were at war, so to end this, I personally nuke the island. And I just hope that did the trick and I would never hear about it again. But,…"

Chris"He's back."

Sakura"Yes. The team knows it."

Chris"How do you know?"

Sakura"There were reports from our navy that they seen and attack a enemy vessel. After they investigate the vessel, they found notes and letters from him. They confirm about recent activity with Bejerano, phone call records, radio messages."

Chris"How did he survive a nuclear bomb?"

Sakura"I don't know. We recon the area, Jack and Wake, personally. Over in the area, they can't fine anything, not even a trace of recent movements. Just wasted areas, few trees and fogging."

Chris"Is it still radiated?"

Sakura"No, although that won't be a problem with you. You can really go through any dangerous place and leave without a sweat."

Chris"Yeah. So, I have to investigate this huge problem then."

Sakura"Chris, you don't take things serious do you?"

Chris"Sadly, no. I've been living this type of life and I don't really care much about the world."

Sakura"I know. I'm sorry."

Chris"And of course, we have to stop him. Well, let's do it then."

Sakura"Ok. Your going in solo though."


He grab his gear and teleport to Tufao Island. The objective is at north, but he is the south of the island.

Sakura"You should be sweeping from bottom to the top. Killing anyone that stands in your way."

Chris"Will do."

Running into the swamp, this place is sure much dead than alive. Seeing dead bodies, all were shot to death. Civilians were more than themselves. Some are hanged, left to rot, dismember part set as trap, some pirates he thinks. Then he saw two pirates, standing there with one guy.

Pirate1"Let me kill him. He's not normal."

Pirate2"Yeah right, let me have a blow job from him."

But then he shot him to the head.

Pirate2"You idiot!"

Pirate1"There are others more out there, waiting to get fuck hard. He's disable, can't do much anything right but act more retarded than he was already."


Shot both of them to the head.


Checking the innocent one, a sad end, even didn't pass 18. Moving on ahead, no reason to stay quiet when he can hear the shots from a distance every seconds. Some waters are not very safe to touch, he rather avoid them. Running, like being timed. Then he saw some people walking around the swamp. When he gets closer, they are not aware of mines around them.


But when it looks at him, the face, it's a dead face. Shock to see at the person who is a walking dead.


The zombie walk towards him and triggers the mine. Body parts were flying in the red mist.

Chris"We have zombies."

Sakura"Shit. Good thing I place this island a quarantine area."

More pirates came to the area, sure enough looking for the mine explosion. Chris shoot them on sight and leave them ever thinking of pulling the trigger. Necks were open and blood gushes out to freedom. He found the road, this he will follow. Out of sight of course, getting him due north. The zombies were in the way, he uses his blades and slash them down, but more to the head. Heading up and saw a camp. The boats were docking in and the pirates were pulling in hostages. They were all blindfolded. Lined up, and were dead scared. Their captain threw his coin, catch it and see their fate. He then put a thumbs down, immediately shooting all of the hostage down. Chris doesn't just stand there anymore, just killing them. They were on alert, but he threw fireballs at their camps. Burning them and the camp, making his mark as he wipe them all out. The captain ran towards the river and swam cross, but Chris, with one hand on the assault rifle, shot the captains backbone. Leaving him dead on the radiate water. Machine guns were shooting at him, but they miss and his one bullet shot outrank their ability.

Chris"Pirates, bunch of cock sucking no good fucking piece of shit."

Sakura"How about Caligari?"

Chris"He'll get his later."

Around the river, and later stumble upon a damage railroad system. Bunch of dead bodies of course. He follow it and came across more zombies. He dealt with them, leaving nothing but rolling heads. A few distance and saw a destroyed type of metro train.

Chris"Was there a city here?"


Chris"You nuke the city?"

Sakura"I wasn't proud of it. Beside, the pirates capture the city and made it into a hell hole. I didn't have a choice."


Following the track, the rain comes.

Chris"Acid rain."

It's a smell like garbage and animal waste. Up on the path, there was a mansion, filled with pirates of course. He sneak in, even with loud pirates and shooting anywhere. Inside, pirates were having sex with dead civilians, and the alive civilians were watching it by force. Crying by this insanity, Chris then slow mo kill every pirate in the main hall. The reaction was quick and bloody. He then went room to room, killing every pirates. Each room was filled with blood on walls, stains on old stains. Then he freed everyone, but suddenly, his feeling was twist.

Chris"Get down!"

Bullets blazed in the whole house, walls were torn apart and the house almost collapse. Looking outside and saw other pirates.

Captain"Tooth-Cutter!! You better be alive! I want my payment!!"

Chris looks at the freed civilians, all dead and didn't saw daylight again. Piss and very angry, he grab a chain gun and went to the roof.

Captain"Last warning!!"

Chris"Yo ho mother fucker! Tooth-Cutter is dead! And so are you!"

Spinning the barrels and mowing them down, they exploded blood and guts were mutilated. Enjoying his avenging moment, he got frustrated quick about his action. He could have saved the civilians, but didn't have the reaction. He kept going, in a lone place. A long road, but he is not tired, nor would he will be anyway. Then he reach Farbiotan, a small city, in ruins. It's completely wipeout, not even a sign of life or pirates. At the bay of this city, the view is nice.

Sakura"All the innocents that I have killed."

Chris"It's not your fault, it was an act of coward those bastards did."

Sakura"Your right, but I'm so sorry."

Chris"It's ok. Soon as I'm finish here, I have avenge everyone who died under a crazy son of a bitch."


Left the city and moved on. So far no pirates in the abandon areas. It was much later, with all the hard running nonstop, not even stop to rest, no catching his breath, neither water or food he ask, just run like a marathon guy. Night fell, and he reach the north of the island. He finally found a cave, with boats huge and small comes in. He went inside and saw dozens of pirates, unloading hostages, and kill them for a better sex mate. Up on the catwalk, snipers and drunken idiots. Bit surprise they are a bit civil about cargos in and out of the boats. Then the cave continues to go deep into the area. Where more pirates are a bit strict than usual, means he is on the right track.

Chris"I'm in a cave."

Sakura"A cave!? Out of all the possibility!"

Chris"Relax red love."

Deep as it is, it was a bit dark, he still can see the inside.

Chris"Whoa. A city."

He found a underground city, with every pirates in it. A lost paradise of anarchy. Bunch of homes, markets, and statues. But the hugest one that stand out the most is the Valkyrie statue.

Sakura"That's him, Bejerano."

Chris"Oh. Now I know who to kill."

Walking in the streets of this underground city, pirates faces were not normal, like zombie faces. They must have survive this horror event for revenge if the chance comes. Soon he saw a huge palace like, filled with pirates, dead bodies and sentries. He sneak in perfectly and found Bejerano, fucking his slave. Once he was done with him, he shot the slave to the head and was bored. His face and body is disfigure from the nuke.

Bejerano"Where is the fun guys? Why can't I have a country? Why?"

No answer.

Bejerano"Because the only thing we can do is hit and run. My friends, what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you scared or something? Because if thats the case…."

He just randomly shot one of his captain.

Bejerano"…..than your fucked just like that pussy! Why are you here than? Why are you not out there, killing everyone who did this to us? Are you a pirate?"

They yell in their pride.

Bejerano"I said you fucking dicks, are you a fucking pirate!?!"

They yell harder and shoot guns to the roof.

Bejerano"Alright! Let's go kill those assholes!"

He went to his path and he follow him. They went to the silo, and found the true purpose of this invasion. A nuke was ready to launch.

Bejerano"Be ready to launch in four minutes!"

The pirates left him alone to get their job done. Then he appear.


Bejerano"Threating me?"

Chris"What else am I doing? Praying?"

Bejerano"Whoever you are, I think you made a big mistake. You see, you just trap yourself here with my crazes. You got this far, and I think you won't be leaving here alive."

Chris"Dude, I hear worse threats than you. Or maybe both or whatever. Still, if I'm here to kill, you think they are here to kill me? Look at them, they are waiting for something to happen."

The pirates were looking at them, doing nothing.

Bejerano"What are you doing? Kill him!!"

Chris"Too late for that."

Bejerano"Wait, one more thing! Who send you?"

Chris"The woman who just fuck your life."

He shot head, and use his blades to cut him apart quick. He even took his Deadshot-14 Revolver.

Chris"Feel the dead right."

Pirates finally start attacking. He back away and find the control room. There he was under fire, and still damage the whole system. Activating a self destruct sequence.

Chris"This place is ready to blow!"

Voice"Commencing to self destruct in 5 seconds."

Chris"Fuck this!"

He cheated, he teleport back to base. The silo then blew up into a huge mushroom cloud, the intense blast burns everything again. The team was shock to see him alive back when the bomb was struck, all live and seeing the bright light up the screen.

Sakura"Chris, you saved us from another war, and ended with a bang."

Chris"Yup, wonder if even got the Imonarpire a scared from our intimidation."

Sakura"That we can all agree on. Mission complete."

We left and went back to our room, having another eased day. Chris yet wants to do the memory now. So again, we went in and revisit his memory.

Andrea"Only a man without guilt, mercy, past, future, any sign of weakness, and master of the art of murder, can be call one man army. The last thing he will ever hear."

Memory 2 - Chapter 10 Army Of One

Time goes on, and on, and on. Until I fell something cold that kept me on my toe's.

Chris"Oh god! That's cold!"

It's winter, and it's snowy, maybe worst, I'm naked.

Chris"Holy crap! It's cold!......Awesome!"

No joke, I'm been praying for this shit for a long time.

Chris"So cold, the winter is giving me the edge of these power of swift."

Even I saw the world ahead of me, looks like a cold, dark, sea. It's night time.

Chris"Whoa, talking about the cold dark of the abyss. Where am I?"

Year is 839 A.D. in Dyrøya, Øksnes, Norway. The target is Odin, a Wolverine.

Chris"Wolverine, fought one before. Good friend though. Taught me to stand up and defend by any means necessary."

At school, while walking in the snow, I had to defend my friend from gangs he made. He needs to get his stuff out of his locker, I fought them all. He was then went back to his home safe and sound.

Chris"There's a village over there."

Walking in the cold snow, there was light. I went there and as soon I saw someone, they yield as someone is coming. They brought in the guards, and they came up to me.

Guards"Are you the messenger?"


Guards"Then your an enemy!"

Chris"How am I an enemy if I have no weapons!"

Guards"......true. Welcome to Dyrøya! We'll get you some clothes."

They led me to a tent and I got a huge looking blanket that is clothes. Fits nice. I went outside and I have to talk to the leader of this village.

Gudmund"Welcome. Where are you from?"

Chris"I don't remember. I woke up in the middle of these snows."

Gudmund"I find that hard to believe."

Chris"Would it matter? But I do remember this, I need to find someone. You know a guy name Odin?"

Gudmund"That name is a hated name. He slaughter everyone of these villages. I remember that day when I was among the survivers that escpae our village. Odin and his mens were killing everyone. Even saw children's head cut off and place them in the sticks where everyone can see.
Womens were [word censored], all of them. I even saw my mother [word censored]. Then they were killed, their breast were cut off, and even put them on fire. The men's were prisoners, I did not see the rest of them. The sick thing I saw is when the dying womens were lying down on the floor, while the dead children were on top of them, then they stab them through both of them. That's the last time I saw them dead."

Chris"Very sick to hear that. And very sorry to hear about your mother."

Gudmund"I know."

Messenger"Gudmund!! I spotted Odin's flagship. They are coming!!"

Gudmund"Damn!! Looks like this is the end of the line. We have no where to go."

Chris"Not if I could help it."

Gudmund"That's impossible! You can't defeat them all!"

Chris"Think about it, I was not much cold in this winter, I wore nothing. Beside, I was looking for him. I think it's possible for me to take them all out for your village's safety."

Gudmund"Such will. I will let you get ready for your battle."

I then wore an armor, and the white cape for camo.

Gudmund"Take this sword, it's a viking cold steel sword. It represent the battle of all norths.

Chris"Thanks. When I made a huge fire blast in the air, it means they are all dead."

Gudmund"Good to know."

The Arctic Wolf is a good leader, when I took care of those vikings. At the coast of this island, I saw ships. There were 10 of them, and many of those vikings. Everyone is on the shore, all of them. Then Odin saw me.

Odin"Who are you?"

Chris"Your nightmare."

Odin"Is that a threat!?"

Chris"Why you have to [word censored] and kill the womens?!"

Odin"We take no orders from them!! We kill them all! Children are just much trouble as them. We prison mens and train them to become one of us. We [word censored] them all as we please to!"

Chris"Sick of you damns!"

Odin"Trying to stop us? Hahaha!! It's just you and us, you can't defeat us!!"

Chris"Let's find out you stupid man lover!"

I then charge at all of them and start slicing around. I kill some, most dodge out of the way.


Face to face with Odin, he strikes, but I block and head butt him.

Odin"Stop him!!"

He step back to rest. I then keep killing more. Slicing their heads off, choping off their legs, and slicing them in half vertical.

Odin"I'll finish him!"

He strikes more, but was block. I then cut his stomach and arms.

Odin"Damn you!!"

More vikings, more bloods. I counter their moves, using their weapons and thrusting to their heads and their backs.

Odin"You rotten dirt!"

Chris"You rotten ass hole!"

This time he uses his shield. I then try to take it, and I got it, throw it at him and fell to the ground.

Odin"Finish him off!!"

There are now few of them. One of them jump and tries to strike me down, but I block his attack arms with my left arm, and thrust it to his jaws. Then others were throwing their axe's. But I catch it and throw it back to their heads and necks. The last one use his claws, but I cut his hands off, grab it and cut his neck.

Odin"Worthless vikings!! I should kill you and hunt down your familes and spill blood on your families sexual attraction!!"

Chris"What? Serious? That's it?"


Chris"Your sick, but not the best!"

Odin"Who may be worst than me?"

Chris"Your ugly mother!"

Odin"Curses you foul!!"

Chris"Yeah, yeah shut up and die already!"

He strikes, I move out of the way. Then I trip him over, but he got back up quick. He strikes again, but I block it. He then grabs a spear, throws it at me, but I caught it, run to him, throw the spear and charge him at the same time. He then block the spear, but not my sword that then slice
him in half horizontal. Blood gushes out a lot.


Chris"No, your the monster you sick son of a bitch."

I grab the axe, and strike it down to his jaws and his neck. I leave it there and the sick vikings are defeated. It's sad that they lost to one guy. Then I burst the flames up to the skies and made an explosion signal.

Chris"Goodbye fellow survivers. Your safe now."

Strip myself back to the feeling the power of the cold winter up north. Then the lights lighten the dark and I went to the light of my next target.

To be continue…………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Too much blood on the ice."

Chris"Cold is my favorite time of the season."

Lucia"Cold blooded?"

Chris"I think I'm both warm and cold."

Lucia"How does that feel?"

Chris"Like your in normal temperature the whole time until you feel the extreme condition area."


Andrea"Origin is the best time of the history, becoming the first of anything feels great."

Memory 2 - Chapter 11 The Birth From My Beginning

Time keeps and always pushing me. But for the first time, it said something to me.

Voice"Let's go back to the beginning."


But it then stops and I fell again. No cold, fuck.

Chris"Did I just heard a voice from the time travel?"

I may think I did, but no time for it. It's now the year 1186 A.D. in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. Target is Yuudai, a Copper Pheasant.

Chris"Alright, no problem."

But not much seconds left, I realize I was in a bedroom already.

Chris"What the fuck? Better get some clothes and get out of here quick."

I then wore a black Kimono and left the house already.

Chris"That was close. Better start finding him now."

In the streets of japan, they were all traditional clothes. Even they are peaceful type of people. But I know everything inthe world is full of vice. I then ask a person for direction.

Chris"Excuse me, do you know where Yuudai is?"

Civilian"He works right over there."


He pointed out to the hills. It looks like a samurai training place. I wonder why there. I went over there and climb stones. Inside, I saw a lot of people in there. Everyone is all training with their swords. I found Yuudai, he's sitting in his chair, watching everyone practice.

Yuudai"Everyone, we have a new student."

They all look at me. I even got a katana with me. During the sign up, I was aware of deaths in this place. The mortal challenge is where I battle to death with 1 vs. 1 student.

Yuudai"This new student will face our old student here, Hayate, in a mortal challenge!"

He wants me dead already. I step in the mat. Then cam Hayate, the golden tiger.

Hayate"You ready peasent?"

Chris"Are you, tough guy?"

We draw are swords, then he rush strike me, but I move out of the way. Then he strikes, but was block.

Chris"Your boring."

Then he strikes me more and more, but was dodge.

Hayate"Your dead!"

He rush at me, then I drop down and slice his legs off. They were surprise to see this move.

Yuudai"Excellent! The new one is very creative. Finish him!"

I sid his head off and blood splatter around.

Yuudai"We have a winner!!"

They all cheer for me................Later tonight, I went to my room, trying to plan a attack against Yuudai. I was though tried. Then someone came in to my room. I look back, came in the light purple dragon.


Takara"Hey, you look familiar."

Chris"Do I?"

Takara"Yeah, look at you. We may have different colors, but our shape is the same."

I look at her, then mines. It flashback to my sister, Kelly. Her face, is the same face as Takara! Is she my great great great ancester?!

Chris"I think so. We do look alike, but not related."

Takara"I think so to. So, how are you?"

Chris"I'm fine. How long you been here?"

Takara"2 years. I'm the best, but not Hayate."

Chris"You look trouble."

Takara"You killed my boyfriend."

Chris".....I'm sorry."

Takara"Don't be. He's not special when it comes to romance."



Yuudai"I see that your getting alone fine."

Takara"Yes master."

Yuudai"I'm afraid that this friendship will no longer last long. Since you defeated Hayate, and she is one of the best here, I put you two in a mortal challenge! Whoever wins, the other family will have to give up their son or daughter to the winner as their slave. Get some good rest you both."

He left, fucking dick.

Chris"What just happen?"

Takara"We're going to kill each other."

Chris"You really want this?"


Chris"Me neither."

Takara"I guess this is a goodbye then."

Chris"Wait, it's strange that we somehow know each other and then we are going to get killed tomorrow."

Takara"I can't argue to that. What are you saying?"

What should I do?

Chris"Why don't we take a rest?"


Chris"Because we need the energy for tomorrow, we have to be ready."

Takara"Do you even got a plan?"

Chris"Yes I do. Once we begin to fight, we then start fighting everyone. We must escape from this place."

Takara"I think your right. We'll see about your plan for tomorrow."


Next day, we both are on the mat. It's time to fight.

Yuudai"It is time. Are you ready?"

We look at each other. I drew my sword and pointed at him.

Chris"We will not fight! We're here to kill you!!"

Yuudai"Traitors! I should have fore seen this! Love ruins the art of war!"

Chris"It's all war to you!! You should be dead right now!"

Yuudai"Kill them all!!"

Students then rush to the rescue. We were ready, and start killing them all. Slicing their legs, arms, heads, bodies, and guts out.

Takara"Your all weak!! Your never better than me!!"

Chris"Fuck yeah!!"

Jumping around and stabbing their flesh and watching them fall. One of them is trying to grab her, but I cut his tails off and stab through his cutted tail. Then they all fall and no more left to kill except Yuudai.

Yuudai"You demons!!"

Chris"Your next you cunt!!"

Yuudai"You brought dishonor to this place........ I shall never be in this defeat!"

Chris"Your weak!!"

He grab his sword and stab himself. Twisting it pushing it in, blood squirts out a lot. Then he fell to his death.

Chris"Why do these piece of shits always do that?"

Takara"To their gods, that I think they never exist."

We left the place and walking away from the city. The sight of the city is beautiful, yet twist inside.

Takara"Nice plan, we did it."

Chris"Yeah. So, I guess this is goodbye then."

Takara"I going to miss you friend."

We wave back one last time. And we went different ways. I strip myself, but suddenly my brain flash back from what Yuudai said yesturday, what he said, sounds familiar from my times in my young life. Whoever wins will get another family members son or daughter and make them be their slaves. It's just the same thing back in my time.

Chris"So this place, was the start!? Wow. And yet I destroy the origin of the twisted work. Nice."

I felt proud for my work that I really hate in my young times. I hit the watch and it's time to move on.

To be continue………………Memory Complete.

Lucia"So much of beginning your race and still the last one of your race."

Chris"Not the last, my daughter."

Lucia"Yeah. Figure you are strong from dying."

Andrea"People here do the right things for their community, while others seems to think that is unnecessary. Too much they said, but really, who doesn't like to help?"

Memory 2 - Chapter 12 Saving The Saint

Light, much bright than the sun. And I hear it's voice.

Voice"Are you forgeting your mission?"

Chris"What? Who are you!?"

But the lights refuse to answer as I fell.

Chris"That voice again. Whoever that was, it was taughting me. We'll see about that later. Now, wait, what happen here?"

This village I see is destroyed. The watch said this the year 1430 A.D. in Compiègne.

Chris"Did I miss something?"

The target is Joan of Arc, a Alpine Ibex

Chris"What! What did she do!? Murder everyone's balls off in the battlefield?"

It said that I have to rescue her from her execution.

Chris"That makes sense."

I look around, their's barely any building standing up. There is a dead civilian lying around in an open field.

Chris".........fine, it will do."

I took his clothes and it fit good.

Chris"Now, where to?"

Looking the watch for more history info, the execution is in Vieux-Marché. This means that I am far away from this place. I have to fly there and plan the rescue. I fly there and saw how france once was beautiful before my time of hell that destroys beauty. So high in the sky, I was suppose to wear a breathing mask. Not for me, I was trained to do this without the breathing mask. Beside, everyone with wings can do this very easy. Just a flash back of my times, kinda......fun.

Chris"Firefly, you have enemy patrols coming from the north over.

Firefly Gunner"Roger, switching to thermal optics over."

Chris"Firefly, be adivice, you have enemy tanks near by, paint me your target over."

Firefly Com"Copy that, painting your target."

Chris"I have visual on the target, going 205mm, take cover!"

Using my mouth, I made a huge fireball and shot it directy at the target. Three tanks kill.

Chris"Confirmed, three tanks destroyed over."

Firefly Com"Hell yeah, thanks for the asist over."

Clouds rushing at me and the red world turns back to the beauty world. Vieux-Marché is in my range. I dive down and into the night times before the execution. Now, there is the village around me, no guards so far, but the tall pillar was right there in the center. No one around, better start making a plan. How to rescue her..................fire. Be the fire. I have to surround the pillar by fire and get to her and fly away into the smoke. Where would I get some alcohol stuff? Walking around the village, there are some buildings that is still awake. Yet I hear sex in these walls.

Chris"....there, I bet those barrels have some alcohols in them."

I open it up and it's full of alcohol.


I carry it and back to the pillar. Open it up and start pouring down next to the woods and make a big ring.


An hour later, 10 barrels were spill on the ground and it's time for tomorrow...............Next day, while I slept next to the wall, people came to see the end of Joan. Guards brought her in, tied her up with the cross on her hands and everyone watch the moment. I got ready, the moment to take action. They set the woods on fire, the fire then spreads around. It waited, she looks no fear of death. Then the grass then expanded the fire where the alcohols were spill at. It then spreads fire around and people were scared. The fire was hot for them, they start leaving. I quickly went inside, and despite the flames, I was use to it. I was next to her, untie her.

Chris"Don't worry!! I'll get you out!!"

She was then free.

Chris"Get on my back!!"

She did, and I flew out, into the smoke and escape this place. I flew far above the sky, but not too high. Flying down south to the area of Suc de Sistrier. A house was there, nobody was in it. She was surprise to see that she is alive.

Joan"I thank you for saving me. Did the gods tell you to save me?"

Chris"No, it was by choice for a reason."

Joan"I see. Well, thank you."

Chris"We should rest, I'm am tired."

Inside was a good enough house. I then went to bed and I took an eye shut. For some reason, why am I tired. I was never tired of these things. I was aware of my actions and my surrounding. Still, why all of the sudden I became tired much more. Next to me in bed, she was naked.



Joan"Should we? After all, you saved me."

Despite this decision, she is a saint for crying out loud. Why me?

Chris"No. Your a saint to your people. You should be with someone else better than me."

Joan"But there is no one but you only."

Chris"Your right, there is no one but me. But still, even you don't deserve to come live with me. I'm not who you really think, I'm no dream guy."

Joan"I understand."

It was hard for me to do that. But I did and it was a relieve to be done with it...................in the late afternoon, she ask me to take her back home. I agree to it. She got my back and we fly high and once more the view of France is beautiful. The sun shines the land with the resolution of gold. Flying her down back to the town of Domrémy. Her house was there with her family. She then thanks me for everything and she will never forget me. When she opens the door, the family was so happy to see her. I look away, naked, and saw the last view of France. Light of gold then turns to blue as hard it can.

To be continue…………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"A saint? We never had a saint before."

Chris"I bet I could understand why."

Lucia"Sure you do."

We then went into his room and suddenly found both Tennyson and Gianna having sex in his bed. We were all in shock. But Chris finds it awkward, with boredom in his face.

Tennyson"Uhhh, hi?"

Lucia"I should go then."

Gianna"Sorry dad."

Chris"No no, it's ok. Just, do it good."

Thumbs up to them and left. I wish I didn't see that. But Chris was happy for them, yet in the wrong time as a joke.

Chris"Things you can't unseen."


Still in the night, Chris finished The 20 Life's. But there is a problem, it only take a year to finish reading the whole thing and understanding it.

Chris"I read it fast like watching a movie."


Chris"Yup, very interesting. Like it makes sense and it's actually true. Wish I would have the chance to meet one."

Lucia"I doubt it."

Chris"Yeah. But, I can dream right."

Lucia"Well, since you mention it, dream this."

I show him my boobs. His feeling turn into what I wanted.

Chris"Shoot me, I must be dreaming."

Literally, he shot himself to the head.

Chris"Nope, not dreaming."

Lucia"Your such a silly person."

Chris"I know."

He grab my boobs firm, and I feel his warm energy. His mouth plays with the both, making me want him more in me already.

Lucia"Let's do it baby."

Chris"Yeah, lets."

But then Sakura came in, just what I expect.

Sakura"Am I interrupting?"

Lucia"No, you just came at the right time. I think it's time for a mutual relationship."

Sakura"Oh. Uh,…"

Lucia"Sakura, my love. We trust each other for a long time. Do you still trust me?"

Sakura"I do……ok. Please, slowly."

Lucia"Ok. Chris?"

Chris"I you wish."

He undress and so did I. We both went to bed and Sakura was a bid scared. She move in to bed, the moment she was a little shy, we help her undress. While kissing her and her neck, we easily got her to show us her beauty. We both suck her nipples, and massage it.


Chris laid down and hi cock was hard and ready. I suck on his mighty cock, Sakura was watching.

Lucia"You want?"


Still shy, she lick the tip. He was getting heavy breaths. She touch the right spot. Then she got the hang of it. We both please Chris, enjoying this moment. We then kiss with a cock in the middle, very creative.

Lucia"Hungry for more?"

Chris"Yes please."

Lucia"Sakura, let him eat you out."


Her pussy was wet and on his face. He lick is gently, she is then now enjoying it. I put it in and I was riding it hard.

Lucia"Oh yes!"

Sakura"This feels good!"

Lucia"Told you so!"

Chris was really enjoying it, pleasing the both of us.


He then full thrust his tongue to her g spot.

Sakura"Yesss!! I'm cumming!!!"

Lucia"Me too!"

We both cum together, on his cock and on his face.

Sakura"My god! So good, I want his cock now."

Lucia"By all means your welcome to have him."

We switch position, where he is on top of her and I'm on top of face.

Lucia"Easy Chris, she is a virgin still."


He slide it in, and it was tight. He got all the way in and fuck her.


Lucia"Chris, keep fucking her! She's making my pussy wet like a waterfall."

Chris"That's good."


Using his strength, he fuck her hard and she was licking my pussy fast. Then, we were ready, we then all cum at the same time. It was amazing, never felt this connection so alive.

Lucia"Love it?"

Sakura"Very much! I want him forever!"

Lucia"I could tell."

Chris"But still ain't enough to tired me out."

Lucia"We'll see about that."

Sakura and I cuddle each other to sleep.

Sakura"Thank you Lucia."

Lucia"Anything for you."

He left and check around. He can hear other couples having their moment. Love is really in the air, and it's one of those nights where you never forget. But still, even in war your suppose to be on focus, making sure our brothers and sisters are doing ok and if need of help. The next morning, we all had our rest, a good one. Now it's time to continue our mission.

Sakura"Chris, I thank you again."

Chris"Anything for you."

Sakura"Yeah. So, back to business. Two states have been captured, Oikonomikos and Amber. What's left is Adiamantem, Fastr, Gharmah, and Dominari. Adiamantem is the next state and Ryu, raccoon little pervert. Head of Prostitution, can you believe that?"

Chris"Can't even believe that is a legal thing in that country."

Sakura"Yeah. Not to mention every room in the state is being watched. A real pervert he is."

Chris"No doubt."

Sakura"I'm sending you to Rubeus with Jack and Viola. Speak with Raynard, he has something for you."

Chris"I'll check it out."

Going to Raynard's lab, he was surprise to see Chris's kids shooting at the target.

Chris"Getting them to know warfare?"

Raynard"They ask nicely, really."

Chris"By really, you mean?"

Raynard"Yes, they were just teasing me to at least try out some basic weapons."

Chris"Hmm, didn't they understand war?"

Raynard"They are missing quite a few. But I guess you could say that."

Chris"Well, they better stay here with you and Hella. At least teach them to fight."

Raynard"It will be an honor buddy. So, as you can see, I found the use of this platinum bullet. To increase the explosion for the carbon tip to hit the target as fast and hard as possible."

Chris"Sound's cool."

Raynard"Yup, when I test it out, it was over the chart. 3 times faster and 5 times harder."


Raynard"Also in the tip, I put depleted uranium in it. Hitting the target will slowly lose sign of life because of it's radiation. Lucky for us, Fumi and I discover a cure if one of our troops were to be hit. It's called Clean-Rad, a super type of non harm chemical inside the body that eliminates radiation."


Raynard"Not only radiation, but other viruses. It's a breakthrough."

Chris"Damn, talk about immortality."

Raynard"Yup. And here you go."


Heading to the city of Lyrae, a popular playground, impress about the lights of secrets. Telling them more about the place with it's theme and stylish shapes.

Jack"Pretty is it?"

Chris"Yes, but in a terrible society. However, this place stands out much of after dark stuff in other cities."

Viola"The ultimate playground."

Chris"Ok. Where to start?"

Looking around, useless to look around where their at. But then they heard a explosion echo.

Viola"What was that?"

Chris"Let's find out."

Running to the scene at the night, police has barricade the area. Sending special force into a strip club.

Jack"At a strip club?"

Chris"What's going on?"

Asking to the police, they threat him with a gun to back off.

Chris"Something is not right."

Viola"Hiding something."

Chris"Let's take the high area."

The strip club in the plaza area was surrounded by other tall buildings. At one of the tall building's roof, they grab his arms and fly to the other side.

Chris"Easy enough."

Jack"Wish I have wings."

Chris"It's not easy to carry the weight of a small parachute."

On the top roof, they are 4 stories high, not including the roof. There is a huge window roof where they can see what's going on. Strippers and other guys were fighting back from the force.

Jack"So who's the good guy?"

Chris"Let's me hear them."

His ears can hear even through windows.

Stripper"Hold them back!"

Police"Put them all down!"

Squad Leader"The VIP is going to escape! Push forward!!"

Stripper"Damn it Carter!"

Sq L. Carter"Screw you bitch! All for those freaks! Your sick!"

Stripper"Fuck you!"


Chris"Those strippers are holding important people. Freaks, but that means their's more than one."

Jack"Who should we go for?"

Chris"Wait for my jump. I'll open my entrance."

He jump and smash through the window, falling down in slow motion to pick his targets. He kills the special forces. Stick the landing with a huge wind gust that shows how powerful he is. Viola and Jack jump down with ropes.

Stripper"Who are you?!"

Chris"Seva resistances."

Paula"Seva? Why are you doing here?"

Chris"We were looking around and we heard trouble. Thought you guys want some help."

Paula"Finally, we do need help. We have a war going on. Those police's never like what we are having?"


Paula"You have to see it for yourself."

Walking to the back room, three stages to get there, the bar, the dance floor, and the VIP area. Every strippers and male strippers are holding the place, even with friends that are not strippers, that shows loyalty. In the VIP, it's like a lounge, with impressive neon lights on furnitures. Going down the level, there was a heavy vault.

Paula"This is the owner's room. He's keeping the two most important people ever existed."


Paula"The last two of their kind."

The vault is open, and inside are trusted friends, the owner and the two important people wearing noticeable clothes in bright colors.

Chris"Those two? They seem regular to me. Can you enlighten me?"

Paula"Takela, Robert, show them."

Both took off their clothes and show them their figure. Turns out, the girl has a natural cock and the boy has a natural pussy. It makes sense now.

Chris"I never see that kind of gender."

Paula"It's hard to understand. But they are the only two in existence with natural trans gender race."

Chris"What happen with the others?"

Quin"They were captured, mocked, rip from their pride, and killed in public live events. The authority are racist, they are killing what is natural, a gift. They are the means of genocide."

Chris"Now I understand."

Quin"Will you help us escort them to safety?"

Chris"Ataraxis, is the safes place to be. We'll have a quick transport ready for a quick pick up."

Quin"Thank you very much!"

Chris"Sakura, send in the jetcopter. We have two rare VIP in need for pick up asap."

Sakura"On it."

Jack"Shouldn't be too long for Wake to come here."

Chris"Yeah. Until then, we hold the line. Stay here, keep the vault closed at all times until the pick up is here."

Quin"Of course!"

Chris"Let's go."

They went back to the front line and fight back against the law. Should people keep saying the law will win, with Chris, saying that quote is a new myth. Coming from the roofs, emergency doors, and the front entrance, it's keeping him balance to clear out all of them.


Wake"I'm almost here! Have them ready on the roof!"

Chris"Roger that! Quin! Your ride is almost here, start heading to the roof!"


Chris"Let's go!"

Escorting them to the roof, strippers and friends were holding off. There were glad to see the rare ones getting to safety. Cheering and whistle. But suddenly, a soldier drop from the sky. It then forms to battle, a machine! It was targeting on Chris."

Chris"It's aiming at me!"

Drop for cover, the machine was attacking only Chris.

Chris"I feel like I'm being lock on!"

He fire back, but still standing. His bullets are not effecting it much.

Robot"Prepare to be terminated!"

Chris"Fuck you!"

As it got closer to Chris's cover, he surprise him with his blades, stabbing to the head and then cutting the head off. It was then dead and offline.

Chris"You've been terminated bitch."

Viola"Did they finally know our secret weapon?"

Chris"Guess they did, since R-661."

Jack"We should take it back to study it more."

Chris"No, I fear it will re-power itself. I'm sending it's data to Raynard. He'll know what we are dealing with."

Viola"Well, I guest we're safe still."

Chris"Alright, let's get to the roof."

Reaching to the roof, Wake was waiting for them. Quin and the others are going in.

Quin"Thank you for rescuing us!"

Chris"It's what we do."

They left back to base.

Viola"Job well done."

Chris"Who really sent those special forces?"

On the huge monitor from across the street, where everyone watches ads, interrupted their program with a familiar face.

Ryu"You bastards!"


Ryu"My god, that was really clever of you! Yes, really clever. The hero of the freaks! I didn't know you guys were bi-curious. Hehehe."

Chris"And why are you being a prevert?"

Ryu"Silence!!! I dare not you come and find me and kill me. That's not what I would do! Really, do you have anything idea who your accusing?"

Chris"An perverted asshole?"

Ryu"Ah, name calling. Is that what you do in bed with your whore? Your bitch? Or both? Hahaha! So! You want me, come an get me! If you can."

Chris"I'll find you."

Ryu"Good luck with that! As would I be aware of my surrounding."

It goes back to regular programming.

Jack"Scared little bitch. When would he fight like a man?"

Chris"When I rip his cock off. Let's go."

Heading down, Chris has an idea where to start. He just read one of force's memory. They have a start.

Chris"Fall Worth Base."

Viola"It's go then."

End P3
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