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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 1

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:33 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 3 Re-War-D Part 1 Reply with quote

Amazing, how this story proves that things could go crazy like a storm with a real purpose. Nothing like that I ever seen, even the hero. This whole time, I wish I was that guy. But then, I would have my own life instead of a curse probably, the one that killing is all you could do or else. Well, I was a bit tired, yet I want to read more. The war is almost over, the taste of home. I was ready to go back home, but I was ready for a vacation like sitting here, watching the view as the sun lights my community. Probably for the best I don't do that but I rather go take a shower. But, who, who is in my shower? I was reading it and I didn't notice anyone passing by? That was the worst mistake I ever made, unless is was a drunken asshole. When I went in, the shower was in steam, the hot was running down in my bathroom. I open the door, sure enough, it was maid!

Maid"Ahh!! Oh my god I'm soo sorry!!" Please! It's been weeks since I have a good shower alone."

I didn't even speak, I didn't even think she was drunk. But what do I know. She is naked, her body is beautiful. My thought of being rude went away.

Maid"Please, I let me finish my shower. I have my next shift coming up."

I close the door and let her finish her business. Was the feeling of beauty I saw, since my childhood when I saw my teacher who was very charming to me but this was the same feeling without words. Clearly I was shock not by words but by action of her doing. Could it be that I fell in love with her? She did came to my shower, but why mine and not others? That is one thing I have in mind. The story and I have in common, the war and love. Surprise it was coming back to me from the story since I was into it much. She left the shower and quickly left my room.

Maid"After my shift I promise to come back and explain my action sir."

I nod my head and she left. She comes back and explain her action. Another thing to add is she comes back to tell me her action. Something else I would have her thinking she likes me or something. I went to the shower and was in thinking about her. I pretend she was here with me, not being so crazy but I think I love her. Her body was beautiful, the erotic of this women just like the story itself. Am I doing what the hero is doing, thinking about them. Would be strange to see spirits or just an illusion that he needs someone to be with. Or is it just me thinking the same way as me? I'm crazy, for sure I am but that just thinking out of the box. I finish my shower and I return the story, thinking more complex it could be. But I feel guilty for reading it. This is one powerful heroic book about love and war. The beauty of it and the horrific face of the war all together. I admit, every time I read a sexual situation, I play with my cock, just massaging it as I was him with those girls. Creep as it sounds but I bet we all do the same in our personal time and curious about it.

Act 3 - Re-War-D


Not a long break we deserve, but we rather keep fighting instead. Anteanus is ours and we have 1/3 of our bothers and sisters there fighting gangs and destroying their governments and enforcing with our rules and our rules is pretty clear. Basically it's about no violence on to others, no murder, no assault, no bribes, no gangs, no weapon possession, none that could hurt others really. Our law is like a religious type of way by following this and you are good to go with life and your pursuit of desire. After all, we have reports in our home that we have less crimes than what would our people could do. Hardly to believe but almost all of our people are happy and the economic is just fine. People wear whatever they want, people have their jobs, people spends on what they really want or need. Like we gave them true freedom, but with kindergarden rules. After all, our taxes is very low to no tax, it's impressive. A function civilization with a good healthily environments, good foods, good education, good culture, and pretty much having fun with their lives really. I know smoking are bad, but it's out in the market and surprise to say everyone ask to ban cigarette. Like if temptation doesn't exist. Is is a bad thing or an impossible idea at what I'm seeing this. Like a dream I'm seeing, like I have whatever I want just by asking for it and does come. But, I feel this could be worse or really not. Like we just brainwash them with our good, feeling bad that this isn't freedom as I know. But at least they are not killing or hurting anyone else, and that is something I would accept that fact. Meanwhile, in the control room.

Sakura"Alright team, we're finally going to invade Wiltheis. The main source of evil as we are here to show them the error of their ways! And here is our plan. Us team are going to finish off this Monumental 12 list and they are the source of this war and we are going to end them. We stop them, we will win this war very easy. Once we cripple one of them, our armies are going to invade and they need us in the front line. This is a very important plan and I would not want any change if things go wrong. Now, Chris, your next target is Quitin. An alligator. Head of Treasury. This is key because without money, who will pay the production. This is an advantage for us. Jack, your with him. Scout the area and attack by any means necessary without rising too much alarm of your presence."

Chris"Understood ma'am."

Jack"We'll get it done."

Sakura"Good. Dismiss."

Leaving the room, Raynard ask him about his new upgrade.

Raynard"After what I discover about R-661, I took some of his tools and now you could have them now. A new arms blade and magnet boots. Having your blades come out of your arms and you running up the building without falling down or losing grip."

Chris"That is awesome. I'll try it out."

Raynard"Always nice to help."

Nice thing too. Chris and Jack went to the city of Trove. The hugest city in the state of Oikonomikos. Here in this city, the second largest economic city with tons of billionaires. All much the night city with spotlights and neon lights as well with nice buildings of art hotels, casinos, and corporate buildings. All much what Chris likes to see, walking down in downtown. Jack was looking around, remembering his time here if any changes.

Jack"Great, Bar & John is out of the business and is bought out by Jay Wall Corp."

Chris"Some history I should know?"

Jack"Bar & John is the best Electronic Media in the world. They sell from entertainment stuff to household stuff. I love those guys. Now Jay Wall Corp bought them out? Who the fuck they think they are?"

Chris"Who is Jay Wall?"

Jack"That I don't know. They are new, like they move here 3 months ago."

Chris"Who else might have move out?"

Jack"Oh, let's see. What….What the fuck!?"


Jack"Xen Corp, Wales Bank, Goodon Network, and Alpha KRB. All gone."

Chris"Major players?"

Jack"They were the best company in the business. What happen to them? Norma Corp? New South Bank? Trampa network? Enema BDR? What the fuck are those company? And Extasis World? Fuck!"

Chris"Well, we could destroy them now."

Jack"Oh please I would love to. But we have a mission to do."

Chris"Where oh where could Quitin be?"

Looking around the place, there is a poster of a fighting match. List of people are going to be there, the billionaires are at seat while the rest of the people who isn't watch it at home. Much of people who really needs to go there, not even the millionaires can't even go.

Chris"Let's try it here. Sakura, give me the most important people attending this Marxist Glory Fight."

Sakura"Sure. Looks like Ouitin will be there for sure. Including Fortune, Otto, Gad, Audhild, Samnang, and Madoc."

Jack"What a surprise to mention all of them from what new companies I spoke out to."

Chris"What are the odds, but we have found a great chance to scout them."

Jack"Yeah, let's go now."

They went to the fight match arena. It was at the top of the building called Marxist Sky. Here the sneak in when Chris carry Jack by walking up the walls without falling.


Jack"Don't you ever do something funny. I'll kill you."


At the top, they sneak in the arena, and crawl into the vents.

Jack"I haven't been in the vents for a long time."

Chris"Glad to know."

It then leads them to the top of the mat, where the fight is starting.

Chris"Best seats in the house."

Jack"No kidding."

Two girls were fighting, doing martial arts and judo. Chris saw their targets.

Chris"Lets kill them now."

Jack"No, let's make them suffer. One by one, we cripple the power house and then destroy their business. Then we kill Quitin, burn their money down to rot."

Plan agree. The match is about to be over. The winner was a young newcomer, Monifa, defeating an undefeated champion, Morven.

Sakura"Tv broadcast is done. This PPV is over and concluded. How about you guys?"

Things turn for the worst. People in the world will never watch this aftermath. The winner got her new title, and now the golden strap on. She then fuck her opponent where ever she wants. People in there watch and howl as the fighters turn into sluts and whores. A disgrace for the loser, the winner taking her pride in front of the crowds, making the loser lose her virginity with a big blood that stain in the toy. First blood to the former champion.

Chris"Seeing this?"

Sakura"Fucking sick! No wonder this shit is popular."

Jack"I bet they represent one of the companies champion. Their logo is on their jersey."

Chris"Gambling deals. Let's cut us our deal."

After this match, they went to the winner side as how they won against a undefeated champion. It was Gad who won the this match, Trampa network. They went inside the tower by flying there. They broke inside, and there is no one there.

Chris"Late night shift."

Searching around the area, nothing interesting yet. Later at the main office, something interesting finally. They hack in and search recent activity. Much of data, currency, and polls. Then a very interesting stuff came up, the winner won with drugs used. The company doesn't want to lose customers. Shame. So Chris found their bank account. Billions of dollars at his hand. He has to burn them up but instead, he gave the money to us. We have enough to cover more ammunition we need. Chris was happy, until his sense fuse up. Danger is coming fast. The windows break behind him and the enemies have no weapon but their staff. Chris decides its only fair to fight without guns but his new blades. Four of them, and Jack was pointing if things go wrong. They attack Chris, but he dodge and block with his blades. He strikes, ripping their arms off and stab them to the face. They move good, but his body moves even better. Grabbing their sticks, counterattack and straight through the heart. Chris was impress of his new blades, makes a bit more comfortable in his swift moves.

Chris"Nice moves."

Jack"But who are they?"

They check them and discover they were the losing team, Enema BDR.

Chris"Company warfare. All makes sense."

But then the other building exploded. The top floor is on fire, and it's the New South Bank. They quickly fly their and found themselves in battle with other secret stealth enemies. Chris strike them down hard and using his tail to choke them and press tighter until their eyes turn red. Ripping their faces, it was Trampa network who started this attack. Chris and Jack quickly went to the main office and saw both Gad and Otto pointing guns at each other.

Gad"Give up, I won. Fair and square you shit."

Otto"And you think I start this war? You only made it worse!"

Gad"Bullshit, I was successful, and you were in need of money from Jay Wall. You team up with Audhild and Madoc to take me down. You lost this game. Your old. Time for you to retire."

Otto"Killing me will make the other companies to attack you. You have no chance."

Gad"I'll take that risk then. I'm not afraid of death. So long old friend."

Gad shot him down. Competition eliminated.

Chris"Too bad I'm the biggest threat here."

Gad"Who the fuck are you?"

Chris"I'm death."

Chris shot his head off as he realize how stupid he is. He check the computer for any more data. Found more money and donated to us for more cover of medical supply. This building was about to collapse. They fly out and saw the building tumble down to the poor side.

Jack"Let's see what Madoc have to say now."

They went to Jay Wall, and attack securities. No chance they have with his bullets. Broke the line and kept going to the main office. Madoc was talking to Audhild.

Madoc"I believe we have reach our goal."

Audhild"A glorious day for us. Now we need to get rid of Fortune and Samnang."

Madoc"I already sent my finest team to take care of Fortune."

Audhild"Mine is Samnang. We will rule this empire for us. And the biggest price is Quitin."

Madoc"Indeed. For our bright future."

Audhild"For our bright future."

Chris"There is only one problem in this whole plan. Me."

Bullet went through his head and into the monitor. Three more to go. He hack the computer and stole more for us, covering the expense of our military fast production. Suddenly, helicopters were attacking this building. Blowing up the support structure. They jump off and went to the next target. The helicopter then attack them. Chris aim and put a bullet to the drivers head and lose control and hit Extasis World building.

Jack"This is crazy!"

Chris"I know."

Into the burning building that Chris is really comfortable in the fires around, getting his strength up. Then he rushes up to the main office and found Samnang talking to Fortune.

Samnang"Let's get this over with. We take our money and leave this city."

Fortune"I agree. This world is crazy and all we were doing is making us money until those sick fucks start killing each other for money."

Samnang"Let us leave now. I have my personal helicopter ready at my roof."

Fortune"Pick me up. I'm taking my computer with me."

Samnang"So am I. I'll meet you there. May our corporation grow strong for us only."

Fortune"Only for us."

After that chat.

Chris"Going somewhere?"

Samnang"What the fuck? Are you here to kill me? Get out of my way!"

Chris"Sorry. You do know she is ready to kill you once you pick her up?"

Samnang"Bullshit! She's my friend since we start our business together."

Chris"It's too bad at this time the panic only leads to betray. Because think about it, why does she ask you to pick her up. It's obvious she is going to take your money and run away."

Samnang"Shut up!! Fuck you!! You don't know us!"

Chris"Then why Fortune attack helicopter is in your building. She's attacking everyone one in this game. She betrayed you!"

Samnang"That's not true!"

Chris"You can't admit it. But the fact is it's everyone for themselves, if you pick her up, she will kill you."


Pull out her gun and kill herself. Pressure is the opposite of balance.

Jack"What a liar Chris."

Chris"I rather not kill her. There is love, but not a nice one."

He hack into her bank account and stole all of the money and gave us enough for transportation cost. Into the helicopter and fly to Norma Corp. Watching the major building on fire as this corporate war continue to rise.

Jack"All of this, just for money?"

Chris"Money can get to you."

At the landing pad, Fortune was there waiting for us. Right now, Chris doesn't want to kill her.

Chris"Jack, can you kill her?"


Chris"Just do it."


Open they open the door, Jack point and kill her. Chris doesn't like it. One of the another reasons he is tired of this. Then he hack her computer and took all of her money into our coverage for more military training. Back to the helicopter to Enema BDR. They reach there in time just to find out more enemies are shooting at them. They both shot them down, killing their body and dismember their organs. Going to the main office, they encounter Fortune's special team. He then rush at them and slice them down like gutted pigs. They may attack him, but he counter attack, punch to the face and in slow-mo, his blade shines it's light and gore to the head. Breaking their legs and stabbing both to their lungs.


Chris"It's losing the joy of this. Unless I start being creative."

At the main office, Audhild was waiting for them.

Audhild"You, you just made my day more easy. You killed all my competition. I suppose you want to join my firm?"

Chris"No. I just to kill all of you."

Audhild"But your missing out this greatest opportunity. You work for me, and you'll be the richest person you'll ever known."

Chris"Money, everyone wants money sure. But I want is you dead."

Audhild"Your joking. Killing me will have the great consequences you ever made. You should think this through."

Chris"Are you stupid? Are you so fucking stupid!?"

Chris finish him off by stabbing his guts and throw him off the building with the huge smash of the window collapse.

Chris"You really need to fuck off."

Once again he hack and stole all of his money and gave it to us for more food supply.

Sakura"Chris, you realize we have trillions of dollars worth to have more military power."

Chris"I don't care, as long as we live another day close to end this war."

Sakura"You still need to find Quitin now."

Chris"He was just in the arena. Did you check his movement from then?"

Sakura"I'll check it out."

Jack"Damn, we really blow this place up."

Chris"You got your wish. We blow it up today."

Jack"Oh. Wow, huh. We really did it."

Sakura"Chris, we located him, he's at his home called Apeiria Palace."

Chris"Ok, we'll go there."

Once they were going to leave, a jet fighter came out of nowhere and air strike the building. They quickly get back to the helicopter fast. Once there were in, they fly and saw the major building on fires. Then they fall down and left a huge ashes, the world watch as the might fell by someone they couldn't explain. It was at north of here, they land in a safe distance to avoid anymore alert. They reach the place, the garden was nice, the exotic garden where some people mind off to their imagination, if it was a nice one. They crawl in and hide from lights. Then Chris pick up a strange scan about the palace.

Chris"It's firewall sensor. One slight tough and this place goes full alert."

Jack"How the hell are we going in then?"

Chris"It's being timed. So in 15 minutes, it will go off for 30 seconds."


They then waited, only by hearing other people on the other side of the bush. Two person having sex outside. They ignore them and focus on the palace.

Chris"Waiting, wonder was going on in there."

Jack"I don't know. Maybe planning, maybe unexpected visitor, who knows."

Chris"Yeah. Who knows."

Jack"But this is far worse than my prediction in my time."

Chris"How so?"

Jack"Years ago, I was very young. First time I predict something in my parents bedroom and sure enough, I saw them going at it. Thats when I realize, I love to be a spy. But then on I notice its hard to be a spy, because I always get caught. Later on, I was more into recon. I once was in a gang, they made me scout our rivals house. I did and saw what I predicted, they were wasted, drunk. Because I don't like violence at the time. When I told my gang leader about the rival, they went in and kill them cold blooded. I watch as they were helpless drunk with dicks open. Then when I just turn 18, I know my gang leader was really being harsh and very ruthless to us. They all decide for me to kill him. I broke in an abandon hotel, and found him across the street. He was sniffing drugs and drinking a lot and was shouting at a hooker. My sniper, the first and only one I ever carried, A-500 Raliabill. I have him on sight, the moment I was ready to pull, he looked at me. He then turn around and I kill him. After that, I was a hired freelancer. I killed a lot of people, I never failed. Then Sakura came along. She told me I have to kill Rorick. I did, follow her and then was caught in an ambush. I was in an abandon storage room. I was then used as a torture man. His girls whip me everyday, hitting my pride. Then I was force to watch Rorick [word censored] his victim in front of me, girl and guy. Then when I was loosen up a bit to kill him at the right time, his last one was resisting too much, having his mens grab her, that mice didn't have any chance. I predicted for the worst. They beat her up, but still resist. Then they injected drug her in her pussy, the worst scene in my life. It was sore, then he [word censored] her, the lizard was cold blooded with no mercy. Hour after hour he injected more drugs in her body, her breast, her neck, her legs, it was horrible. Then he was finish, he injected his last drug. It quickly gave her much feeling like she was wetting herself, then she stop moving. I look at her eye's, didn't move at all. Her body, no breath. She died, and he was tired. I then free myself and beat him down. Punch and punch to his face, he was disfigured and was full of blood cuts. Then I grab his injection, didn't think this through but did it anyway. I took some blood from her dead body and then into his eye's and squirt blood inside him. He was screaming in pain and then died. I escape and ran away. I eventually found Sakura, job done. She then ask me to join in her team. Then on I became a recon specialist, I then never was caught in my life. I was careful at my tracks and I was always taking out targets."

Chris"Must've been very hard for you back then."

Jack"It was hard to realize what are you going to do for now on. We adept and continue to be who we are."

Chris"That is true. Quick, the firewall is down. 30 seconds."

They ran in, unlock the door and got in quickly. The firewall was back up, just in time. Sneaking in and watching out for enemies.

Chris"Nice place here."

Jack"I know. Too bad we're blowing it up."

Chris"This represent waste."

The house is luxury, having modern with a bit of gold like the modern industrial type of setting with much of curve corners. Not long till they found a water tank, filled with fishes. He thinks why didn't the fish evolve like us. It was the surface only that have evolve, a myth that was a strong light gave us the knowledge. Still, evolution turns to the worst for the enemies, Jack and Chris took down two guards with their blades to the skull. Walking to the hallway was covered with painting, sexual position with slang words to describe it. Then they went upstairs, and saw bunch of rooms. Closed doors, the lock said private, we know whats going on in there. Suddenly, a disturbed sound was from the lock doors. They hear screaming. Chris hack into the lock and found them fighting over for one guy. The two girls were pulling him to their side. But then a closer look shows the guy is really liking this, even with tears of blood in his body. Chris decide its enough. He open it and shot the three of them down silently.

Jack"Annoyed you?"

Chris"Yes, very much."

They continue and found an armory. They check in and saw bunch of military grade weapons. Still, he picks up his new weapon, REV1121 SMG. A clip size goes underneath the barrel, or a flamethrower as a clip.

Chris"Kick ass."

After that, the golden lock is shut close for good, Quitin is in there for sure.

Chris"I'll pry it open."

Jack"Can you?"

Chris"Let's fine out."

He grab the handle, and pull it harder in his might. It then came loose, and then it rip it open and saw dozens of cogs to turn. He has no time for games. He broke the support structure, ripping them with a violent sound of golden cracks. Then one more door to open. He push it harder, punching it harder, kicking it harder. Then made a hole, grab it and pull it strong with a terrible golden tear that sounds so noisy, Jack can't stand it for the first time. Then it open and they are inside, Quitin was shock to see his door failed to protect him.


Quitin"What do you want with me!?"


Quitin"Money! You need money! I have millions, billions, you can have them! Don't kill me!!"

Chris"Enough! You are a worthless piece of shit!"

Quitin"Stop! I'll tell you everything you want to know! There is that special drugs that enhance the brains function to everything the body can do."

Chris"Go on."

Quitin"I design them myself. I invested heavily, it's suppose to used a lot of brain knowledge to it's capacity of whatever it wishes to learn."


Quitin"It's at ERC facility. Let me go please!"


And blood spatters his comfy bed.

Jack"He just surrender."

Chris"He'll continue his twisted plot. They always does it."

Then he went to the terminal, and hack Imonarpire's treasury. Gave it all to us.Trillions of dollars. We have enough to make new technology at rapid speed, half for military, and half for our people's needs in improvement.

Sakura"Quitin is dead and we have enough of money to support our people with every needs. Mission complete. Return to base."

Chris"Not just yet."

Jack was pick up and Chris walk out of the house, into the road, pull the trigger and behind him, a huge explosion that destroys wealth to rot. It was epic, then he teleport to base. Things are going at fast pace because of our invasion coming up. We're setting foot on Wiltheis, a turning point in this war. But it's hours from now, our troops will land there at night, striking in the dark. Sakura want all of us to be there, to help our brothers and sisters. Until then, Chris wants his second memory. On to the machine, ready for his new form.

Lucia"We can do 3 memories now."

Chris"Awesome. Let's do it."

No more fear this time.

Andrea"We were very happy, with our kids, but sometimes its true, work is having us apart because of debt. But good thing we don't understand debt."

Memory 2 - Chapter 1 Return To Active Duty

Just turn 18, and we have our two baby twins. Both cute and playful. Andrea and I have been very rested since the small yet big battle we did. And since the last 9 months, I was doing headshots for my job. It's getting a bit easy. Now since the baby's came in, I have to take care of them. Funny thing about them, they stop crying when I show them my fire. They stop, look, and the mouth is never close. It was easy to make them go to sleep, rocking a lot and taking time. For almost a year with her and the kids, it's like the greatest thing I can have. And speaking of that.....

Chris"I'm cumming!!!"

The explosion goes through the condom and it went to her chest. It was yet another big load.

Andrea"Oh god. Did you broke the condom with your cum?"


Andrea"That's the 100th time in a round, that is a record."

Chris"Yup, and it never gets old."

It's after dark, kids are sleeping and we are just making out in the couch. Then a message came.

Lily"Hello Chris."

Chris"Lily, what's up?"

Lily"Our team just finish building project Time. It's now time to come back again."

Chris"That quick? Oh well. I'll be there as soon as possible."

Lily"Logging out."


Chris"Don't worry, I'll be back."

I went to the kids room. Even though they are sleeping, I kiss their head for a goodbye. Then to Andrea.

Chris"Take care of them babe."

Andrea"I will, whatever your doing out there, just do it if necessary of the mission."


We gave a one last kiss goodbye and then I left, flying to the HQ. The night was giving me not dark but light as it this place never saw dark before. Unto the HQ deep inside of the jungle, I then dive inside of the roof and land down as if I made an entrance. But no window.

Jake"Ha, no window to break this time boy."

Chris"Well play Jake."

Jake the elephant, big time builder. Never fail to build something useful. Now, inside I saw the project. It's big and like a sphere room.

Lily"Impressive right?"


Lily"Welcome back Chris. Saw the kids, they are really cute!"


Lily"Commander Chris, you are here by active for duty. Are you clear for action?"

Chris"Yes ma'am. Ready for some action."

Lily"Good. Here, this project, is a time machine!"


Lily"Chris, your objective is to assasinate a list of targets through out the timeline."

Valeria"Once you enter the timeline, this watch here will tell you your target. You have to make sure it's really them. Then you have to make sure the big event of history goes well, it may be distrubing, but it has to happen. Then kill them, doing this will rewrite history and will change the time course. Trying to make it better. And you will be heading back in time in the planet Lexuing."

Lily"Your watch will tell you everything what to do."

Chris"Going back to time with the watch seems hard to hide it."

Valeria"Don't worry, it's invisible, waterproof, and damage proof."

Lily"Chris, this is dangerous."

Chris"Not for me, I'll be fine. If your right, time will change."

Lily"Hopefully a minor change, it can't be a major change. Or one of use will not be here."

Chris"Ok, I get it. Let's do it."

I then got ready in the locker room. Aparently, I have to go in naked with the watch. I don't mind. Then Lily came in.

Lily"I don't know how brave you are, but you never care of the danger ahead of you."

Chris"It's the way I am."

She look at my cock. She even grab it.

Lily"It's big. Not much that big in your age."

Chris"Rare then. Ok, let's go."

I then got in and was ready. Small room, don't care.

Lily"Goodluck Chris, once you complete a target, it will ask you to go to the next target by a push of a button."


The machine then starts, the heavy floor shakes down and starts to show light. Then the light send tiny small circle around me, the gravity is weightless. The energy is too great. I was starting to feel much hot. The light of this machine then strikes me and the light was pushing me to somewhere in time. Then the light stops and I was on the ground now. I fell, and it's dirt.

Chris"Whoa, it worked. Now when the hell am I?

The watch said, 4000 B.C. What the hell? This time?

To be continue…………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Traveling back in time? That doesn't even exist in this time."

Chris"Their knowledge is beyond your understanding I bet."

Lucia"Alright, next one punching in."

Andrea"Kings, you've very much don't like taking orders around. Because it's pointless really."

Memory 2 - Chapter 2 The Two Happy Days......

4000 B.C., and naked in this world. In this place, my location is India. Good thing I'm in the forest.

Chris"Oh fuck, now what?"

Looking around, I found a road. I keep hiding in the tree's and follow the road to somewhere. It's now the afternoon, I better hurry before dark hits. I keep running, like I was strip from a horrible place. But sooner later, I found a village. They are old time people, but I can blend in. Better find some clothes. Happen to know that I found a place where there is one. A dark green dhoti clothes. Even stole a necklace. Now, unto my target. I hide around in the dark corners, check my watch for my target. His name is Amar, a orange tiger with a scar in his eye's. Said that he has countless wives. Probably just to get them in bed by royal. But his day's of royal is going down under a knife. Following around the village. A warrior on the horse just announce something to the public.

Warrior"People of Amri! The King is having a night party tonight, only the wealthy are allow to come! Carry on!"

Noted, this village is called Amri. The warrior then left. People are now rushing back home, while others are going to the high roads. I better follow them, the king is probably my target. Following and following until I reach the place, a palace, no fucking wonder. I went in, passing the clearance to go in. Inside, it's all old, and it's yet luxury to them. Everyone is in there silks, sari, and even dhoti. Everyone also wore jewelery. Nose, ears, finger, toes, even their hairs. People are dancing, drinking, and having their time, just like a lust plan. Then the king came out, it's Amar, his scar shows proof.

Amar"People! I invited you here for another party and celebration for my new wife!"

People cheer as they would.

Amar"Now, let see which lucky winner will be my wife."

Sure enough, they brought in 5 girls. By the look of them, they are so young. But from my real look, they were abducted. Then they dance, strip their clothes, and seduced each other. Men's can't hold it, women's were horny enough to show. I was watching like a prey. Then it was over.

Amar"We have a winner, this lovely young beauty."

A innocent mouse. Then the others went back as instructed.

Amar"This young creature will be on my honeymoon tomorrow. I thank all of you for enjoying this aprty!"

People then are touching each other. Some were touching me, but it doesn't bother me. I was going upstair, following to the hallway, and saw two guards in my way.

Guard"Sir, this is private, off limits."

Chris"Not for long."

While they are holding their Dao sword, I jump kick both swords off their hands at the same time, catch both, and throw it at their face.

Chris"Off limit my ass. This should be in the record book."

I kick open the door and found him.


Amar"Don't you see I'm busy!?!"

I grab the dao sword.

Chris"No, but I can see you dead right now!"

Amar"Killing me? Impossible! My guards will kill you first!"

I let him show the guards.

Chris"Impossible, right."

Amar"Guess I have to kill you myself."

He got a dagger, and rush attack me. But I quickly push him, grab his neck, and throw him to the bed. I then ran, jump, and have the sword up to his throat.

Chris"Tell me something before you die. What happen to the other wives?"

Amar"Have you heard the old saying? शादी एक आदमी केवल 2 खुश दिन, दिन वह बिस्तर; दिन वह उसे कब्र में देता करने के लिए अपनी दुल्हन लेता देता है."
(Marriage gives a man only 2 happy days, the day he takes his bride to bed & the day he lays her in her grave.)

Chris"You sick fuck!"

I slice his neck, do it again, and stab it to his neck. He was coughing a lot of blood before he die with a stab. Sick little fuck. Then I got up, and found the innocent one.

Chris"Get out."

She left. My watch signal for a target kill confirmed. It even ask to press it to move on the next target. Before I do that, I went downstairs and found a tunnel of cave. It's a prison, and found all the young abducted ones. I free them all, told them to go to the back side of the palace just to be safe. They all leave and it's now time to move on. I just thought of something, going time travel, do I still wear this clothes? I took the chance to go naked and went to the next target. I hit the watch, and light strike me again.

To be continue………………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"And trouble starts already."

Chris"Every mission I have to go through was a pain. But they were just minors."

Lucia"One more before it over heats."

Andrea"Was it pride that always come first against someone in the same match. Jealous always cause trouble."

Memory 2 - Chapter 3 First Born Pharaoh Son

Light pushes me and strikes so fast, then it stop, and I fell to the ground again.


It wasn't pain, but annoying. It's hot, and it's sandy. I check the watch, year 2613 B.C., and my target is Anubis, the black Basenji dog. One of the ruler of the egyptian times.

Chris"Anubis, I always want to see him in person."

Then I look around and saw a city, with a big palace and the three pryamids of Giza.

Chris"It's hot, even when naked, I better find my shades."

I ran to the city, in this heat wave I can bear, since my training of all brutal to get over the pain of anything. As I was entering the city, it was Memphis. I hide in the shadow, where the sun tells me it's noon, and find some clothes to blend in. I then stole a garment, fits alright.

Chris"Now for some planning."

I look at the palace. The place is full of guards. If I brought in with my sniper, it would be a easy task. But I can't spook them, or history will remember a attempted assasination. I look around more, I saw the south part of the town, it's a construction place. If I cause trouble enough, I should be able to get in reach with Anubis. I went over there, and sure enough, it's full of slaves, even naked one's. I then found a perfect guard to mess around, he's at the top center of the construction broads. So I climb like it's a playground and in perfect timing, he is whipping a slave.

Guard"Work harder!!!! WORK!!!"

Chris"Hey!! Leave him alone!!"

Guard"You want this too?"

Chris"Try you stupid shit!!"

He then tries to whip me, but I grab the sting, charge him, and snap his neck with the whip as well. I throw him off and fell down and was smack by a lot of woods. Then all the guards saw me.

Guards"Get him!!!"

I ran around the broads, and kick some off and fell down to their deaths.


Then I was at the ground floor, and all the guards point their arrows at me, I was then surrounded. Can't fly, it would bring bad things to the history book.

Guards"You! You should be dealt with by the pharaoh for this crime. Your under arrest!!"

Chris"Woo hoo."

Tie me up, and took me to the palace. Everyone watch as like if I was famous for something stupid, no shit. I was then enter the palace, it's very big and full of paintings. I was sent down to the prison chamber and was jailed.

Chris"Great, I could break free, but that would go else where instead of killing him."

Time went by and it's now night. The guards open the cell, then take me to the Pharaoh. At the stand of everything, I was a lot of rich people here. Even naked womens at the stands. And then the Pharaoh came, target confirmed, Anubis.

Anubis"This trial is under way. What's your name?"

Chris"My name, is not important."

People chat about this. Then the guard whip my back. So painless, I was already used to whips. Even the people notice this movement.

Anubis"Where did you come from?"

Chris"Non of your concern."

More chat and whip.

Anubis"Do you want to die!?"

Chris"Sounds boring."

Again chat and again a harsh whip. It kinda tickle.

Anubis"Your wasting my time!!"

Then his queen came up to him and whisper to his ear. Good thing I was born with a good ear.

Anput"Do you notice the sight of him. His body is not from here. Look at him, and look at all the guards. Notice the difference?"

Body?...........ohhhhh. My abs is way different than all of them. It's not fully square but like the shape of an eye's.

Anubis"People!! Leave us alone."

The people leave, even the guards as well. Officals were here to look.

Anubis"You are unique. Your different."

He then undress himself, and walks off his chair.

Anubis"Undress yourself."

I did, and we are naked.

Chris"Happy now?"

Anubis"Your cock, is not normal at your age."

Didn't Lily told me that already?

Anubis"We should test you. Anput, seduce this man."

Anput"With pleasure."

Anubis"Kebechet, seduce me as well."

Kebechet"Yes father."

This is very much taboo to me. Why would he do this. Then Anput seduce me as my cock grew big. So does him as well.

Anubis"Stop, yours is bigger than mine's............IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!"

Uh-oh, something snap.

Anubis"The gods told me that the one who's cock, is born with it, and is bigger than all, they should have eternal pleasure at the afterlife of all Pharaohs!! That god is my father, Ra! I want to be with him and with my mother, to rule the afterlife forever!!!"


Anubis"I'll have to kill you myself, just like the others!!"

That's it, that's his sexual crime. His cock is small, yet others are bigger than his, and he cuts them off out of jealous.

Chris"Just try bitch!"

He grabs his crook, tries to attack, but I grab his arm, stole his crook, and then stab it to his eye. He fell dead as the target is assasinated. The officals surprisely, grab their knifes, and kill themselves.

Chris"What the hell?"

Anput"You monster!!! You kill my husband!!! No matter, they die to serve him in the afterlife. I should as well. Kebechet, you should do the same. I expect you to see you with us."


Anput"Do it now!"

The wife kill herself, bleed from her neck. But Kebechet was shock.

Kebechet"No, I don't wanna die."

Chris"Then don't."

Kebechet"But, you kill my father."

Chris"It has to be done."

Kebechet"Please don't leave me here. I'm scared."

Chris"Don't be."

Reason her or comfort her?………….I have to reason her.

Kebechet"Come to my room."

I follow her to her room. She strip in front of me.

Kebechet"Please, give me pleasure."

I can't, just, I can't.

Chris"Look, I can't please you."

Kebechet"I don't want to die as a virgin!"

Chris"Well, you wait for a guy that will please you better than I."

Even though no one could do better than me.

Kebechet"You made your choice. I should honor it. Now, I should take a bath."

Chris"I'll let you to it."

She went to the bathroom. I realize that this type of family and rules is completely insane. What is wrong with them? Suddenly, I heard a metal noise that fall. I check the bathroom. Of all the weirdest thing I saw so far, she kill herself. The neck was squirting blood onto the water bath.


I then press the watch and into the next mission.

To be continue………………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"That son of a bitch got whats coming for."

Chris"Sure did. Now, let's rest."

We rest together, gaining more strength later. I love how excited we cuddle together, makes it feel like we are so much in love, having so warmth together and dreaming together. It's the best time of my life. Afternoon, we were ready for an invasion. Our troops are well equipped with what Chris just gave them. We're on jetcopter, flying to our destination. Sakura watch us at control room.

Sakura"I'm sending you team to Carona. Your mission is to wipe out the industrial plant. Jack scout out in the battlefield. Viola takes out enemy snipers and comm stations. Raynard hack securities. Lucia set up bombs at specific targets. Wake will watch the skies and ground and give air assault. Fumi wil help out the wounded injures and call in support. Hella will lead her platoons. And Chris, you'll help all of us. You can teleport them if in need of emergencies, and destroy every enemies in your way."


Sakura"Good luck to all of you."

Wake"We're almost there! Gear up!"

The night was dark, even if the lights there may help us a bit, but we all have night vision and thermal vision. Every one of us gear up. Chris got his favorite pistol, his new SMG and Bulk-901H LMG. Carrying extra weight of ammos. The back door drops and we all jump off. Flying down to war, our troops are landing from water, reaching to land and into the industrial hell. The huge pipes, the huge flames, the huge metals, a huge battle. Tanks and helicopter were shooting already. Enemies were fighting back strong. As we land, we all went to our positions.

Hella"Move up!! I said move up!!!"

Jack"Taking fire!"

No time to waste, Chris fireball enemy tanks.

Hella"Let's go!! We have a clear path!!"

We all ran, taking fire from turrets. Jack took some shots at them. Chris use his LMG to take out fortify enemies. In the rail yard, tracks were dismantle, blown holes. Fighters were fighting up high and air raiding the whole place. Millions of bullets were flying at my directions.

Wake"Damn! Need help!"

Chris"Talk to me Wake!"

Wake"Damn squad is on my back!"

Chris"Draw them down near to me, I'll take them out."

Wake draws the enemies down. Three fighters, was a challenge. Chris aim with his pistol, the planes were too close down. He took three shots to those three heads and got all of them down. Crashing into the enemies bunkers.

Wake"Thanks man! I owe you."

Chris"A soda will be fine."

Wake"I see active rail guns coming in the battlefield."

I set up the bomb in the right rail. Was a bit nervous from incoming fire. I did it anyway.

Lucia"Fire in the hole!"

Explosion knock off the rails. Flashes and sounds makes this battle too real. Inside the district, we're under a heavy machine that was on fire. Our fighters were really blowing things up, the tremor was intense. We all were killing a lot of enemies, so we go inside the buildings. Raynard hack in the securities system, opening the door. Jack climbs up to the top on his own, reaching for the highest part. Viola found comms and transfer their signal to ours. Hearing them all in panic. More tanks crawl in, Chris got them blowing up into junks.

Jack"Serious trouble here!"

Chris"Whats wrong?"

Jack"Dozens of enemies got me pin down!"

Chris"I'm on it."

Teleport and Chris took them out fast. More came, but he was shredding them mist of blood.

Chris"Your clear!"

Jack"Thanks a lot man."

Hella"I fucking need help!!"

Chris"I'm on my way."

Zip and appear for help.

Hella"That huge turret is ripping my guys apart!"

Chris"Hold on!"

Chris shoot his fireball at the turret and destroys it, made a huge hole to continue.

Chris"Path is cleared."

Hella"Thank you very much! Let's fucking move now!!!"

Now at the heart of this land, I found ammo stock piles, with bigger bullets, the size of my leg. The warehouse is full of it. I plant the bomb there. But then enemies found me and I took cover.

Lucia"Chris!! Help!!"

He appear in seconds.

Chris"Whats wrong?"

Lucia"Taking heavy fire!"

Chris then out of cover and shot bullets with accuracy. All were wipe out.

Chris"It's clear!"

Lucia"Get out of here! This place is about to blow!"

Chris"Follow me!"

I follow him and we got out in time. The whole place exploded into the night with a bright light that everyone felt the heat and shake from it.

Wake"Holy shit. Was that a nuke?"

Chris"It was a present."

Half way there to run them out. Our tanks are pushing faster and attacking harder. Our troops were advancing at pace. They blow up stuff and fire at them without a flinch.

Jack"What the fuck is that!?"

An object fall from the sky. It hit the ground hard, and then it arise. My god, its a walking machine! A giant killing robot. How on hell they made one?"

Sakura"Shit, looks like they are not giving up. Chris, destroy it."

Chris"It's good as dead."

He charge it forward, face to face with the machine. It shot at it fast. Has two chain guns. Even has it's own flamethrower. Chris dodges it by flying. At it's head, he put bullets to the driver, but it won't break. It's bullet proof. He quickly climb to the back of the engine and throw in a grenade. Jumps off, it exploded. But how!? It's still not down!

Chris"Damn it!"

Shooting missiles at my Chris, he was running for his life. It even follows him, like skating. He watches, looking at it's structure. Crashing into building and still movable. He found the solution. He ran up to it again and grab it's right arm'ed chain gun. The machine was shaking him off. But he rip it out and then pointed at the machine.

Chris"Didn't expect this guy?"

Full blast and unleashing hell on it. The driver was turn into a dead bloody cockpit. The machine is down.

Chris"Raynard. I have here a new toy for you."

Raynard"Chum bot will love his new friend."

Viola"Enemy is retreating!"

Chris"Looks like we won."

Sakura"Well done guys. Another victory."

Fumi"We have some casualties, thousands wounded. But my support team will get them out of here."

Sakura"Good. Team, return to base. Mission complete."

We all return to base. We all fought hard. We won this round. Fumi checks on the injured, Jack and Viola took their rest. Raynard went to the machine and look it up. Wake stretch out his body. Hella meditates over the night. I was checking on Sakura, making sure we are ok. Chris drank soda and watch the world.

Kelly"Hey Chris."


Andrea"So, you strike the enemies now."

Chris"We won the battle."

Kelly"I know. But still, how was it?"

Chris"It was terrible, alive beast I am. Watching my enemy die before me."

Andrea"It must have been rough."

Chris"I'm used to it."

Kelly"Just making sure your ok. We care about you."

Chris"I do too. Kelly, my kids."

Kelly"I promise you when you step foot into the next city, you'll see them."

Andrea"Happy and young. Eager to see you my love."

Chris"Thank you. So, you two?"

They kiss in front of him. A committed act of love, not jealous, because Chris likes it. Not for his pleasure, but their happiness.

Chris"I'm glad for you two."

Kelly"It wouldn't been possible without you. You made a choice and I could understand it better now."

Andrea"I never had a girl in my sexual experience, but it's never too late still."

Chris"Well as long as you two are ready for me when I come to your world."

Andrea"We'll be ready, and your lovers."

They know about us three. They don't just hate it, just that if he is happy, and they are happy. But I feel like Chris is a lucky guy with girls around him, even his sister. I feel like where is the love in that? Still, I think I kinda like the five of us together. But then again, I feel naughty, with the feeling of this isn't right. I bet it's much more peace in the spirit world than my understanding about the spirit world. Do I have a spirit? I don't know.

[Warning! DLC - Data Logic Control]
By the name Lucia, given permission to release classified information to the public. Contain top secrets and may harm the public view.
Last warning, check by Lucia.
Permission - Granted
Proceed with caution.


Chris was concern about what secret place did Quitin give out. He went to Sakura and ask her about it.

Chris"Sakura, you have a moment?"

Sakura"Sure. Whats up?"

Chris"The information from Quitin, about ERC facility."

Sakura"I send in Viola her best tactical team to sweep the area. They found some interesting stuff in there. I'm sending you with Lucia and Raynard to find out whats going on in there."

Chris"I'm on it."

At ERC facility, the place is a lab town. Like a university for the smart, but much nicer than I would expect. We enter the place, the tactical team fill in the blanks. There are hundreds of dead test subjects. They got all scientists prisoner, and all guards killed. They explain what they are doing, their making new type of drugs that enhance a specific ability on the body. Other types of were successful, but in time before they were distribute to their army.

Chris"Too close before this happen. Let's check out more of the area."

Lucia"Never seen so many equipments."

Raynard"I bet I know'll some type of machine that is very expensive than all of the others."

Chris"I bet that. Come on."

Looking around, room by room, more dead subjects. But the data's are here, results. More than 100 types of different drugs in one category, still there are millions of category, insane. The hallways are dead quiet, no sound of hope but whats left of it. We came to this room, Stimulated Control Room. Looking at it's data, match the description of enhance drugs testing.

Raynard"Looks like it's finish."

Chris"Where is that drug?"

Raynard"Should be right here in this room."

Nothing in sight, he x ray the room, found a hidden door switch. It open up to a looking testing chair. The drug is in the freezer. We grab it and saw it's just plain water, a fool would drink this.

Lucia"This is it?"

Chris"I can't get any reading of it."

Raynard"Smells like water."

Lucia"What could it be?"

Chris"We'll have to process it or destroy it."

Lucia"There should be more information about it."

Raynard"This chair, and it needs a tube by the look of it. Put it in."

I put it in the hole. Fit well. It was scanning, and the machine turn on.

Voice"Welcome to the Enhance testing stimulation. Please take a seat and begin the process."

Chris"Guess I'll have to do it."

Lucia"Be careful."

Voice"Subject seated. Welcome. Reading testing tube. Confirm, Supervivere. This tube will test your ability when in used of it. A perfect stimulation will be in the future according to this present result. Tracking world present data."


Lucia"Future? He's going to the future? I wonder what will happen? Are we going to win?"

Chris"I'll find out all the answer."

Voice"Tracking complete. A perfect year will be in 2120 A.D. Warning, you will feel pain and danger. Once the subject is closed to death, the subject will be losing vital. Begin Stimulation."

Chris see's the light and flashes him into the future. The hatch open and he got off the machine.

Chris"Did it work? Where am I?'

Chris saw this place rusted and abandon.

Chris"Lucia? Raynard? Anyone?"

No one. Walking to the hallway, it was getting worse, the rusted was heavy and still no one in sight. He kept walking and saw a light from the exit door. As he was a bit blind by the light, he then see the world.

Chris"My god."

The world was not great, nor did we ever expected, like the bright was gone by dark but worse. The land, it's all destroyed, it's all gone. Looking down he saw a dead burned body, that suitcase is still ok. He open it up and saw a note.

Chris"Dear Love, if you read this, then I'm gone. I went to war. I believe I made a right decision, but I'm sorry for what I've done. I left you, abandon you. Fear not my love. I'll return safely, I'll be back before you know it. However, you should go to that secret cave we always hang out. You'll be safe from your parents once I can pick you up as civilian. We'll be together again. I love you, and I have not abandon you. From, yours truly, Patmos. Dear god, what did they all done?"

No where to go, it's a wasteland. His reading pick up radiation, it only means there was a nuclear war. I don't understand what wen t wrong?

Chris"Radiation? No, there was a nuclear war? A fallout then. Better find some answer quick. Could I teleport back to base?"

He then teleport then. It work. He's back in base, only to find the same trouble.

Chris"What happen here? Did we lost?"

Looking around in each room, nothing but empty rust. Echo's of the wind that creeps in this home place.

Chris"Where are they?"

Lucia"You don't belong here!"


Lucia"Get out now!! You are a monster! And every monster deserves to die!!"

Chris"An echo. Better get her more angry to get close."

Lucia"Your trespassing our new home!! Get out now!!"

My voice, he keeps going down the lever, the hanger.

Lucia"Get the fuck out of here now!!!"

Chris"Whats her problem."

The fighters here were destroyed, pointless to do anything. He looks outside the hanger, the buildings have been destroyed, knock down, made it into ruins, a junkyard. Behind him suddenly, he knows, I was behind him opining with a gun.

Lucia"You shouldn't come back you fuck."

Chris"Why not?"

Lucia"You kill us all!!! You deserted us!! You betray us all!!!!"

Chris"Well guess what, I can't remember a damn thing!! So god help me, why did I betray you?!"

Lucia"Your spirits were the problem. You follow them around and left everything you had you shit!! Now what? They left you too?!"

Chris"Spirits? Andrea and Kelly?"

Lucia"Because of you we have no choice but to kill everyone because they all were crazy!! They were monsters, not a normal animal!! The outbreak ruin us all!! You were suppose to save us from that virus!!!"

Chris"Virus? Where did it happen!?"

Lucia"Fucking idiot! At Apex Prime!! Forgot that?"

Chris"I forgot everything!!"

Lucia"Better now than before!"

She then shot Chris in the back, bleeding for the first time. I betrayed him. Why did I betray him!? What did he do!?

Chris"You bitch!"

Lucia"Fuck you!!"

He reach to her, but she just shot more at him.

Chris"Fuck! Pain, I never felt it before."

Vital was dropping. We have to get him out now!


Lucia"You killed us, I used to love you. I wish I never had built you before."

Chris"Finish me already. Do me a favor bitch! Kill me!!!"

He close his eyes, and open to see us again.

Lucia"Chris! Are you ok?"

Chris"My god! It was horrible!"

Raynard"Dude! Calm down. What happen?"

Chris"Everyone is dead. Everything was a wasteland. Nuclear fallout. Then, I went back to our base only to find it destroyed as well.Then you, you found me, and killed me."

Lucia"My god!! Why!?!"

Chris"You said I betrayed you. I was the reason the nuclear war started, a virus outbreak. Apex Prime."

Raynard"Is that a virus?"

Chris"No, the place. Shit! We have to destroy it now!"

Lucia"Chris!! Wait!"

Chris"We have to stop them now!!"

Lucia"How do you know if it even exist?"

Chris"Exist? Sakura, check for Apex Prime."

Sakura"I'm checking in…….Yup, there is Apex Prime. It's a short miles away from you. Why?"

Lucia"He's right!"

Raynard"Let's go then!"

We rush out and into our jetcopter. Flying as fast as we could. Raynard was driving it, breaking speed but no time to find it fun.

Sakura"The founder is Harper Proton. By the look of his research, something about chemical neural advancement. He spent years doing his research, promise to make a type of cure for the disabled. Lucia told me you saw a vision of the future according to today's progress."

Chris"It was worst. I don't believe we won this war. But the world is destroyed, everything is dead. A wasteland, worst than my old world. Only the future Lucia told me I betrayed everyone. I was the reason it turn into a wasteland."

Sakura"But what does Apex Prime has anything to do it?"

Chris"They created a virus, an outbreak. Turning people crazy like monster. I never seen one, nor would I imagine one. But still, because of that outbreak, nuclear war started. I think it spread too fast to the public, making the whole world crazy."

Sakura"Fuck. Everyone is a liar. No one to trust now these days."

Chris"You have us to trust on. We stand by your side till death."

Sakura"Thank you Chris. Best destroy this new problem. And leave no one alive."

Chris"It'll be done."

Raynard"Here it is. Coming in hot!"

Chris"Open the back door! I have something special that will cure those sick fucks."

Opening it and he is ready with his Dual Chain gun. He blasted huge artillery guns and enemies with rocket launchers.

Chris"Outbreak this mean fucking asshole!"

Shooting every enemies on his scanner, they were being rip to shreds. Killing them while enjoying it is something I can't actually do with the side effect of even it up to your death. Hovering around so he can kill more threats. Then he found a huge gallon tank, he fireball it and it destroys the whole places.

Lucia"Chris! You just release some lethal chemicals!"


Lucia"It's too strong and can wide spread without control!"

Chris"Fine. I'll jump in and control this mess."

Jump down and land well. The lethal chemical is very high, anyone breathing will die before touching the ground. Enemies are wearing gas mask. He pick up a new weapon, Typhoon-A994 Assault Rifle.

Chris"Well what do you know."

Seeing those guys running around in panic and choking to death, he rush in the building. Explosion are everywhere, he doesn't even get knock off by it's force, just like feeling the wind. He went inside and start killing more. Firing back, they throw flash bangs and concussion. It doesn't stop my man, he just point and kill. The labs were on fire, people are burning. He just shoot them down to stop the pain and suffer, doing them a favor.

Chris"Now what."

End P1
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