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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 5

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:09 am    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 5 Reply with quote

The mother was very cruel, like love for him doesn't exist him. The family doesn't love their children, talk about the mind over life. Raynard gave Chris the new prototype grenade.

Raynard"This here I call the Predator Grenade. Throwing is won't exploded until someone triggers it with movement. Like your own anti-personal mine."

Chris"That is very awesome."

Raynard"Chris, take care of her. I love her too as my beloved sister."

Chris"Nothing will leave me from her. She is my creator."

Raynard"Good luck friend."

Blithe, I was there and Chris was here with me in the city of Pawn. It looks like a fresh city, but the ruins made it much tough to become beautiful and also the people who treat it like trash.

Lucia"Where is he?"

Sakura"No sign of him anywhere."

Chris"I don't know where to start. Let's keep walking."

Soon later, cops were passing by and Chris got an idea.

Chris"Let me hear what they are hearing."

His channel his radio to theirs, hearing their situation. Suddenly.

Radio"All units be advise, theirs a bank robbery at the Pawn Bank. All units proceed with caution, suspects are armed and extremely dangerous. All available units respond."

Chris"Bank robbery. Let's go check it out."

We check it out and cops are surrounding the area.

Lucia"How do we pass them?"

Chris"I'll go alone. Cover me, see whats going on outside."

He went invisible and sneak in the bank. Robbers were holding hostage. They were very dead eye. Chris continue to the bank. Doors were broken down, and guards were killed.The safes were not open. But the safe vault was open, it was hacked. He check inside and those guys were robbing tons of golds.

Chris"You pick the wrong fucking day to rob."

He shoot them down. Robbers came out to support their pals. Chris kills them, taking his time to blown their heads.

Lucia"Chris, you ok?"

Chris"I'm always fine. I think. Anything happening?"

Lucia"Cops are moving in. They are opening fire. Is he there?"

Chris"No. This would be too easy if he was here."

Chris check their memory, processing their past. R-661 was in their memory. Strange, what was he doing? Where is he?

Chris"Lucia, stay sharp. Something is not right."

Lucia"I'm on guard."

Sakura"I don't see him outside."

Cops came in and was shooting at Chris. He fights back, hurrying it up because Chris really has a terrible feeling. Soon the cops were dead and he ran outside. Cops were pointing at him. He looks for me. I saw him, as my love was surrounded by the wrong.

Chris"Lucia, run, as fast as you can. I'll find you."


Chris"Your bait. Run!!!"

I ran, as fast as I can. I don't know why I was running but being told to. Chris was fighting the whole cops. Thousands of bullets were flying too close to him. Chris reaction out fast them.

Lucia"Somebody help me."

Sakura"Go here into the apartment."

Chris"Don't!! Lucia, no message, just run!"

Lucia"Why am I bait!!?"

Chris"He follows the message! Run!!"

Shooting more cops, and more running. I can't stand it if was being followed or not. Chris was killing, but then he ran invisible and ran to find me. He fell high to the sky and try to find me.



Chris"Found you."

He sky dive and found me running in the street.

Chris"Lucia, follow me."

Lucia"Where we going?"


Into a office building, they went up the level where no one was in the level luckily. Chris break doors and check the area.

Chris"We'll stay here."

Lucia"Chris, what the hell?"

Chris"My sensor indicates, there is another me."


Chris"It's something I don't forget. My sensor pick up another me, another unit of me."

Then his evil looks at me.

Chris"Did you build another one of me?"

Lucia"No! Your were the only one that I build and you work. Others were dead and didn't work."

Chris"You sure."

Lucia"I don't lie to you!"

Chris"Fine. But that thing is here and I think I found my match."

Lucia"Chris, that's not true. No one is better than you!"

Chris"You think this is about pride?"

Lucia"You lose, we all lose!"

Chris"And you think I'll win?"

Lucia"Yes! I built you! You can win! You are my life! You promise me!"

The silent was hard, Chris then said his words.

Chris"Lucia, when this war is over, you change me back to my real self."


He hold me, wishing the pain go away. Chris kiss me. I kiss him much harder and I mean it. He is my life. We took a nap,for its night time. At midnight, Chris was then alerted.

Chris"Wake up."


Chris"They are coming for us."

The enemies were coming for us, Chris ready his weapon and so did I. The enemies were shooting at us through windows, across from the building, as he shoots them down and keep moving. This is like having the the adventure from Chris's memory. Chris then pick me up, shot the window and jump out, terrifying about falling without safety. He fly up to the sky and watch the enemy attack heli was shooting as us. Chris turn around and shot the pilot. We were now free, but Chris dive down and look for a new hiding spot. Suddenly, police choppers were chasing us. Both the enemies and the police were after us. Chris shot those pilots down, but they can't escape because they are now in radar. Chris was flying around through buildings and pass by the obstacle that gave him a bit show off.

Chris"Sakura, disabled their communication."

Sakura"It's done."

Both can't find us now. We land at a random hotel and stayed save. It was a close call, they never bother us until the next day. We continue our mission, walking in the streets of the hard place. We were thinking about how could new every find him.

Chris"If he could find us by message, I bet we have to do the same."


Chris"We have to lure him in with chaos. More attention, the more he will actually be there."

Lucia"How could we?"

Chris"Simple, We start chaos. We lure some of the enemies to do something and we follow them and he'll have to come and get us."


Chris then spotted the enemies, driving around. Chris and I follow it with a stolen car. The city was a bit fresh, but not new for anything. Then the enemies were going in the abandon warehouse. There, Chris sneak in and saw a bunch of enemies planning for an attack. What they really were was just a decoy. Upset about this type of plan, he has no choice but to kill them now. Appearing to them and never took them the time to think who was that figure? But it didn't matter, for once, nobody should care about his action at what should he do because he looks piss to prove something more than a victory. Checking the message and data collection, the next target is the harbor. But Chris doesn't feel like a it would be a perfect spot to get his attention. The radio then message the boss that were dead what's their next target. Chris thinks for his next location, and finally spoke about his answer not in his voice.

Chris"The Airport. 3 p.m."

They understood. Later on at 3, Chris was at the airport, waiting for his enemies and his rival.

Chris"Ready my love?"

Lucia"Ready to die with you."

I was ready to take my punishment for all my wrong doings, but it can wait. Chris was carrying in his bag a 29N-Core LMG with his bullet belt to his bag, meaning there is no need to reload while the bag is a whole mag. 2,000 ammo ready for him to shred them up badly and worse. Walking in the terminal, things are looking ok for a bit. But suddenly the schedule was all delayed, they were here. Gun sounds were heard, but we soon found out what were they doing. They was killing every living people. Chris and me start killing them and got their attention quickly. Every kill was always a dismember dead guy, even so a pool of blood was spill because he never miss a shot and really put a few more bullets to them.

Chris"One man fucking army."

More enemies were trying to surround us, as smoke was their only hope, but Chris still can see them through it. Ripping them apart, their body armor can't even dare to stand up to a bullet. Suddenly, his radar pick up his enemy.

Chris"He's here. Sakura, eye's open, I don't want to lose him if escape."

Sakura"Eye of the bird Chris."

R-661 drop from the sky and land in the position where he was showing off.

R-661"Hello Chris."


R-661"I wonder how we both know whats our next move."

Chris"You tell me."

R-661"One of us is going to die and unfortunate for you, you are going to die."

Chris"A talk like that and you'll see how that back fires really much bad. Pointless to talk right now."

R-661"I agree, let's see who really is the champion."

They both went invisible and start punching and kicking. Both hit and both avoid. Chris knows his move but can't do differently. Shooting was his best option, but didn't put him down like a dead rat he is. Through the shops and windows, they were like a tornado. Chris was thinking hard, how to be different. Chris now use his new grenades. He put them in the hiding place, then when he falls back, R-661 didn't see and exploded on him. Chris then shoot many bullets on him but didn't really just quit. They fight again, thinking a bit different from hand to bullets. Now it was his turn, suddenly Chris was chasing him, R-661 scared me as he hold me hostage. The strength overcome my defense and I can't be release for I know this is the end, even when Chris is here. Being with the enemy, you expect your friends to leave you, but not with him that brings up a bit of hope.

R-661"Now what tough guy? Kill me, she dies with me!"

Chris"You fucking shit!"

R-661"Pray that you had the best last moment with here. Hehe."

Chris"You sick son of a fucking bitch."


Was all I could do now. This is his match, there is no re-match if Chris fails on me. Chris, wanting to hold me after that fight. It felt nothing to me anymore as love is back with a bomb ready to die out because I was not ready for this. He looks, nothing he could ever do now. Then, he points at me, betrayed me. I would kill him if he was dead, I would torture him, I would really destroy his happiness. But that never happens as he points to the light and took a shot. It broke and those electric wires scrape his head and damage him a bit. I broke free and I ran towards him but he hold me, kiss me, and stood me aside with his rush and broke through his chest and rip his wires and cables. R-661 was defeat, no way he could ever reboot himself now.

Chris"You fuck. Explain."

R-661"Why do you have to be reborn. That wasn't fair at all. I was recreated and I was the luckiest man in the world. I felt immortal, felt like the world can never stop me. But then you show up, I was threaded by this. I had to destroy you, nobody could ever be at my rank!"

Chris"All for yourself? You selfish little fucking count. You motherfucking shit. You think I'm the next new thing? Jealous? Because it looks like it. You want to be the man? Immortal? Well, I shatter your dreams, and now you are good as dead because there can only be one. I'm the one who is really going to change the world and you do nothing but just die and think about your wasted opportunity."

R-661"I'll be back to kill you! I'll [word censored] your friends and families and your fucking everyone you met!!"

Chris"Too bad. You won't see the next thing you would expect."

Chris put a bullet to his data chip and destroy his power cell. R-661 is no longer.

Chris"Wake, we need a pick up. And a valuable resource."

Wake"Roger that."

We both went home, watching Anteanus taken over by us heroes who only saw hope to their people. Chris didn't care about it because we were making out all the way home. At the command room, the team was gather.

Sakura"I'm please to know that Remotus Anteanus is now rightfully ours. We have a huge advantage now and we will win this war. You deserve it."

All cheer and I was happy too. Couples went to their rooms and love was in the air, except my brother yet. But Chris and I, we have a memory to finish it off.

Andrea"To end it all and to be free once and for all, leave the family and the world is there for you to take."

Memory 1 - Chapter 19 Young Group

I follow a huge crack on the ground and went into it. I fly fast and not worry about a fucking thing. I have to end this now!!! Where is the last one!?! Where!!??!!

Chris"Hold on, we're almost there!!!"

Andrea"Hurry, I'm so hot!!"

And then we found a huge place. It's a huge cave out of all the levels. This one is like a big stadium, I see everyone have sex, all of them. I land at the center of the stadium and put her down.

Chris"Your going to be alright!"

Andrea"Chris, help!"

Liliy"She is getting the disease, I can't stop it, there is no cure to this place. But you must stop this source of the influence here. Here, is the final level, Young Group. Everyone here is having sex from the young's. The boy's is having group sex with more than one older women. And the girls are
having group sex with older mens. Some people here are [word censored], but they don't care. It's a horrible part of this level. The worst one that is so innocent, they always get away with it."

Chris"Great, we have to deal all of them!"

Lily"No, they will not attack you, because the mind blinds them with sex and thats it."

Andrea"Lily, help!!"

Lily"You have to masturbate and hold on before you cum, or if you do, you are one them, the disease controls the uncontrolled of the pleasure your just doing. Chris, you have to stop this now. Your father must be killed in order to save this part of the galaxy."

Chris"Where is he?"


There he is, flying down and he is of course naked. I can't imagine, he has three cock in him. Holy shit, he's a fucking manic.

Chris"Hi dad, what the fuck are you doing?"

Dragalion"Shut the hell up and suck my cock now!!!!"

Chris"No!!! Just tell me some answers you fuck!! Why you left me in that old planet??"

Dragalion"I want you to move on without me because you will be a fucking problem. Just like few days ago. You came here and in your self pride, you got everyone in panic and killing each other from you. You kill many innocent people, they just want to fuck you under law!!"

Chris"Under law my ass, you know this is not the law, [word censored], torture, pride, you think this is right!?"

Dragalion"Of course this is right, this can prevent war and we can move on with life. But you have to destroy everything I work for. I can change the world, pleasure is power, and we can have that power and make this world go peace."

Chris"You know that's not true, [word censored], torture, that's not peace what so ever. You think about self dominance only for you!! You think you can change us to more worst and war!?!!?! Then you have a big fucking problem you fucking piece of shit bitch!!"

Dragalion"You think your right? You cause more problems than you gone far enough. I will put you down and feel my power of pleasure and I will share with you the might of sex."

He hand out his stick, and it's a big golden cock.

Dragalion"You are the new god, so I suggest you must take it and this will be behind us and we can continue this era of peace and pleasure!!!"

Andrea"Oh god, oh god! I'm going to cum!!!"

He throw the stick at me and suddenly, my brain twitch, my memory goes back to the old planet. Dragalion was signing a contract for a space travel.

Dragalion"Make sure my son is well prepare, when the time comes, he will be the next thing I will give it to him. He will change my world."

Back to the present now, Andrea just cum. I look at her, she then fell to the ground as so tired.

Andrea"I'm sorry Chris!! I'm so sorry!!"

Dragalion"She is now one of us, you will fuck her later on. But now, you must be the new god right now. Accept my throne as your new home."

Everything freeze.

Chris"Home.......pleasure.........kill........death.........pain.........love........hate..........torture.........living..........fuck..........pure..........what the hell this all means to me.........what is my purpose?"








Jupiter"That is your mission commander."

Kelly"For me"

Chris"Kill......love. I love to kill. No, I love Andrea. I kill, the pain, the death, torture, fuck."




Chris".........fuck all of you!!!!!!! I just want to go home!!!!!!"

Then I see my dad walking back to his chair when it's done time freeze. I grab the stick, charge him and stick it up his ass"


Chris"You fail, all for you!!!"

Then he fell to his death. I kill my father, I had enough!!

Lily"You did it!!!"



I carry her and the people here who were having sex were now coming after us.

Lily"Chris!! Make a nuke!!"

Chris"Nuke!?? How!??"

Lily"Sorry Chris!!"

She then punch my balls so hard, I scream up to the roof and a huge fireball exploded out to the roof and it blew up like a nuke. It was awesome!

Chris"Never knew I had that in me."

Andrea"Chris lets go!!"

She climb on me and I fly all the way to the top and then the rocks were fallen at us. I quickly move fast and dodging all the rocks. The rocks fell down so hard, the floor crack and the lava exploded with the fire dragon spirit rise and chase after us.

Chris"You've got to be kidding me!!"

I went faster and I saw a light on the top of this mountain. The fire dragon throw some fire balls at us and always miss. Then we reach to the top of the mountain and escape the mountain with a hope of freedom. The dragon then disappear from the light that kills the ghost. The world is going to explode. I can feel the energy of this planet. I quickly find the Hub.

Chris"Where is it???!!"

Shorty, I found the Hub from the forest and now we reach it there on time. We enter the Hub, start off the engine and punch the gas as we quickly launch out of here. We then fly out of this planet. The world is exploding lava that it's cutting the planet itself.

Andrea"Holy shit!!"

Chris"It's now gone, again."

At space, we saw the planet one last time, and then it made a massive explosion. That's it. The freedom group is now gone. We destroy the planet for a reason, and I didn't pick the ending of it. The disease is gone, and so far, it's not over yet.

Andrea"Now what?"

Lily"Now you can go home."

To be continue……………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"Finally, it is over. We now know what to you. Chris, you are a hero."

Chris"I'm probably sure I'm not done yet."

Andrea"Two lovers, two virgin, one soul together for the first time true love was at our brightest soul."

Memory 1 - Chapter 20 The Endings

Out here in space, it's now time to go home. Where?

Lily"Follow to this direction here."

She direct our destination. Few minute's later, she told us to stop.

Lily"This is your new home."

.............It's an empty space?

Lily"Passion is key to forever happiness."

Then suddenly, the planet is now shown. It's a big planet!

Lily"Planet Cove. Home, paradise, passion, fun, and breath taking."

Chris"Oh god."

It's like Earth, but with shining things I can see from here in space. We enter the planet, Lily point out our new home, and there it is. A mansion, right beside the beach and mountains. The mansion is so beautiful.

Andrea"It's very pretty!"

Chris"I know."

We land and enter our home. Lily then explain us the full story from my questions.

Lily"Now you can ask me all of your question."

Chris"Ok, since we are here, probably we did you a favor back in the other planet, what do we do now?"

Lily"From your experience, you are now one of us, a Watcher."

Chris"What am I suppose to do?"

Lily"We give you informations and from here, you will be told do to do from the following things. Mostly all of the task you will receive is common to the disease we are fighting for."

Chris"Ok, you said you watch from birth?"

Lily"Yes, we did because we know that from your believe's, you may help us. I watch you all the time, making sure things go smoothly and not let things interfere you from the aware of that disease."

Chris"Your saying things that we did is part of your plan you made?"

Lily"Yes, in fact, examples, the self destruction of the old planet, we did that, and your ability we gave you since birth. The Hub, Drake The Eagle, the hole that you fell in, Andrea's dream message, the sniper from the cabin, the museum, the golden sickle, we did that. We made sure you use that."

Chris"Ok, what about my sister, was that planned?"

Kelly"It is."

I look over where she just move out behind Lily.

Chris"Kelly, KELLY!! It can't be. Oh god, your alive! I'm so fucking happy right now!!"

Kelly"I miss you brother."

She was still beautiful. I only see her scars from the burnt."

Kelly"They save my life. Because they know it will trigger your method of revenge."

Chris"Yeah, guess that work."

Kelly"My god, Chris, I'm so jealous that your girlfriend here is pretty sexy like me."

Andrea"Thanks, I was born this way you know."

We laugh, then I ask more question.

Chris"So, now what?"

Lily"Tomorrow, you'll be assign for a mission. Until then, rest for now. You are a greatest asset we ever have so far."

She left. Then Kelly came up to me. She then kiss my cheek."

Kelly"Love you brother."

Chris"Love you sis."

She then left as well. Now, this our house now. I saw a condom on the place. Finally! I actually found one.

Andrea"Now, all of this time we been through, wanna make love?"

I grab the condom. And then I look at her.

Chris"Let's make love Andrea. Now, I'm dying to love you baby."

We hug, make out, and I carry her while french kissing all the way to our bed room. The bed is a circle. I then walk to the bed, still carrying her, and knee down. We strip, and I'm kissing her neck.


I grab her ass and massage it. Then we were fully naked. My cock is ready, and her pussy is so wet right now.

Andrea"Finally, we'll be one."

Chris"As it should be."

In the Lotus position, I put my cock in her, it's so warm.

Chris"Wow, your so hot!"

Andrea"Your so big Chris!"

Then we start fucking.

Andrea"Oh god!! This is better than I dream of this!!"

Chris"Oh!!! The tip is making me crazy already!!"

Andrea"More!!! Aaahhhh!! Ahhh!!!"

I was doing so well, I keep fucking her. Then later, she just cum already.


Chris"That was good!!! I'm still horny babe!!"

Andrea"Me too!!!!"

We change position to Missionary. I was fucking her so hard.

Andrea"Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! oh god!!!"

She then cum again. Next, the Acrobat. There, I was grabbing her left tit and the other is rubbing her pussy.

Andrea"Your amazing!!!!! Ohhh!!! oHHH!!!! AHHH!!!!!"

Other cum, I bet every time we change, she will cum. Then we change to my favorite, Doggystyle.

Andrea"Faster!!! Deeper!!!! Harder!!!!"

Her pussy is getting more tight. Then to the Spoons.

Andrea"Oh yeah!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Your cock is getting much bigger!!!!"

Then the Cowgirl, there she was bouncing on me. She was doing it much harder.

Andrea"Ahh!! Ahh!!!! Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!!!"

Next is the See-Saw.

Andrea"Your hands are making me more hot!!!!"

I was grabbing her both tits and was kissing her neck. Then the Deep Stick.

Andrea"AHHhhhh!!!!! Right there!!!! More!!!!"

Then this interesting one call the Intersextion.

Andrea"You know how to fuck me sooooo goooooodd!!!!!!"

The last one is the Victory. I know why.

Chris"Ohhh!!!! I'm going to cum baby!!!!"

Andrea"On me Chris!!!!"

Then I pull out my cock, to out the condom, and blast my cum on her. 10 huge cumshots I did. From her cheek, all the way down to her pussy. It was huge.

Chris"Ooohhhh!!!! yeah!!!!!"

I was finally tired. Never felt it before in my life. It was so good. I fell on her, and was so weak right now.

Andrea"That was so awesome!!! *panting* We should do this every day Chris!!"

Chris"I agree. I love this. But I mostly love you more baby."

Andrea"Oh yeah. Kiss me more."

We made out. Then we rest. It was a hour of this sex. Next day, I was assign to know how to use a teleporter. I can teleport anywhere in the galaxy. Then my mission started. I'll have to skip the mission, it was a success though. I went to the HQ of the watchers. I check the files on our old planet. The history was more then I can imagine. This one file I check, was interesting to me some how. I check the file. In the Victorian era, a city call Bon Bon. But all the letter report was black lined. It just said Lily, 1895, Bon Bon. That's it. Hard to believe something happen there. I just even wonder how did I get this much of curiosity of this time line. Oh well, it's been black lined. Years later, Andrea and I were 18 years old. We decide to have our own kids. We yet make love, and it still was so fucking good. 9 months later, we have our own twins, Gianna and Tennyson. Son and daughter. I was always on the mission, mostly the killing parts. But I always go home and spend time with the kids. A little bit of pain, but worth my life time. All these time with my wife and my kids, I have the best time in my life. I now know my new responsibility, a new purpose. A family, a new life, and now I would never have to worry about war or killing. I finally have peace, my solace. Here, in this new planet, the heaven I know is just like this. Andrea and I watch our kids grow up, little by little. Still, my kids are so cute, can't wait to show them my ability of fire trick. Even in diapers, I mostly don't care about the mess they made. And I always make them go to sleep with my comfort, as strong as I am, so soft I could do. Andrea and I were together, forever and that's how it should stay like this. Both of us comforting each other, making love everyday, and watching the world brights day and night altogether.


The nature of love should not be rust from things we think we should do it to be it's equal, because it's not love.

Memory 1 Complete.

Lucia"And that's how you have your own moral reasons."


Lucia"I'm glad you survive, it's like looking a a movie, but pure real."


Lucia"I was getting very horny just by watching you and Andrea."

Chris"Well, let's do it."

He carry me to his bed. We strip each other. Kissing a lot and teasing me. We went 69, his cock was hard as steel while he was licking my pussy. I was amazing how he can make me feel like in heaven. Then for the first time, he then have his cock inside me. He pop my cherry.

Lucia"My god! It's big! ughh!"

Chris"And your tight."

Lucia"Take me baby!"

He fuck me like a wild animal he is, his cock was pounding in me, my body is on fire. Every position gets even more exciting and lovely. I cum too much and he was not tired. I can't help but I want it more and it feels great every time. My boobs bounce, my body was in sweat, I can't control myself as I grab him hard and he fucks even harder. My sex machine, but with the greatest heart. Then he was ready to cum.

Chris"I'm cumming!"

His cum unleash a huge amount on my body as I fell restless and tired while the warm cum covers me. I was one with Chris now, and I love him. We slept for the night, and then put his cock in my pussy while we sleep. Like a baby, but us having our new kinky moment. This was not the end you know."

End of Act 2.
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