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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 2

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:06 pm    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 2 Re-Purpose Part 2 Reply with quote

Emeritus"Ah shit, you know everything. That's what I hate the most, spies. When I join the group, everyone I see, I only think of spies trying to get me. So I too am a spy. Now my purpose is clear. I will spy on everyone in the world. No more doubts, no more violence, and no more scores for the bad guys."

Chris"So why kidnap all of these females?!"

Emeritus"Why not. Half committed crimes, while other half are just what I called 'debt payer.' I kidnap them so their friends or families must pay for their crimes. Until they pay, I punish these sluts for having a beauty that leads to death. Whipping, raping, experiments. People that joins me gets their moneys worth a lifetime. They like it and my cause is good to them and to society."

Chris"You sick bastard."

Emeritus"No, your sick. You kill a lot of my people that are helping a cause. Your a monster, you have no soul!!"

Chris"Then kill me already you dead bird. Come get this monster!"

Emeritus"With pleasure."

They start shooting at each other and flying around. Emeritus activate turrets, Chris stops that by shooting at it.

Emeritus"You'll never win!"

Emeritus shoot him with rocket launchers, he grab it and throw it out the window. Chris kept shooting him, making it hard to hit if he wasn't scrambling his sensor.

Emeritus"You of all people! Your just killing everyone for your own pleasure!"

Chris"So do you!!"

Finally, the moment when Emeritus was planning to escape, Chris shot his back and cripple him down.

Emeritus"You will die, you will all die!!"

Chris"But your first to die now."

Emeritus"Fuck you!! Fuck!! You!! You ruin my life!!"

Chris"You brought this all to yourself, someone has to put you down already."

Emeritus"You asshole!!"

Chris"Shut the fuck up!!"

Chris grab him, punch him in the far so fast, rip off his eyes, rip both of his arms and stab through his eye holes. A bloody scene, Chris is very creative to murder.

Chris"Punish this you fuck!"

He grabs the key, opens the emergences button and free everyone. They all are so happy and rejoice. Rescue team arrive and aid them all.

Sakura"That was fantastic Chris, you really are a hero."

Chris"Now what?"

Sakura"Back to base."

And so he does. Our army forces took control Everton state. Four more to go.


Next day, Chris was ready for his date. I can't even wait still. This moment means so much to me, getting to know him more and to truly comfort him. I love him, and he is a new hero that I was never worthy enough for him. I'm so excited. When he came out from his room, his sweater looks like he was a racer, blue stripes on his arms, oh god. I wouldn't know how he got so much very interesting.

Chris"I'm guessing that your ready?"

Lucia"Yes I am, let's go."

Hours later, in the town of Harmonia, inside our country, Lufenda. This restaurant, Joy and Pasta. The pasta here is very delicious. We were in our tables, order our food and talk about each other.

Chris"I never had this good pasta in a long time."

Lucia"I'm glad that you like it."

Chris"Thank you for this date, I love it."

Lucia"My pleasure. So, whats it like being a dragon?"

Chris"Great, I'm proud of who I am. Being the only animal that is consider a myth is awesome."

Lucia"Why's that?"

Chris"I'm like a ghost, walking around and never been heard from while I get to do stuff like being a hero."

Lucia"Are you a hero?"

Chris"That's what everyone thinks of me."

Lucia"So what do you think of yourself?"

Chris"Well, I may be a hero, but I am not a hero to myself."


Chris"What else could I ever what to be. I didn't choose to become a soldier, I could have been something else."

Lucia"But your not, your Chris. Maybe faith tells you that your more important in this time."

Chris"And what about my past?"

Lucia"Your life is important what I meant to say. Your unique, you have a purpose."


Lucia"Just believe Chris."

Chris"Yeah, so, what with everyone's color tattoo?"

Lucia"It' a revolution symbol of freedom. They may be tattoo, but they are not. It's just dyeing your furs into whatever you want. Our team once did it too."


Lucia"Yeah, use to. But we were more focus on our job than our looks."


Lucia"Yeah. Impress right?"

Chris"Very impress, something I could feel normal to them."


Chris"So, about you. How does it feel like being the youngest one in the team?"

Lucia"Very surprise. I wouldn't expect to see more mature people and older but young looking."

Chris"You think you will be a old member?"

Lucia"Well, not really, I like being young. It could have a lot of advantages from our ability."

Chris"That is true."

After lunch, we left and went back to base. Before I enter my room.

Lucia"Thank you for being with me in our date."

Chris"My pleasure."

This sense of passion again arose and heats my desire. We kiss, his tender was so much more than last time. We hold each other, and I felt much more love from him, his body heats me warm enough.

Lucia"Thank you."

I went to my room and he went looking around. Then Hella came up to him.



Hella"I need to talk to you."


They went into her room. He saw the place and find it more strong color of steel and the area was like a training ground. Everything a soldier could be well ready. There are guns on her wall, but the look of it, he saw dust of old and forgetful. Something he thinks we all should forget because what good does it do.

Hella"Chris, nobody else but the team knows this. Remember when you found the data of recent messages from Emeritus."

Chris"Monumental 12."

Hella"Yes, well. Dolciana. She is my older sister."

Chris"What happen?"

Hella"….I was being taken advantage. Years ago, she will always care for me no matter what happen to me. One day, she change her room into this weird ritual looking type. She then seduce me, the first time I experience sex. We then got naked, started to get really turn on. She told me what to do and I did. Getting into different position, licking me while I lick her. It was amazing, I felt like she has some magic power. Then, when I squirt, she told me to drink my love liquid. I did, and told me I was now a sex slave and will have to obey me at every time. I obey her. Later on, she took me to her meeting place. An abandon church. Candles were all lid, she told me that I have to please every men and women here. They all look so evil and dark, calling me names. So for 2 months, they used me, drug me, put every cocks inside me. Then on a very day, I escape when everyone was sleeping. I ran away, I got nowhere else to turn to, until I met Sakura and her teammates, the original five. I was a mess, with all the wax, bruises, paint. I couldn't imagine that my innocence was lost and I will never get it back. Now, I'm as strong as I ever will be."

Chris"That must have been a hard time."

Hella"I know, but now, I'm going to see my sister again, she what the hell she is up to now."

Chris"I hope your ready to be aware that if she is not what you expect."

Hella"I don't know. Let's keep it between us ok."

Chris"You have my word."

Later on, Sakura wants to have a private word with Hella. Chris decide it's back to the memory road.

Lucia"I'm sorry to say this, but I like to look at your memory."


Lucia"Just saying, if that didn't offend you."

Chris"I'm fine. Just, tired."

Andrea"Society thinks for themselves instead of life."

Memory 1 - Chapter 5 Bomb Voyage

Next day, we head outside and back to the city which I finally know the name of it, Vona. So much pressure on Andrea, she was having some thoughts from yesturday. I yet hold her hands along the way back to the market where I bought the gun and the two sodas. Instead, she came inside to avoid the shit society outside she now fears of repeat.

Chris"I'll buy some snack, what you want?"

Andrea"Just chips please."

I found a bag of chips and I grab one and went to look around for anything interesting. Much like back from hell, no one is here but us and Drake. There's even porno magazines in the back corner. Some are gay, dominations, lesbians, bisexual, and the meomory from yesturday, sex party of the years. I look away as now they don't give pleasure, they bring me back those horrible time. Suddenly, Andrea then came by me.

Andrea"Are you going to buy those?"


Andrea"Then why are you here? I'm I not attractive today!?"

Chris"I just save your life yesturday, what makes you think I would now ignore you right now."

Andrea"Because, it's just like back home. After their big sex, they come to the sex shop and buy these type of stuff."

Chris"But I'm not them Andrea."

Andrea"Yeah, I always have this moment when things are wrong."

Chris"Me too. Im going to pay these now."

I went up to the cashier and I place in my order.

Drake"Before I ask this question, how's yesturday?"

Chris"Terrible, it was a horrible night."

Drake"Then I think you just killed Baron."

Chris"What makes you say that?"

Drake"Because your girlfriend is more important to be abuse by them."

Chris"Makes sense. You know Baron?"

Drake"That guy was fucking all the young sluts here, even fucks their mothers as well. And rumor has it that he was killing some of those young sluts after their group fuck."

Chris"No wonder I killed him."

Drake"Yeah. And too bad I didn't save my two daughters and my beloved wife. He got them all hardcore druged and [word censored] them."

Chris"Sorry to hear that."

Drake"It's fine. But I better leave now. Baron's father is coming to this store and kills you dead before you hit the floor."

Chris"Camera's here?"

Drake"Yeah, sorry about that. But I left some grenade lauchers up in that catwalk over there."

He pointed to where it is just on top of the enterance.

Chris"Ok, and our escape?"

Drake"My luxury car is outside and ready for you when you blow those bastards away. Baron's father, Lanter, is head of the police of this city. Better damage his unit and run as fast as you can."

Chris"Fine, nice knowing you Drake."

Drake"You too hero."

Fucking great. We got a problem now.

Chris"Andrea, stay under those boxes ok. We'll be out of here quick."

Andrea"Oh shit Chris."

She hide and I went to the catwalk and I ready the grenade launcher. 6 ammo will be enough I hope. Then came the police and yet 6 of those cop cars came as perfect math. All are position and ready to fire at us.

Chris"Be ready Andrea."

Lanter"Chris!!! Your surrounded!!! Give up now!!!"

Chris"Why the fuck would I!!!"

Lanter"Because you killed my only son and you made the BIGGEST mistake of you LIFE!!"

Chris"Did I? We'll he just mess with the wrong type of guy to be stealing girls!!"

Lanter"He can get any girls he wants!!! He's my boy and I want to see him happy!! You just took that away with me!!!!"

This doesn't make sense!! How the fuck he would allow his son to fuck any girls he want even though he kills them later on. Their pyscho, they lost a soul.

Chris"You know that he kills young girls for fun?!!"

Lancer"I don't care if he kills them, I just to see him happy!!"

That does it!!! I aim and blow one cop car away and keep firing and all was hit and 6 of them were destroy.

Chris"Move Andrea!!"

I ran to her and went outside to get in the car and fly away. Cop chase now. Cops were following us and I move to alleys and went through short cuts. Cops were flipping and overturned. Then a helicopter was on our tails. It's him. I went to the highway as fast as I can before he hits me with his shots.

Andrea"You got a plan Chris?"

Chris"Yup, just hold the wheel when I tell you to."

Andrea"What the shit!!"

Then it's a open bridge and I went for it. There is a roadbock in the way. Then I punch the gas and keep going.


Chris"Hold the wheel!!"

With all my strenght, I broke the roof and look behind me with that chopper, while that close enough from those two blockades, I inhale and burst out with my fireball at the chopper and it blows up into a fireball wreckage and I hit the brake and the chopper flew behind us and exploded while hitting the roadblock and the bridge collapse and we fell in it too. But I grab her and cover ourself with my wings and dive in. Under water, the cars were drowning and I made her hold me and swim out to the nearest beach. As fast as I could, we got to the beach and we gasp for air. We're in a jungle in front of us.

Chris"Oh god, 'breathing hard' that was fun."

Andrea"'breathing hard as well' Fun? We've could have died!"

Chris"Hell to the no, we'll never died. C'mon, we have to get back to the Hub."

We ran in the forest and we finally reach to the Hub. I didn't start the Hub and we're safe for now. I went to get a shower, the warm water always smooth me. So tired, I look at my cock and it's yet big, 6 inch when extended. I never thought the world can be a power of pleasure and this world just got much fuck up. Then Andrea came and she was in front of me.



She sigh, but I kiss her and we were making out. Crossing our legs, her hands were on my butt and my hands were on her hot ass as well. My cock grew and she looks down.

Andrea"I know, not now, but soon."

I then play her breast and I was sucking her nipples. My tongue was making her moan so horny. I then kiss her between the two breast and she was sqeezing my head to her chest hard for that pleasure I'm giving her. I carry her and she cross her legs and hold on. Our tails were teasing each other as like smooth touch.

Andrea"ohhh yeahhhh babyyyy. Your sooooo goooood."

Then we were done taking a shower and rest a bit. My cock is so hard now, does that mean her pussy is so hard tight now? I wonder.

To be continue………….Memory Complete.

Lucia"Interesting. You save her life again."

Chris"I did what was necessary."

Lucia"I know, and who could blame you."

Andrea"It was the time to do it now before we never figure out anything."

Memory 1 - Chapter 6 Agua Flow

This time of the night, we were watching a movie that is a reality thing about how long this elephant will fuck all the horny sluts in the office in one day before he die's. The ending was terrible, he die's but the sluts he fuck were squrting on his coffin as it's being bury. Andrea's mouth was wide open and I lift my left eye brow as what the fuck is that.

Andrea"That's the most horrible show I ever seen."

Chris"It's all pleasure and all, but no point to it."

The Hub then signals a soft alarm, I check the radar and cops were coming in the forest that close.

Chris"We gotta leave now. We have to move somewhere new babe."

Andrea"Please Chris."

I turn on the machine and it's still invisible. People are getting close. Now we lift off and left the forest while I saw outside the city in all search lights. They are looking for us. But I know they won't find us. Because I can tell pleasure is stopping them to keep moving. It's still late in the night and I found a perfect spot. I land there in another forest and I just found out that no city is near by. The question remains, why did those ships years ago never return?

Chris"This is a perfect spot, for now."

Andrea"Ok, I'm going to sleep Chris. Good night hero."

Hero, am I a hero? I only save one but in this world I'm a criminal. To be a criminal, you kill. I already did that, yet, they piss me off. I better rest before I break something useful. I took off my clothe's and went to sleep next to my babe. Next morning, I woke up and I was making breakfest, egg's and breads. I was done and I'm going to wake her up to eat. But then look at her, so beautiful, I lift the bed sheets and her pussy was showen. I touch her ass and smooth it. I love her so much now. I slowly put my finger to her and........there. I rub it a little and it's so moisted. I'm having a hard cock now. Suddenly, she woke up and I move my hands away from it.

Andrea"Morning Chris. You made breakfest? Thank you Chris!"

Chris"Uhh, yeah. I made it so special today, hehe."

We then ate and then head outside for a walk. The forest is amazing. The are so tall and very pretty to be exactly. We even saw mountains and the clouds.

Andrea'This place is beautiful. I wish to live here Chris."

Chris"Me too."

We kiss. Suddenly, Andrea fell into the hole and I fell as well. Tumbling down, we then came to a halt. I got her up.

Chris"Your ok?"

Andrea"Yeah, I'm fine."

I look around and I saw this big ship. It looks familiar.......Thats the missing ships!! We found it. I went inside of the blasted hole and there is some light in it. It's empty of course and I check in every room.................................nothing. Everything is empty, no sign of attack. I then went to the cockpit and found a digital device. I try to use the working machine but it's been broken. I'll have to use it until I return to the Hub. We got out and I look another way out. I then found a path, we did climb and I she was tired later on.

Andrea"We found that thing and I hate climbing up these steps."

Chris"Were alomst there Andrea. Just hold on."

We finally reach the top cave and I heard a waterfall. Out of the cave and there is a waterfall in front of us and the outside was right there. We're inside the waterfall and it's already night time. Fireflies were around us like it's a room here. I look around we have to get wet to get going. As I look behind her, she was stripping already.

Andrea"I want to have a bath here babe."

It's not the time right now. We have to get the information now.


Andrea"I know you want to play with my pussy. I love you Chris. Just for this moment please."

She's right.

Chris"Ok babe."

I got naked and went to the water with her. We french kiss and I was using my tail and smooth her breast."

Andrea"Ohhh Chris. I'm soo horny now. Lick my pussy now, I beg you."

She sit now in the rock like a hottub and I went to her pussy. I then finger her pussy, she's so hot.

Andrea'Chris, you have the magic fingers!! Don't stop!!!"

I use my other hand and was rubbing her bottom pussy while I was licking her upper pussy. I know how to please her now. She was so excited now.

Andrea"Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Yeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Your amazing!!!!!"

I went faster and then penetrate her with my tongue and lick fuck her. She's was playing her breasts right now and rubbing her nipples.

Andrea"Ohhhhhhhh Im commmmiinngggg!!!!!"

I stop and for the final touch, I lick her bottom pussy and lick all the alway to the top so slowly and when I reach the top....


She was squirting a lot of cums. All hit my chest.

Andrea"Oh god Chris! Your tongue was fucking my g spot. I love you Chris!!!"

We then kiss a lot. After that, we put on our clothe's and I carry her to the Hub while flying. We got there and I put to bed without her shirt. I then play the device and then a message came.

Unknown voice"If any of you listen to this message, then you just came from Lexuing. You wonder why we never return home. Because here is paradise. Who needs the slave planet when this planet is freakin awesome. Sex is free and everyone is inviting us. We ditch the ship so no one will find out and we're now having a blast. I hope you stay here now. I love this planet. Signing off."

Pleasure, sex, freedom. I now know why. This place is full of pleasure. No one was here before the 1st settlers arrived. Now I have a new question, what motivates them?

To be continue……….Memory Complete.

Lucia"Your such a loving person."

Chris"Were you turn on by watching me doing that to her?"

Lucia"No! No, not at all!"

Chris"Ok. Well, I need to rest."

Yes, I was getting turn on from him doing that to her girlfriend. He knows sex and he is very good at it. I'm weird.

Sakura"Lucia, how was it?"

Lucia"It went well, so, what about Hella's sister?"

Sakura"Thats up to her. Kill or live, either way, her fate is very low of survival."

Lucia"My god."

Sakura"So, you and Chris."

Lucia"It's working so far."

Sakura"I'm glad that your together. He does needs someone to fight for when he returns from battle."

Lucia"I know."

Sakura"Something wrong?"

Lucia"No, nothing wrong."


She winks at me, for she didn't forget about our time. At nighttime, Chris was getting his new mission.

Sakura"There are five states in Remotus Anteanus. We just took over Althas. The rest of them is Bloesem, Sarvah, Vrji, and Blithe. Were going after Bloesem."

Chris"Someone from the Monumental 12 right."

Sakura"Yes, Hella's sister, Dolciana. Hella is already en route to Bloesem."

Chris"Anything else?"

Sakura"Do what she ask you to do, don't upset her. Comfort her if you can. She is in a lot of hard pain to see her again."

Chris"I know, how she scar her life with pure madness."

Sakura"I bet we all been through hell and move on."

Chris"Sometimes I get the feeling we are to face our past."

Sakura"I kinda feel that way to. But not all of us I bet."

Chris"Ok, I'll be on my way then."

Raynard upgrade his favorite weapon.

Raynard"Here Chris, it's got a new iron sight."


Raynard"It will light up if you target an enemy."

Chris"Cool. Are there any bullet upgrades or something in this time?"

Raynard"There are some prototypes but not really finish."

Chris"What do they do?"

Raynard"Burn, shock, explosive, drill, poison, air blood."

Chris"Air blood?"

Raynard"Once hit, the bullet release air and creates a lot of blood losses and some organ failure."


Raynard"I know, there is more to different weapons. Maybe we will fine some."

Chris"I hope so."

He then got teleported to Chervia. More like a new town with dozens of building stones and metal stacking up together. He was at the roof of some old church. Hella was right next to him.

Hella"You ready?"

Chris"Always was, always will be."

They walk together in the streets of Chervia, looking at the people with old clothes that he thought they are new.

Jack"Dolciana runs a major cult called the Fombas Cult. It's all very mind twisting and very dangerous to be called an organization."

Hella"Fombas Cult. Never heard of them."

Chris"How organize?"

Viola"Money, influence, start a riot, arson, and hiding at plain sight."

Hella"They could be anywhere."

Chris"All we have to do is get there attention."

Hella"You really want to get their attention?"

Chris"Yes, so I could kill them and get answer."

Hella"You're getting answer from a dead body?"

Chris"Memory check? I was dead, you check my memory. Technology at its finest."

Hella"I don't like that much technology."

Chris"I could see that."

Hella"How you know?"

Chris"Words spread around."

Hella"Please tell me."


Hella"Oh. Well, he's ok."

Chris"Don't like him?"

Hella"I think we don't have anything in common."

Chris"Yeah you do."

Hella"Really Chris?"

Chris"You both are alive, you both are in the same team, you both are friends, you both hate Imonarpire Dynasty."

Hella"In our same ability and likes Chris."

Chris"I try."

Hella"Well, I shouldn't be hard on you. Beside, we have a job to do."

Chris"Of course."

Walking around the city, its more like he knows trouble from a mile and close. He hears about the cult, that whoever is, is an allies. Who ever isn't, is getting punish and turn into one. Statue of the new idol call Delicia, God of Pleasure, Desire, and Hope. Hope, Chris finds it funny that hope to them is do it again until you die. I don't understand him. They met up with Jack and Viola at the hotel.

Viola"Great, you two made it here in time."

Jack"Sakura order us that you two are in charge and Jack and Viola head back to base."

Hella"Fine by me."

Chris"You two need a break, you deserve it."

Jack"Well, we all take a break well the war is over."

Viola"Till then, later guys."

They were taking a jetcopter and flee from this place. Hella and Chris are the only two now on solo.

Chris"What now?"

Hella"We find other members. You could easy find them, could you?

Chris"I will."

Outside and walking around the crowds. People are sort of happy and mad. Yet sad but no showing. It's raining, his favorite time of the day. Then there was a suspicious person who is going up to his apartment. He follows the person and up the stairs Chris saw some weird posters of the new Idol. The person enters the room and check his e-mails. Chris can see through walls and saw their message. A meeting at the Dark Desire Club. Hella extract information about it. Then the black cat turn his interest to porn. He masturbates right when he see's nudity and sex play. Chris did him a favor by EMP a little bit of the area and he was shock to get no power, no internet, and no pleasure.

Chris"Sad, he'll never get laid."

Then Chris hears trouble up stairs from the apartment. He checks it out and saw a woman being tied up in bondage. She pleads mercy, but this guy doesn't have a soul of mercy. Chris open the door slowly and invisible, sneaking up to him, grab his whip and chock him to death. Once out of breath, he snap his neck for good. Chris un-tied her.

Chris"Your ok?"

Woman"You kill my husbands close friend!"

Chris"Either you or him, I saved you."

Woman"Yes, just hide the body away from this place. I'll tell my husband that he left town."

Chris"He'll need proof. Luckily, I can help you with that."

Chris checks his hand, and then he copy his structure of his hand. He grabs a pen, a paper, and made a note. His hand writing will fool the husband.

Chris"Here, make sure to give him this. I'll dump the body."

Woman"Thank you so much."

He grab the body, and went to the nearest dumpster and throw it in.

Chris"Anything information?"

Hella"Dark Desire Club, it's west from here. It's a strip club. BDSM is the theme. Their meeting is at 10 p.m."

Chris"5 hours from the meeting."

Hella"What are you going to do till then?"

Chris"………..I'll rest here."

At their apartment, Chris and Hella were talking, the rain made his mode very calm.

Chris"Why are you in your bra and panty?"

Hella"I must feel free, alive, and more aware."

Chris"I understand."

Hella"This feeling now, I'm building up my movement. Can't be too careful about how things will go worst at a blink of an eye."


Hella"All your doing is drinking your favorite soda."

Chris"I like it. It's very diet and taste very good."

Hella"How does that help you?"

Chris"Trying to have a little joy, being young as a kid."

Hella"We're at war here."

Chris"I know. But still, to die young. That is something I won't die for."

Hella"Sure. So, you and Raynard?"

Chris"Good friend."

Hella"I meant why are you helping him get to me?"

Chris"Because he likes you."

Hella"And he doesn't have the balls to come up forth."

Chris"He is. Just a bit worried of your rejected."


Chris"If I understand, at least he has someone to fight for and defend."

Hella"I can defend myself."

Chris"One day, you"ll thank him. But until then, talk to him. Try at least."

Hella"Ok, whatever you say Chris."

At night, they went in the strip club meeting. Chris checks the area in his vision.

Chris"Try getting in the air vents. It will lead to the meeting."

Hella"Good idea."

Chris"I'll walk in as guest."

Hella went and found her way into the air vents. Chris enters the place. Guard let him in. Red, purple, green, orange, something that disgust him as a terrible neon color of this place. Strippers in cage, people are watching, the folks here are evil to him because of their language tone that they are releasing their desire in front of their pleasure. Rough words and money throwing, main show was bunch of strippers are all tied up and being whip by guys in masked and the girls and seducing them. Chris ignores another crap and went into different rooms. Chris found the room, but was guarded.

Chris"Could I come in?"

Guard"No. VIP only."

Chris"Save us the trouble, let me in and I promise you I won't be a problem."

Guard"Yeah right. How many times do I have to hear that."

Chris"A lot. But do you thing those ass holes always kept their promise. And what if I prove you wrong? Chances are, the boss here would spare your balls from those whippers."

Guard"Shit, alright, come on in."

Chris"Thank you."

Inside, some people here have the creeping face and innocent face but are not to him. They were the members. Then a girl came out and started the meeting. Bora was her name. That goose looks like a mother.

Bora"Ok, I am Bora. You all know why you are here? Because you accept our cause. I promise you we will win to a greater good. Now, to be accept and to be a member, you must find other people and make them join our cause whatever means necessary. And bring them to your new home, Crepusculum."

Hella"That was easy."

Chris"Getting out is going to be very fun."

Hella"Sakura, we got our next location. What should we do with the rest?"

Sakura"Kill them all, but I prefer silently."

Chris"Good idea. I'll kill all the members here. Hella, could you do Bora at your will?"

Hella"She's as good as dead."

Bora"Go now my friends, make our cause notable to our new chapter."

Everyone left, and Chris follows them. Hella went to Bora. She aims at her with her bow, her arrow points to her head. She lets go and the arrow strike through her head. She fell back inside her car, Hella grab her arrow and clean the sins blood. She close the garage door and never saw daylight again. The 9 members were separated, and Chris has them on UAV sight. He follows two of them, in the alleys, Chris then went up to them and back headshot the two of them. Close by a block, Chris found another one. At the buildings of apartments, he quickly ran to the stairs, saw the member and snap his neck that it fell down the stairs. Six more to go. Over the fence, he follow the next member, and sure enough the member was talking to another person. Chris hide back over the fence before he was spotted from across the street. Chris found ropes lying down. He grab it and follow the member and that male up to the nearest hideout. They reach to the old shack, Chris then got the rope ready, knocks the door, the member open, and quickly knock him out. He went inside and put the male to sleep. Back outside and grab the male, put the rope around his neck and hang him up. He saw Hella running through roof tops. Chris ran around the alleys and found the three members talking about their plans. Around the barrel on fire, then they were getting a bit horny. He saw them getting on the female member, strip her and suck on two cocks. One thing Chris has on his mind, he can't kill them because it's wrong and it doesn't feel right to him. He finds another way. He could either wait or do something fast…….it has to be down now. He quickly calls the local police, and later came the force. The members were in shock, they were then arrested and were took away. Chris notice how they were lucky enough not to be slaughtered by him. The next member is at home. He ran as fast because it was five blocks away. He saw the member, and he was surrounded by three thugs. They force him to strip, and then knee'll down. The thugs were about to jerk off in front of them and telling him to suck their dicks, Chris enters and shot both three to their heads. The member was in shock to see him. Chris decides to leave him alone. Mercy was at present. Then Chris went for the last member. Running to the bar, the member was there drinking. He was drunk and pass out. He carry the member to the bathroom and grab an empty plastic bag and chock him to death. All members were taken care of.

Chris"All of them are taken care."

Hella"Good, back to the apartment."

Chris"Whoa, I feel more strong and more energetic."

Raynard"You gain exp. points. Use the menu on your vision and upgrade yourself."

Chris"Nice to know."

He upgrade himself with more stealth movement. His body is silent, probably can't barely hear his own movement. At the apartment, Hella strip nude and didn't care.

Chris"Now what?"

Hella"Lucia needs you."

Chris"Your fine?"

Hella"Little bit. We're so close getting to her. I can't stand the wait Chris."

Chris"I know that."

Chris teleport back to base. Lucia was there, looking at some data.

Chris"You need me?"

Lucia"Want to get more memory if thats ok with you?"

Chris"Let's do it."

On the machine and Chris was ready to feel more memory that it hurts him to remember the past while it can't be finish.

Andrea"Was it hard to trust other people if they are nice?"

Memory 1 - Chapter 7 Birthday Wish

A few day's later, I decide to leave here and find more informations on their motivations. My biggest guess is sex and pleasure of course, but there should be more to it.

Chris"We should head out to a new city and find more informations."

Andrea"What about the search on us?"

Chris"UAV Hack said our search is been call off. We can move now to a new city. Hopefully, more friendly than the last one."

So we move to another city, in stealth. We then reach to a small city call Nastala. Same structure, but different theme. The place is like a garden city with high class style to it. We land in the hiding forest again and walk to the city as if nothing happen as always. People here are more happy and I see more elders than shitty teens. Wise of them, so it's yet wise enough to start searching a mayor in this city. Probably a best start to find information. I ask of the civilian a question.

Chris"Sorry to bother you but where is the mayor?"

Elder Black Male Cat"The mayor is right up the hill north of here."


So we walk there and we're at the gate to the mayor's house. A guard was there. It's a male zebra.

Zebra Guard"Sorry, you can't pass by. He's busy at the moment."

Chris"For what?"

Zebra"His birthday party of course, everyone in this city are welcome. He's turning 72 years old, and he is still strong to walk, like a young adult. The party is tonight. Hope to see you there."


Another party, I already hate them now.

Andrea"So, we'll wait then?"

Chris"That's the idea now, but in the Hub of course, not sitting here by the gate."

Hours later, it's now night time to party. We were ready, so we walk to the party and it's big. It's like a fucken billion credit mansion.

Chris"Ok, I'll have to talk to him. Stay with me at all time."

Andrea'Ok Chris."

We kiss. Then we walk into the party. The crowds were in the center next to the stairs. The mayor is coming now, whoa. He's a Unicorn! Never imagine to see a legend here. He's doing his speech. I heard people saying his name, Zander.

Zander"Hello, and welcome to my birthday! It's a great pleasure to have you all here today. It's been years since the fall of communist and here we are at paradise!! Go enjoy yourselfs!!"

People cheered. Then they walk away to their gambling place. It's a casino alright. I then took my chance to talk to him.

Chris"Zander, a honor to meet you. Could I have a word with you?"

Zander"Sure, what do you want to talk about?"

Chris"I heard armies came here before from another planet. What happen to them?"

Zander"Isn't it simple! Communist tries to tear our freedom, our new freedom. But we fight back. So weird, we didn't fire our bullets. They look at our womens and our new government was making a new law to let the armies fuck our womens and our guys if they don't fight us or report back to their planet. Pleasure sure does keep peace."


Strange answer, pleasure is now consider to be some good or bad diesase for now.

Zander"You both look familiar?"

Chris"Do we?"

Zander"Yes, years ago. Did you guys have a parent?"

Chris"Use to. But they left us."

He gives us this look, the look as if we were some treasure or something worthful.

Zander"......oh, allow me to introduce to you my wife, Yamela."

She's a elder Falcon. Exotic or erotic, she is that both.

Yamela"Hello, would you come to my room, I want to show you something."


Probably I'll find more information.

Zander"You don't mind if I take your beloved girl to show her something as well?"

Chris"Yes you can."

I then went up to her ear.

Chris"Find some informations ok?"


So we went different ways and took me to Yamela's room. It's so beautiful. I think her room is the new future.

Yamela"Come here Chris."

I look at her and see was naked, that fast?

Chris"What you doing?"

Yamela"I thought you could need some relaxing."

She took off my clothes, I can't hit her or do anything. She's so sweet and sexy. She then put me to her chair and my hand was chained.

Yamela"You like the view?"

Chris"Of course I do, your fucking hot as hell right now."

I can't resist to her body. She then came up to me.

Yamela"Let's see if your better fucker than my husband."

SNAP!!! My brain just twitch at a nick of time.


Yamela"I said I want to see if your the better fucker than my husband."

Chris"......NO one, judges me!!"

I use my legs and grab her and I use pure force to free my hands and......Break!!! I was now free and I quickly put on my clothes. My force just got her killed when she hit her head on the wine bottle. Then I went out to find her. I remember which way he took her. I follow my memory and I then reach to the room. I knock it open and I all I saw was her naked in bed while the unicorn is ready to fuck with his huge cock.


Zander"Your done already!??"

I look around and saw a golden sickle on the wall, I grab it and slice him from his neck to his ass vertical.


Still standing from my pain and then I strike his head and his head was open like a opening can. Now falls and dies. Blood was all over the window. So much blood, I think I can see his brain cells.

Chris"You shit, I didn't know this was your birthday wish after all."

Andrea"What the hell did you do!!!!"

Chris"You rather get judge from sex!??"

Andrea"...no one judge me from this!!"

Chris"Wow, what do you know, same thing I said as well. Get your clothes on, we're leaving ASAP."

Then a guy came to the door with his Buzzer, a mini SMG. I then grab his gun, turn it and pull the trigger.

Chris"Let's go, now!"

I grab her, she was holding her clothes and she's half naked. Her breast was showen, but not her pussy. We rush to the center hallway but then guards were there and all with guns. I then inhale for a right time, then I exhale with the fireball that explodes so big, it's a flash bang and concussion. I carry her and ran cross the hallway and reach outside. I found another fast car, I punch the driver out of the car and gas it and we were flying away to the Hub. The guards are not following us. We finally reach the Hub and got out of there.

Chris'Your ok?"

Andrea"Yeah, thanks again babe."

Now, where to go? Too much alert I'm in now.

To be continue………Memory Complete.

Lucia"How can't you resist from her?"

Chris"I don't know. But it was hard for me to back off a women when I was that young."

Lucia"Chris, you could resist everyone in the world. That's if you want to."

Chris"I know. But…"

Lucia"You could have sex with anyone and I bet you like to have sex with every women in the world."

Chris"That's if I don't have true love with me or don't have a good conscious. But I wish, I wish love was a different thing. Where pleasure doesn't involve something, I can't say it. It's something hard for me to say it but it's there. It hurts for me to think like this."

Lucia"Ok, ok. Chris, I understand. Please, don't hurt yourself."

Chris"It's impossible for me to hurt myself."

Lucia"Ok. I love you."

Chris"I love you too. Next one please."

Andrea"I want to make love with you now, but I know you more than myself."

Memory 1 - Chapter 8 Peaceful Date

Searching for a new city to find, we don't need to hide and wait for days to past by, we just keeping going. Later on, across this huge long miles river, we found a new city already. It's call Tanoa.

Chris"It's a big city. Metropolis. Let's not go to parties anymore. They give us too much fucken trouble already."

Andrea"Ok, what will we do here?"

Chris"Walk around. And probably hoping to find a new home."

Home, I just wanna go home already!! But what I find is no home, it's not a peaceful place, it's full of mind tricks of pleasure. Even though I don't go against it, I love pleasure and love, I don't like it's use as for something else. But whatever. Now, we land in the nearby forest and walk to
the city. As I watch, there is more tall buildings in all platinum style. We even saw people in business uniform, normal people, and even looking rich people. Not much colorful people, but the idea is communication they are using. Cellphones, pads, cars, even music players. I yet wonder how did they build this city so huge within couple of years.

Chris"Looks good so far."

Andrea"We could go on a date."

Chris"You want to babe?"

Andrea"I would ever want to Chris."

We kiss and then hold hands. We walk to different places. Even we went to the mall. It's all new, fresh, and futuristic.

Chris"Looks cool."

Andrea"Yeah. Let's walk around. Who knows what you may buy me something."

So we walk as always and yet to found a jewelry store. I happen to found a perfect neckless. I bought it and it's a platinum base with a light ruby shape as a heart of love.

Andrea"It's so beautiful! Thanks Chris!!"

Chris"Anytime babe."

We kiss again. We left the mall and happen to find a resturant tower. We went there and it's a huge hole on the center of all floors, so people can see each others from different levels. We then ate at the top floor of this 70 floor building. I saw the whole city. We ate pizza, fries, sodas, and even vanilla ice cream. I look around the city, turns out to be a perfect color world. The lake over there is huge. While eating, our legs were crossing each other like another way of holding hands but on your feet. After our lunch, we went to the roof for the hell of it and the wind breeze us as if we just touch 1% of heaven. In the wall, we start to makeout.

Andrea"Chris, how much you love me?"

Chris"More than anything you can imagine in the entire universe."

Andrea"Wow!!! So much love baby."

Chris"Yeah, come here sexy."

I grab her ass and we french kiss a lot. My dick is so hard right right now. I can feel her breast grew a little when I kiss her neck.

Andrea"Ahhhh.......lets pretend to fuck baby."

Chris"Ok, my hard cock wants to tease your pussy now baby."

Andrea"Please me then."

Still in clothes, we body together and I hump her up front.

Andrea"Oh god! More please!"

Then she grab my hands and put it in her pussy and I was fingering it. Everytime I hump her, my finger fucks her, pattern.

Andrea"Oh yes!! Faster!"

She put her hands on my pants where my cock is and starts to smooth it. She knows how to treat my cock right.

Chris"Oh fuck! Im going to cum!!"

Andrea"Me too!!! Let's cum together!!"

Even though I'm not going to cum, she is. Because her pussy is getting really wet right. I finger her faster. She then tights her legs to cum.


When she cum, I quickly kiss her chest and she was holding me so hard, I feel her cums just gushes out so much.

Andrea"Chris, 'panting' your soo good. You made me feel a lot more pleasure than I have ever felt baby."

She kisses my neck, I was now wanting to fuck her now.

Chris"Any time angel."

We then fly back to the Hub. As we got there, she strips and her panties were so wet from her cum.

Andrea"Oh Chris, I made a mess."

Chris"You dirty girl."

We then rest naked...........when night falls, I woke up earlier than her and I look outside. The cities light were so colorful. I look at my cock, and it's hanging already. I didn't want to cum back there, I wanted to save it before we really do have sex, but not on the condom, but on her soft, warm, and beautiful furs. Then I look at her, she then moves a lot. She's sweating a lot, moving too much, she's having a nightmare! I can't do anything, she has to face the fear itself.

Andrea"Wait!!! Wait!!!!"

Who is she talking to? She's sweating even more. Suddenly, she woke up.


Chris"Andrea!! Relax!! It's ok!!. It's over!! I'm here!!"

Andrea"Oh god."

I hug her. Whatever happen in her dreams, it's not a good thing.

Andrea"Chris, let's go to the library please."


We then head to the library and saw a lot of books. She was sitting down and was doing nothing. I walk up to her.

Chris"Your ok?"

Andrea"Yeah. Chris, I know it's hard for me to say this, but we can't be together again."


Andrea"Please Chris! Just don't ask why, I want to live a normal life right now. I don't want another trouble with you in this another night. Please, leave me alone."

I walk to the bathroom and my heart sank so hard, my fucken head hurts.

Chris"What the fuck!!! I save her life more than once and now I can't see her again!! This is bullshit!!! AAAARRRGGGGHH!!!!!"

Why!!! It must be her dreams!! I knew it has to be it!!! Then, my foot twitch. When my foot twitch, someone is coming. It twitches again. When it happen twice, someone is coming as a threat..............uh oh.

To be continue……………..Memory Complete.

Lucia"She broke your heart?"

Sakura"My god, why did we have to make him relive that?"

Lucia"Chris, I'm so sorry!!"

Chris"It's ok. It's not that I know any better."

I don't know what to do. But he is strong and I hope he doesn't lose hope. Chris went to his room and look outside. The night was very colorful, neons were everywhere and spotlights were amazing.

Andrea"Hey Chris."

Chris"I guess you want to see me masturbate right?"

Andrea"Yes please."

He took his clothes, lie down in bed, and stroke his cock.

Andrea"I remember how amazing you were in bed."

Chris"Me too. I never masturbated before."

Andrea"You won't have a problem."

Chris stroke his hard cock more and he feels the pleasure. He moans, like I wish he was behind me.

Chris"God, I love this."

Andrea"I know you would."

Faster and harder, Chris was feeling the intense.

Chris"Ohhhhh, I'm cumming!"

Chris cum a lot all over his body. I never saw that much cum from a man! He's everything I girl could ask for.

Andrea"My god, I miss that in my pussy. You love it?"

Chris"Yeah, but sex with you is better."

Andrea"I know. Well, I'm glad that I get to see you do it. Later Chris."


He clean himself and took a rest, naked. I took the chance to sleep next to him naked. I put his arms around me and I slept with him. His body is warm. I love it, I wish he could fuck me now. His cock was right at my butt. I grab it and tease my pussy. Chris move, and I was spook. I then sleep next to him and really fell asleep. Next day, Chris woke me up and told me to get back to my post.

Lucia"I love our sleep."

Chris"Me too, you were using my cock to tease your pussy."

Lucia"How do you know?"

Chris"While sleeping, I'm always aware of my surrounding. It's in my blood."

Lucia"Oh. Your so cool."

Chris"I know."

At the command room, Sakura was waiting for us.

Sakura"Chris, we found Crepusculum. Hella is there waiting for you. You have to assault the whole place. Find information and destroy any trace of their history."

Chris"Will do."

Raynard"Here, you need new weapons."

49-Thrasher assault rifle, and shotgun ammo's for the pistol.

Raynard"Well, this pistol could actually work on any bullets, if you can increase it's chamber rounds."


Chris then teleports to Hella. They were outside of this compound.


Hella"Was dying to get it started."

They quickly rush in, stealthy, and cut through the defense without a sound. Before he destroy the place, at the main room where everyone is there. he saw that guy he spare his life.

Herlia"You sure he was at the meeting?"

Shook his head as a yes.

Herlia"Pity, I could only imagine how more useful you could be. But I was wrong."

Herlia signal her guard, as he grab his machete and beheaded the spare guy. Chris was disappointed by his choice, but still feel right about his spare. That panther is going to pay.

Herlia"Guards! We're on full alert!! Code black!!"

Chris"Not on my watch."

Chris just tackle her and blast her brains out. He starts killing everyone and having red mist and dismember. Hella was taking down enemies with explosive arrows. Chris was quick and confusing the enemies by killing each other and Chris was heading to the basement.

Chris"I'm heading to the basement."

Hella"The data should be there Chris."

Once he got there, it was empty. Shock to see the whole place is gone.

Chris"What the hell? This place is clean. Everything is empty."

Sakura"Shit! Get out! It could be a trap."

Hella"God damn it!"

Chris ran out and then his head hurt with a lot of memory of this place. In pain, he saw the whole place torture, [word censored], gang bang, and rites. Then an explosion happen. Everything was fast, Chris was knock out but got back to his feet.

Hella"I need help Chris!!"

Chris"I'm on my way!"

Suddenly he was pinch by a injection. Out of nowhere, Chris was getting dizzy.

Chris"I don't feel so good."

Lucia"Chris!! You could make it!! Help her!!"

Chris"Send rescue team!"

He fights his way to the fire and flames. Attacking and helping himself. Chris was much more burry. He can't really much see. Then he found Hella, stuck by the intense flames.


Chris"I'm coming!"

He grab her and escape the place in time. Chris then hide her in the small shaft.

Chris"I'll be back. Rescue team will get you out of here."


Chris enters back and tries to find his victim.

Chris"Raynard, save Hella."

Raynard"Stay with me! I'm losing you!"

Chris"Leave me, I know what I'm doing."

Chris fell and was unconscious. Eye's close, but then saw his suspect.

Dolciana"Grab him out of here. We need him. Your mine now."

Dark went on and past the time. We were at the control room, Raynard got Hella to safety and the rest of us were worry. Sakura was getting more regrets.

Sakura"I'm sorry."

Lucia"I know he is alive!! He is!!"

This intense moment, I just know he is alive. I just know it! But this is not bringing my hopes up but I believe he is! I can't explain it but I'm right. Where was the hope. It's been 4 hours, suddenly Chris is awake and we can see what is going on now. I'm so happy now! Just the fact that where is he and whats going on? Everyone here is watching and hoping Chris can free himself.

Dolciana"Your awake?"

Chris"Where…..am I?"

Dolciana"My legacy."

Chris saw a palace type with every members in a circle. It's dark, but he adjust his brightness.

Chris"You. What do you want from me?"

Dolciana"Well, two things from you. One, you are something. The strength, the will to destroy my organization. I probably should punish you for that. But I could just make you one of us and you'll be my new and loyal pet. Together we could make this world the way I wanted to be. This world should be with a god to look up to that everyone would have much pleasure and equal. Everyone wants pleasure and they all are in lust for it. So I just gave them my vision, my path to their desire. And everyone should participate everyone's desire whether they like it or not, they will get the idea."

Chris"Dolciana, you're sick as fuck."

Dolciana"How did you know my forgotten name? I'm Nova! The queen of this new found cult!"

Chris"Bullshit your not. Your sister told me al about you."

Dolciana"……And that's the second thing I would ask you. Where is my sister?"

Chris"I rather die then."

Dolciana"So be it. Guards!"

Once she turn her back. Chris broke the chains and notice he was naked.

Chris"You have a few moment to run for your life before me or your sister rip you apart."


Chris fight them unarmed. He just grab them and punch a hole in them. Dodging and kicking their heads and breaking their arms. Then he took their knife and chase her down. Two guards, ran up to them in the hallway and quickly knife both of their knees and stab both of them to the head. There he found the storage and found all of his stuff.

Chris"I don't mind to fight naked. But I rather be more professional to the enemies and my allies."

Chris was now at the courtyard and found a lot of the members shooting at him. Chris saw they were wearing long robes, so he decide to do a fireball and flamethrower everyone. All were screaming and dying. Chris kept going and start shooting more members.

Chris"Any time soon before she gets away."

Hella"She is not getting away this time. All these years, finally."

Chris is at the garden with a lot of victims were tied up and were being used as cover. Chris slow motion and took their heads off without innocents dying. It was difficult, but he manage to save all of them. Everything was on fire and explosion from grenades and rocket shots. Hella was almost there and jump off the jetcopter and land without safety. Flexible, she looks up and grab her dual swords and slice other members parts off.

Chris"Where is she?"

Hella"At her boatyard! Let's go!"

They all ran as fast as they can while killing them without stopping. Chris was never finding any trouble at losing energy, yet he was much focus on running and aiming. I find that impossible. At the boatyard, she was there in her speedboat.

Chris"Run Hella!!"

She ran faster than before while Chris was shooting at the controls. Dolciana can't touch it so she can't get it started. Hella jump high and have her bow aimed at her head.

Hella"Don't fucking move."

Dolciana"Sister. We meet again for the last time."

Hella"You bitch, you slut, you sick whore, what the fuck is wrong with you!?"

Dolciana"I'm doing what I always want to."

Chris"This is all wrong! And you know it."

Dolciana"Bullshit, all of you will never understand. Your kind is all about strict love and always be with your partner and no pain. That is nothing! I want to do this because it feels a lot better."

Chris"Even if it feels better, you know no one does like your idea."

Dolciana"But I could show them! I could let them try!"

Chris"By force you mean!"

Dolciana"Damn you!"

Hella"All this time, you left the family, you ruin my life, and you think you could get away?"

Dolciana"I'm old enough to do whatever I want."

Chris"Hella, now what? It's up to you."

Hella"This bitch must be putted down…..I can't kill her."

Dolciana"Weak, your always weak."

Hella"Shut up!!!"

Sisters, if Chris could do something.

Chris"Why don't I kill her?"

Hella"You! You!"

Chris"What does it matter? She must be dead. Leaving her alive just makes it worse for you. If she is gone, you won't have to deal with her and your past anymore."

Hella"Chris……..Your right."

Dolciana"Your weak!! Weak bitch!!"

Chris point the gun in her head and blast her head off. Hella cry.

Chris"It's over now. Hella, let's go."

Hella"My god."

She walks away and Chris search her. Found some data chips and then leave to base. At the base, Chris gave the data to me. He went to his room and listen to music. He's having trouble with her trust now. But he knows it is what it is. Later on, Raynard told Chris that she is fine.

Chris"Well, you save her and really comfort her."

Raynard"She needs comfort from this lose. But I know not too much. She told me that she forgives you. It's done and she will move on."

Chris"Glad to hear it."

Raynard"Did the injection really affect you?"

Chris"No. I played along. It's the only way to find her from the inside and I know the didn't just inject me for nothing."

Raynard"Sakura needs you by the way."

Chris"I'll be there."

In her office.

Sakura"Well, she is dead and we have to move on. Am I right?"

Chris"Of course."

Sakura"It was hard for her, but you did it anyway. Doing the impossible choice."

Chris"I find ways to help us."

Sakura"Well, there is more to go."

Chris"Understand Sakura."

Chris went to the garden plaza and watch the tree's dance around as they know nothing of the outside world. We defend the inside from the outside, it is very much the balance of someone to do something rash. But it's a theory to someone who actually knows better than us. Jealous is key and unfortunate. Someone will always get their way instead to listen the rules and a new one. Chris understand it, by action. Hard part, to move on and just forget the pain. Forget the pain is something Chris remembers tat still it comes back and the easy way out is pleasure. He knows it better than pleasure. A fade memory. Get used to it. By the time Chris went to bed, he heard that Bloesem is being taken by us. Another victory.

End P2
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