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The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 1 Rebirth

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:18 pm    Post subject: The Mechanical Dragon - ACT 1 Rebirth Reply with quote

In Honor for the Dragon Year. There are some major and minor changes in one of those memory story from my other project. I hope this story is good enough for your time.

The Mechanical Dragon - Rebirth, Re-Purpose, Re-War-D

Pure Love, The Rest Pure -X-X-X-.

Prologue - Back At Base

It was the hardest time in my life. I was a rookie until I went in to battle. It was brutal, bloody, and I lost many friends. I never figure it would be easy like the every stories I read. Yet, it doesn't help but be in doubt for the next battle. I wasn't going to yet, for I was order to report me and my squad Network to Camp Siesta. My squad then quickly went to the beach and had fun with the whole army's. I was wish to go to my room. This fine lion escort me to my room. I like how she moves her butt. But I was really tired, getting to bed was my only objective now. Then we finally made to my room, it was very relaxing, but I'm not a Chief Warrant Officer?
Maid"Sir, you were recently promoted to General of the Earth Force. The Leader was very impress of your action at Haze Market. I heard it was a tough battle. Well, now, I hope you rest really well sir."
The battle at Haze Market was very brutal, I was outnumber by 4 platoons. It was my tactics that saves my mens from overkills. But I wasn't interest to talk about my past. I was ready to go to sleep. As I lay down on my bed, I can finally shut my eyes for once and sleep about home.
Next day I was ready for duty, but I forgot about my long month of rest. So, I decide to look at my Parcel. I check on whats new in my inbox. It was a photo of my family, seeing them was very happy to me. I wish this tiny war will end. Yet I could feel this war will end soon, due to the fact that our armies are closing in to enemies home tuff. I felt now this room is my summer vacation home. I wonder what else is in my inbox. And there was nothing left. Until a new inbox just came now. It was a new free digital book called The Mechanical Dragon by Lucia. Funny, the info to this book is about the huge war in 2096 A.D. That was 12 years ago. I always heard about this myth or legend about a dragon who really was a war hero. Some of my senior officers claim to see him in person during the war. They say he was the most deadly person, that breaks the records of massive headshots and kills. It's really not a big surprise to me since it's obvious he is a killing machine. Then the info continue, discover the adventure of how he was the heroic lover of who he really was. It seems to me there was something going on with this dragon. A lover? How could this girl loves a machine? And how was really a hero? Did he even have feeling, I bet. Yup, this book got my attention. I download the data and started to read this interesting book. It was raining outside, I feel the chills with this book. So, I start up the book and it even came with massive pictures of the views of the dragons life. I could really now understand more.

Act 1 - Rebirth


It was another search, group of scientist were gathering more memory chip from another planet. This purpose was to recreate a person as a fully self machine. It's like reliving the dead. I did remake some others, but they were no good to me. For they never really fired a gun before. Yet this next pile of memory chip were yet small.

Lucia"What the fuck is this?"

Scientist"I'm sorry, but this planet has few people."

Lucia"Whatever. Just get out."

I hate this type of job. Hoping to find someone useful. Goat, Moose, Brown Bear, Mouse, all the same one's. There is no one interesting to fuck with. Yes I admit it, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm looking for a perfect young man in this job I'm doing. What I don't understand is, why did I go through all this trouble just to find the dream guy. I find it pointless anyway. Then the last memory chip, I didn't bother looking at it. I felt like I want to throw it away, but then I heard words that I could be in danger. These scientist were starting to feel very worry. I check the last one, and something amazing just happen. It was a dragon. I never had or seen a dragon in my life. I thought they were just a myth of race of something. But a dragon, I just gotta recreate this one now.

Lucia"Going to recreate this one. Standby."

The machines starts moving, picking up the metal objects, forming them into parts to construct the machine I was looking for. They were assembling, with correct measurement, and it then finally construct what I look at was a dragon skeleton with metal as the bones. I gave it a basic default memory access. It should learn about any subject or object whenever it sees its familiar to the memory. It was then complete, I have a dragon at my sight. It then was on, the machine was alive and self aware of it's precence. I never would believe it real. I just hope with all the time I was searching for this could be the one.

Lucia"Hello? What is your name?"

Chris"I'm Chris."

Lucia"I'm your friend. I built you, I brought you back to life."

Chris"Your my friend, ally. You brought me back to life. I'm in your debt, I can't thank you enough."

So far so good, he sound so young. But with all the hope in my hand, could he fight?

Lucia"You know how to use a gun like this?"

But suddenly, the doors exploded behind me as my cover was blown.

Soldiers"Freeze! Don't move you traitor!"

Then Chris took my gun and shot four soldiers down.

Chris"Enemies will not harm my creator. We must leave."

Lucia"What!? Wait! We have to destroy this place!!"

Chris"Destroy this facility, objective updated."

He gave me back my gun and took the soldiers assault rifles. I was in shock to see his action. One shot, one kill. I never hoped this far for him. We went to the elevator, but the then more soldiers. He just without any resist, just headshots them down.

Chris"Targets down."

Lucia"Who are you?"

Chris"I'm Chris."

Lucia"No, I mean what kind of soldier are you?"

Chris"Info error."


Once out of the elevator, we went through the hallway, shot down more soldiers, and enter the control room. I should be able to self destruct this place.

Lucia"Give me cover Chris."


Sure enough, more came and he just shreds them to pieces. I was feeling all shocking scare by bullets. Chris just keep shooting, what kind of skills does he went through to become this super soldier? Then I successfully hack the system and activate the self destruct mode.

Lucia"Ok, this place is ready to blow."

Chris"Escape the facility, objective updated."

Lucia"Wake!! Come in Wake!!"

Wake"This is Wake, go ahead."

Lucia"My cover is blown. I have the VIP with me. And I set the facility self destruct mode. 10 minutes to detonate."

Wake"I'm on my way."

Chris"Elevator is under controlled. Finding alternative route."

He just open the elevator door as an oldest door. How smart is he?

Chris"Get on my back. We're flying up high."


I didn't expect to take us up high to the roof without any thought of regret or mistake. But he just fly faster than the elevators speed. It was so scary to even get hit by those metal beams. We then got to the roof, shot more soldiers.


He just shot the sniper down with just one shot. I just can't believe he is so accurate. Who is he? Then he pick up the sniper rifle, the scope was broken, which meant that one bullet went through the eye. Ouch.

Chris"Enemies are down."

Lucia"Oh god, I can't believe we made it this far."

Chris"I can't believe you recreate me, creator."

Lucia"Hehe, don't make me laugh."

Chris"Sorry Creator."

Lucia"Jokes, do you even have a compliment thought?"

Chris"Your the most beautiful Kitsune I have ever seen."

Lucia"Thank you, your so kind."

His reaction then shot one sniper just across the building from here.

Lucia"And deadly. How you know he was there?"

Chris"Info error."


Wake"I'm almost at the LZ!"

Lucia"Ok! I'll stay put."

Our pick up was here, surprisely no more soldiers are even coming for us anymore. Then, what I saw was the most shocking thing he ever did. He aim at our heli pick up with one shot and it crashes on our building. What the fuck is he doing? I don't know who he really is anymore.

Lucia"What the fuck are you doing!! That was our pick up!!!!"

Chris"Sensor indicates the people in that heli doesn't match the voice of Wake. It was a decoy."

How the gods name of my damned life does he know it was a decoy!?

Lucia"How did you know that was a fucking decoy!?"

Chris"You gave me voice analyze. Why, didn't you were aware of this program you gave me creator?"

Lucia"I don't remember that."

Chris"Our pick up is here now."

Then we get pick up from our heli and left quickly as possible. But then strike fighters were on to us. Chris just shot both of them down with one bullet each. Both crash in the explosion of relieve.

Chris"No more ammo for this .50 Cal sniper."

Wake"Lucia, are you ok?"

Lucia"Yeah, I'm fine."

Wake"This is the VIP? Whats your name?"

Chris"I'm Chris. Are you my friend?"

Wake"Uh, sure I am."

Chris"Great, another ally. I make good friends."

Wake"What is up with him?"

Lucia"He doesn't have the full memory part. Just the basic."

Wake"Is he worth the trouble?"

Lucia"Funny you should ask. I think he is so much of a perfect soldier, just give him a gun and he will take out a whole platoon with just one mag. That's how perfect he is."

Chris"I'm thankful for recreating me Creator."


Finally, I was home, in the land of our peaceful home, Ataraxis. I hope Sakura would be able to thank me for all the time I was spying. This place, Seva Home Base, I look forward to reunite my friends. As we land, we went straight to the lab to finish him into a full constructed machine with full memory data. As were my teams and friends, they were here to witness my discovering of a new super soldier. The machine then foam him up into a real animal shape of Chris's form. He was a blue dragon. He really is young, and deadly, but I have all the confidented that he is our answer. Then we gave him the full memory data, remembering everything he knows before his death. As the machine was cooling down, Chris is completed. His presence gives me the chills as the dragon is very much skinny, but with his sharp muscle, but his abs. Look at it, it's nothing I ever seen it before. He must be my perfect man. As he knees down with emotion, I went up to him. He was breathing heavily, for I must be careful of my action.


Chris"....Whats going on?"

Lucia"You've been recreated?"


Lucia"Your a machine now. You now are a super soldier."


He finally looks at me. But, no smile or surprise, just.....piss. Suddenly he grab me hard and put all the rage on me. Everyone is all in shock to see this go wrong.

Chris"What did you do to me!!!!???"

Lucia"We just recreated you!! You have a second chance at life!!!"

He then push me hard that I fell down hard to the wall. I was now hurt, I felt that I was betrayed. Why does he do this to me? All the pain of waiting and searching just to get this maddness.


Resistances"Look out!!! Put him down!!!"

He then just grab me again and put me in his neck snap position. I was so scared than ever now.

Chris"Give me one good reason why she doesn't deserve to die!!!!"

Sakura"We mean no harm Chris!! Put her down!!!"

Chris"Not good enough!!!"

Lucia"What's wrong coming back to life??!!!"

Chris"I'm a machine!!! I have no life!!!"

Sakura"Wait!!! You do have a life!!! Can you make a decision to kill her or not!!?"

Chris"I can kill her!!!"

Sakura"Are you breathing!!??"

He finally loose up a bit.

Sakura"This is all a big confusion. Let's just calm down."

Chris"Fine. Why did you recreate me?"

Lucia"We need a super soldier to help us!"

Chris"You think I'm just a tool?"

Lucia"No no, you could help us if you want!"

Chris"Why should I help you?"

Lucia"Because we are in need of help very badly!"

Chris"Let me guess? More killing I have to do?!"

Sakura"I'm lying if I say no."

Chris"Great. More killing, more killing, more fucking killing!"

Then he let me go and was broken down yet the strength is still with him.

Chris"Is this another test?"

Sakura"There is no test."

Chris"I'm tired of killing a lot people from my talents as a tool. I was ready to go back home and started a nice family. I had kids and a lovely young wife. What the fuck now!?"

Lucia"I'm sorry Chris! You died in the year 2017 A.D. That was 79 years ago!"

Chris"79 years ago?! What the fuck! Am I still in the Planet Rankem?"

Lucia"No, this is Planet Zing."

Chris"What kind of planet is this?"

Lucia"The only living planet here in the galaxy."

Chris"That's impossible. I was born on Lexuing."

Lucia"That name sounds familiar. Isn't it that the massive testing planet to see if they can recreate history again?"

Chris"What? That's impossible!!"

Lucia"Look, this is getting us nowhere. We have use the MR.


Lucia"Memory Recovery, it's a machine to trace down your memory deep inside the place you forgotten. We can help get your old memory back so we can understand what happen to you."

Chris"And I figure in return I help you guys out right?"

Sakura"Looks that way."


As the trouble was over, I started to realize from all of his skills, he must have been through a lot of hard stuff. I felt, sorry for him. Even though he did hurt me, I understand why. Right now, we just have to solve each others problems. In the MR, he is sitting in the machine. Wires are connecting in him, we can see, hear, and feel his view. We then boot up the system and then the program starts.

Lucia"We may not find all of your memory, but you will remember some events. By time, we could figure out your whole life story."

Chris"Hope your right."

Then he is starting to see somebody. We can see he is in the program now. But then we saw a figure. It's a white tiger coming towards him.

Chris"Andrea!! I'm so glad to see you!!"

Andrea"As I am too. I miss you my love."

Chris"79 years ago, and you still look young. How are the kids?"

Andrea"Chris, you must understand that this is not a test. I know where the kids are but I can't tell you. Because I'm your spirit. I died years ago."

Chris"No....no.....no, no, no!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!"

Andrea"Please Chris!! I can't stand seeing you suffer! You have to move on! I'm dead. This wasn't your fault. Your still alive, and I'm here with you, just like I promise you at the wedding."

Chris"(Sobbing) You were all I have!! Now, I got nothing to care about anymore. I'm tired of suffering so much death!!"

Andrea"I know. Just, relax. It's going to be ok. I'm with you till the end."

Chris"....Oh god, ok. What now?"

Andrea"First, you must trust your new friends. The Seva Resistance are to be trusted. Their cause is very important that I know you will help them, whatever you can."


Andrea"And since I'm with the spirits, it's ok for you to pursuit any relationship you desire. You need someone to comfort you, understand you, and really loves as I did the same."

Chris"I wonder who can it be."

Andrea"You'll know when the time has come. Now, let's remember your memory my baby blue. We met before, you think we have a lot in common?"

I found a major 2 important sides of his life. How does he believes, and How does he become. Memory 1 is open to his memory while memory 2 is not ready to be open until he remembers something that reminds him of the past. By the way, I was very touched when he was talking to his beloved wife. I find them both of them really do have the strongest love I ever seen. But then she is gone, losing your loved one is what I really know the pain. Then the memory 1 process has begun.

Memory 1 - Chapter 1 Red World

In the year 2016, my life is hell from birth to now. 16 year old Blue Dragon. I'm Chris and my last name is not very important. To me, I live the world that is the exact other side of the universe, which is the planet call Earth. Where I am now is call Lexuing. I study much of Earth in my science class. I was very curious on that planet, it's different life form is very much the same as here. War, power, people, technology, art, culture, environment, and of course, sex. The nature of it is too much power feeling than being all strong and rich. Earth was blue and green, but here was that same color before. Now it's a red waste land. Everything on this planet is all war, hate, lust, greed, power, and mind control. It's similar to this book I read from Earth, by universal transmitter omni, (UTO.), call 1984. Very similar, but I'm not mind control. Here is two different society, one is high class and the other is slaveiumist. 80% is slaveiumist and they are truely mind control. High class gets some free wills, as well as being rich and powerful. I was in the dynasty family, that trains the young male's here as perfect warriors. We fight all day aganist the other dynasty families. I was the only one who out match all of them. It's a tournament game that whoever wins, the warriors family gets paid more money. Out of curious, my abs were so different that all of them. My rectus abdominis is not square shape but a eye shape. But what about the female's you say, well they are to be the trophy girls. We get to fuck with them if the female's were the winner of the female trophy contest. However, if they lose, they were to be beaten by their father by any means necessery. I was way different than all of them. I don't like this type of way. I rather live in Earth where everyone is treated equal and fair. Religion here was whoever you are, your belong to the group, period. No worship, no celebration, no religion acts in other words. But I use the UTO to read this interesting book call the Bible. I compare it to our religion history, and it was the same thing as there's. Amazing. Yet our technology is way better than Earth, by 10% of advance. Well, now today is the day that I have to see my close friend Andrea, who is the most beautiful White Tiger I ever met, and also age 16, getting to be fuck by my old rival, Hector, the Red Fox. I hated him since I met him, a lying bastard. All of this will be held in the school plaza by 1 p.m. Every teens will look as my friend will be humilitated by everyone. War is still going on and recently this nuclear factory had a meltdown. Now the leak is rushing to the core of this planet at fast pace. This may be the final day I will live on this planet. In the library, I met up with Andera. We chat.

Andrea"Hey, your ok?"

Chris"Not really, and I never will, it sucks to be me."

Andrea"But what can you do now, we have to move on. I'm sorry Chris, but luck change."

Chris"All the times we been together, we had a great time. And now you lack to show your pain for yourself as if this never happen."

Andrea"Chris, don't be like that! I rather be whipped by my parents than to win. I also hate my life as well."

Chris"This never helps me at all, don't bother."

Andrea"......see you later Chris."

That's the end of my life. How much of a failure I am at the last second when I was knockout with a illegal punch. I know he put something in his gloves. It's 12:30 p.m. and now it's alomst ready for the show. This heart feeling is rushing fast as if God thinks it's painless. All of this moment is coming fast and the pain in me is pointless to show. Time is running out, and we're all going to die as raw animals. I was standing next to the infamous table where Andrea is going to get fuck hard and mercyless. This cruelty never ends.

Hector"Hey Chris!!! I told you not to talk to her!!"

Holy fuck, not now! Not at this final hours!!

To be continue.......Memory complete.

I would have never believe it. Chris isn't crazy at all. He was living in a test control planet that he never thought he was a test subject. I now realize that this type of test was never heard from again because the way I see it, that planet was fuck. But how did he and her girlfriend survive it. This feeling, I wish I could help him now.

Sakura"This poor kid. I feel sorry for him. But he is our answer. We must keep him under control before things could go worst."

Lucia"Yes ma'am."

Then Chris was release from the connection and I was still looking at his naked body. He is very sexy. But I have to be very careful, he is a nuke if I press his wrong button.

Chris"You get the information?"

Lucia"Yes we did. That planet is a testing ground. Those scientist wants to play god and they were just sick. I'm glad you survive."

Chris"All for this. So, now what?"

Lucia"We wait until she gives you your new mission."

Chris"Great. I need clothes though."

Lucia"I could see that. I'll give some clothes. After that, you should meet other people here. Who knows what benefits they have to help you out."

Chris"Thanks for the advice."

Look at his cock, I want it really bad. I can't wait to feel it inside me. But I hate waiting, I should try to make a move slowly. Until then, let him find this place very comfortable. He must be in good condition.


With all that just happen, how could this all turn out to be? Do I feel bad that he is in a terrible condition and still I want his cock? I feel, strange to be feeling this way. What kind of a person am I? When he got his clothes on, he looks so cool and fresh from the shower. His dark blue hoodie and jean makes him a kid again. I wonder how does feel about his age? I was watching him all the time, not through my eyes but through his eyes. I put a chip monitor to watch his view, what does he do next is entirely up to him. He was walking down the hanger, with a lot of mechanics fixing our fighters and heli's. He doesn't appear to be wanting to talk to anybody, but they are looking at him like he is one person to admire to. But then he found his attention, an Arctic Fox was complaining his work from his fighter, or so he looks like the type of person that is really not good at flying. Because I know for a fact that he is my brother, Raynard.

Raynard"Come on you stupid.....argh. Damn it, I think it's all mess up."

Chris just went up to the problem and somehow fix the gas tubes from the engines that was not properly connected.

Raynard"Well what do you know, it works."

Chum-Bot"The tubes is properly fixed. It can now fight more longer for another 5 hours."

Raynard"Thanks dude. Hey, aren't you Chris?"

Chris"Yeah, and how?"

Raynard"Everyone knows everything that happens here and outside, like advertising."

Chris"You don't look like a pro mechanic."

Raynard"Well, not much of a 'real' expert, but I do major upgrades for anyone that needs the boost. I think you should get some upgrades as well."

Chris"I'll think about it."

Raynard"Sure, just give me the resource and I'll update you the latest ones."

Chris"Getting them?"

Raynard"The marketing business is not doing very well, so we can't get the resources we need. But there is a catch and and a way to find those resources. They are mostly found in different cities or in the battlefields if you look hard enough, and hoping you don't die out there with the resource."

Chris"Dying is something I give, not take."

Raynard"Ok then."

Chris"What do you know about Lucia?"

Raynard"The fact that she is the most smartest of all of us and she is my sister, she's good. I imagine she forgot something to put it in you."

Chris"I think she forgot to give me all my memory back."

Raynard"That happen to everyone she created. She said its always like that, she can't do something about it. Not so smart of her now."

Chris"Yeah. I should go."

Raynard"Thanks again Chris for your help."

Not so smart of me, he'll get something in his bed tonight. Chris then went to the training room. Seeing everyone training hard condition, shooting, melees, and pilot simulator, I could know he knows everyone of them very well. But the way he can adept to anything, he can adept even in this future times. Another interest he look is a Brown Horse, Hella.

Hella"So, who's next to step up aganist me?"

All those melee fighters were all hurt and scared of her.

Hella"Man up you girls! In combat, you must be ready for anything! That also means a hot chick waiting to whoop your ass to kingdom come!"

Chris"I'll fight."

Hella"Finally, someone to show you cowards how its done."

Oh boy, Hella was asking for it. Once into the mat, they start to fight. Hella throw a right punch, but was blocked. Then she throws left punch, but was blocked also. Then she jumps up and kick him, but was avoided.

Hella"Aren't you going to hit me?"

Chris"I don't hit girls."

Hella"You should, who knows if this angry bitch comes full rage at you and destroy you balls sack."

Chris"I like to see you try."

Then she went full rage at him, throwing blinding punches and kicks. Chris stills blocks and avoids them all.

Hella"What are you!?"

Chris"Names Chris. You?"

Hella"Its Hella to you. Now fight me!"

She just did more jumps and sweeps but can't never touch him. Then she just did a super jump flip and with a strike kick, yet again was missed.

Hella"Since you won't do anything, how about you don't move for once."


He stand still and Hella just run at him, taking out her knife was the final straw, but it was not there all of a sudden she realize it. Then Chris took out her knife from his pocket and show it to her face as she fell down in defeat. Chris was pointing the knife close to her neck.

Chris"One move, you die."

Hella"How is that possible?"

Chris"How easy it was to take it out while you were jumping over me. You should have it attach to you at all times."

Oh my god he did it again! That was awesome. I loved when he always do that. Hella was gotten up by Chris with a hand offer. She accept the defeat and got up. Still, how piss she is still I think.

Hella"For a machine, you sure know how to fight."

Chris"I have the gift."

Hella"Class dismiss girls."

Chris"Such harsh training. But I had it worst."

Hella"You think."

Chris"So, what is your special talent?"

Hella"Your looking at the best frontline captain there is. I make sure our guys doesn't pull back for no goddamn reason and keep pushing up to the enemies. Even so, I'm a technicalist. I made sure we have every tools we need to our advantage."

Chris"I see. What is your favorite tool?"

Hella"My little friend Arcus. This modern bow can really fly like a bullet."

Chris"How so?"

Hella"Inside its the same design as a gun, but by creating more tension, it can go from short distance to a sniper distance and meters away from your target."

Chris"That is one interesting bow."

Hella"Yeah, so, got any missions to do?"

Chris"Not yet. I better go now."

Hella"Take care."

How odd is he, doesn't use his charm yet or something. But he is starting to calm down for now. Then he looks at more target practice, wondering if he could show the pro's how its done. But then came his next attention, a piss off Vixen just went down the hall. He follows her, not leaving any sight of trail hunting. This went all the way to the top floor, her room is special due to the fact that she is really another valueable asset to the team. So then, he finally enters the room, without any manners at all, and starts looking around. Then he saw a view of the city.

Chris"What a view."

Not until then someone was coming up to him, Chris reverse her stealth attack and disarmed her and then other one does the same but he too was disarmed from his usual sneak attack. Both were pointed from their guns. Then Chris drops their rounds.

Chris"I probably forgot to knock."

Viola"You are trespassing. Who are you?"

Jack"Wait, your Chris?"

Chris"Thats my name."

Jack"Holy crap, I heard the news about your escape with Lucia. She describe as saying give him a gun with one round and you can take out a whole platoon."

Chris"Somewhere there yeah."

Jack"Impressive moves, no one ever escape my usual silent strikes. Names Jack by the way. This is Viola."

Chris"Glad to meet you."

Viola"I hardly believe a strong man would outsmart me, but you. You are something."

Chris"I get that a lot. What are you two?"

Viola"I do Stealth missions. And Jack here does Recon missions."

Jack"Before we go to battle, I want to make sure what we are up against before we hit them hard."

Viola"And I make sure we get the right details. Or I find more interesting stories around towns."

Chris"Sounds like a good pair of you two."

Viola"We are."

Jack"Beside, we recently are getting sloppy at our jobs."

Viola"And I just hated when they always get away from us."

Chris"Something I should do if they allow me."

Jack"We need more help. You could help us out as well."

Viola"I just hope we do our job right this time with you."


Lucia"Chris, Sakura needs you at her office."

Chris"I'm on it. Better go, Sakura needs me."

Jack"Nice meeting with you kid."

And so he went to Sakura's office, on the same floor. Her office looks like home to him, wondering if he is really at home.

Sakura"Chris, I hope you figure out your part of the problem."

Chris"I'm still figuring out my past."

Sakura"Lucia was not kidding then. Anyway, I have a task for you. You think you could do some Recon mission?"

Chris"I'm ready for anything."

Sakura"That's the spirit. Ok, here is the town called GreenHarp. You objective is to find out any plans or anything that can help us retake our country's continent."

Chris"What country are we?"

Sakura"Oh, I forgot to ask you this. We live in the country of Jaunty. We the Seva Resistances have one purpose, to fight back the evil society of the Imonarpire Dynasty. Their country, Wiltheis, was once a beautiful outdoor. The vast land of lush nature and nice culture. Until the Imonarpire Dynasty took over government power and turn the beautiful Wiltheis into a war zone. We the resistance promise our refugee's from Wiltheis to take back their home world and overthrow the government and take back our peace. We've been fighting this war for over 12 years, I can't stand this war. I don't want to die young now."

Chris"I understand."

Sakura"Personally, I hear tons of words of some sick twisted society that are doing things so bad that the government is actually promoting them so they would all feel better. Chris, please. Not just for me, but for everyone's sake."

Chris".....I'll do it. Just tell me what to do and it shall be done for everyone's sake. It's like putting stitches on a majoy cut."

Sakura"Thank you, a thousands times thanks. Wake will drop you off there. I'm bringing you some help if anything."

Chris"Yes Ma'am."

So on he goes. What will Chris do to get our life back?


GreenHarp is way down south from Ataraxis. Wake was giving Chris and his team the drop off. Chris is getting ready for his duty.

Raynard"Here you go. Just in case you find something fishy."

Chum-Bot"S34-7 submachine gun with suppresser. Good for mid range combat."

Chris"Nice to know."

Jack"Alright, we need to find out any plans we could find. Raynard will be in the main district for any resources you may find. I'll be searching from above. Chris will be on ground."

Chris"Fine, let's do it."

Wake"10 seconds."

The three of them took a sky dive and land a bit distances from each other. Chris just landed near the projects. His new long coat looks more badass spy.

Chris"Just landed in this looking projects."

Raynard"Go camo if you think that place looks hot."


Raynard"You probably should have tested out all your new features you have before we have embark. Your camo will make you invisible, making you more stealthy."

Chris then use the camo ability and was surprise to be invisible.

Chris"Fuck yeah, I'm now starting to love the new me now. I always wanted to go invisible."

Raynard"Glad you like it. There's a lot more then you think. But right now, focus on the mission."


While going downstairs and into the streets, he found some trouble going on. He sees two thugs beating up this small young guy. Apparently those couple need some help. But what does think about this?

Chris"Hey assholes, back away from these couple."

Thug"Boy, your a nobody. Get lost you looking computer nerd."

Chris"The fuck you say."

I love when he beats the crap out of them. Punch to the face and kick to the skull.

Chris"You guys are alright?"

Couple"Yeah, thanks for your help."

Chris"This place ain't safe here. You guys must leave here."

Couple"Ok. Have you been to Ataraxis?"

Chris"It's a nice place to be there. It's a garden city, you should go there if you can."

Couple"Yes, we have money to go there. Thanks again."

Sakura"Nice going Chris. Thats one step to help out the innocents."

Chris"Glad to join the cause."

Jack"Chris, I see some activity going on in the Jay Section."

Chris"I'm on my way."

Chris ran there. Spiriting along and watching as the night is strong in this nightlife to come out. Chris hears the new world at last with the people ready to show their time. At Jay Section, Chris found the area to be camps for the poor. Jack was scouting the place.

Jack"See if you can find anyone useful. I hear military weapons type around here."

So he walk there all camo. The poor here are all not having a good time since the Imonarpire has taken control of the city. These soldiers were not playing nice with the locals. Chris was looking around and hearing people's conversation. Then he hear a cry of help. Chris went to the noise, he saw these soldiers threating to kill the husband if the wife cooperate with their demand. She has no time to be quiet. Then Chris uncamo and gives them headshots.

Chris"Shhhhh, hide the bodies, very quietly."

The locals did so and carry them to their tents. Then he camo and kept going. Tent by tent, he then heard an odd conversation.

Voice 1"Have you got our troops ready?"

Voice 2"Yes, they are ready to hit the east side of the town to advance forward."

Voice 1"Good, our airstrike should soft them off."

Voice 2"For our future."

Voice 1"For our future."

Chris"Jack, are you getting the feed?"

Jack"Loud and clear. Looks like they know our recent position to move our artillery there."

Chris"Permission to eliminate the targets?"

Jack"Permission granted."

He opens the tent and shot one and kill two of them.

Chris"Kills confirmed."

Jack"What you see there?"

Chris"A computer. Is still on, I have the data with me."

Raynard"Chris, use your data transfer with your hands. HQ will pick up your feeds."

Chris"Doing now."

His hand was on the computer and was surprise to see the data transfer in his monitor. Probably not used to see data info in his head, but was adepting quickly.

Chris"Data transfer complete."

Jack"Excellent work. We have something useful now. Let's look for more plans."

Chris exit the place unnotice and went to the main district where Raynard was there.

Chris"Seems peaceful here."

Raynard"That's because the party poopers hasn't came yet."

Chris"Anything you find?"

Raynard"No. But let's check your system ability quick."

Chum-Bot just scan him and saw a unique machine with anything to update him.

Raynard"Boy, you sure do need some updates."

Chris"Which one is more important for me?"

Raynard"Well, you do need some new vision modes. The resource is a Sync-19 Eye Mode. If you could find it, you would be able to see through walls."

Chris"I'll look for it."

Then the party poopers just came in. Three trucks loaded with soldiers, everyone is scared for their lives. Everyone freeze before they get shot. The General then got out and easily took over a hostage.

General"You look very lovely today. How about we have a good time here and now?"

Raynard"Chris, we have to get out of here. There's too much of them."

Chris"You have at least two knifes?"

Raynard"What for?"

Chris"Just do it."

He gave him two hunting knifes and went camo. Chris walk right next to those soldiers.

Jack"Chris! What the hell are you doing?"

Chris"Watch me."

He then goes out behind these soldiers and cut their throats while walking and unseen. How does he do it is unbelievable. He is really a ghost. He just took out 10 soldiers and the two is where he stab the last two together to the head and show his presence. The General was in shock to see the dragon as death is him.

General"What the fuck! Guards! Kill him!!"

Chris"What guards?"

He looks around and saw his mens died with slient floating knife.


Chris"Shut up you prick."

Chris just ran to him before he pull out his gun, stabbing them to the both lungs and x strike to the neck and cut like scissor form. General fell with massive bloods spits out as he doesn't know true war blood at stake.

Chris"Your free to go."

Hostage"Thank you sir!"

She left to her friends.

Raynard"Holy cow, that was fucking incredible."

Chris"Everything is more possible for my function with my new ability. I can be more creative now without a mistake. It's like going with a flow. And saving somebody that was about to be [word censored] in front of the these people, its something I remember doing that before."

Then Chris saw Andrea from the distance at the crowds. She disapear in the clouds of electric waves of memory. I believe she represent that Chris remember something that we could discover more of his past if more possible. Chris then walks around the district, looking for the part he needs and more plans. He see's the people talking, but he knows there is something that is really scaring them, fear of the enemy. I wish that they could do something about it and join our cause, but I think the sound of war doesn't help them since I believe we live in harmony before the invasion. To ruin of life, is to scar us with a terrible truth that we didn't realize it but it was not our fault it spreads like cancer. Chris is now at Banot Area. Chris saw this place more occupy type of police state. Soldiers were there and its hard to tell which one is more interesting. Chris then went camo and walk around the camp like its a market area. He hears the noise of how they are ready to take over more towns, but not his answer. Trucks are rolling in, more of them. He hears the missing general that Chris kills him before. This place is on high alert now that they probably know they are under attack.

Chris"The alarm, sounds more tough and fierce, I like it."

Just playing around, he kept moving. Inside the occupy building, Chris found more soldiers, but more of high rank officers.

Chris"I think I found high class officers."

Jack"Good, find out about anything. Sakura will give you the go to eliminate anyone."

Sakura"Interesting, you could kill all of them. But we better make sure we have the right information."

Chris"Copy that."

Chris then walks around, but found something he really needs. The Sync-19 Eye Mode, he went up and pick it up unnotice. Chris then hears the soldiers complaining about their missing part.

Chris"Raynard, I got it."

Raynard"Good eye."

Upstair, he notice the main guy in charge of mostly everything. He creep up and Chris hears his conversation.

Captain"Well, bring up the map. I see your plan, it's a good idea sir, our men just scouted the area. That place very weak and it soon shall be crush down. Yes sir, your WL-78b are capable to destroy them. 30 minutes to get there is correct. Yes sir, understood. We're rolling out at 0900 hours. For our future."

Sakura"Interesting. A group of them are mostly hiding at the south side and I see their boats location. Sending fighters to intercept the bombers. Good work Chris. Something productive already. Your clear to eliminated my painted targets on your scanner. Your LZ will be there in 3 minutes top."


Chris headshot the captain and then quickly look around. He knows they will sound the alarm. But failure is not on his mind. He then slience them down, he quickly took down spotted guards, but more of them saw alert. The alarm went off and all the soldiers came to find Chris. But he was still in camo, harder to find them now.

Wake"I hear gun shots, your ok?"

Chris"I'm fine, just get us out of here already."

Wake"I'm almost there, Jack and Raynard are with me."

Chris then went off camo and start fighting for real. Dodging every bullets are hard these day, even alone against all. Chris didn't panic but started to kill more of them. Machine guns open fire and and he took them out as easy targets.

Wake"LZ is here!"

Chris"I see you."

The heli just landed and Chris just ran and they all went flying back home. Mission Accomplish.

Chris"Here you go."

Raynard"Exactly what I need."

Jack"Found the plans, looks like we now have a real fight in our hands and we will win the battle."

Chris"Hope you guys are ready for a real fight."

Jack"Yes we are."

Back at home and Sakura was happy to see new results.


Before we all started to go to battle. Chris was getting an upgrade, Raynard was careful on putting it on. Chris felt it was painless, but seeing his blood tissues, he was interested on the body he was.

Raynard"And done. You should be able to see through anything."

Chris"Impressive. Whoa, the structure of the building, everything in details, and the people's x-ray. I see everything."

Raynard"Good to know that you like it."

And my brother just left the place. Now it is my chance to talk to him. If I could just try.

Lucia"Hey Chris."


Lucia"So, you saw Andrea lately?"

Chris"How you know?"

Lucia"I can see what you look at. I put a device in your head so that we know you actually are doing the task."

Chris"You think I would betray you?"

Lucia"You never know some electric faults might happen. Even the enemies have that kind of weapon."

Chris"Point taken. Yes I saw her again, what does that mean?"

Lucia"I bet it means you remember something and we can still search for more memory in your memory data."


Hop on the machine and we can see his new memory now.

Andrea"It was a strangest thing we ever did Chris. More like an impossible fantasy to escape reality."

Memory 1 Chapter 2 Out of the Fire Pit

Hector"You just signed a death wish punk!"

Chris"Who cares! Everyone will die! But your next in line you fuck!"

Everyone gather around and watch our fight. He throw a punch, but I block. Then, I grab him and filp him over. Then his gang came and try to attack me, but I jump kick them and punch one of eye's out like a easy target.

Hector"I knew you like to fight, so you just want a rematch then? We'll you got some!"

I randomly back punch one of his gang and he was down cold. Everyone cheers for me, these people in their own invisible bubble. Another grab me and I just throw him and kick his ass in mid air. Much of them are out but not dead. Then Hector got a knife and tries to stab me, but I'm master at counter-attack.

Hector"Grrrrr!! Why don't you give up! This is pointless! She'll get fuck by me anyway!! Your finished!! Everyone now knows your just a coward!! Cheapshots!! You already are dead!! Just like your sister!!!"

No!! The memory snaps back to where my sister just got killed by my father, he whip her so hard, to the point where he snaps and just burn her with his dragon breath. The pain just hurt when she screams for my name. I failed to help my older sister, Kelly. Now, Hector is red of blood I now see, a sorry ass victim.

Chris"Your screwed now."

I rush at Hector and went behind him. In a chocking position, I feel nothing and I twist his head to his 'Crack!'


I let him go and drops the dead body of Hector. Everyone was now motionless.

Andrea"What the hell did you do!!"

People watch me as the world was watching me, not hiding this time. I yet feel no guilt in me. But then, I have a twitch in my ear. Usually a twitch in my ears that never failed me always must hear something. Everything was now silent and the empty rattles stop.......oooom.........ooooooomm.........boooooooooom........boooom..........boooom....boom....booom!

That sound, I know it's not a good sound. I look over at the horizon, and saw multiple bright lights.........no, No! I thought thats fake! Operation Nova. Neutral Over Vast Area. It's now the end. Then it went silent again and I hear a engine. It sounds hover, the Private Frontier Hub. It's working, and I never thought I going to steal that now to space. But, what the fuck am I waiting for? Then the sounds recame.

Chris"Andrea! Follow me!"

I grab her arm's and went to the parking lot and find a good car. I then ran and got to this fast car> Broke the window and got in, hot wire it and I force her to get in, no time to explain.

Andrea"Owww!! What the fuck!!"

Chris"Sorry! No time now."

I punch it and run fast to the highway.

Andrea"Stop the car now!!!!!"

Chris"I wish I could, but I rather live than die."

Andrea"What!!!?? Your not making sense you bastard!!"

Then a missle hit a building where now Andrea is getting the picture. Fast as I could, I keep avoiding the traffic as now they stop and go to the rails. More missle's were flying down like a fireball. Left and right, I know how to drive without a fucking license. I got out of the highway and head to the airport where I know that Hub is there.

Andrea"Where are we going!!!"

Chris"To that Hub there are preparing to launch."

Andrea"Oh great, we're dead!"

I ram inside and keeping going and never care who got in my way and broke some walls and now I'm outside again in the runway. I look around for that Hub, sooner later, I found that Hub. I rush to it and I alomst hit the oil truck where now it's going out of control and head straight to the airport and blows up hell to kingdom come. The flames were intense. I stop and got out of the car and ran to the Hub.


We went to the Hub and climb on it. Missle's were still striking hard. I then went to the Cockpit and turn on the control manually.

Andrea"You know how to fly this thing?"

Chris"I hope I do."

I then lift off and went to the sky where the missle's were still in my way. I took a risk and kept flying to the sky. One of them can hit me, I just know it. But, I finally went to the sky and saw a black world, space. We are now free from hell. I change it to automatic and it still went the same direction. I look back and saw the planet that was never a home for me go burn. Then, the greatest blast blows up the whole planet, and I watch the blast burns my eye's as I turn away...............It's gone now.

Chris"Finally, it's over, for now."

Hour's later, we were tired and went to this one big bed. I look at her with her beautiful breast and she took off my T-shirt. She lie down on my chest and we kiss for the first time.

Andrea"You'll protect me right?"

Chris"I always will sexy."

She laugh. Then, she kiss my neck and I felt the powerful pleasure I ever had. I then kiss her neck and I hear her moan so good.

Andrea"ahhh. You wanna do it, be honest."


She then put her head on my chest and then sleep. Rubbing her back, I now have Andrea as my girlfriend. But now what to do in space. And I can't make love with her now. I must have that safety first, but I'm stuck in space. What now?

To be continue.......Memory Complete

Lucia"Sakura, we finally know what happen to the testing ground."

Sakura"It's a huge save for those two. I can't believe they actually survive this maddness. All the crazy moments, I too thought it was something you don't dream this possible anyway."

Lucia"Exactly what I feel."


Lucia"Her sister, I can't believe she was murder by her parents. What kind of world was Chris in?"

Sakura"Worst than our failure to protect our people. We have to go now."

Chris and his new friends are on their way back down south of GreenHarp, but they are defending the coast line area where Hella is responsible for leading the defensive team. With Chris on her side, he just even the odds of this invasion.

Hella"We are pushing back the Imonarpires back to the waters and back where they came from."

Jack"Your ready up your weapon?"

Chris"Yeah, Vapor29-5, let's see what it can do."

Wake"Incoming fire!"

Wake dodge the missile and open the back door.

Wake"It's too hot to land."

Hella"We have to land! Our men are being torn apart!"

Chris"I take care of it."

He just grab a turrent and start firing the machine gun posts.


Chris then blow those trucks up. More soldiers are coming in from the smoke they made.

Chris"Land now!"

Wake without backing out just did and Chris rush out their and uses his vision to see from smoke. Chris just then what all dragons do, shoot flames and burn their passage up. He was a true warrior, always smart with the plan. Then he just shoot the rest of the enemies down. No one then saw a tank coming in their way, but Chris then just breath in a huge air and out a fireball at the tank and exploded with a bang of defense.

Chris"All clear to advance forward."

Hella"Listen up guys! Retaking this beach is our ticket to reclaim our whole land! We must push them harder and fast. Everyone depends on us, now let's go!!"

Jack"We'll be overwatching you guys. You more in your next checkpoint."

Hella"Chris, with me!"

Chris"On it."

They both follow to the next checkpoint. The damage was done, the beautiful coast was in flames, it will be over once they push all of them back. Chris observe the battlefield as a place is a beach town. Not much building was here before, he could only imagine this type of place as a picnic area or a national park. But I do remember the place, it was beautiful, I now forgot the place as the flames cannot make me remember straight. At the checkpoint, Chris and Hella made sure the squad made it there in time.

Jack"Guys you have multiple tanks coming your way."

Chris"I got this."


Chris immediately found and kill the sniper up from the hills.

Chris"Shall we keep going?"

Hella"Let's move up!"

Friendly fighters just past over them as they were going to strike down the ships. Chris then found the tanks and blows them up high.

Chris"Tanks my ass, I'm a motherfucking tank bitch!"

Hella"Keep going guys! Push up!!"

Chris was having some kind of fun, but I didn't know he was still focus on the mission. How much could he really get distracted? Rain comes in, it was kinda like his energy drink or something that got him a bit relaxed. On the hill, there he saw the whole armies down there. They got no where to go, and Chris is going to show no mercy on any one of them. They all start firing on us, but Chris then start shooting fireballs at them and they are asking for a retreat.

Chris"They are retreating."

Hella"They don't deserve a retreat! Finish them all!"

So they just shot everyone and their air support did nothing to save them all, the battle was brutal. They all beg for mercy, but Hella order to kill them all. No one left standing. Chris just watch the dying enemies, on the beach, blood was the tide that took the dead to the sea. Chris then notice one soldier still alive, he just went to his audio recorder from his helmet. Chris heard the story.

Soldier"Bonnie, I'm sorry. I failed. I won't come back. But I love you. Please look out the kids, I miss you very much. I love you all, be strong. Goodbye."

Chris felt mercy on his life.

Chris"Get up."

Soldier"Please don't kill me!"

Chris"I promise I won't kill you. Take him to prison, no torture and no harsh on him."

Soldier"Thank you but,....."

Chris"Whats the matter?"

Chris looks at his inside, his body is having strange reading. He looks at his eye's, his pupil change to small and he turn into some kind of….

Soldier"Your dead!!!"

Before he pick up the weapon, Chris already then punch him through his chest and organs were spilling out.

Hella"What happen?"

Chris"Don't know, but he was turning into something different. Sakura, we push back and we retook Greenharp, Jaunty is ours again."

Sakura"I'm proud of all of you. We got back what is rightfully ours!"

Everyone was in joy, Hella was happy to see her troops success.

Chris"But we got something unusual here. Lucia might check it out."

Sakura"We'll pick both of you up. Thank you Chris, you brought us hope again."

Chris"It's what I do best."

Jaunty is restore, and we can now really push forward and find new ways to destroy Imonarpire Dynasty. I have a feeling this will be a great victory for us to come. Yet I wonder if more of us will die later on or can Chris save us all. I find dying is my choice. Could fate prove me otherwise.

End of Act 1.
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